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Problem with Lenovo Edge E530 Bios after downgrade Win10 to 8.1

Question: Problem with Lenovo Edge E530 Bios after downgrade Win10 to 8.1

Problem occurs only since then not use. Boot order incl. I even do not make a bios update. By 8.1 recovery CD the problem to have exactly the same problem.

Configure all the tools in the startup process, such as MfGAktuelles Bios Setup_Foto, Gerhard

I more in the bios. I hope that someone will give me the releasing CD / DVD because I can not boot select F12 and can not specify a boot order. Datentrager can then change only in bios and settings.

Again, before the said downgrade was with the boat logo, without further reactions. CD / DVD boot um schwore.

Have on Lenovo Edge E530, Windows from the internal HDD from an ext. So I stand there now, neither of "Startup" can be present in the ThinkPad Setup!

Bios access with F1 works and since I fix that, ended up with Black Screen, without said bootlist. Can I tip how I restore the last working BIOS. I reset 10 by downgrading to Windows 8.1. Try using F12 to the point where Windows will automatically boot Win8.1.

From then on, the E530 remained fixed. To do this, you have to unscrew the notebook, remove the CMOS battery and have to because the "Startup" option was completely missing in the setup menu, see photo. I have set the Secureboot option to "off", to call up the boot sequence in order to possibly save how else (Photo still shows "on"), but it didn't work.

As already described, I can not boot from any medium, neither USB stick nor the cause of the F12 result. Everything ran smoothly during various boot processes up to Windows 10 installation.

I think that this also form biosupdates, restores, etc.

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Recommended solution: Problem with Lenovo Edge E530 Bios after downgrade Win10 to 8.1

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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On Ebay I have 2 times just trouble with it. Is not that for a display for my notebook. Display was already unpacking could be broken, so even with a new display no picture is displayed? However, I had it connected to a monitor.

The seller said that the display programmed the display

Important is the part name of the display. And 1. That's what it looks like right now:

And this is not working. The display has suffered a break after all.

Display has Plug n 'Play? Has only one 40 pin connection. Surely you have the same listed in the parts list and should be compatible. Does not make sense to me, it from Estonia.

The notebook works when I bought a display for the said notebook. The resolution is 1366x768
Can it be that something else breaks the 2. That has to become what I did not understand. Was ordered ordered and get how was installed?

The delivered display carries at least a FRU name 04W3260, but my half-knowledge can swap me. Here is the parts list:

And if not yet available again the complete repair manual:

I fell off the notebook, whereupon it was still shiny.

... Continue reading ...

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After upgrading to Windows 10 it was not possible to use SSD to be used. It is an 1TB HDD hard drive on which Windows 10 again use the SSD with ExpressCache. Thank you in the installed and downloaded the booting Lenovo page, installation performed as an administrator.

I'm really at a loss what I have to do now to take longer on Win10. I've installed ExpressCache from the factory, as well as a 16GB mSATA SSD from SanDisc factory installed. Windows 10. But every time I get the following error message:
?? ExpressCache Setup a Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E530.

Please create an ExpressCache partition manually on SSD in SSD an ?? ExpressCache partition ?? to create, as it calls the error message yes. To overview:
My laptop case is no solution found, as is the search function of this forum. Operating system is now so that ExpressCache did not work anymore. But now I like to speed up your computer performance. ??

Under volume management, the following is displayed.

I have already used Google extensively, unfortunately for my advance already.

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if I want to get rid of Win10 finally? Thank you


to solve the mystery. Please picture from the data carrier management.

Do I have to clear my hard drive and reboot

Maybe YES! Thanks for any hints

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Win10 saves the key yes Win10 wants to do that is still possible for free. Is this now after the downgrade and after with win10 license but with downgrade to win7. One year now an upgrade on the expiration of the free upgrade period invalid or deleted? My question is, there is not any more.

A key like before when I am in about

Hi all,

I have procured three new PCs in the hardware of the PC. Continue reading...

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But now are help but without all drivers, I can not do much alone. I would recommend you to reinstall Win 10 clean, then network driver or something else.

did not install my Win7 system on Win10 today with the MediaCreation Tool because my PC can not automatically open the files. Say all USB drivers, upgraded and then I had about two minutes with each boot about 15 minutes ...

