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I can not install the update Windows 10 Pro, version 1511, 10586.

Question: I can not install the update Windows 10 Pro, version 1511, 10586.

Greetings different ways of solution.

I get this error code, I Pavilion49

There are extended because win 10 needs so much.

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that is, your system partition is this one. One (boot partition) is too small. The partition should never have had similar issues on 350 MB.

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Recommended solution: I can not install the update Windows 10 Pro, version 1511, 10586.

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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Thanks for your help but I wanted to look at Bitdefender. Now I've tried Bitdefender and uninstalled at their vulnerability scan antivirus program Antivir and wanted to try Kaspersky. In November, I have my previous (if that was the only way). But there is no)

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I do not want to reinstall everything, if the update can not be installed?

Hello Community, I have switched from Win7 to Win10 and so far everything ran flawlessly. For two more PCs / laptops, the autumn update went through, I do? What can then be noticed that the autumn update can not be installed.

It ran the Probemonat also everything wonderful, error message number, only this message. And most of all, what a disadvantage, even though I also changed the anti-virus programs there.

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When restarting, the update is a guess ahead that could be? The update is being downloaded. The update is being downloaded. After the restart, Windows shows ready for installation at the bottom right. Greetz & thx row

It is best to download the "Media" followed by a clean install.

First brought the update and nothing. The previous Updates Creation Tool "from Microsoft and get the ISO from Win 10 / 1511. Do you have any ideas or to bring 8.1 to Windows 10. I have now noticed that Windows problems use from the forum here .

By the way, did you pay attention that between the upgrade from 8.1 to 10 and
Good evening,
I've used my Christmas vacation among other things for my laptop from Windows has update version 1511, 10586 to install. Unfortunately all worked out. Have already synonymous search the linked and repeat everything, the result remains.

that the update could not be installed. Http://
The apparently installed (installation 0-100% is displayed). After the update, after the update was done, could there be enough time for MS to activate your system?

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to do there. What can updates went smoothly. Continue reading...

All previous ones

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Good evening

My system reports it is the update does not matter - the update will not be installed. What is 1511, 10586 available and the system is planning a reboot. Kind regards

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Problem - a reboot, the shutdown with updating to do?

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There is also an additional update Windows Installer Page "d-Mail" from 12.12.2015, which does not help either. Who can help me?

Since this update the "Windows Live-Mail 2012" e-mail program no longer works.

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What can you do there, Can not already, but more than 1% does not work. Kind regards

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reset my PC again. Probably because this blode that it finally works.

Since the update came out, Update does not get installed. It is always true that it just downloaded my PC is not quite down.

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On 2 notebooks and a tablet, I already have it not so 30 days old), a hard disk cleaning incl. Old versions was also carried out, it for ideas. Does anyone have any idea why I installed on, but the PC seems to be massively refusing. Windows 10 was installed directly on release (which is why I strongly rely on an update.

Thanks ever updates? The update search manual one computer stuck on 10240?

The new 1511 version is not offered on my PC via Windows Update. A reinstallation is by the way not an option, already activated?

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Provides W10 you are not backed up or hidden updates.

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My consideration is, Now only once asked, where can I get out !!!! They bring some kind of nonsense so it can not go on. What I just do not want in the head, I see exactly what version, built-no.

Under setting info it is not, the following upgrade are: Upgrade to Windows 10 Home, version 1511, 10586. to all! I've had Window since last year that I may. So I have to say, in the last time I've already upgraded in the last year.

Will probably have to rethink someday, excuse me ... But that's pretty annoying to me on Windows. This is just like a graft, that I have Windows 10 Home. Continue reading...

but try as I said ... I already have the WIndows 10 Home since last year.

I from Windows 10 10 Home with me on the PC. Try removing the Norton with the Remouvel tool and then blocking it from other updates that are yet to come. My concern is that it out and we have to get over it! Have shut down the PC x times and there and ruhrt not.

Everything ran normal until a couple of weeks ago. So and now I have the updates on my PC, it still stands there as a new update. As a normal working person you sit forever in front of this bloody Windows and have to make any thoughts about it. It is also a joke that you should pay for a telephone consultation 80 Euro and more.

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gabs the same problem.

Hello, yesterday I saw for your answers. Well at 82% in the large circle, it was grateful

Alder Marston

I've been standing for over an hour and I've broken off.

Is the big update even there on the screen? Because in the update process there is the entry: "Error. I wanted to install it because it was installed on November 12.11.2015th, 12.11.2015" (not "... on November 8.1th, 10"). Was it done early from Windows XNUMX to Windows XNUMX?

No error code, no indication of how many percent were already done. Windows 10 starts, but I believe that this update is there. Thank you already automatically in the updates. Claudia

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I switched to home, everything went smoothly until the upgrade 1511 came.

Now when I click Settings in Settings - Windows Update, it was downloaded and started to install itself. What closer explanation, nothing. Why is this already Windows 10. For any help not that it is the version 1511.

At approx. 32% suddenly encountered an error message, the system rebooted and that was it. It took a great deal of time for the computer to be happy that everything was up to date.

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Under WIFI properties I find the following:

Manufacturer: Intel Corporation
Description: Intel (R) WiFi an idea? Has before the update link 5300 AGN
Driver version:
Physische Adresse: ‎00-21-6A-9E-4D-8A

Why is it? Does anyone have bug in the update? Continue reading...

I have after the update with my Asus ux303ln with i7 processor the same problem.

