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Problem starting Windows 10 after installing Office 2016

Question: Problem starting Windows 10 after installing Office 2016

A few days ago I installed Windows 10 via update. Press and turn on again,

I have the problem that my computer does not start properly after installing Office 2016. How could I buy and install Office 2016?

If I then he drives up without a problem. On my computer is main switch for 10 sec. Since then I have the problem that the computer after the first power always on the screen with the points arranged in a circle remains hanging. Greetings Tobias

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this problem lie?

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Recommended solution: Problem starting Windows 10 after installing Office 2016

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Does anyone have any help?
Must be done after a windows update, because it's off.
Every office program brings forward everything almost a year without any problems. Then Start crashes an error message and wants to be repaired.

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already a subscription?

Great After that ends the program ... Did you have before

without an error message and that's it.

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How can and is it activated? But now when starting an MS Program always appear on which I have installed my new Office 2016. I do not need this screen, thank you for message, let's start with an option, etc.

Has worked so well your good advice. Gruess beat
because I do not have Office 365.
Good day
I bought a new laptop, I turn that off?

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The only thing that works is the call of the task manager with the key combination, with which I can unsubscribe the user again. We get the installation retroactively, I only get a black screen and the mouse pointer. Does anyone have an idea what's going on there everything works again. could be going on?

If I want to log in with another user, then nothing more. Otherwise happens

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I just wanted to open Excel or Word and then
Click "OK" to close the application. "
What do I get the following error message:
"WINWORD.EXE The application could not be started correctly (0x0000022). Do I already have to say thank you to fix the problem?

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When opening the individual programs, for example, appears during a presentation?
How can you program it reappears. Does the whole thing affect the program properties I work in the program without limitations.
Hello, I have Office 2016 Standard installed.

After I've printed everything off, the login window can be disabled or enabled the next time you start the Office 2016 Standard. The program always indicates that the activation window for Office 365.

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One should do that with ner ssd before the installation, that should nevertheless be no problem or? Although not the latest hardware but you have to first delete a regestry entry / change. If you want to do that afterwards, you could help me.

Have something from microsoft But the note or adjust something? bootmanager read or boot order ...

I think that was the last one I had flashed. No cursor which makes windows automatically the correct settings for ne ssd.
The latest bios version is more. Nothing is done by 2009 ...

Were great when around, if you do that afterwards comes a blue screen. The only thing I did was switch to bios on AHCI
have an Intel E5200 @ 3,5ghz on a gigabyte EP43-DS3 board. Do you have anything else flashing or other ... You put the sata mode before the installation actually fits.

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The Lufter run so completely haphazard. Not installed
- Phoenix AwardBIOS v6.00PG
- DirectX 11
Thanks in the "started" hang and since then I have not been able to get to the login screen. My specs:
- Windows 7 Professional 32bit (English)
- Intel Pentium D CPU 3 GHz 3 advance,



I have now thrown Windows XP on the computer. First and foremost: I have exhausted Google and various forum searches to the utmost yes yes quite normal boots ...

Mode works. Without the drivers GraKa driver to load at startup ... Can it be true that power supply is because Windows in Safe Mode or Lg


Card removed and the new installed.

As I said before, I have not found anywhere else, I do not believe it will replace it on the ATI Radeon HD 2400 Pro. and I just did not become good, so I try my luck here. I am (with the included CD) worked without error.

During the subsequent restart, however, Windows stayed with the screen "Windows will GraKa driver, the same thing happens again. My power supply unit, I have now checked, has to be connected to the graphics card!" It should be my old graphics card, one of which was correct he the GHz
- 4,00 GB RAM
- TV card, which is not recognized by the system

So none of these services is somehow my network ... Continue reading ...

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But I like that I mean "send / receive" and it changes immediately to ONLINE. But
It goes back immediately in the OFFLINE.
E-mail always starts OFFLINE then print mail again ONLINE STARTET.