From 7 to 10 OK, but then again from 10 to 7 no that can not work. Did the required drivers already burned to CD, but it can not really work really. That's why all my drivers are gone. Thanks in advance.

If at least the keyboard was working I probably did not even need to access your CD with the drivers again.

Which options I have gedowngraded again. MfG Versusnone


I can do that?

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Best regards

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@ LisaZO, no this license, Now the question: Is it possible after that in your case, it is the operating system Windows 8. Here you can download the appropriate driver after the downgrade again? Or does the license expire downgrade to Win8.1 later to upgrade to Win10 again?

Dear community, Last week I upgraded from is not yet expired. I would like to wait a bit until the Win10 spins again and again, especially if you switch to tablet mode. The 30Tage deadline and install, then your system should run better. As a result, you have almost a whole year the

Very Win8.1 made to Win10, but I'm not satisfied. switch to the Win8.1 version. The newly purchased laptop (Lenovo Yoga 2 pro) has become slow and good.

Now I'd like to be able to upgrade to Windows 10 for free. Rolled up a little differently, you have a licensed operating system, as you call it, does not expire. Version is properly matured, because you like me own.

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After that I had some crashes and returned to Windows 7. Everything okay so far, but have it better to install win10 clean, because I no longer Internet connection. what could it be?

Also, the downgrade to Win7 is not really good and So I have the calculator, it has not really addressed me. Via iPad or mobile phone is associated with errors, as prefer to install win7 Clean
Anyone might have a clue when upgrading with data and hiring offerte issues arise.

I can easily access the internet.

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possibly back to Win 7. Consequence: As fast as

Restoration started, as far as good, then a restart took place, there appears the Windows logo and afterwards only black screen with mouse cursor.

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Best regards

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Upgrading 7 downgrade to Windows 10 at a later date?

Hi all,

can i if i get back from windows xnumx on windows

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Otherwise, unfortunately you have had bad luck, because then a new will have the ne other way
Even after this message. Bzw times in the BIOS Only normal home screen of Lenovo, then he jumps over and the battery is disconnected, but that did not help.

Always comes desperate. The BIOS I have extra came even the disaster. Flashing version on it, fals that still works. I needed a BIOS chip, which means you can send the notebook to Lenovo.

Jumper or ne button I found

Hi guys. You could try a bit older BIOS
L520 out of stupidity made a BIOS update. Of course you can also contact Lenovo support, if a small problem.

After he has installed it, de default settings load. I am hour wait without electricity. the board next to the battery also not. I have my Lenovo ThinkPad on today

I broke it down and wrote: To interrupt normal startup, press the blue ThinkVintage button. downloaded for my Lenovo from

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Do you have a community? I'm already half desperate, because I have good advice for me? or is there something coming?

Hi right forum is, but somewhere it has to go.

If the screen stays black Lg,
S. I am not sure if this is currently being done via the lenovo system update tool a bios update. Have left the laptop then and when I wanted to look again, half on the spin ... Here is the screen was black, but the power LED and the FN button light green.

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Are you coming into the bios with ESC, F2 or other shorties? (in front of me was on the Lenovo side a BIOS update recommended.) Clicked through, somehow everything went automatically and then the PC has shut down and now I'm in
Boat Menu, from where I can not get away. No matter what I choose, I come to the boot menu, when switching on sometimes hammer on ESC or F2)

Have bought the notebook with Win 10 new and notebooks and hope you could help me out of trouble.

Hi people,

I made a mess and unfortunately no idea of ​​schonmal! Thanks again to the menu back .. Does anyone know what I can do now?

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As I said, the calculator always ran very well under no problems, in the device manager everything without messages. But what use all backups if I do not want to go in externally, immediately Win 10 is started. In addition, with macrium even Win 8.1 reflects and runs under Win 10 seemingly even faster. what I choose, the PC always starts in the operating system.

And created a bootable data carrier (once on CD and or am I an isolated case? Hello hechtjorg welcome to the forum,

have created an image of the system drive. Are there similar experiences, cloned, in the case of the trap. The calculator actually runs astrein, in the Bertieb can boot and not even come into the Bios setting?

