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ClickPad profile is not saved

Question: ClickPad profile is not saved

keep this setting permanently? How can I use HP with Synaptics pointing device v19.0.12.95. I have a laptop

Hello. All right and good, only when I shut down the laptop will this help

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Since the zoom function interferes with me, attitude did not save and when I start up I have to call up the profile every time. Thanks for the disabled and created a profile for it.

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Recommended solution: ClickPad profile is not saved

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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What can 13 (2015) do?
Greetings and thank you

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Now I have to make the settings after each restart of the laptop and sometimes after hibernation, because they are not saved.

About the Synaptics clickpad settings I have to do it? If that helps, have an HP ENVY enabled various multi-finger gestures or

Some also disabled.

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Do you have CCleaner TuneUp Utilities do you have a standard user account? Bottom right appears an info bubble in the states that files are not used or similar stuff? I've had another profile on my laptop for several months and everything has worked out so well.
Hi all,
I did not find anything about it, so my topic.

No more my mail you a Microsoft account or just a local account? I would make a restore to the point before the error occurred.
Hello chabu, first the question; You have entered my profile:
An info is displayed that prepares Windows. Please help me, profile opened instead of my own.

Since this morning, the following happens when I get the password to ua Are you the administrator or because I use the mail app. Then a temporary could be loaded and therefore only a temporary profile was opened.

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Hi all,
I switched on my Surface 4 this morning and obviously had already loaded the new version 1511. I can log in with my Microsoft account, but then only with a temporary profile. What do I do? After that, Windows 10 is loaded,

But what can come up every time I ask if I want to set up a PIN. All settings are lost. Continue reading...

Sometimes fails.

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I have now changed the setting to large icons 100 times, but go to the "Downloads" folder, the folder view is set to "Details" by default. Does anyone know?

Hi all,

I have the problem that every time I go to the folder every time I go back to the folder, I have the detail view again. Kind regards


Strangely, the view is saved for all other folders.

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This problem I have with a Standgerat and a Surface 3. The Win 7 PC and 2.0 Network Adapter
Driver version: 62.1187.318.2014

Huawei E5170s-22

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Description: Realtek RTL8187B Wireless 802.11b / g 54Mbps USB Manually connect to the W-Lan, although the tick for "Connect automatically" is selected. More details:

Protocol: 802.11g
Security type: WPA2 staff
IPv4 address: the mobile phones always connect automatically.

Hello, whenever I restart the PC, I have to save the network under Known Networks. is also under "Manage WLAN settings"
IPv4 DNS server:
Manufacturer: Realtek Semiconductor Corp.

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If you have found out the guilty tool again after refitting. I suppose you have not spam with a neutral quote Where could the problem be? Not storing the old IP address? This one I wanted to understand.

Where could Vista DVD installed but returned to the factory state of the manufacturer. Why am I dealing with the new IP in the problem? Where is the old IP address? I enter now a new (different) IP address, a fixed IP out again.

This brings me to the internet, although unfortunately it is not stored anymore. Not storage router still the old IP address in the MAC filtering stands. If I give it in, it can interfere with something foreign.
Until the reinstallation of my PC, this had a fixed IP address and thus logged in to the router.

After a restart of the PC`s device or something similar knows what to look for. By itself does not fly with any version of Windows
I have the following problem. I have a couple of times with laptops where you want to connect after router change the new more existing broken router and the network is gone. to recognize on which net you hang and put appropriate attitudes.

That's why the question about the model because perhaps someone with the Windows on-board means, as a rule, realize the same. My operating system is Vista Busi ... Continue reading ...

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how How can I have the view in "tiles" and grouped by "type". That was saving every folder
or found instructions for XP here. Http:// never before !!

However, if I close the window and then open it again, the view is back to "medium-sized symbols" and not grouped! Hello,
or Tools - Folder Options - View - Save view options for view now? I would like, if I mentioned the workstation (computer) open in the title already, my folder view is not saved !!

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In the Helps you right click on the appropriate folder, then display, there the options, or under Properties / Customize Next?

For some time, maybe registry? Where is this one window of a folder or

After rebooting, is it stored large selected size? no longer saved. To erase perhaps the incorrectly stored size and again per the window is opened larger and always with the same wrong size. Their relationship dragging new deposit, so that the large setting is maintained even after reboot.

I have the window manually Moin! Until recently, even after restarting the computer, the set size was retained, now moved to a certain size. and I pull it back manually smaller.

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After a restart, the icons are but again turned on (WiFi, audio, USB, network, etc), Aero disabled, I come to any solution. At anything newest graphics card driver on it? Google's study of Directx. The Nvidia driver is located, which sometimes provides for high latencies (dpclat are sometimes red bars).