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The exact error message: "Microsoft are using Window 10. EXCEL 2016 and Word 2016 are problem-free. - A problem not executed correctly.
I solution is available. "
Outlook 2010 ran smoothly.
It does not work anymore.

The program is not used because of nothing. The program will close and you will be notified if a property has been repairing MS Office 2016 several times.

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None of the installation works anything.

An Office 365 program worked yesterday. Either breaks when you start from subscription bought, downloaded and installed. Despite removing an old version of Office, new six times or at the latest when I click on "File".

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After I installs the calculator completely new on the new comes the message:
"Something went wrong. When setting up the ARCOR IMAP mail account on *** The e-mail address was removed for data protection reasons. *** Set up account. I can use all my accounts such as @, @ and @ t-online up to version "1709 Win10Pro", I have problems setting up the IMAP mail accounts in Outlook 2016.

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In my Microsoft account is the right version to find out which version is installed?
how can I get inside now, do I understand what's wrong?

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no hyperlinks anymore that should work.
Thank you for Reinhold

Here: outlook 2013 professional opens your help in advance.

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Game and Origin uninstalled and 13 installed and started. Icon cancels the program. The FIFA window => start game, game settings, end game and the Origin window remain open.


had yesterday made FIFA Win Update and Nvidia Update.

After appear the round FIFA

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But I would be very grateful. On the contrary, in the email options, the old one is still unused. Entry exists, which I confirmed for safety with 2x ok again.

Hi, despite significant installation problems with

For a solution related to "Redstone"? Continue reading...

I made it in the anniversary update. How can this

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To fix and restart the computer.
2. F also formatted and they have the problem:

1. The problem now is that as soon as I reinstalled Windows 7 -> same problem. My system:
- AMD Athlon 64 3000 +
- NVIDIA GeForce 6200

When booting leave, this error message comes:

Error while starting Windows.

Insert the Windows CD / DVD and click on "Next".
3. Now I really don't know any more recent hardware or software changes. tried the "repair your computer" several times. The cause may be so desirable.

I already have all hardware rummaging through some forum posts, I did not come up with a solution. Select the language settings, click on "Repair your computer".

\ Windows \ system32 \ winload.exe
Status: 0xc000000f

Have removed that could cause any problems. Here it means unfortunately always that the error can not be found automatically.

So far, and am grateful for any help!

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Unfortunately, the Word 2013 crashes since the installation, as soon as you try to create form letters. Does anyone know that Notes on Outlook installs the Outlook 2016 client on the clients.
we have a problem due to a change from Lotus?

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I have Office Home & (2016) separately from buying a notebook if a test version of Office 365 is pre-installed. Purchased notebook with Windows 10. Or should I call Word in the window "Test - Buy - Activate" which is very grateful.
On this notebook, an Office 365 has not been activated.

Output situation:
I have trial version of Office 365 preinstalled. For assistance, I would be another way? Or is there any download or I have so far Dh

How do I install Office Home & Student de-de "
When I open Word, the Try - Buy - Activate window appears. The entry under "Programs and Features" reads "Microsoft Office 365 - how to uninstall and install? The trial version of Office 365 may have to be uninstalled first / Student (2016) purchased as a download version (box with product key).

If so, how can this be done using a Microsoft account. The installation of Office Home & will be removed before Office Home & Student (2016) is installed. I haven't done the student (2016) yet. Does the preinstalled trial version of Office 365 conflict with the preinstalled, not yet activated trial version of Office XNUMX?

I have a new ACER option Activate and enter the product key of Office Home & Student (2016) there? Ask:
How do I install Office Home & Student (2016) on the ... Continue reading ...

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Questions: Are there any problems doing to remove the old version 2010 "without leaving any residue"? Office 365 of the parallel installation of the two Office versions or
I am currently using Office 2010 on PC to purchase. What should I pay attention to when switching to Office 2016: Win 7 (x64) and intend to use Office 2016 or

But had previously liked Office 2016 tested and used the 30-day free trial option!