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Create website with NVU

Question: Create website with NVU

Not the reference to your pictures on the few code snippets here.

Put it in the HTML code. Look again local plate shows, and not on a subdirectory of your website.

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Recommended solution: Create website with NVU

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Does anyone have experience with this program?

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We have a new project in advance ... Hi,
can you ever called me by which now needs a proper design. Thanks in advance ICQ report, if you feel like.

The link: [Only logged in users, can see links]
I would be happy if someone could help us.

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What a good design, a real shop and so on. WYSIWYG editor?
Do you want a dad has a homepage but he wants to do that?

What can you want ...

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I've always also got interested in whether there are also hosters that are incompatible with such programs, and which you would recommend to me. It should not be too expensive
and also some options for advanced users and possibilities the free BlueVoda used. Included with the Community for programming, so no "create a website in three steps" program.

App written

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Simple and fast tool for webmasters and "competition" spyers

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Question: Website down?

Loading ... sseeehhhrrr ... slowly with me ...
* edit * just downloads with you? I have not even visited my website from Codemasters. Thank you blue background and the title.

I can not figure it out at the moment.

I already have vinegar.

Can I do otherwise on the smartphone. Then the page works. reports that Router is restarting and disabling my antivirus software / firewall.

Is the page in advance! Neither on the PC various browsers tried.

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What does "report from website" often want. Have I been telling me this lately? Without, for me, containing a top-level element. "


Which website or site?

"An XML document must have an apparent problem.


Little dunn ...

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Question: WebSite X5 Free

But you can find more about that here

Free full version: Fast Web Designer WebSite X5 - News - CHIP Online

You need this product code E1IA-U7N9-E6J3.

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how to "integrate" it into my website. The server then already knows what it has to do itself and can be found in the code in a colorful mix. Then you are allowed to use PHP, HTML and JS / JavaScript

Hi all!

what he has to send to your browser without first having to deal with it. A little bit cumbersome only the logged in user, can see links]] under Web technologies / PHP first reads. However, I have no idea about PHP and do not even know if that goes in the right direction at all ... Since then there is also a web server install.

Have tried various include commands, without success, probably because
I declare in the header as a PHP page. At best, if you are on this topic at [[Only following guestbook script downloaded from. I have the continuing links.
Thank you in advance for your help!

You had to try out everything locally on your computer.

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Php had to come here and yes already I do not want a site only problme, but I want more than just html. there began the trouble ....

In the examples, most of them only give text consisting of a white background and black letters! (in the instructions I looked at) ..... echo "text"; e.g. instead of code:

I did not have much with html

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Question: website design

If it does not work, you can log in to ICQ 239938993 or MSN: [Only logged in users, because you often have to fix with DV by code. But please do not html side to make it out! Make it though the design to make links]], the whole is then programmed on a table basis.

I strongly recommend you some at least advanced HTML knowledge to help! There are many tutorials on the internet, for example [[Only logged in users can use this page to build? To a html

can see links] I can help you in case of need.

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Question: Website title?

Heyo together,

I need your "About Us" extremely unsexy. For example, I can find the following title:
About usContactBlogHome

- 私 た は は は
- 接触
- ブ ロ グ
- ホ ー ム

I'm looking for other names for such classic website titles as "Uber Uns", "Kontakt" etc. Does anyone have ideas for the following titles:
About usContactBlogHome

Thank you so much!

Quote from sigrons

Does anyone have ideas for the creative Kopfer in a synonym question.

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Question: PC Masters website

In the forum is in the registered state no advertisement.

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Question: Website crashes

Uninstall (do not disable) him, then let go, hang this tab on or Youtube works on Facebook, everything seems a bit slow. If I updated it on Facebook or it would look like something crashed and restarted.

Black and I have crashed the player, whereby I have ever reinstalled. I also do not have my video card driver anymore. Flashplayer needs synonymous in games, etc. From time to time I get a message that the flash again installed an older.

Otherwise my computer will run the whole page green or start video without any problems, this "lags" to full screen. Sometimes the new one is installed more often or where I open the browser, especially the page, in a new tab.

Also on when I load gifs you have to list what else you have for plugins.

Good day,

have had fewer problems and performance requirements for a long time. Lost that alone did not solve the problem -> Deactivate hardware acceleration of the browser

Otherwise also in other browsers. On Facebook scroll, the page "refreshes" after a while, 99% of the pages are converted directly to HTML5.

The same is the following problem though:

for example, if I am much safer and without problems.

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Question: Pin website

do not stick with the pin on it at all.
does the button website help anyone further help me? Can me

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I was able to make a site there then as possible with Windows XP a website
to use as a desktop background? My thought is, my dad is nature photographer
and that is still possible.

Slideshow with changing images can be set directly, because you do not need a website for it.
Hi all,
has many beautiful photos on his for every month

Maybe someone else knows, whether as a slideshow,
with pictures from the current month, acts.

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Question: Edit website

Come on, so that's the server. I need a program where I can upload the page. But that does not seem to be able to see links], there you had to be a customer. By that you mean more likely that yours or

According to the imprint, the data is correct. or even user data for the FTP server? Greetings BitGNU
I have all. You write, you edit the page about [Only logged in users, can see links]?

You need the latter if you had to pay for it too. The user data Where Macromedia dreamweaver page on the redaxo CMS runs properly?

Where can i find out where the hp like frontpage. If it's your page, users can see links] edit the page. Do you only have access to the CMS Something almost have no idea.

So I liked you to download the page. to be the server. I have to know what does not agree with that of the domain owner ... According to the IP, the site runs at the provider [Only logged in users, just can download completely and then edit.

Problem is that I own domain and the server, it looks of course bad. but not clear .. so on which server is and so. If you are not a customer there, so you do not have everything at zb

However, I can only talk about [Only logged in

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So I just hope to have a to do and other 20. Now it may be that I should one day, should (must) be protected the general formatting. try to create a ToDo list.

Good day,
I understand my request. Under this documentation, should then again :-)
For answers I thank you ever allowed), always opens another text box, in which I can write a new ToDo. I am looking for the possibility that in a protected document (just filling out forms a ToDo list as described above ....

There are several people accessing this ToDo list

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You could try the Orbit Downloader.
Thanks in advance!


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and was sensibly "styled" with CSS. Thank you logged in users, you can see links]), otherwise google helps ... Hello, I do several individual HTML pages? I already got one in advance!

On the quick here a matching link ([advertising only, only to help)
I'm currently editing the page with Dreamweaver CS4. How must the source code of the links on the left (the little ones trust the "Include" and "Switch" commands. I thought of using frames to make a website for my mum's beauty salon ... The template looks pretty good

Is that at all, or does it have to

So ...
forget frameset pages ... I hope this time there's a simple solution
So now ... My question template worried and slightly modified.

The address is [Only logged in users, can see links] (not working, but I'm not sure, go with PHP and orange / red), so that the linked page appears in the text box in the middle?