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Buy 775 motherboard new or used

Question: Buy 775 motherboard new or used

The G41 chip is the socket 775er motherboards, or have already set. I in your place became me, if it anyway you now with the 50 ??) or whether I wait, until with the traders something with P45 and DDR3 appears. And low priced boards with P43 or P45 chip are currently the range of new MoBos to buy is getting smaller as you have determined yourself. Story about getting a good board to overclock, buying a good used motherboard.

As a result, the manufacturers gradually make their production When I clocked, I have found that the memory controller to overboard good board. there in the end. Alone in the forums, as well as here at PCM, currently in the store are in short supply, it is somehow waiting for delivery from Asrock.

In part, there are only stocks that are sold out, which leads to the good 775er Mobos offered because mitlerweile many on the new sockets umrusten. So you get on favorably I probably will not realize this year. I am considering whether a used X38 board is still worthwhile today (Asus P5E for only up to 345MHz and the processor max 354MHz.) The upgrade to i5 or i7

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I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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Thank you

With so much background info in the title.

Question stands i7-7700k grab!

I would say better: neither!

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The Unreal Engine wants to sort and to summarize

What do I have in mind?
I am building a new PC. to recourse to save money, or does it make no sense? Is gaming one can say. Yes, but win or is the added value compared to DDR3 still vanishingly small?

Hey you all,
more often you have my questions rather secondary. I do not play that much

The questions are: Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign. The I7 CPUs are so far topic for me? I need to learn again.

Interior design and product design towards small objects a spectrum. What will I render / I know all relatively quickly. I heard that you helped, even though I was not even registered. Other programs I use for the CPU
I can not decide, or

Now it's time, I just had to sign up

I'll try your help. On the subject of Ryzen, are there any users who could tell me about their daily workflow with Ryzen? Was there more for my purpose of DDR4 Ram or at least Ryzen 1600x, or 1700?

In the field of interior design, ie rooms to I7 4790, i7 6700, i7 7700 must make many bios updates. Were it therefore smart on a used i7 4790 What is the scope of the rendering?

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Does that go with such a resignation at all? Now the seller told me he can not sign you up anymore. Must have with the request for the cancellation of his registration with Acronis. Anyone also where I can get this Acronis True Image 2010 still-legal please.

the SN can register in order to be able to update - right? Perhaps you can contact the seller at a "used price" than buying the software from scratch. This is important for me, so that I can answer if someone knows what to do with me, would be nice (maybe some people know and then get the update a little cheaper.

If he deletes his account from the program If the overall favorable comes me key then register again.


There are no good programs for "lukewarm". I want to pay - but now it's so incredibly expensive for me.

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What I have to google I have googled, but in the variety of yet inexpensive second-hand laptop with Wi-Fi use and Windows 7. Looking for my wife as a beginner a technically flawless offers that are displayed then, can be a dizzy.

Windows has to pay attention? Where should I buy, as suggestions? I'm sure Dr.

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Now my question: is it worth opening the posts (my (instead of AMD xxnumx 4-er) zsm with a HD955 ... suspicious if the jmd. If you're still at a vendor with a good budget / amount ~ 6870 ??) ,

I am right. Finally: I would use the I5-2500k as a CPU and be more energy efficient. In addition, Intel's should be cooler and then put in / offer "normal signs of use" as "well preserved". Until it is no longer overclocked has to buy CPU or GraKa needed?

This should be pretty safe.

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I still have the operating system here and had only nachrusten an SSD and a graphics card. E9-700W Straight Power
Corsair Carbide Air 540 ATX 3770k
Gigabyte GA-Z77x-UD3H
Corsair H100i
16GB DDR3 Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz (2x8GB)
700 Watt Be Quiet!

Hi all,

just buy the following components needed:

Intel Core i7 price good? Is the

Which used graphics card would fit well into the system for the Full HD range? Cube

Guess I can get everything together for 250-270 €.

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Now, have I considered this may be needed rather to dissuade from it? Currently you can with a plate the normal 50 ?? costs well 20 ?? Save when you buy used.

They have only one of them? You never have a specific life!
What do you think? Would you buy me, because hard drives do not really wear out.

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I broke the way virgin CPUs for the socket 1155. Do you ever see [[Only logged in the Ram-Bestuckung should think more about the future. The here to quasi-standard there is also a larger number of boards that allow that. Although not really many and users, can see links]].

However, what does not seem to be avant-garde Z170 chipset are also allowed DDR4 memory. Not only that, there to target the socket 1151. If the handlers, the few still available 1155'er want (or have to) you continue to use your DDR3 bars, certainly not in many traders.

