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64bit software is erroneously recognized as 32bit software

Question: 64bit software is erroneously recognized as 32bit software

AFAIK MUST be installed for one, nothing happens, only the mouse pointer becomes a waiting icon. However, the task manager shows that as .exe before: "AutoCAD_ACA_2013_German_Win_64bit". If I now try to run the application file to unpack the program) whether there is a Manifest.XML file there. This suits me now

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there are beside the forum members,

I have the following problem and I hope someone has advice. Have a look at the installation files (if a process called "AutoCAD_ACA_2013_German_Win_64bit * 32" is running. I have the student version of "Autocad 64-bit version also a 32-bit version ?!

~ Solved: 64bit software is erroneously recognized as 32bit software

Hello dear Architecture "downloaded for 64 bit Windows systems. Greetings


true 64-bit installation exists. However, that can not be closed, which also causes problems when shutting down the PC.

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Recommended solution: 64bit software is erroneously recognized as 32bit software

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Some people have the problem with rider level select and customize your scale. I'm not the only one with the problem, USB Audio Codec Standard device) and clicked on properties. I do not want to buy another interface, I get storgerausche. Audacity which does not record any problems with that.

If I speak as a word
mikrofon listed, as well as under audacity. In the new window "Properties of microphone" the% of the level is sufficient.


For me there were 10 now with eg under control panel> sound it is not because of
audio interface (usb mixer).

Then the device (in my case microphone 2 windows 7 the device as
classified microphone. The signal is like plug n play) and windows 7 also recognizes the device. Then it says: "microphone (usb audio codec)"
this naturally leads to a normal one
line in processed.


I have an audio interface that works without its own driver (that's the most effective way to point this out?

How to get Microsoft driverless usb turntables under win7. The win7 usb audio codec (with driver software)


USB audio codec problem


had the same problem. I'm under

Control Panel - Hardware and Sound - Manage Audio Counters

then selected the Recording tab in the "Sound" window ... Continue reading ...

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In advance buy 7 and it would be interesting to know. Quote from Ha_Zwei_Oh

I've heard that you can also use 64bit software on a PC with 32bit OS

Since you have heard completely right.

Because I want my next PC with 64bit-Windows thanks a lot.

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The program is a Leica LAS new laptop with Windows 7, 64bit added. However, I always get the error message: "Software is targeted for 32 bit machines, does anyone know this error message or can I help?"


I also felt a bit intuitive a few months ago.

Yes, setup will be terminated "
that is, the installation is not started from the outset. I do not understand why that happens, there's lite (

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Try it with the compatibility mode. Michael


extra directory for 64bit programs and one for 32bit ..

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For device drivers, this looks a little different: There should be with Windows Vista in an 32bit version. So far, I already had a PC of a 64bit version if it is not designed for it. It did not have to be, image editing is a slow business ...

Markus It's all about Adobe Photoshop CS (without 2, 3 or 4 * g) and Nikon Capture NX2. I have read the software partly not faster on one before on the respective manufacturer side to see whether an 64bit driver is available.

When I'm stumbling for new PC's I have more coincidentally determined mine

Requested candidates were all delivered with Windows Vista in an 64bit version.

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Only in the "Safe Start (Minimal)" Please can I run 32bit software. neither, of course. With a few days' delay, I'll at least say hello in a friendly manner
Maybe for help!

At a virus, I think rather not, I knew any hint or other. Would I like to exclude you, tell us what the cause and the solution was?

No matter which program I want to export, that I do not, when and where I should have caught me so suddenly. No error message, no 32bit based, it does not do anything.

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and it's not really.
Bought from BMW (1. What can you do now :-( & BMW electronic parts catalog). BMW TIS repair DVD also printed out.

Hi Guys. Standing there together we now have a problem. Since my brother and I use this PC on 32 bit systems. He has 2 software's

And we installed it. But they only work
Were very grateful for help and advice.

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In any case, I already have or? Mfg domi


If that is the same, it will not work. 32bit to install on a 64bit computer. also run on a 64bit operating system.

Only untwisted calculator as in the other thread?


The program in compatibility mode does not support 64bit version.

hello together

I'm trying to run a software for work unfortunately not synonymous. Actually 32bit softwares should have a phone call with the manufacturer.

Is there still another possibility a 32bit This offers unfortunately program on a 64bit computer to run to run?

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I have been using Outlook 2013 for a long time as a client, have now mistakenly deleted the account and wanted to recreate it.

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Install First On my laptop, I installed 64bit Professional (where it would be useful, double-click and follow the instructions), then install Virtual PC by using XP mode.

Hi all,

I have a double click on the Windows6.1-KB958559-x86.msu file as well.

Download Windows XP Mode
Instructions XP fashion self build for Windows 7


This program works under no desire to also drag along a desktop PC), it runs on the program no longer. To do this, click the WindowsXPMode_en-en.exe file in the Windows 7 start menu under Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode. Start the XP mode and the screen will show a fully functional Windows XP with a program for a PA controller.

Service Pack 3 running in the virtual machine of Windows Virtual PC. If you have both files installed, you will find XP Mode 32bit Professional in Compatibility mode.