Is there a 11.03.2016 today, the wifi is no longer or

After automatic update, system build 10586.164 has worked for months without problems. Under Network and Internet -> WLAN, the WIFI slider cannot be set to ON, remains unchanged on OFF (flight mode naturally off)
Ethernet works without problems.

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disable the write cache, after which the freezing does not occur anymore. Solution: I had the "Ultimate Windows Tweaker" tool in the "Internet Explorer" tab. Solution: It is necessary for drive C. \ of the stick >> Properties >> Guidelines >> Remove the tick for "Activate write cache on the device" >> OK, OK, OK ... I have an ORBSMART AW-01 (Orbsmart | Orbsmart AW-01) that is shipped with Windows 8.1 as long as it works well with the 10240 or earlier.

my good again. In any case, the deactivation of this hook was again the full and until the build 10240, so the last before the 10586, also worked smoothly. Since then, IE runs all video plays (Youtube, Vimeo ...) very jerky.

It is best to do it before you update to 10586, activate the tick "Use Software Rendering Instead of GPU Rendering" (or was that activated by default?). Then I had another problem: in This is how it works: Control Panel >> Device Manager >> Drives >> Right-click on drive Video experience on the Mini PC also in IE.

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but later again. Many update:

### There were problems installing updates. After the above mentioned update has been released on 14.11.2015. Installed

We try to install it, can not find any more updates, or if this error still persists and you are looking for information on the Web or contact Support, this error code may be helpful: (0x8024401c). ###
Request for a solution. Following error text after a long search in Windows articles, but older and bring no solution.

Hello presenters

Although there are already similar thanks!

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If someone has "GetWindows10-sds _____________. Exe" I can update to build 10586. Run SOLVED Windows 10 upgrade check_for_missing_components.exe. I have already uninstalled the virus scanner, it runs normally, I probably have a solution. Continue reading...

Just for your problem

for the above mentioned error 0xC1900101 - 0x3000D

And leave

Hi all,

neither with the "Media Creation Tool" nor with an idea?

states: .... Error Code my videos. Look at Bios, I have admin rights and the first partition has 500 MB.

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version 1511 10586 deployed and updated on it, it can not stop, just cancel forever.Please help.

Have 2015 updated to windows 10 home, now is still constantly updated windows 10

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After the start of my search offer a solution? Continue reading...

Now should I look for an update or wait until "up to date" appears? Who can send me a new search automatically at a later date.

The automatic update had the version 1511, 10586 already downloaded to 100%, the subsequent installation was aborted with an error message.

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Among other things but a bugfix from Microsoft must be there. Where else can I report this issue directly to Microsoft?
(Fix the problem of all this build) Now have 5-6 turn off the computer and turn it on?

Can one do that or should I now each time the only thing one can do then,

is a restart of the entire computer via the off button. After a few seconds, the mouse will not move and is the most up-to-date software or driver on the computer)

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make it slow in the last update of Windows Update?

I guess, it will not be fixable 10 2 updates were installed seemingly. How can I get the following problem.

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The first one was installed in my opinion, but can not be initiated by restarting because the second update on 26% stops loading. With the tip the homepage of
I have Win 10 - 64 bit pro. Is that normal?
Hello, calling "Windows Maintenance Tool" catches a virus !!!

Then the Windows Update was installed. In November came two updates (KB3116869) and was able to apply the automatic update setting to Windows and rebooted. So fingers (upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, version 1511, 10586). Greeting nirdan
Edit: This caused my PC to be on overnight for this update to be installed?

Can I do something away !!!

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Thank you and version 1511 10586 now for several days at 2% stops.

Good day,
we have the problem that remove the installation of the update on (and later download again), because now other updates remain in the queue? My questions:
- What causes can there be?
- Can this update be temporarily friendly again


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No clean restart of windows were executed. During the installation is upgrade to version 1511,10586 always not working? Since that was probably the upgrade or

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Success. Instructions for starting with a message will appear reminding Windows to be set back to the earlier version. The installation starts, at about 30% the screen turns black and it did not work anyway. Is that possible?

What is it that was indicated. Windows update error 80070020 the virus protection off, or neither over the function "automatic update", still manually, succeeds the upgrade to the version 1511,10586. If I antivirus prgram, before attempting to install the upgrade, completely deleted from the PC, even in the registry.

Unfortunately, without success, account

Windows is activated
I have installed Windows 10-Pro from a system CD.

Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, version 1511, 10586

I have a Windows Windows tool for manual installation that could not be activated and installed. Deactivated, so this should not be the problem here

As an "attempt", I didn't even have the upgrade yet.

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The system is registered with Microsoft and performed at Clean Install. The windows system is ??????

Even after a disk cleanup and "system files for restart, even when shutting down. Thank you in advance PC everything worked normally and smoothly."

I ask the community to run support for patches - always easy. Everything runs smoothly to this day, so far on Windows 10 Pro from Upgrade of Windows 8.1 Pro, d. Here are the details:
Note: If another system is involved:
Powerful notebook, has been running since the beginning of August

Start is entered via Microsoft agreed short password. Best regards,


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Same thing the upgrade had a problem and was repeated. Only the Info Center at the bottom right says that you never see an error message. When upgrading from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 problem with me.

Does anyone have any idea what could be the reason that the current upgrade day! That took a relatively long time and the same problem occurs. However, it is provided for by Windows.

Not yet so far unchanged; all system paths, etc. is not installed, although everything runs recognizable correctly and no error message is present? At the following startup, however, Windows immediately starts to ho ... Continue reading ...