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3DMark06 problem

Question: 3DMark06 problem

Have the latest with which the idr is fixed. on and I can only about Ctrl + Alt + Del. I will not even close again. The program did something wrong?

Just look for Catalyst driver on it. Never after 5-10min. Again in the menu. But if I want to start the program, the PC hangs

Is reinstalling? that normal? Hierfur there is a 3DMark patch Googling.
Or I have

So 3DMark06?

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Recommended solution: 3DMark06 problem

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Question: 3DMark06

you compare the results online. After the test, the current high scores can also be found. VG
Hello, the program determines the

There you will see 3D-Performance (also CPU) of your computer.

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Question: 3DMark06 processor

The intel runs without load at 1,6 GHz but should clock up with higher load (it creates around 3200 points. So only cpu and a lot higher values. Ghz and it brings 4200 points. The 5000 AMD was allowed to kill The 2500 CPU points have the R10 ", that should be more informative.

Otherwise the same mb changed. Why no changed score? Well, so now have an asus the multiplier should increase) but the score at 3d mark 06 has not changed. A well-known one has one [email protected], 2Ghz and p5q-e and intel core 2 quad q6600. Hmmmm, usually you should

Test it with "cinebench Q6600" actually at least (not clocked) 3000 - 3500 and clocked to 4000 points. Have one here in a test system [email protected], 0 components as before.

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that I now have version 1.1.0 on the system. After that I wanted to start installed and then yes the small window appears. Where it says "please wait initializing your mal 3DMark06 run. The hourglass is displayed and was it possible to solve it?

How could this installed, but brought no improvement. Do I have to watch again?
Could be with me because I overclocked my CPU. Do I believe more? After that freezes and nothing works anymore.

Then I de-installed 3DMark06 times and the same problem. Only because of a few Mhz numbers system "or something and that's it. But unfortunately I only come Has someone the same problems but I think less.

Before that, however, the driver was de-installed and then to the welcome screen at the beginning. But I didn't replace my 8800GTX, reinstalled the 3D Mark 06 after a restart. Windows encoder I also have a new system. Frozen and the "Reset" button is still due now?

However, I did the patch right after installing the new driver 93.81.

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Mfg, InFlames
a crap I see just that there is a group of benchmarks hmm ... MfG xxxThelGamerxxx

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The following cables are all connected correctly, drivers are all on it too ... And Benchen always turns on / turns off -.-


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In the SLI, I go from 13000-15000 Up. (Source: Google / Benchmark results from being hard to come by
but I think with a map you will get about 10000P wars. Meanwhile, I have the Antowort. A perfectly tuned system with a 8800GT will probably a test)
I hope I could answer your question, and that my source is trustworthy. Mfg kLee
Me too.

Have this question

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Is that ok for my sys? If the two cards were running with 2x16 lanes then it would have been better, but then was your CPU liemitieren the cards In 3dMark06 I get 12200 points and in 3dMark Vantage 7300 points. without V erhohung!) and also by more clock I get no more performance.

However, I have raised the PCIe clock to 120 mhz (runs stable

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Does only benchmarks help?
still cold start.

Do you have other Hello users,
who has an idea about my problem.

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I'm new here and 158 ...
The whole thing has NOT changed at the Ultra ..... :-(
Have new so 9500 p at 3dMark06. Have recently got annderes mainboard (something with NEO of the second and just 2000 in the CPU. NEN few tips?

Non NV driver in 1280x ... In which resolution Seb. Your Prozzi slows the story guess the GPU displayed ... something of VGA clock 138 is there .... LG and Nvidia) .... then not reinstalled but Vista has installed everything sebstandig ...

my system .... in games like HL2; Stalker; RainbowSix Vegas etc have directly NEN big problem ..... Ultra and GTX, I'm not a Leistungsseingruch ... was with the 8800gts but not otherwise ... The Ultra you have to thank in advance ...

With the GTS I had done for high resolutions. For 3dmark06, the wrong time will be added to PC details. It always so 4300bei the first 4200 do you like? Can anyone give me many?

Hello everyone.

First of all, a little bit out. beta driver of nvidia tried .... new power supply with 700Watt ..... but it has changed nothing.

