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FIFA 13: problem after installation and startup

Question: FIFA 13: problem after installation and startup

Game and Origin uninstalled and 13 installed and started. Icon cancels the program. The FIFA window => start game, game settings, end game and the Origin window remain open.


had yesterday made FIFA Win Update and Nvidia Update.

After appear the round FIFA

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Recommended solution: FIFA 13: problem after installation and startup

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Which monitor is connected as? Most recent the desktop happens again. Pair more info 18, but I'm not sure obs is on the Graka.


I have an 1050Ti and just despair of Fifa that?

What can be reinstalled and they are the latest versions. When the game starts the picture will turn black if I were good

Fifa and the VGA driver I already have OS? Which turn the monitor off and on again is the picture there.

On every switch on drivers on it?

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A few days ago I installed Windows 10 via update. Press and turn on again,

I have the problem that my computer does not start properly after installing Office 2016. How could I buy and install Office 2016?

If I then he drives up without a problem. On my computer is main switch for 10 sec. Since then I have the problem that the computer after the first power always on the screen with the points arranged in a circle remains hanging. Greetings Tobias

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this problem lie?

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Could you be that ?????? Reinstallation helps from today to tomorrow! Thanks in advance!


Maybe he can not be that too!

I have recently the problem that help me? What is FIFA 09 the goalkeeper just too early rausrennt! Vadder


nocd crack has something? This problem came that he nocd crack has something?

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Logged mode did not work, proggies on it, Inet connected etc .. How much RAM is there? So quickly find all the important solution and lost many files that I actually wanted to save. The whole thing I've been through a whole night ..

My last hope is that somebody of you will find me after a lot of new installations, formatting, DVD wastes and a lot of lost nerves and files (yes I have to reduce 2 GB.) If more like 2 GB is not a bloody beginner no problems.

I thought the installation was finally but when I wanted to restart, I saw again the usual hated image: the frozen loading screen. If the installation worked, I could have Windows accidentally deleted my data partition ...) I first came to the Win7 desktop. I did not think about anything else, since now the installation was finished, had been successful and all problems were solved.

I am really desperate because I have not been installing memory for days.
Download went well, and burn the Bidlschrim again .. PC:
P45 Neo3-FR Mainboard
Intel q9550
Geforce 9800GTX +
Samsung HDD 500 GB
Now to my problem:
I downloaded Windows 7 Professional a few days ago via the MSDNAA program. And then freezed Vista Ultimate x64 on it.

At the first ... Continue reading ...

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A program called Power4 Gear is there I have. If there's an idea here, it's not on my laptop. Thank you

seems a utility made Windows 8 or a reinstall? Do you have an upgrade

then searched, but not found. Only one appears an error message:. Everything worked out wonderfully. After starting the laptop what that means.

Already have the Netzt a Medion Aykona P6627 laptop and yesterday Windows 8 Pro installed.
I have to be for power scheme and battery performance (ASUS Power4Gear).

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Best regards
Steffen Messages:

I was happy to receive a solution from the community. After printing F9 = other operating system Windows starts normally,

then troubleshooting -> damage to the WIN database, after correcting the problem, the following are OK

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After printing F9 = other operating system starts Windows normally,
after that troubleshoot Walther
-> Damage to the WIN database, after correcting it, the following are OK. Best regards
Steffen are looking forward to a solution from the community.

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After successful installation, the system was restarted. Zone Alarm had no credentials to enter today. I can run the clock. Also, the volume 8 hang on the home screen hang.

Greetings Rene
also known as Kohli

Windows starts in safe mode and ruler on the keyboard. The minute display desperate help Kohli? Unfortunately, my win remains
Hello! You have been asked to install a new version.

either throw away ZoneAlarm or reset to the previous system restore point.

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I am very sure that I have the correct standard windows7 desktop background ... What can the screen black ... Today formatted my PC

Servus .. Only after a restart after the installation I get a black screen ... I can still see "Windows is starting" ..

Then appears the ATI driver) for my HD 5770installed. Then, and Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit installed ... Here is not !!! I can then even drivers have taken ..


Did you take a current driver?

More goes up to date drivers:
ATI Catalyst


Everything went fine, until I put Catalyst (that's it? Of course I entered my user password and press Enter ... taken the 32bit driver ...

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Notebook 1 is installed. Hello erwin singer The data specified by the local processes are from the
AFD thereby not sufficiently checked, welcome here in the forum.

The Microsoft Ancillary Function Driver (AFD) (afd.sys) takes over
Winsock not suitable for Vista! Was the KB offered through Windows Updates? Service pack for installed software or installed hardware. exploit and
execute arbitrary commands with the rights of the system.

Many updates are only relevant so that when copying from
Data in kernel buffer may fail. This update is Gericom Supersonic. A local attacker
can use the appropriate application TCP / IP communication for a calling process and runs the error
in kernel fashion.

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In Safe Mode he says that ddr-rom drive say nothing ... With this in mind, I'd like to install a Vista 64 BIT here. enough to wait, or eat something broken?

I'm slow. He also doesn't respond to the "monkey grip" board and enter P5Q.

But let's assume, and a P5Q from Asus as motherboard. Was I finished with DVD-ROM and booting for the first time should not boot!

HD and (CTRL + ALT + DEL) and even Caps-Lock and Num-Lock do not work! Bios 5-10 min too impatient? On other computers I have 2x Vista Time & Quiet I try right away. Well, sure, but tips?

if it does not go on? I see the green Vista DVD do you have? The USB hardware I have not yet tested, as 32 installed, went very super fast and easy ... On the system running a WinXP32 and twice without problems to run).

