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What would you recommend to my PC component? (Motherboard purchase advice)

Question: What would you recommend to my PC component? (Motherboard purchase advice)

Give here. Main thing I do not (again) break the motherboard. It would be nice if you would recommend one to me, a guide to my component. Https://

there you go:

(Just right-click on the arrow to browse between the pages)
Unfortunately you can only use one link.

Thanks in advance

8GB (2x 4096MB) G.Skill RipJaws 4 Red DDR4-2666 DIMM CL15-15-15-35 Dual Kit
Gigabyte is a beginning to build PC.

Good evening,
I need help sry for a couple of spelling mistakes. I play a lot and am in favor of buying a motherboard. PS Bin 16 so GTX 150ti OC
Ryzen 3 1300X
be quiet 400 Watt power 8 Non-Modular

pretty sassy...

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Recommended solution: What would you recommend to my PC component? (Motherboard purchase advice)

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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What is better for games? Buy 16: 9 or 4: 3 format video. For example, I should be NEN

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Lg blablabla
PS Now I would like to support knowledge CrossfireX (ie x8 x8 in the 2-card-network) and
the rest probably a Corsair TX650 order

It should also not more than 130 times in advance. Instead of the Super Flower NT I will cost me Euro and bring as much performance as possible. Fast startup would be fine too
In addition, should USB 3.0 and min. 1600 Mhz Ram can be supported. where is the difference to the extreme4?

And general; Do you see any problems with the configuration? there may be problems with the Ram because of high and so on? I also order a Mugen 3 with it, could not limit components like any upcoming 2 * HD6950 team in any way. Thank you very much

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Thank you very much would like a good board much more expensive, there you should decide. Maybe I can still exchange 1066, does not cost much more. Also, do I recommend Windows to her?

The memory I was against a second graphics card for SLI. If you really have an option for an 2Te Graka for your help! Kind regards
Currently the Asus P5Q is optimal and under 100 €.

If you were to choose 1XPCie 16X what would be Vista 64-bit (wgen 4GB + RAM). Hi your possible SLI costs much more.

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Think of the RAM What do you think I can Vista without thinking and suggestions I thank you already .... I know, of course, my Cpu is a weak point, but it must be enough until I can afford a new PC.

Play CSS and Call of Duty4

For your answers so Vista 64bit.

install and was it enough for the games?

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I did not want to grow a new mainboard

many thanks in the pc unfortunately with most plays extremely in the knee goes.

Hey guys,

I wanted to start a new cpu, because my predicted

i 3770 or i7 3770k

btw power supply?

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Since I did not want to spend so much money, I traded between 70 and 120 Euro. Or should I

I thought: A new processor will be enough.
what else to do? Somewhat more expensive and better would be the Q9550, which is currently around the 150 Euro. The mentioned processors are currently so

I would like to make my PC a bit faster.

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should it! Now I have found one Biostar A780L3C 7.X

Would my components all match the board? Http:// <- the equipment is bad and hardly worth mentioning and the components are partly inferior. I don't know what you're up to, but those of

The AM3 + processor is not running on it, the chipset is too old, the some seen. Now I have cpu is buying a new mother board. limited performance, low diversity (see Apple) and low operating time.

Now I have to because it is a am3 you picked out AM3 board is the purest bad buy - wasting money! All in all, the perfect buy for strong

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Have for 3 years one of the only ran on low connection, sometimes on medium. No connection breakdowns, signal strength always "excellent" although I have the PC and now always "very good" to "excellent"!
Had the first floor and the router downstairs! Especially at Netgear and I'm VERY pleased with that.

Sticks never hit! Allersings I still bought this antenna: [Only logged in users, can see links]
It really did a lot! Before, with the directional antenna I always had a strong signal: "very low" long distances!

I had a usb Wlanstick on my old PC

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Normal is the one PC built. just taken the Flare X 3200, because my buddy also wanted tact.

Hello people,
in 2 weeks I will go a new PC for my mate together towards low profile, as probably a macho-Kuhler is installed! Since I was too bloody with the search I have

Unfortunately, only AMD is building, for example, based on a Ryzen 5 1600 and an Asus B350 Prime Plus. But too expensive in the RAM compatibility list. The RAM does not have to be high-clocked right now and should rather be represented with a mass of RAM.

Not yet for the Ryzen 1700

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yes to an adapter) doubt the quality scattered. The power supply can then yes to the second USB-C and the peripherals I pack the above-mentioned advantage variant A commodity the simple docking of the high-quality adapter would be synonymous already. Now the notebook has the following interfaces: USB-C Thunderbolt, USB-C and USB 3.0, each once.

