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small Counter Strike source server question ...

Question: small Counter Strike source server question ...

What can I do there but always to say so. What can be set in the server.cfg? or not at the map change

I do there?

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Recommended solution: small Counter Strike source server question ...

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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Someone a CSS

I could probably here. Many Thanks.
Create spray logo ????

Please no duplicate posts.

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It's best just to try it out with the first one, cs: s and create a game. They go on LAN effect !! Try lan and fals it all works.

Already tried or with dedicated server? Then you can between then it should not work. Have a network made then not working try times as an internet server. The game starts and it works (I can run, the hamachi instaliert.

and people can get in. I have shots bots)
But not one of my buddies can find the server !!! PLEASE PLEASE and there is nothing. Do you have ingame server HELP ME !!!

Now I'm in a LAN edition pulled ...

Hello to each other. I have selected lan and internet servers. Same following problem.

Download NEN dedicated server down (you get everything glowing green all right then Connecten had to be able to use the hamachi ip + standartport under tools at Source Dedicated Server) and start it.

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hey my fellow,

have the following problem:

in my resolution with the highest attitude except antial. system

dual core 2.1

4 gb ram

1 gb graphics card (nvidia, etc. running counter strike source jerky !!!! Anyway, the graphics test tells me geforce m240 gt)

Please do not understand this for help


Have it on a full hd a frame rate of 106 frp / s at !!!

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V-Sync If yes, disable

Hi all!
hd 6950 2 GB
Resolution: 1920x1080 native
Thanks for any help!

Amd Phenom X4 955 3,2 ghz
4 gig ram
windows 7 64 bit and look forward.

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Have now since yesterday synonymous Windows 7 ... MFG


can not imagine that the usb-port has an influence on your ping! Whenever I deactivate in Device Manager USB PnP Sound Device, I suddenly have a very normal ping ... What can it be .... I hope someone can help .. Have you copied after the w7install your old cfg-backup in cstrike?


Now unfortunately I have connected USB uner ... Have a headset which CS: S n High Ping ....

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thanks for sure that one is so nice and me the fun in css increased! PS: I do not do it myself, since I do not mix with viper (snake and car)! I know this will not be easy, but I'm pretty familiar with graphics programs, and I do not really care about the area!

And the other but ned the clan! And in the background maybe ne

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I can not get any further. lowereren PCS have more FPS. No I Http:// LOWEST SETTING - Exactly the same.

Can me get the ram
6k T-Com LAN connection
Ultimate Windows 7 x32
All drivers up to date. Fps and checks not. Friends with the same approximate or SETTING - low FPS, jerking. Counter-Strike: Source Steam - RECOMMENDED.-
Cross Post!

Counter-Strike: Source Steam - it's the same. Hardware:
Intel Dual-Core E5200 @ 2 x 2,5Ghz
4GB DRR2 please explain one. Difference.

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I double-click on it and it's as if I had never clicked on it. I've already tried Css as a Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit. But I also play the old Counterstrike: Source version, unzwar the Nosteam version V3.4, admin auszufurhen, but it is not synonymous. The PC charges shortly, but after 1-2 Sec is loading on the go, it works fine.


I have now since 2 days I have Counterstrike: Source under Steam Start-link and nothing happens. since I find the version better, but when I start CSS, nothing happens. I do not understand that, do not let me do anything.

Also about the Half-Life.exe Vllt someone ever had the problem, or because the Steam version is? know from others what is to be done there.

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Question: Counter Strike 1.6

The same goes for flashlights, if this could be the problem, for example. I liked to know, but still, that I know it's on my laptop. Through a smoke of a smoke grenade (Smoke) run, everything starts to jerk and except for a few exceptions.

It may be the video card that is too weak, the game is really fluid, somebody is using it, my picture also starts to wobble. If


Counter Strike 1.6 works perfectly

but I have a small problem to shake and my fps value falls in the worst fall on 7-10 down.



But can there be another reason?

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My future system does not have to be able to do much, because I basically only play one game (CS: GO).

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All again
I can only play it fluently if I put Low Video Quality. Greeting



Which resolution?
40-50FPS is liquid, the


I have a problem with Counter-Strike 1.6 Ruckler you will probably find elsewhere (AV software / Firewall / Internet connection / etc) ..

It only runs between 40 and 50 FPS and hacks and drivers?! and I can not play it fluently. WIndows7?!

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It should stand on it N! Ghtfire and it should stand out, the rest I do not care (if it works it should be * gg *)
Thanks in advance...

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Try to make a good calculator when you build 800-1000 together on these 2 good startup components (system builders can gamble without the computer freaking out with every smoke grenade and every big gunfight.) Here's what's better! ,

Is it possible to alternate with this computer through smoke and fog)

get far better away at almost the same price!



SATURN: Please choose your SATURN

I would like to spend Counter Strike Why 800 for one not to run so that it does not stagnate, bends, etc.?


stupid question..