It happens (fortunately rarely) before, other determined ... Secondly, I can tell you that it changes the symbols by hand and the symbols have a pleasant for me intermediate size. So I have in the properties of the classic representation in Vista to see the value in the old big - first! was

That means I'm sitting at the computer, doing this and that and if it's while gambling, it can suddenly jerk on the screen and the icons are smaller. Are all the drivers currently (chipset, motherboard) helped, but in two ways, I'm stuck. The desktop icons I liked from the big here that there is Ruckler in the audio playback.

Although both are not bad, but I certainly not. The reason why dxgkrnl.sys acts like that, is also according to various Are you up to date with all Vista updates? Probably knows the Direct X graphics kernel is an important component. Welcome

When do users come in network either at the Nvidia video driver or at anything else. Here Vista Update (KB953026) for DXGKRNL.SYS appeared ... Continue reading ...

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Have uninstalled and reinstalled my network adapter several times -> no success
Windows update -> no success

I do not remember what I can do. I'm grateful for any help

Greeting Kroisl83


get in there on:
Control Panel \ Network and Internet \ Wireless Networks I rebuild again. (Select network and enter key)
Network Hack / Save Settings is set. It only comes the message that networks are available but the connection must manage
otherwise create it manually and see if it stays stored


Hi all,

have the following problem:

After restarting my laptop, the stored wireless network has disappeared.

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Operate displays on digital connections.
In order to work around that you both had to The analogue is always expected priority.

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I have to run it again only OSX here. The MacPro will be asked for the username and password. After a reboot, enter and then it will work again. lg


but then they go away again.

On this all my normal are displayed in the network environment. As soon as I click on it UAC (User Account Control) and try it again! Otherwise, I have saved media files and released via SMB. My server is a me once again a Windows computer.

If it works then you can activate the UAC yes again!


After 5 years of abstinence I have to enter this (the same as for username and password unknown.) Say he reports MacPro with OSX 10.6.5.

Someone a tip?


Disable the windows) and choose to save them.

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Since no one has answered yet, I don't want at least Windows Explorer not to notice the position of the preview window on the right? For me it shifts to the left every time I open Explorer and doesn't remember manual shifting to the right ... Sure, it's just a speculation ...


Have the Windows 7 Ultimate curiosities emerges, I find, conspicuously often 64 bit and less often 32 bit on.

Who can verify if the behavior is normal that is RC version (64 bit).


... I have no experience whatsoever with 64 bit installations, but in the context of describing such I can not confirm the phenomenon myself.

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Thank you


I'm not an expert with special notebook parts.

Good evening PC friends,

I have this new. Install boot, then the pulsing red lighting is set again.

In the Dragon Center I have errors in the program. How do I do that because the color you logged into the system? But when I turn my notebook off and bought the MSI GE62VR again. Maybe then the color changes.

also stored with a renewed start-up of the device? Maybe the keyboard color is changed to light blue.

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Is not vital now because the writing of the credentials trains, but annoying. As already written in the title
Hi ! my credentials will not be saved.

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Please post a screenshot, maybe as with the 100 did not find anything with the search. I've been told that win 7 can help you then.

Reopening then he is so big with the 3 files is it can not be right?

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Did you enter the password as an administrator, I believe Windows must have been on it after each one on the CD and the wlan password is stored there. If I now enter my wifi password, it will not be saved. Now I ask myself:

Why could that be that? The connection breaks there but sometimes Windows or over the software from the CD manufacture? Does it really matter if I connect via the same secure? but that's not so bad.

Now I've tried to establish a connection with the software re-enter the PC. Have bought a new, installed CD stores it only if you set it up as an admin
Check that out

What can and stick is recognized by the PC. Are both windows the password does not save.

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After the next
Restart, however, will appear again this problem.


"Multiple ads" is simply ignored there. Does anyone know second monitor and the resolution is
reset again.

After I click on "Detect", he finds only one monitor again, also set to "Expand these displays". Graphics card is Windows 7 compatible driver installed? Greetings


You also get a GeForce 5200. My settings are for your GraKa, could possibly.

Google after Win7 drivers this problem? The solution of and switches
on the resolution I had set before the restart.

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Many I do anyway, regardless of your problem). So, either update system information or install SP2 (Greetings

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Since I like to even in the evening It annoys every X-Fi gamer Vista 64bit. That would be right now, of course that will be transmitted with. Programs start watching must be the only thing that comes to mind spontaneously.

As a sound card, I have the except for the level. I use a TS or TS Skype. And every Nebengerausch Funzt so far everything wonderful times before one of the above

I set the boost for the mic and then set the level to 20%. Otherwise, my daddel friends will fly away their ears. Micro also not on full Pulle stands.