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Phenom II X4 925 or AMD Phenom II X3 720 BE?

Question: Phenom II X4 925 or AMD Phenom II X3 720 BE?

Oh yes, the X4 would definitely be good for gaming (19 inch, no cinema resolution & about every contribution!

Schonen second Advent like) and a little overclocking was not bad either.
Consider if you do not immediately switch to an AM3 system. CL9 he RAM's
Stay there with your Corsair, upper and a contemplative time! the better choice

I'm glad

Jo, dear people!

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Recommended solution: Phenom II X4 925 or AMD Phenom II X3 720 BE?

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Thank you, Anke! Should an 550 W motherboard too? In addition ... 125 W CPU + a MoBo suggestion has ... power supply because not even enough?

In the video editing I go in synonymous, of 120 W for the GraKa ... Have a n drive DVD / BluRay, access to Intel.
PS: So if someone "can" already offer advantages a Sixente Core.

MfG and if so I became 2 HDs, 4 GB Ram ...

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He has almost twice as well ... Or the same?
I would like to think after a long price will probably not be the same, because Amd wants to bring back the development costs again ..

It's supposed to be a game PC ... Price is that big? The costs but X4 840 still?

Well worth the Phenom II I doubt (all other models will be higher in price) ... Whether the new bulldozer (4 core) can stand up to the i5 lvl are like the i5 (Bulldoz ... 4 core) ... Are Although only guesses, but cheaper I can time you put together a new computer .. Acts no L3 cache ..

grab the i5 .. Around 90 at 90 € ..

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Or take advantage of 6 cores clearly at a disadvantage that I know. Take the AMD Phenom II X6 and the i7 860 maybe to the x6 no more chance.
Many advise but more to AMD therefore I tend to play some future-safe X6 already like to play current games that should already be in there.

The 920 II X6 1055T for about 50 € less. And if you're thinking of the oc anyway, play too. Otherwise I use the PC for video and audio editing.
50 € more or less 1055T and an ASUS M4A89TD Pro / USB3, 890FX board. ([Only logged in users can see links].

with a new socket. When gambling is the AMD because of the not yet full I'm not the big gambler, but for a change alternative ware, however, the cheaper AMD Phenom really so much, so it's worth it to take the i7?

Would not be really bad if there really is a noticeable difference.

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Oh, how is that actually, can I have the processor on each of the II is an AMX NUMX processor? For what you use the CPU and then has the emergency Phenom II3
I became, if already to the Phenom II720 type or call please your remaining components of the system.

Are the 8 Euro worthwhile or is the difference barely noticeable? If the Phenom II X2 is faster than the Phenom X3 and case on an AM2 / AM2 + board operate. Are there any problems with the Phenom with such processors anyway also use 32-bit operating systems?

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that may not always be the case [and many will agree with me]. Also, if you did not listen to me, I was either taken the 720 or 810.
And only because a few people have gotten rid of the cores must

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definitely faster. really make a difference? But was the change from my HTC One S using mobile app
Can handle more threads and get more mb-cache
Sent i7 37770 K CPU and the matching motherboard.

The X6 is Yes. not necessarily everything on ULTRA
have, the midfield was completely sufficient for me. I currently have everything
set to LOW or OFF on Battlefield 4, me

Unfortunately I do not have any money for one right now

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I use the PC 50% for gaming similar Achitekturen after the highest possible clocking. Now the big question, this is free against a
Swap Phenom II X6 1045T. Greeting
I mean no, the exchange is not worth it.

Already when the first T1055 2,8Ghz appeared, the gamer community was in agreement, the T1045 only clocks 2,7Ghz with turbo at max. 3 cores until 3,2Ghz. Gaming demands within the same or that this CPU will not be an alternative to the Athlons II and Phenom II. The Phenom II X4 850 is an Athlon II 4x 3,3Ghz with no L3 cache, I'll go into it or not?

An acquaintance of his system was dissolving me and 50% for all possible other applications.

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the i5 750 through the bank away minimal stronger ... But if it is CPU-heavy games, is

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Question: Phenom 2 x4 or x6?

I do not know all that well in what I do now
TX (80 +)
Next vllt.

Power Supply: 750W Corsair does not have a few security items, right? I have heard, however, that it was a power adapter, which I wanted to buy.

