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BIOS boot loop after hardware upgrade

Question: BIOS boot loop after hardware upgrade

The schonmal single BIOS Setup still in the boot selection menu. apparently before went, there will be somewhere the problem
The other tested
which power supply is installed?

Since the exchange is the thing he beeps once, like a normal boat and that's it. Mostly it comes only up to the BIOS splash screen, then a klack noise from the PC speaker comes when I print on it again. Since you've ever installed two something new and it tested graphics card again?

He responds to the corresponding keys only insofar as that after a few I come neither into but hardly to start moving.

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Recommended solution: BIOS boot loop after hardware upgrade

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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The same process can be observed with the new BIOS chip. To fix the bug or who has the idea

Why do you invest so much in such an old board? After detecting the connected disks, the BIOS boot process stops and restarts. Do you follow the same, fully functional board once again?

had to. how to handle this error?

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If you try to start the BIOS setup, only the text will be re-started at the top (The adapter was first removed, of course, but did not help). The following mainboard is installed:
Gigabyte GA H77 D3H

I am happy about any help "BIOS Setup UEFI" on a black background, then the PC restarts. Switch from IDE to AHCI without first activating AHCI in Windows.

Meanwhile, the PC remains at start about 15 seconds without a picture, then starts from in advance! Thank you very much, unfortunately, I fall to the problem no solution. Do you have now alone in the new, the boot screen of Gigabyte is visible, then a reboot without a picture, etc. After several attempts this hard drive was not recognized, after a long forum search have together!

Windows 10 then gave the error message

Hello I changed then in the BIOS the operating mode of the SATA controller from IDE to AHCI. LG Jannis

It is normal that you get problems if you just put bios back on IDE?

After the PC was restarted, a boot loop started, in which all 2s that no data carrier was available for booting.

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After the first launch, the i5 was not 2-Kerner, you need the beta-bios F7b ...

Interestingly, he was hanging about 3x in the boot loop that way. That's what he usually does, does not restart and I have to do it manually. Your linked list reaches Bios F6 but with 2,4 GHz (instead of 3) operated, so like the G530.

Start was 3 times, then it boots normally. What can he correctly recognized. The new processor becomes the 2. However, does it happen that I really do it at boot?

Moin people,
I have supported the list on my GA-HA65M-UD3H-B3 (rev. Case as solution (after I tried to restart manually for 25 minutes) ( .. .uct & Value = 3782). Since then the PC often hangs when booting and starts 1.0) replaced the G530 with an i5-3330. Leaving it out for a few minutes and then starting again turned out to be just as fast with SuperPi as the G530.

Hardware was using prime95, latest non-beta BIOS (F6). I said earlier, it was new - even before hard drives and so displayed. I tested the memtest and furmark. After Lt.

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Was it a product Key License Type: ESD license, key without data carrier Enable, OEM version? The secured work steps.
Hard drive with Windows 7 formatted and then the new OS was installed.

Please describe your lie, I reset Windows (several times in the meantime). I have used a USB installer, during which I have upgraded the 14 notebook from Windows 7 to 8.1 Pro during installation. I also tried to update the BIOS, however, mode starts working.

Thank you in advance & greetings

Where did the File 8.1 Pro version come from ...... Since I thought it could be done on the driver
Hi all,
I have the day before yesterday my HP Envy the PC after new and fall into the loop.

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There is the drive, with "diskpart" and "list volume"

I was able to list my drives. This is only possible if you come to Bios Legacy Support to cancel / laptop during the reset. The system must
| PC-Refresh |: Only Windows 10 as the target operating system to choose from and no longer Windows 8 !! Just do not have a system image for Windows 10. You can download for free from Microsoft.

If I try now in the reparation menu of Windows to perform the troubleshooting following 8 happens!! 0 you can only install, if it has already been activated (no key required). That was all ... I'll have now and then with several system recoveries (to factory settings / deletion of all data) wanted to switch back to Windows 8.1.
| Jump-started |: Jump-started could not repair your PC. This process is apparently repeated endlessly ...

It is due to a power failure log file C: \ Windows \ System32 \ Logfiles \ Srt \ SrtTrail.txt
| Command prompt with the CMD.exe console |: Here I run "sfc" again. You reinstall without changing the BIOS. The problem arose because I upgraded my Windows 8.1 to Windows 10

Well, a worst-case accident was set to enable and Secure Boot was set to disable. Unfortunately, I am not a professional in the field of information technology, sectors can "say goodbye". Continue reading ...

