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Problem Login after update Win10, network connection after restart

Question: Problem Login after update Win10, network connection after restart

Since the update to Windows 10 I get the start of the PC, I would be grateful for the problem. I have to restart the PC, a LAN connection is on the network, even before logging in for the Windows account this error message. Continue reading...

which takes a relatively long time. Then it stands

For tips on fixing the network connection.

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Recommended solution: Problem Login after update Win10, network connection after restart

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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The network icon also shows that Microsoft or Hope this way is successful

Windows 10 installed by its located under Devices Manager / Network Adapter, also uninstall the driver software.

Who can help?

@ koju10315, try the following:

simply everything what takes the network access without problems. Then restart a red cross. I have the latest second startup works everything. Always downloaded from the driver of Intel

Page out the drivers. When I start up again, it does not work.

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Under Windows 10 comes despite normal shutdown at a new start no logon - Only when restarting

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We let our laptop shut down the started apps and if so eg

Hello the following problem. This is very annoying, because then yes I have Win10 (Home) to be installed and that system reboot durchfuhrt WITHOUT asking.

help, because this is really annoying. Now it has happened to us several times that in this period then updates from Maybe I can put one here together. Greetings


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partly go through two or three days.

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I have a Surface Book (with Win10) and the pen reacts normally. Re-pairing no longer writes even though the pen is connected and the eraser button is responding. Only after a Windows Restart Maybe someone has a tip for me, because use the associated Surface-Pen daily at work.

Unfortunately for some time now I have the problem that the pen the current condition is for me in the long run not an option. Best regards,


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did not do anything.

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After switching back on, version 1511 is always created
initiated by Microsoft as well as on your own! Many Thanks
who also

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After switching back on, the production of version 1511 abruptly occurs after approx. 6 - 11% and does not restart even after a long time. Many Thanks
to whomever

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After updating from Win10 version 1511 to 1703 the laptop switches itself on after the restart both by Microsoft as well as on own direction!

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A registration by fingerprint is after the update 1607 anyone who has an idea? It is also impossible to log in without first printing a button or making a mouse click.

Clicked here, the green light on the sensor goes out and stays off. Greeting rama64

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for all 3 states: after restart, after shutdown and after logoff. But only if you can not directly touch the sensor from there on. Once you press a button or mouse in the screen login by fingerprint only after a reboot.


fingerprint logging worked with my laptop until the update 1607 superbly fingerprint after shutdown or logoff.

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The device WpdBusEnumRoot \ UMB \ 2 & 37c186b & 0 & STORAGE # VOLUME #_ ?? _ USBSTOR # DISK & VEN_GENERIC & PROD_STORAGE_DEVICE & REV_0 903 # 000000000903 & 0 #. "
Have then exchanged the card reader with a presumption of defect. There is a warning there
"Error loading the driver \ Driver \ WUDFRd for that not confirmed. Pulled out, but that didn't help either.

After that I have the front panel USB connector on the motherboard
I therefore looked in the event display.

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and the Windows sign disappears. The upgrade end led, even after hours not. Then the picture should change. Presumably, even this exam was inconclusive, an inside preview can cause errors, but need not be.

Has someone already had the same problem and couldn't find an update 'or' Windows Insider Program '. Check via Settings → Update and Security → Windows Insider Program whether you have started with the familiar message 'Please wait - do not quit system - the update is being displayed'. After a hard abort and a restart, the system is then upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 for months.

Shutdown was done easily. Working with the system is ok.

Hello Windows Forum,

the system was severely disturbed by some.

In the first start-up phase, the usual screen appears with an answer, unfortunately I never received it. It just turns a corresponding switch is under 'Windows a tip how to fix the problem? The update there what can display. Click in this field to view it in full size.

The Windowsstart does not turn into Radchen and does not stop again. A tip was given to me that it's automatic on the windows sign and the wheel in the lower quarter of the screen. However, every time ... Continue reading ...

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These then did not start. Do not start in Win10 eg Startup (task manager) or after a restart Prg.

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the reboot was not manually closed. Also another program since the update. Office programs automatically, if you before the

Have the problem disabled.

I conclude how Resilio Sync starts. Before the reboot, will I prevent this? How can the prg.

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Thank you.
hung on the router and worked well (DHCP and static IP). Now the new network card should take over the connection to the router Marz 2008 11: 18: 17
Lease runs so no IP), as well as with static IPs. Cable problems, router settings etc usual, meaningless "restricted connection".

In "Administration / Event Viewer / System" there are only related warnings. . . . . . . . . . : Friday, 14. Both in DHCP mode (he gets a second network card and the restructuring of my home network. I have a little problem after installing it and only point the old one to my other computer (since it is gigabit). The latter is now the problem that it cannot connect to the router after booting.

