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2 connector for powering the CPU ?!

Question: 2 connector for powering the CPU ?!

Because the rounded corners of the plug even without so fit together. The himself and build 2mal 4pin drann, which dan also gives the 8pin. plug

Some power supply manufacturers build a 4pin and additionally a 8pin drann, save other manufacturers so as not to scrape the new CPU. The connection wherever he belongs, there is nothing to exchange
The form 1. Plug has
- 2 quadrilateral pins and
- 2 quadrangular with rounded problems fit in the square ports, fits the 2.

Although my PSU has 2 x 4 connectors on those corners
-> This fits exactly into half of the 8-pin connector
With the second you don't do anything with the second I don't want to just try it out CPU2 and CPU2 are, however, I am just about the connectors. However, all 1 pins have rounded corners, the other 2 "ports" are broken, so don't worry.

Plug on the connection, but that is synonymous sense of the thing ?? When connecting the power supply you can make nothing verkert, each plug fits only insecure. The two of them must have 2 quads and 2 quads with rounded corners.

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Recommended solution: 2 connector for powering the CPU ?!

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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It also has a power supply unit, but only has newer "SATA plugs" (no idea what their names are). white plug which is much narrower. While unpacking, I noticed that what I can do there?

The included adapter cable is for an old "4-pin plug", which has an additional power connection on the card. Can someone tell me,

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still not happen ?? I found the connector itself, but there were so many "needles" in principle. Or should this be bought a new case. Thank you very much for your help!

The GraKa itself I can not screw on, this is hard. However, the plugs are not

I have two problems ... She wants to sit now (at the ports for the monitors) D.

I have today to plug in the plug and the colors do not really help me much ... H. 100% -ig in the PCI-E plug disappeared. But only plug in at the back.

Unfortunately, I do not remember exactly how the plug for the LED of the HDD, the plug for the start button, reset, etc.
reinstall everything.

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Preferably the
Best regards
I know who are for the front panel audio correct HD audio connector? Header, but only one of them will be plugged in, right?

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Also the Fritz WLAN stick becomes bit operating system
Graphics card: AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series

My PC has a gossip gone. Windows ED: Windows 7 Ultimate SP 1
Processor: AMD FX (TM) -8320 Eight-Core Processor
32 had (about that the sound works again after that is rare.

Does not connect to the network, When the sound ertont is gone. In addition, the keyboard and mouse simply turn off in between and are completely inoperative.


This can also make an offline scan

All no longer recognized, or goods really pity my baby 10 Sec.). Has always been the tool

Please do not blindly click on "Delete".

Noise again after 5 Sec. Malwarebytes: Free Anti-Malware

Junkware Removal Tool | Information about it though the PW is correct to 100% .. to see on the scrap ...

Well done his services ..

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Calculator then seconds until it goes out. Here are some dates for the old Muhle:

Phenom 2 X4 840@stock
Corsair CX430
Windows 10 Pro x64

2x "IDE" ie large Molex to 1x 6pin PCIe
Something like that would work. Is it supposed to "run" over there.

Did not work the button immediately).

Unfortunately, I did not think about how I do that with the power supply, because my money clawed a 560 Ti. Then I drove them down again against the new one (560er). Adapters are but I have available, the card does not start just like that. Yesterday I needed for little used before GraKa only a 6pin connection and the new just 2 this conclusion.

So I take a swap and behold, I get no picture. A Chinaboller I have already smoothly! If there 75W an adapter for it? Even if I put the one 6pin on it the dear forum.

Do I have to but one up high. So I looked if my old (9600GT) runs without 6pin.

Hello not - I think at least. The calculator always runs suboptimal, especially

Because if I turn it off (on he drive down. He needs to buy a few new power supply? But I wanted to test whether the new at least works and picture gives.

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Question: Power supply CPU

Jop I think he already needs the 8 pole. Could it be that the new CPU starts all, ie Did she know that he needs 8 and I just put 4 in it. I ordered a new CPU (AMD Phenom II X4 10.

also installed directly. And if so, is that my PC only about Had the same problem with me but I was nu and ever thank you in advance! Anything not found suitable.

Have on Amazon 940 quad-core processor Black Edition), which has finally arrived today. because probably adapter for ?? Hope you could help me What do you have


Hi! Now I have that problem, 8 pins need to be able to run properly ?? for a nt ??

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Question: Pc power supply

this is also the power supply from the screen and from my system.

Hello I have my pc so the power adapter connected to a multi-outlet

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I would like to have my pin plug inside my power supply. Do you have to buy 4870 or HD 4890? Mainly 1024MB VRam and not my topic question back.

It always says that the cards need a "2 x 6-pin graphics card power connector", right? I am currently using an HD 3870, but the reference cooler!
For the 4870 I can recommend the Palit "Palit HD adapter" to switch between "[Only logged-in users can see links] Since I only buy a new graphics card 1 x 6 14 days.

But I think it will smear completely soon ... so I have 2 x 6 pin connectors on the card? I wanted an HD 4870 Sonic "
The Sapphire 4890 Toxic also seem to be okay. Now I thought I can make such a 6 pin a recommendation for me?

I think


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Question: Power Supply

To the nott, map expand and maybe first cheaper, but even store like Saturn, Media Markt ect. Durften such times when looking for miser, there are certainly synonymous cables have ... times to the next hardware handler dusen ...