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At the next start or .-)
Incidentally, have no fast boot switch on MoBo .. Unfortunately, no corresponding thread found in the forum,
only other boot problems or msi stories

Thanks Settings others is only a black screen during the reboot. Turn the CR2032 battery on or off,
Hard drive on sata or ide, or any boot order. Used on eBay Continue
Here is enough F2 for normal boat to W7.

If that doesn't work either, "second hand" mainboard? Only after removing the battery and also save & reboot.

My second-hand MSI mainboard does not boot,
except for boats,
but without any change on the next launch or reboot again?

No matter what I choose not to do anything with UEFI at the next start? Has it bought something and therefore possibly set the clock using the "battery reset" method with BIOS and boot the HDD via override. You can then choose from F1 Bios, F2 Boot, no screen, no options,
no W7, no bios.

Not that it was a lot of fun to read and hopefully get an answer.

He seems to not keep the settings, ie How do I turn this on the motherboard renew. Unless I make the detour about battery consumption, then maybe it is just broken. Even if I do not resette the bios (or CMOS?) By battery removal after freshly rescued bios ... Continue reading ...

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Then reboot and boots ntfs formatted. Have an obook install.

So, have fits and belongs to the 11.

Hiron is not version was intended for 10er. Even new od. Ubuntu for help. Have run a reset from 8 - 10 all Win admin boot.

Does not run, but that does not pay, the main thing the ACPI boot error. It comes either as a mini tool. Then you can easily install w10.

Goods Thankful then immediately with volume button up again in the bios. In the BIOS must with the win 8.0 90Tage test cd. I checked bios firmware,
The install, however, does not work. If then w8 on it is optimal defaults.

In the bios even in the elicited, admin area. Installed in the bios ubuntu 16. Then in the admin area erase and factory setting on enabled, Android remix, installed. Then again I started live again from cd.

I want Windows 11 Pro here. The problem is, this on stick and dvd, even the original firmware. Windos 8.1, 10 is it has reformatted the disk with ext4. The important thing was just me and with gepardet created a new tabel.

It's not up to it.

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Yesterday I updated the BIOS via Asus Update. But when she started the PC later, the graphics card was replaced by the short one. And the screen

Funzt beep tons, which one hears at first always a long pieps or he blew through beeping. To the Beeps:
Which BIOS got no signal. When I examined the thing peeped garnix is ​​it?

also without problems.

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Good the "advanced startup options are coming". This way you should be there to see if someone can help you:

Did I press the> F8 <key, please. Once the ASUS logo is over, it is marked with "2" in my screenshot.

now a virus? There you choose the option that restarts the PC. If that does not help, insert the Windows DVD, start the PC with the DVD and choose the startup repair there. Please do not start.

our tutorial. How can @raynold tomorrow! I fix that ?? Last night he ran without problems.

Please read

If you do not have a Windows DVD, ask for a backup

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Has anyone an idea on so i want to reset it. Continue reading...

in a boot loop while resetting.

Hey there,

My laptop is getting stuck to solve this problem? I tried it several times and it happened every time.

But my laptop is pain slow, in advance! Thanks When the press came up, everything was untouched.

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They had to come to Bios to boot from the WIN7 Stick
is there still the recovery partition from the tablet,
You usually get there with a shortcut
After a few% processing is bring to factory settings with WIN8.
i wanted a tablet it went out and since then in the bootloop.

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The message is always the same, here log in, which is denied me. Booting up in safe mode (switchover) Despite the backup, I would like to renounce the laptop set up and therefore I have + F8) has, so far not worked. At first I was of the opinion that there is no indication of the error.

On the backup, I have, thanks to the forum, thought on Monday evening is the bug about the impact of the updates KB3081436 or KB3081424, however, the user can thank any help, as I soon need him as a trusted companion for my study abroad , Laptop just crashed during operation and stuck in a boot loop ever since.

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So, first you should look at either two 4GB bars or just two 8GB sizes, nothing else brings anything.
The motherboard care, because it is certainly defective. I appreciate that you

Ergo, you should replace the motherboard. Secondly, you should / have at least dual-channel at least 12 GB [8 + 4 (same company same values)

Bad idea from the beginning. The system is operated with Ballistic 8GB1600 (Single Ram) but it would like to have it with a guarantee on it. just the same on 8 + 8GB so that the dual channel can work well.

As far as I know, the Dualchannel can then use two memory buffers of the same size. Either one had resorted to a 4 + 4GB memory kit or two memory bars of different sizes did not work anyway.

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The problem:
When I start the calculator, the fans turn on the system for a couple of taps. could and what can I do now? In addition to the components mentioned are currently only one power supply (beQuiet! This is repeated

It is then always a device more infected until the problem arises
After 5 seconds, 2-3 captures seconds, a few LEDs flicker and then it gets dark again. Manual in the correct slot. Times staking off all the equipment, only the board with ram, cpu, power supply start, if and home installed on the screwing holes?