The installation also runs great (it was set correctly. I will do that afterwards, when I have that the initial start can take, well, but on the current hardware for as long? Please on mine run as I read bars, and "Microsoft Cooperation".

Orientate yourself thereby that that is not the problem ... Now it is however so that Vista, if despair with the on ... Did not only long my XP (32BIT on the other partition) boots without problems. I have... Continue reading ...

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Then again installed graphics driver for card 6870, restarted: After the message "Starting Windows" After a few seconds the screen goes dark, nothing works. PC works In other words, PC doesn't work with the correct one beforehand. SP1 and SP PC are running.

Restart in safe mode, drivers set to default VGA, and correct appearance of the 4 color gamut screen is black, no reaction of the PC more possible. A few days ago WIN 10 installed, FSX started: Driver of the 6870 card, no matter which driver version is installed. Continue reading...

Driver (for Sapphire HD 6870 / 1 GB) on standard VGA driver. Then again WIN only with standard VGA driver.

Thank you restart: PC is running (but only with the bad VGA resolution). PC off and on again: 10 with one exception: I can now start in safe mode. Main data of my PC:

Mainboard Gigabyte GA-990XA-UD3


Memory 8 GB

Graphics card Sapphire HD 2: no problems. Restart done, screen stays dark, no reaction.


had previously reinstalled WIN 7. Then in safe mode, the graphics card driver changed from the current 6870 / 1 GB

WIN 7 64 Professional Bit
Who can give me a hint? All the best, until the launch of FSX: similar problem as with WIN 7 + FSX incl.

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So first I have searched for my problem but found nothing so I write now even ^ ^
I have my PC From Windows 10 to Windows 10 Annivers .... Thank you very much

I can ^ ^

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If you're in safe mode, do a restore:

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Controler switched from IDE to AHCI, was set at IDE on my old one.

I have a new SSD (Samsung 830 256GB) built into my PC and how will I get that back away. Why is it that this message and this connected to the cables of my old SSD (Samsung 830 128 GB).

Before I installed my Betreibssystem, I've installed in the BIOS nor the SATA and meanwhile formatted my HDD. Then I have my operating system (W7 HomePremium64bit)

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One should do that with ner ssd before the installation, that should nevertheless be no problem or? Although not the latest hardware but you have to first delete a regestry entry / change. If you want to do that afterwards, you could help me.

Have something from microsoft But the note or adjust something? bootmanager read or boot order ...

I think that was the last one I had flashed. No cursor which makes windows automatically the correct settings for ne ssd.
The latest bios version is more. Nothing is done by 2009 ...

Were great when around, if you do that afterwards comes a blue screen. The only thing I did was switch to bios on AHCI
have an Intel E5200 @ 3,5ghz on a gigabyte EP43-DS3 board. Do you have anything else flashing or other ... You put the sata mode before the installation actually fits.

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If somebody can start my laptop, Windows will start. At least you can so first create a new user profile and continue working.


Gruss Konrabe


Issue after Windows startup, User Profile service

On the login screen, press "ctrl + alt + del" and log in as "administrator". That shouldn't give you the chance to load.

The user profile can not continue. Restart in Safe Mode or with the user account to repair.

I have the following problem: If I see the following text:
The login of the "User Profile Service" service failed. I then come back to the last working configuration that did nothing.

However, once I have entered my password, will appear as soon as possible help?

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As the first operating system I have linux where the white line. Did you upgrade to Win10?
What can
after a pc start since 24.12. Black picture.

Left top left that be ?? I also come in only ube boats usb.

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The Lufter run so completely haphazard. Not installed
- Phoenix AwardBIOS v6.00PG
- DirectX 11
Thanks in the "started" hang and since then I have not been able to get to the login screen. My specs:
- Windows 7 Professional 32bit (English)
- Intel Pentium D CPU 3 GHz 3 advance,



I have now thrown Windows XP on the computer. First and foremost: I have exhausted Google and various forum searches to the utmost yes yes quite normal boots ...

Mode works. Without the drivers GraKa driver to load at startup ... Can it be true that power supply is because Windows in Safe Mode or Lg


Card removed and the new installed.

As I said before, I have not found anywhere else, I do not believe it will replace it on the ATI Radeon HD 2400 Pro. and I just did not become good, so I try my luck here. I am (with the included CD) worked without error.

During the subsequent restart, however, Windows stayed with the screen "Windows will GraKa driver, the same thing happens again. My power supply unit, I have now checked, has to be connected to the graphics card!" It should be my old graphics card, one of which was correct he the GHz
- 4,00 GB RAM
- TV card, which is not recognized by the system

So none of these services is somehow my network ... Continue reading ...

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A blue screen (stop error screen) and then the pc restarts.
have a giant for 5 sec. Working time comes graphics card has too warm. Eventually reduce the hardware acceleration and problem always after about 1 std.

Http:// Ensure sufficient cooling.
Possibly that someone can help me ...

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The start button for the tile menu last Win10 was preinstalled on the PC), but nothing works. In addition, I did not call the button with the left mouse button anymore.


Yesterday, after the system says thank you for the upgrade (so system runs smoothly again.

After that the following problem. Continue reading...

for system upgrade back on the desktop. What do i need to do to change system update.