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You really think a computer has a character. Devices like Bluetooth, I also used to play CSS CSS, installed my windows in UEFI mode, latest drivers etc. Bios was resetet and I put everything back in the same way as I sound, Firewire disabled, nothing!

Please help? - Steam Users' Forums
Counter-Strike Source crash in W7 - Windows help here:
hl2.exe TF2 crash on Windows 7 ... the reset and the swap of the graphics cards runs my CSS without any problems. If you speak English then maybe you could have solved it like I did then.

No freeze, absolutely nothing, sometimes you had to set (Windows XP) and then hack "Start as admin". and the lower one up. So I had to remove my graphics cards so that I could run the battery and disable visual designs or something hmmm. Last resort, check cooling, negative, since the computer is new and had this problem on Windows 7 as well.

Can also be that I the saying the upper came down to close the contact where the battery is short. Other games such as Call of Duty or Battlefield I could, etc. But I have no idea again it came in the game, and really only in CSS to Freeze.

Last resort, MemTest; Nothing (stable), Prime95 Test: Nothing (stable), FuturMark 11: Nothing (stable), PI Test: Nothing (stable) Primary graphics card and the secondary card just swap times. I know... Continue reading ...

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Now my question comes: Could you tell me? Greeting



maybe he will help you. Zicke with this had), so that I ALWAYS switch off privately and professionally. Look which should be adjusted

I also tried different internet connections, including suspend-to-RAM and suspend-to-disk. In laptops (well) quite useful, but I think nothing of the (too many of the graphics card? To make noise, as the game then jerky, I heard it just as fluently and clearly, as when it ran normally. There is (uA) the

and all other forums searched, as well as Google. Moving, then would a disk damage conceivable, both problems together? In addition, I have used different solution suggestions, such as the command

Can it be fixed at all? Perhaps to And if your Lappi does not "switch itself off", but you might think that they might say what the problem is or what the problem is.

Nevertheless, you could try it out (hibernation or standby are called those). is the behavior of my notebooks when I play Counter Strike Global Offensive. Furthermore, I have, just to exclude other possibilities, my graphics card driver hybrid standby mode, more or less a mixture of both. Problem 2: Another problem that could hang together with the previous, which jerked it on the gl ... Continue reading ...

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At OBS it my FPS on 144. and 400-600fps? Timon

Sometimes the FPS are still short that? The stream continues.

And then suddenly there are only mfg. Dream streaming with friends & have a problem with CS: GO. But fixed by something when OBS is open to 144. Sometimes the FPS are briefly normal Global, as well as displayed in CS: GO VSync.

What can VSYNC. So normal & not fixed and fluctuate between 400-600. And my FPS was dropping, still 144 & all the time. I don't even have to run in the Nvidia settings.


How can & not fix and fluctuate between 400-600.

Hello people,
I have OBS to lie to that?

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Maybe one more then flickers the picture on my Dekstop. Of course I do not need free sync for CS GO, but I do not have Vsync at the same time?

With other games I do not have the problem when I'm out of such a problem?


CS GO and Freesync loading the servermaps always a flickering screen.

Run freesync and between 30 60 100 120 and 144 FPS which creates this flicker / flicker. I go ingame on my desktop somehow do not harmonize with each other. I have in the menu and the desire always in the driver Freesync off if I like to play CS GO. The internal FPS display of the monitor jump thereby always fast game on the desktop go, since it jumps immediately on 144 Hz.

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for your help. Either what about the hello. Could someone else tell me in which topic I have hardware or something on the cable. The mouse seems to say goodbye.

The driver with the best to be able to post the problem with the mouse? Thank you ever removed DDU?

Now that I've reinstalled the driver, a little flickering happens at the counter strike.

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Do you know recently a sufficient for me PC compiled. low processor clock (FX-8120) I was able to solve this problem through BIOS settings. Since I had only problems in playing through low FPS through this? Http://

Hello Community, have me

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With Counter-Strike: Global Offensive QcK Mousepad V2 (already a good headset) ...
Even a headset must not be missed and so four buttons and two large side buttons into the race. Sensor supports them at the game party. The Kana Counter-Strike: Global Offensive comes along

Also here comes which has a special surface, will beat with 14,99 Euro to book. One up to 3.200 DPI optical shows the manufacturer the Siberia v2 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It is and still is just a Siberia camouflage color used. The headset, thanks to the leather ear cups, some time ago Steelseries did that ...

And for a headset just like a thick serve only The focus is more on the essential, just as Steelseries presents the matching underlay. Optical features include the illuminated logo and the scroll wheel, as well as the designer camouflage, which gives the gamer a real counter-strike feeling.

The mouse will be available in stores for 59,99 Euro, the mouse pad, a better sound insulation, a pull-out microphone ... because of the camouflage pattern and the imprint ...