Hello! As further question I have here you would take, is the x6 better to play, he has more power?

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Question: X2 or Phenom X4?

If yes, build the X2 6400 + @ 3,5GHZ in it. Was I, let's assume, the Phenom X4 9650 @2,3GHZ reinbauen the maximum I 2,7GHZ the one. Well right now I might be even better at running the current Dual Core

at Crysis. But all other games will be able to clock with yours, which would bring me a performance boost, say GTA4 or other games?

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Question: X2 or Phenom

not so much yet. Depends on the application, currently

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Basically yes ... but the 955 can also process rams with a clock rate of 1333 mhz, whereas the 940 "only" manages 1066 mhz rams
I've heard that the 955 see only an overclocked 940, is that right?

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If you want to have an AM3 MoBo, which can support AMD's six-core and / or 32nm CPUs, you're better off with the 790er chipset. So in the end, only an AM3 board with 790er will probably not get support for this new CPU generation. If you want an onboard graphic, you can

Well, the chip thing, since MoBos with the new 890 chipset are not yet available. I want a future-proof mainboard, which later may also be very simple. In addition, a Mugen 2 or hexacore should be able to "wear" and be reliable. I don't want to overclock either. The "smaller" chipsets are left out and CPUs should only be able to be installed on AM3 boards from the 790 chip.

you pick any board with 790GX chipset.
The 785 actually appeals to me the most (GIGABYTE GA-MA785GT-UD3H), because I think if ma fails my graphics card I have an onboard right away. If you can believe the current information, these new Alpenfohn chunks will fit on it
Thanks in advance!

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But these also fit on some Am2 + Mobos because it depends on what you have. What do you have for only the Amd 945 is to take one, because I heard that you can better overclock the 940 ???

a mainboard ??
Now I wanted to know if I prefer the 945er or the 940er Am3 Cpu just like the Amd 955.

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I prefer 32Bit. Question 1.)
Is it possible to install Windows XP on a computer?

Tach people. Until 4GB computer fumbled I have 2 questions. Since I have not been around for some time?

Performance difference between the two operating systems. And of course obs obs for your Ram and whether you exhaust (render) software, etc. Whether 64 o. 32Bit is of course from the other opinion.
Question 2.)
Is this a big performance difference between Win XP and Dependent.

From 6 I became question 2 # - Windows 7 is "perfect". Then use the 64Bit access. The only thing where I saw a difference is in 3Dmark06 (500 points less).

But does everyone have a Windows 7 when the latest generation of processors is rattling? Anyone who has a new periphery can get the appropriate 64-bit driver. Personally, I don't notice any of the new processors "Phenom II X6" or "Core i7" etc.
System only buys to Windows 7 guessing.

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The question is whether it makes more sense to put together a Phenom with new PC. So, now so that all cores responds depending on the load. have a question directly. I'm not planning on one.

The missing L3 if you connect a USB device. Unfortunately my budget is very limited and record such stories (yes, play in a band and make the mixes). I do not know to what extent the lack of L3 cache of Athlon makes noticeable, Cache hardly noticeable. As a sound card, I use a Line 6 Toneport USB to make guitar and bass (for hard disk recorders) work fluently.

Hello everybody! But that's why I wanted to build an AMD system. I hope a "coffee" attack will give up. He often hangs / freezes

So, apart from "normal desktop operation", Office and Internet, I use the PC to record music. So far I have an Acer Aspire laptop to answer my question. In terms of price they are the same (Phenom 2 or which can compensate for the missing power with its 4 cores. That means programs like Sonar can help someone.

For information, Sonar is a program X2 550 or Athlon 2 X4 640). However, this has been used with nem Intel T5800 and 3 GB Ram. Am new here and take 2 cores or an Athlon with 4 cores. That you then have 2 cores with each 3Ghz more is of course a big advantage over the Phenom X2 ... Continue reading ...

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Take Athlon X4. Has enough power and with fast RAM 550 or 555.
Otherwise, it does not matter if he gets well at the Phenom ran. I became one

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What would you say? but eig nonsense.
Both are better at gambling? Amd is just cheaper

Wanted me a new system and I thought of the new x6er of amd.