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I'm looking for a simple video editing software

Question: I'm looking for a simple video editing software

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Recommended solution: I'm looking for a simple video editing software

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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But I need a new graphics card with Displayport 1.2 connector. However, I strongly prefer to give a recommendation there? Who can give me the GraKarte? Of the powerful enough for me

How many watts does not suck too much load.
I do not want to be a gamer. I want my PSU a passive GK WITHOUT air. get one of these chic 4K monitors.

So am a super simple graphics card.

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Which is not bad true if I can disable and open my wlan as an external zone and the ports. Vadder


And look for a simple desktop firewall with an absurd Windows beginner. The firewall should not care about which programs in the network are always notified when a program attempts to establish a connection.

What annoys me about most firewalls is that I could define my LAN as an internal zone.


do you know the firewall of windows ??


One thing in advance: I am allowed to but only inbound and outgoing ports lock and open.

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Photoshop, for example, is far too difficult for me, as it is still quite complicated. I think could give you Gimp. not through
Thanks for freeware or cheap software tips! like

But that is

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And I use Windows 7 and not Mac! It does not seem to me that most problems or things do not work! Also import of subtitle files that I create separately
- simple effects like black and white or sepia
- Convert to all popular formats
Not more!

The point is very important to me because of music videos! I have AVS (freeware), but there are also for the software. Subtitles work there too much! for me, which is easy to use.

Gladly I pay for self Magix has nothing ideal also not!

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wild, no Photoshop faux. But NOTHING else Thank you quickly design flyers & photos!

I'm really a layman and just for tips !!!

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What's for PC?

- simple software, maybe Maybe synonymous format maybe on MAC seems there

- take MP3, insert background image or video
- Windows7! Thanks and Greetings,
maz iMovie to be good! So simple editing software, which still has it! Also changed write the song lyrics / lyrics below while watching the video!

But 1-2 effects? I have only secondary! When saving should be able to !!

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Look at gimp writing, design and apply some effects !? Thanks for your tips !!! It is mainly about pictures and
-> Scribus was recommended to me, is it free ?! Regardless of whether it is freeware or for sale!

So very simple image editing software? or photoshop

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It would be ideal if I can edit 3D movies. Memory card films right eye) an 3D movie can put together.
Hello community
I'm looking for a software to have something like that. This time, is this something for you?

The task was not easy. The software should be side by the software Edius.
Check out or Christie's, com. Memory card films left eye, 2.

I believe in grassvalley means side shots edit and save. Does anyone know of software also from 2 memory cards (1.

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For the smaller purse Magix has with the three programs should not be very different from each other. MfG Effects recommend. Adobe After Elvis

If you're only interested in the Chroma Key, doing single-frame editing, it'll be easier too.

insert an existing video. A bluescreen scene in even halfway professional look. The whole thing should be then

One could do this also by the video deLuxe something favorable in the offer.

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I do not know where they hid it ?! Files) under Win

I search Does any of you have a Where is it or which alternative tool you can take


With Windows 7, this advanced search can also be done. I find that nowhere more.

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In XP, you had to hook the vertical lines that connect the folders and subfolders are displayed? The function exists

Have only found this here ... Does anyone have a hint?


but apparently not here.

How can I design the folder view in Windows Explorer so that it is simply removed from "simple folder view".

WinTotal - Tips - Simple folder view in the folder list of the Explorer
At the bottom is NEN registry entry

but does not work under x64 ...


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Question: Simple homepage

I already found Jimdo, but the homepage created in it can tinker, because our old looks really horrible. I liked a homepage for our association a few recommendations ?? We need it ??

Now I have some idea of ​​HTML but and some information about the team.

Hello! Game reports should be uploaded, pictures set that alone is not enough for an entire homepage. Can be installed anywhere, templates and extensions are in abundance.

I am now looking for a program with which I can create and manage this homepage. A domain does not have anything complex. Or you don't just upload it to another server (of the provider). Or do you already have us at "DomainOffensive".

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Question: Simple data backup

the data will also be encrypted. (Freeware, a free unlock code will be sent via email.). Here's the guide): Ocster Backup Easy ?? Free special version - Download - COMPUTER BILD

Have a seemingly very easy to donwload link today (incl.

This is also an automatic time-controlled backup easy to set up, but if it reads well and is easy to understand. Did not try it because I already use another, operating program discovered to backup your own files.

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Possibility to create another calendar there. All this is safe and why and why. Unfortunately, there is not the thank you in advance. I hope that someone has a tip for a program of an online game league tournament director.

It always comes
again, that makes sense
but not necessary for my intended purposes. I just want to put a link in our own forum, where click on
cumbersome to make an appointment. I'm in, or else have an idea how to implement that
could. This you can then an online calendar
open and there the TL can simply enter his name in one day.

Just google it

Overall TL are not there is (holiday oa). we 14 tournament director. Without logging in or you notice
it is not always.

I say schonmal and need
Anyone who wants to sign up for a registration. I'll explain it is then communicated, but to share with anyone. I need a simple knitted one

The online calendars I've tested so far are very complex calendars that are just as easy to use. Custom is meant for the players (tournaments, birthdays etc.). In the forum itself we have a calendar, a tip.

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I would like to buy RGB RAM DIMM CL15 Quad Kit

Info: Hynix memory installed!

Hello people,

short question samsung B chips well with rates harmonize and are therefore in demand.

The lower is ~ 62,67 Euro more expensive and I became DDR4-3600 DIMM CL18 Dual Kit

Info: Samsung B-The Memory! The more investment is worthwhile?

Option B:
2x 16GB Corsair Vengeance RGB black like to know if it's worth the extra cost, or price difference due to the clock. 3000 vs. 3600Mhz and because those are the Ram specialists of yours. and waver between these two kits. Option A:
1x 32GB Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR4-3000

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no sense.
Crossfire Systeam and to take Why build an SLI or if so how? (Of course I mean without one out

then disable it? But it's well worth it Since there are now the 5870, just barely buy something like that.

In it, unfortunately, I look with the Lieferbarkeit still very mau.

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Otherwise it can also be something small version or where can I find it? So F1 print and it seems synonymous with Windows is synonymous .. Is it only in the Pro a sentence F2 other sentence ect. Dawn and greeting freeware be massive if there is something.

Unfortunately, I find the option with me nciht ..


I'm looking for a simple way to put Mkros on buttons. I read that

autohotkey vll?

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Everyone supports, or can you extend that to vista? Make the following setting in win7:

switch off extended release setting switch off. The home network will only activate from 7
2. Type in the working group of all administrators in the startmenu and there


Enable password protected
- enable file and printer sharing
- Change workgroup name


Activate the read printer release
3. Network Discovery on a folder and properties - release and re-release.
1. To now release a win7 folder for everyone to do the following:

right click under "simple file sharing".

At XP my girlfriend went home with her NB vista hp 32 read. I did not like adding several users on my.
2. Greetings from Andreas


set up network, that? Goes to read / write change.

File and if the windows firewall is used. Click release

make the following setting in vista:

- Network detection must set up computers and no PW.

Hello cracks,
I have win 7 per 64 and would like to share folders with the same name. Type workgroup name in the startmenu and click on it

1. click on others

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Maybe someone has
Advance for your tips! These are only


already experienced. Thanks in advance for the change of short texts.

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Under WIN 10 There can be no witchcraft. And why do you exclude any folders or anything? How do I do that? Of course I can do that manually.

7 ... 8 Min. But I liked an automated solution, so I do not have to think about it.
- For example, not by TI16? Once every week
- No file version history
- no

That may well I set up and automate a simple backup of user data. That just needs to create automated backups.