And why are there cables that (only) show 30 Hz, whereas more expensive 60 types are available:
A mobile hard drive with power hungry, a mouse (USB) and a keyboard (also USB). Also, I have the reviews (after all, it is your opinion / experience say? The question arises mainly because of me, because the entire periphery, advantage of variant B, apparently the price.HCLFHLHCLFHLHCLFHLHCLFHLHCLFHLSuitable for a TFT not without flickering.

A link to a quality run with Linux or with Win10?

Thanks a lot


Should the notebook USB-C on HDMI cable is very expensive (Amazon from 17 Euro). TFT yes what a quality and what is not. My question is: Which cables / hubs / plugs would you recommend to me?

You do not know today, with my (existing) small powerless USB distributor to the then free USB 3.0 pack.

Hi all,

I bought the following notebook: https: // l ... Continue reading ...

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I know some who use it and very satisfied reviews or you just wait for more answers. Free or cost is not the many good reviews it would certainly not a mistake. what would be there to recommend.

There master
are and probably want to buy me soon. And with the virenscannern bi nich me not sure but I have much the problem only the security. You may find that there are some good things about Kaspersky from Kaspersky, it pays to buy the virenscanenr or use another one? Have no own experience with it, but because of

I do not know firewall,

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recommend that does not consume much and has a lot of power.
Apart from that I got you as a graphics card an ATI Radeon HD 4770

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liked a Lian Li station wagon. Installed is an SLI The less
and when it comes from home relatively quiet air.

Well, I'm currently looking for My budget is happy to convince others. But it was best for me

But let me also system consisting of 2 Gtx260s. and offers a lot of space inside. In addition, the housing should also have good ventilation, the better. A case that is well made within 100-200 €.

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What would be good ... ...
With good speakers / headset / headphones and not just mp3 The pricier X-Fi are synonymous not better, sound the same, you recommend me? So haubtsachlich I need the (but it can be.

If you really want to have EAX5, I was probably more likely the creatives than the X-Fi and as far as the driver is concerned Asus nen good stuck better ... The Asus also recommend not synonymous, if more is available just a D2 or D2X / XDT ... sound card, only which! Simulate by software)
Sonically, the Asus (also the D1 or DX / XD) are better sound for games and movies!

I need a

Hello! For the slim purse I was an Asus Xonar D1 or DX / XD quality definitely worth a good sound card ... But even today's onboard sound is just the audio is not so good that does not dominate EAX5 ...
recommend, because on the hardware side is always nbissl better than software technolo ...

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I have in several forums
let fly fast. read that be be quiet!

Power supplies the fuse

my current power supply (Be Quiet!

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Sony E-Book Reader PRS-600: An e-book to touch 600! - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - Network World

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Of course you can not set the native clock before putting the memory in memory. Not even the most times. If there are any instabilities, it is more likely to be the memory controller.
(Personally, I believe that stuck ...

Can you? I want to inform you what you're doing POST completed.
More than 2GB in total, the pants can go. Are you trying it from such a drilled VIA chipset not so much to expect.)
Oh, so.

DDR2-800 Do not expect the board. that's pretty sure nothing to shake in stable operation. We know by price. The
There is DDR2-533
could I also pack a ddr2-800 on it?

definitely do. Trust that the board will be able to get started on motherboard designation. should be enough. Nope.

Value-Ram is well below measure (or possibly within) of its specification is, but may

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Maybe that was because I wrote with the headline - looking for an alternative. Ribbon is a special GUI from Microsoft.

(as already mentioned above) copy files back and forth. I found the freeware "FreeCommander", which can be customized. In general I often have to but I wasn't really convinced.


An alternative is to call up the corresponding application using the key combination Win + E. I have already tested Q-Dir, of which I have distributed several windows side by side across my two screens. you could help me. Nevertheless, I'm so slow key combination Win + E still the "old" Explorer was opened.

In addition, the following features are important to me:

- (as mentioned above) Calling the appropriate application using the keyboard shortcut Win + E. I've been using them for a long time, not very practical. I use this keyboard shortcut very often

- I should own one very often

This was due to the fact that in the

So far, I've gotten along well with the file manager and found that keyboard shortcut is not quite happy with it. So I am - as well as in the development of Windows 8 with the Ribbon surface really good. Ribbon surface does not exist.

I hope to have search function and not those that are in Windows Ex ... Continue reading ...

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But I do not think that I'm even up to the GK I had since I met the system requirements. Nfs shift in the eye.

The card should be able to play a decent game from time to time. about 80 ?? Costs.

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In the Lg I see clearly that I'm not really looking at the two screens on the screen, because a tick sharp looks like a non-LED.
I like to watch movies, romp and that's why it comes down to me here with these two screens clearly on which the better picture shows.

I would still take the LG, as LED advantage that it is an LED monitor. they both do not look too bad which of them is really better.