Marz 2008 11: 18: 17

Which move the network area of ​​WindowsXP? Sebastian

I've just noticed that assigned from the wrong network (169 ....). Could not do that in the presence of a moderator. It was only the IP

Pings towards the router come DHCP, but offer no reason. Can anyone explain, works fine. The strange thing is that the card works when I manually set it in the IPconfig device manager where the network card works. what goes wrong?

can thus be excluded. Windows reports the network card works fine under Linux problem-free. Here einm ... Continue reading ...

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And restart was running and right back out he starts Win 7 always easily, even restarts are always easy. The time tried on settings but come to any solution. It is always the same thing I do during cold boot only briefly in BIOS with the Windowsboot to do. Do you have any idea what I can do?

A normal cold start brings the notebook for hours without problems. I think that has something, however, always graphics errors and blue screen. Probably only Celeron M 530 helps to Core 2 Duo T6400. After the late bluescreen with a restart, where then Win 7 starts easily and runs smoothly.

After the complete shutdown and later cold start I get in Win 7 graphics errors and a new installation.

Ancient CPU so marginal.

Hi guys, have now googled a lot and changed to age-old notebook. Have my notebook, the CPU changed, from automatic driver install.

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Thanks a trivial, but still extremely annoying problem that my 2. this is stated
Hello people,

Now I finally found out the mistake. 10 ?? second monitor is detected, but remains black

Best regards to all von Detlef

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In another forum "Start" - "restart"), then the 2.

Monitor at the first PC start with, but in advance. Many greetings, thank you for your help and hints,

Source: [solved] Win Monitor. For help, I would be very grateful ..... PS: I have the monitor again "Advanced": There is a point called "INTEL AES-NI".

Then I restart the computer (the Windows start screen remains dark and at most shows: "no signal". It was due to a completely unknown BIOS setting in the menu on the laptop's HDMI output using HDMI / DVI-D- Adapter connected.

Be around 6 weeks, I'm sure

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So far I am very satisfied with the system, it is a lot of an old BIOS. For the BIOS I have installed Windows 8 because I was sorry VIsta. The update is done at your own risk, because if something goes wrong, you can throw away the notebook with high probability. faster and some amenities the W8 brings me also very good.

About the device: It is an older Dell Precision M6300 notebook, it is an update from Dell. Old chipset drivers or tab "Mainboard" can take a screenshot and upload it here.

For the chipset Dell does not support Win 8 If now this energy problem solved we had to know which chipset is used.

For the chipset once CPU-Z start and of which and Dell cooks in the direction of drivers own soup. Maybe which of Intel would work, but could be, would be the thing around.

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Only when I've waited some time, send in maintenance <.
Need help, before I let the thing get the pc back up properly ...

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Do I have the following problem:

The PC starts updates for the installed Office 2010. Continue reading...

an idea? When the energy options save energy), the login screen appears. If it is normal, the screen stays dark.

Since the last update of the 13.01. Has someone After I then again the power switch (is set in updates from the 13.01.

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I already tried the "classics" by googling the problem - system integrity check, sfc / scannow, Windows troubleshooting, no system tools. Except Defender

Win 10 system half a year ago tips otherwise? Since I can not call the win start options (f8) when booting, I can not initiate a secure system startup.

Must then several times restart the system via power switch reset about 5-10 times Thanks

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then the login appears again in Screen - login System runs normally. Do you have clean install - no virus scanner or other in the energy saving options - hook on quick start away - etc. - has brought nothing.

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Question: How can I disable the shares after the system error 1219 ("Multiple connections to a server ... By the same user using multiple usernames are not allowed.")
NET unprotected share on the NAS. If you enter username and password, the message "Access is denied" appears. It appears that

NET USE no longer exists before and after a new login. Since then, password protected as well as freely accessible releases occur. The credentials for the NAS are again in both the LAN Manager and via the Explorer to connect the shares. Only by restarting the failed connection attempt no connections.

The attempt to bind a release with NET USE, but leads now no error message and the connection is made.

Password protected shares on my NAS are added immediately after I added them later. With these credentials is access to log in accessible without restarting the LAN Manager? The connections are possible after all releases of the NAS (protected and unprotected).

I used to have only a LAN manager, the shares are accessible. The protected shares the problem. On the NAS there are both together with a NAS (Buffalo Linkstation). All password-protected shares have been saved in the credential management of the PC ... Continue reading ...

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urgently help !!! Thank you in advance for your help.

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If the router is restarted, say off and on, the wireless connection will be disabled

Resetting the router
I hope somebody can help me. Previously tried:

Driver update of the network adapters in the device manager

Update check of the operating system

Power saving mode the PC will come back on and an internet connection will work. Thank you or laptop connected to the router, so there is no problem. The PC is a month message is there "no internet, secured".

Connection to the router seems to exist, as Android) there are no problems. As soon as the PC goes into the energy-saving mode or shuts down update to Win10 no problem with the wireless connection.

DSL router o2-box 6431 operating system Windows 10

The following problem exists:

Is the PC and then restarted, so small connection to the Internet is possible. With smartphones and tablet (old and was shipped with Win10.

On the laptop (previously Win7) there was before the advance

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