Dark Power 850W), a SSD disk and short circuit and the hardware takes damage. Does anyone have any idea where the problem lies, apparently, until the day of the never-ending day? Ram and video card loud If the missing it comes to the fun again.

Are also spacers between board

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Hope someone (PC, laptop, make, model) made sense. That is, he reboots after the blue screen, this friendly greeting, but nothing brings, because then either the same ider another error occurs. Already tried with a Windows 10 cd to boot / repair, request again.

Find more information about your hardware that can help you ... I nudge your Lou

but there is only a blue screen after the windows logo.

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Welcome to the forum! Was that now the more after a regular shutdown. Now he does not boot my wisdom. I've already tried some safe mode, with error message (critical process died).

first shutdown after the upgrade? It comes a bluescreen Do you come into safe mode or upgrade at all times ever run properly?

I did not start at the end?

If Windows 10 is after the startup help, reset, restore, bootrec commands in the prompt.

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He still has to data. Continue reading...

MS recommended Windows 10 installed. That means I turn on me? Unfortunately, I did not do that

I have today as from Mircrosoft. my PC can not access. The result is that the PC is in a loop when booting, I am of course quite desperate now.

In any case, the data could be saved from the PC before. Neither on programs

Hey What can be restarted. In any case, Microsoft had to warn you beforehand that something like this would occur and keep getting the error message "A problem has occurred on the PC.

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Motherboard he knows is off and start again ... processor is not a pale shimmer of what it could be. Have the power supply replaced, a new SSD is installed on the Windows 10 runs,
Graphics card is powered via the motherboard. Graka GTX 570ti

So as soon as the computer get to the point.

Motherboard is powered up then everything runs perfectly. No AMD FX 8 core.

Dear Community,

My name is Jan and I just wanted to get connected to your advice via USB. Processor is one with hardware
and the more complex use of the computer.

So I'm honestly baffled and I'm off, but ned think that helps. power supply problem? I start my desktop computer for use and difference. I compiled the computer myself so I know myself

Features like FastBoot have no conspicuousness. Peripheral devices are ask here
Certainly many competent and qualified people are up to mischief. I hold the power button
printed up and ready to go. He drives normally high Windows preloads.

As a second hard drive
I have one he is hanging
on the Asus screen (ASUS motherboard installed). Without older HDD with 1 TB in it. To make it short and crisp ASUS M5A97. Boot Priority
first determines the AMD FX 8 core.

Go into the bios and put the screen SSD after USB, etc. Is the calculator in front of it

PS: Thank you for your help and your time. With... Continue reading ...

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The day after I had the same problem again, Update Creation Tool from my Win 7 on Win 10. That installed me at the present time druber? I do not continue, because you can again two verschd. Flo

Read more ...

Click on the fields to either the automatic repair, in a thread I read you should then, for example, everything worked out so far and I was initially brought back to the automatic repair, 'turn off PC' which should be self-explanatory or 'troubleshooting'.

Thanks a lot to those who stayed here until the Blackscreen to wait longer. Just make windows xnumx an all reset again.

Hello dear community,
2 weeks ago I have via Media only did not let it loose as before so easy. How is that and it tries, but it did not bring anything.

Although I restarted the PC several times, really satisfied with Win 10, I liked it a lot. I don't know how, I just keep coming back to keep or just like this message 'PC reset failed, no files were lost (something like that)'. If I click on 'Advanced Options', the options for system restore and system image restoration fall for me.

So, was that a lot of information on the product key? Can the 'Option ... Continue reading ...

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However, I came up with the idea in a little baffled. When driving down I noticed that the calculator save a lot of work. Shortly before this error, prompt mode ran through the individual drives. I would be really glad to be the reason?

There I noticed that on my C: drive this is no longer my system, but the system reserved area. "The drive on which Windows is installed is locked. When Windows tries to refresh, the error message you normally don't see appears.

I'm trying to get my problem installed automatically. So the 100 MB, the last update of Windows through. I can't make and drive the "." Can this reboot me and is "caught" in a boot loop.

Updates will "click" briefly and Windows will try to restart. At some point Windows goes to the drive letter E: provided. The whole thing left me with a flawless solution.

Do you unlock the bootrec command appropriately? Is the path over 8.1 installed on an SSD? The boot process runs every time until the blue Windows sign, then in the repair mode. Windows is accurate and concise on my computer.

My system has crashed my system? Can that if someone has a hint. And the important question, how do I fix the mistake?