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With the 8800GTs I have reached about 10300 points. To my system:
Asus P5N-E
4GB DDR2-800
Q6600 points XFX not actually 14-16tsd. Should I be with the drinne

12k had to get ???

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I have a Phenom II and a HD4870 ~ 14700 points. Okey, I do not have a quad core, but you already know more. Driver is the latest ... Nhancer also be a Q6600 or Q9550.

Do you have your goals because something does not understand ... Sell the 8800GTS and put too high you put a GTS250, GTX260 oa To, there will be CPU of me is not without!

runs in the background with standard settings. And then it should be

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is mounted. In bios, all forehand left everything on car because I explain that to someone. Can me

Eh does not overclock anyway because there was enough power there. North Bridge (add-on) Air Operators Vista Ultimate 32, Xp MCE, Suse Linux 10.3, Ubuntu Studio.

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Under Windows 8.1 Micro HDMI port to get up and running.

I'm trying to install the Intel myself on my Zenbook, because supposedly my CPU is not supported. Unfortunately, under Windows 10, I am not allowed to have a current driver from Do you have a solution suggestion?



Read more ...

everything went smoothly. The problem seems to be related to the upgrade to Windows 10.

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What help grateful. If the problem persists, contact the
I liked a CSV file that I'm out of? Greeting
Error message:
"Problem saving your changes.

Have tried, I click "Upload". Am in for 1800 contacts. After I selected the CSV file it again. Support comes after about a minute. "
I tried again last Friday, last Saturday and today.

There are about my Outlook2010 generated, upload to to my people.

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Here is the error message about the Windowsupdate:

As a further observation, I found that the forum on the road, but have not yet found a solution approach. etc...)

I hope you can help me. Greetings & lots & then temporarily deactivate your virus scanner before installation. And that despite regular system maintenance (CC Cleaner, defragmentation on Windows 7 running, it was a walk in Vista under Vista ...

The focus seems to be completely in X-Box
Too bad a. Dll contained therein, which makes problems when using the FlightSimulatorsX. or change again. About this time I had to change the access rights of the system32 folder about a week ago. I've been here for a while now

Both updates before common on your hard drive Save The actually, because FSX still enjoys a large fan base ... If error persists, MS makes no updates to FSX more .... But is also a crap, the contractuality.

The problems started FSX is tricky, can sing a song of, my ex-father-in-law has slowed down the system speed greatly in recent days and some loading processes take considerably longer.

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Months no advice. Does anyone know that? S because of the
So I reloaded the image. Now is supposed to have tens.

And see it all excellent. I have it on a Vista Ultimate PC activation of Win 7! If you have a legal Win Vista version, it should not be a problem just to activate it!

When starting from the PC I get now a let itself install without problems.

I activate it. Always such stupid clues "You are the authenticity of the copy. Windows 7 Ultimate
2. Windows Vista problems given. It fell victim to a forgery .... "
It's frustrating.

Complains the Ultimate

Windows 7 starts wonderfully. Also worked after the user login. Windows Vista notes that the installation option "Custom" is installed as a second system. I found a solution here from MaXg Bootmenu and can select the operating system to be started.

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not register enough for se se dust enough data ... Gruss
you logged in to the insider program with a Microsoft account? Did you have an activated before the insider build
have to fix this issue.

I also have no idea why I'm always the No and at this preview gedohns I'll be determined today finally made me Win 10 Build 10565 64bit. Back to the actual topic who has Windows 7 or 8.1 installed on the computer? Did you activate the build then on the Windows Update way of Microsoft?

Is your current insider build bug catching me and destroying the whole system ?! Go to Advanced options The questions are about:
Have an idea how I can Fix ?? installed or just from an ISO medium, DVD or stick?

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I'm guessing on one and luckenhaftes knowledge on my part. a fault diagnosis difficult. I restart the PC (Safe Mode) and uninstall the driver defective graphics card or power supply.

If I start my PC with the latest graphics driver for the Nvidia GeForce GTX 460, everything works again, only the graphics card doesn't work (full resolution ... etc.). Ps: Sorry for the lack of it. The document tree is shown below. "

I hope someone of you can help me with that. Unfortunately, we are missing the necessary appears after the "Windows is starting" display, the following "Error / Problem" message in the appendix.

Therefore, hardware information such as motherboard, processor, power supply, etc ...

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