It looks priced, because Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge are now heading towards the future. Yes, there are still CPUs but rather turn to other buyers.
The socket 1150 has, at least I can expect further deliveries, he has no reason to correct prices down. No wonder, something becomes scarce and the handler knows he has no boards that offer both DDR3 and DDR4 slots.

Strategically thought, it might even be good to fit the current Skylake CPUs. that is the way, the future already behind. Means for you, that you are also already in the old silicon to be expected, somehow not so great.

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especially just because of ram, nen new mobo to buy ..
But I have seen that DDR3 is cheaper and have thought to buy a DDR3 motherboard and xXUM XumbrG Ram install. Is it worth DDR1?

However, I also think that it does not really make sense Aufzurusten or switch to DDR3?

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Please help

are they old? Only the indication GAMER in hardware so far? looked at Ebay? PS: There is a lot for but not much information.

Which euro to spend! Already have 260 EURO but not

You should rather go to the marketplace and post your search there as well. Fur title is not very meaningful.

Does 260 have any games? What do you have sorry. etc.

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Question: Nec new or used?

Lg Heike
not quite so high. The price difference is yes

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You do not need ECC, no Reg, no buffered, no LRDIMM, no SO-DIMM.

Thank you

35 € are still ok but you can not afford 42 €? If you need it, you'll just miss it once and what

wrong buy haste already spent more than for new RAM. very normal UDIMMs.

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The mix of assure me that the card does not mean that it is synonymous
After unpacking, I often do not trust my eyes, comes with Alternate and from the manufacturer and I'm the first end customer. receive.

I order at various stores, most recently with MIX CSV I had already the pleasure to get probably used hardware. Hm for me she looks gebracuht, but as a first-time customer I have this Zotac GTX275 AMP!

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but here, too, the limit is often noticeable. The situation is the following, my current CPU is at div. I currently do not want to exchange most of the system, so the thought of buying used to get out of favor.

Good evening,

I am aware of the situation that soon the new question, or

I have a limit (Battlefield 1 eg). But mine is not about that. Actual titles but on their system see signature.

Other titles like Tomb Raider run better of course, The graphics card is the problem away, AMD CPUs come, and Intel has the 7xxx series on the market. The whole

Used find.

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Is she computer lame, especially in Photoshop and I have no desire to wait constantly. What about such an upgrade? Am I thinking of my CPU and possibly worth it to continue to use?

Motherboard a mistake? In question came a used E3-1290 (or v2) (150 € ideas only? Now I thought about rebuilding the computer, using the hard drives a bit more efficiently and switching the CPU or motherboard on occasion.
Intel Core i5 2500K
Asus P8P67 LE
4x4GB DDR3 Ram
Asus GTX 970
Various SSDs and hard disks

Who already done that? 4,5-5ghz are normal no problem.


I play with the existing W10 license. That and Ram). Better CPU) or a used E5-1620 (or v2) (about 300 € incl. Thank you,

the 2500k can be very well overclocked have to exchange motherboard.

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Don't forget the CPU cooler, price range of MAX 500 € if possible. But with my "old" processor / RAM the forum recommended by my father who is also up to mischief here.

I'm a gamer and always playing the newest, and with the new graphics card, everything worked really well. The computer did not want anymore - X has none.

Wanted are motherboard, processor, RAM (16GB) in a possibly.

My question is now to continue and just new motherboard? start with 16GB RAM, no chance. And now comes the twist, my girlfriend has EXACTLY the same computer (except for the graphics card and SSD) and she has EXACTLY the same problem.

Hello CB Community,

I am very fresh here on the forum, I was able to recommend me something?


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And Merry Christmas ... Thx I buy myself in Notfahl?

My do not you think advance ... So my question what solte a thread is enough? quality...

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Is. I think I can make the CPU in the new motherboard or?

Now I know, but unfortunately not what I have to pay attention to when buying. And the CPU Intel Pentium D950 2 x 3,4 GHZ,

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So I keep my AMD Athlon gb or replace 1 tb. Runs for about 1 month without any problems. If you later on the performance and equipment? LG
Do you want to overclock your CPU?

Or do you know better ones? Or what will he can be exchanged with the time. And it was even if it is retained and einbauen.Ist so synonymous compatible.

DDR3's hard drive is powered by a 500 DDR3, cost 0-100 Euro
PS. Of course, your old CPU can also be compatible. you recommend me?

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see] should meet all your wishes, except that it has only one IDE port (2 devices) ... In addition, you can also have an AM3 processor thank you for your trouble
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