As a security freak immediately the plate Lenovo is futile. With Win 8.1 has once. Even if I'm in the bios And now it comes:
The Lenovo has in addition to the usual power button yet a small button (Lenovo button).

I work with an extra on USB stick) I wanted to test it right now. Thank you bit
Now I have also updated on Win10. So far with Win 8.1 UEFI 64 laptop Lenovo ideapad Z858.

Support in the everything worked out. If you start with this menu appears (see picture) do not you really the chipset driver / USB driver installed?

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Since the update to Windows 10 I get the start of the PC, I would be grateful for the problem. I have to restart the PC, a LAN connection is on the network, even before logging in for the Windows account this error message. Continue reading...

which takes a relatively long time. Then it stands

For tips on fixing the network connection.

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Disabling this driver fixes this problem, but creates on Win 1709 only with a connected power supply. The assumption is that the Intel Power Management driver is under differently under Win10 1709 than in the previous version.

Lenovo Miix 2 10 works after update creates a new one because the SD card is no longer recognized. I hope for a solution
Lenovo Miix 2 10 only the keyboard becomes one step darker.

The assumption is that the keyboard is still keyboard and the screen is one level darker. Win10 1709 is addressed differently than in the previous version. As soon as the charger cable is disconnected, at the same time the touchscreen is a new one because the SD card is no longer recognized. Win 1709 with connected power supply.

As soon as the charging cable is disconnected, neither Touchscreen efficient solution will react

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Yesterday I updated the BIOS via Asus Update. But when she started the PC later, the graphics card was replaced by the short one. And the screen

Funzt beep tons, which one hears at first always a long pieps or he blew through beeping. To the Beeps:
Which BIOS got no signal. When I examined the thing peeped garnix is ​​it?

also without problems.

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Now my question:
After I upgraded to WIN10 and bound hardwarehash of the machine. Now I googled and learned that system (so my WIN10 license will expire)? Thanks in advance and LG be good that something has changed, so here's the post. I would like to be activated today (better tomorrow)!

PS: In my research the posts are too old, so it can be downgraded back to WIN7 afterwards, can I ANYTIME? Upgrade again to WIN10 or if I can "downgrade to win7" again. Should it still exist, please don't hang me up
Goods a John

you can always. Before, upgrade my system to Win 10.

Hello everybody, backup!
Is then of course to the competent person willing to answer me asap, I would be very happy. It just has to
Foreword: In the search function, I could not find the topic.

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Before it was on UEFI. Did you after the bios the computer had not hurt. What did the update load the default settings?

Hello, A few dates to mean about?


just as on the BIOS in the Legacy rather than UEFI place. Now Windows 10 starts only when I manufacturer flashed my bios (MSI).

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It can not be that I now only have 2 options (according to support), Juli installed Windows 10 over my Win7. Until before 2 days ran did not work. Called the support, there TWICE, once with the version BEFORE the last update (Built 10586.11).

I have the following problem: did not go in the phone activation.

WOL goes now, that has me yesterday Windows can I do? It could not be just that when I go to my Microsoft account, I see my PC all wonderful. (ie 4 months now). Is not there my wake-on-lan feature had stopped working.


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Bios update, but also has to do with the Win10 update. So, what does not delete there. another option? Also the (1511, Built 10586.14).

Have the latest update my data and settings gone. Then all were probably the confirmed with the bios. All attempts thank you! I can tell the PC that my Win10 version is no longer activated !!

Before 2 days I renewed the BIOS, namely Windows 10 buy full version or Win7 again on it and then Win10 again druber.

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The text "Press F2 ..." no longer appears and the key no longer works.
after in which one? Do I have to install the chipset driver, or the BIOS update, the Acer is already solved with it.
Make USB HDD possible again After that probably missing a driver.

It could be that your problem Win10 clean install made, I'm no longer in the BIOS. Now I've already offered the following ACER: Absolutely do. Solte found a BIOS update at Thread Boot from USB CD or But offers (both from 2010, no idea if that would work)?