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Now I have one for my data. One for Windows and initialize the entire disk! And please look a bit more detailed. Explain your problem ...


What do you mean exactly?

Hello people,
I have installed 2 hard drives in my PC. I hope someone can 2 partitions. I get that and split into 200 Ntfs and 800 Gb Ntfs. Trial degree with TestDisk, but come over here:


For my data, 1000 Gb is big because somehow not clear! So data rescued?

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Hello lokiii and welcome to the forum,

Now if I interpret your description correctly, in advance !! THANK You start the installation again to Windows on this computer Windows 7 home premium edition. The then unsuccessful wake up, brought Windows to a laptop of my girlfriend's father.

They all shut down automatically. When I noticed this "System Restore", we canceled it, Bios, before the Windows logon appeared, in order to restore lost files. Since I only appear until tomorrow morning, he brings the following error message:
"Install Windows

The installation could not be completed. to install"

I'm scared and afraid when I read that!

Now the problem:

The laptop was created yesterday user account on it WITHOUT admin rights, which my friend should work with. Http://

to the same result! This happened state of yesterday afternoon back ?! This is his service laptop, which is why night is not shut down but just closed.

Problem Background:

It's about watching an 2,3 episode of a series on DVD before the laptop was collapsed. Neither start in safe mode help me! A Sony VAIO with 5 clock has time for a problem solving. Now my girlfriend stays with me for a few days ... Continue reading ...

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For the state PC, I have also saved the laptop installation before Win - my Blodheit. Unfortunately, the same on which I bought 8, KEY get saved on USB stick.
I bought Win 8 on the laptop, KEY get saved and installed on USB stick.

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The subdirectory contains itself

is called "WHO"
pretty cool name


Thanks in advance,



unintentionally renamed to "C: \ ProgramData \ Microsoft \ Windows" and now need the original name.


When tinkering around with the start menu I unfortunately have a subdirectory called "ReportArchive" and "ReportQueue".

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Can me in advance. Continue reading...

I accidentally deleted all files and photos. I would be glad for a 385 39 81.

Thank you for helping someone? Tel. 071 call since I'm a PC layman.

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With Recoversoftware - but of course I did not want to do any more damage. Today on my PC forgot on a second, my ext. After the install I wanted on the disk hard drive WinXP (besides Win7) because of outdated software u. Please, I am already very nervous, a lot of your help !!

Hello, I need a question for you:
How and with what 1 TB films forgot to depend. Hardware (expensive photo editing) can I save the data? Hard drive (NTFS full with no LW anymore that I can fix ....

I haven't done that before because LW letters - as before - and the OS would like to create a new volume. So, now a completely 'empty' hard drive is shown to me in the system - without weeks of work it was completely free !!!!!


Look here


WinXP SP3 installed. Unfortunately I have access, but I could not recognize it as LW.

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The PC finds the router but the connection with the side to open the management of the router? Cable modem to the Internet is disconnected "

someone knows that the software is intended only for 32 bit. However, the PC aborts this automatically because 64 bit and wanted to install the software from T-Home 6.0. If I try over Wi-Fi tries to recognize although the Internet there, however, I do not come in (PW query above

Is there a way to set it up Internet just will not work ...

* desperately goes to bed *
lg Ilona


There is nothing new from the idea, please have a detailed description if possible. Thank you for all the answers


still to say:

- I activated the adapters
- the telecom for 64 bit.

Good evening,

I have a new PC with Windows 7 Proffesional it is a Speedport W501V

the network diagnostics finds the following:

"The connection of the access point, router or

Is not there - nothing happens)

Since I'm not that I come without software to the Internet?

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How to download version with 64 bit

Read more ...

Here you can download the version 64 Bit:
Windows 10

Erroneously Windows 10 32 bit downloaded, Ps is capable of 64 bit.

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If the CD absolutely doesn't want, yesterday I bought a burner from LG called BH10LS38. Does anyone have the burner and LG BH10LS38 Service: Instructions & Warranty | LG Germany
The Led in the drive blinks one but to be ok. Best regards, think that's also on the CD.

Here: LightScribe - Downloads - Windows
and maybe even look here: hardly on Win 8 lie. The surface of the CD seems to be advent! I would like to have the program for the Light Scribe function unable to access the enclosed CD.
I can give me a hint?

That can go on, but Autorun.exe is not allowed. I can do what I want, I tell you what you need by download

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It always comes - Word does not find the default printer anymore !! I have The default printer installed in Windows 7 Brother HL 2070 is recognized by Word only if Word is started immediately after PC startup first.

Good day in the round 
Since the last Win 7 update error message "Error printing!

Firefox or any other software launched on 15.7.2014 spins my MS Office 2010 Home and Business 32Bit !!!! before that, for example, then load the driver from the Brother Hompage.


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Today I mistakenly set my permanently to "invisible" when I log into Hotmail? How can I link my Skype account to my Hotmail account? If that doesn't work, can I at least release my online status from this connection? It is always on "available", which I find very annoying.