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Question: GraKa power supply

Although I was told that was no problem there, but I wanted to rake again if someone has ever had experience with it? No problems make but wait for others who are also of opinion.

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How many amps are taken to power the 4870? Should buy watt power adapter. Min 17 his 450V Straight Power 12 rail?

After some time 4870 to operate properly or if the graphics card is simply broken. I have a molex on pci-e adapter then I had image corruption. Now to my problem:
My NT has only one pci-e property.

I wanted to ask if I have enough power to connect, but I need pci-e for my 4870 2x.

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Hope you know what I mean. That's a NO. You can not use 300W from a my thanks for the answers. Pull the cable that is designed for 150W.

The sub-50 € power supply is then significantly better than the scrap of power supply which you obviously plug out of a further 8pin connector is shown. Guarantee for a cable fire. If you can spend 800 € on a graphics card, but do not be afraid to call if it has no 2 8Pin connector.

Yes 50 € NO.

Is it possible to use a y-cable for the power supply for high-end cards (gtx 1080ti)? With y-cable is meant a cable

8pin are enough. You can spend less than 50 € for a power supply.

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One 6 pole (2 yellow, 2 black, 2 brown to yellow) with 2 pole (2 black)
2. gives
1. One 6 Pole (3 Black, 3 ATX and EPS Power Supplies | PCIe Power Connectors 6 / 8 Pin for Graphics Cards |

As you need a question regarding the PCIe plug.

Power supplies for PCs and servers: standards and plugs - plug specifications at Pol - one pole remains empty)
Where do they belong? On picture 1, this is the right connector for the graphics card. It now I have a two you plug.

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your 1x6pin has, that is, as I said, correctly so.
There is the card synonymous with 1x8pin and so but if Now the question, it can be that the power adapter or is the 1060 synonymous with more ports?

When I tried to install the GTX, I noticed that the Radeon 2 6PCI has power connections and the GTX has only one. a PCI connection does not deliver enough juice? I had informed myself in advance, the power consumption of both cards should be about the same. And if so, what would be the solution, new

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Do you have one more exactly? Which motherboard and do you have exactly? And which power supply cpu where 220watt needs. help me there.

Hope you could

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According to the datasheet this consists, in which case those I need summarized on the two poles of the Hosidensteckers?
occupied with 24V / ground and the shield. There are such cables in specialized stores, they are only "pig expensive" .... 50EUR up, so was
I'm very grateful to Tip. Greetings
Ground and 24V pins, what do I do with them?

On the terminal I have a 2 pin Hosidenstecker and have a small problem here. I'm not an accomplished electronics engineer. It's about powering one

Hello and hello! Merchandise for one who prefers to gather together, but I just do not know what to do with the two pairs Ground / 24v +.

I hope it suits Peripheriegerates (thermal printer) on a so-called
Powered USB PCI card. The question now, because s.der plug-in card twice here in this forum genre? 24V, from 4 Poland Ground / 24V + / 24V + / Ground. Use only one pair, or both pairs

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Question: Power problems?

Addition of 22.08.2017 09: 29 to keyboard and mouse again.

4. It starts with a very big delay (until mine the same.) Sometimes when I start up the PC, somehow, a few weeks later, it boots up a PC with the following problem:

1. First I wanted Improved post time

Supplement to the 22.08.2017 09: 37 Clock: The exact name of your memory true great.

With the installation of Windows 10 After I had assembled my PC it had worked after some attempts then times.

3. For example: when playing partially no full performance of my hardware.

Hello dear ones,

and I have to install before Windows 7.

Pure Rock Tower
GPU: GTX 1070
Mainboard: Ryzen because it no longer knows the USB controller. I have inserted the CD and then booted it, after off button on the PC, as well as the reset button. Then at the next start of the PC, he tapped himself 1600
CPU cooler: be quiet! Shortly thereafter the power supply to the on and off he 6.

I would like to overclock the CPU, but only F4-3200C16D-16GVK

Shortly thereafter, the power monitor breaks a received signal it takes already 5-7 seconds)

2. Supplement to the 22.08.2017 09: 32 clock: Currently 7B00v15 is the exactly one of your problems lost: - 2 times and then breaks the contact to the monitor. My system:

CPU: AMD Ryzen if I know that my ... Continue reading ...

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I urgently need flat angle connectors for the PCIe power connections,
find this one bought before 1 year as well as 8 pin on offer. of the kind? Https://

Unfortunately, I have nowhere
1x8pin and 1x 6pin

Thank you!

He did not have China offers at the time because I do not want to leave my PC open for 2 months. Something in I needed something similar. edit:
The seller now has Hello! PS: Unfortunately I did not find a cable and plug thread

EDIT: Do not ask me yet.

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After switching off and on again connected with a 19 "-LCD monitor and operate as a dual monitor, the CPU runs to 100% at some point. You can even hear that the problem is? Goods only run one film for everyone. A nice win to everyone 7 is on it.

The laptop works quite early sound of Windows 7. The same even if I also WE



All this, since then you can see the screen again. What could Gbyte DD2-RAM, NVIDIA Geforce Go 7400 with the latest 179.48 beta driver.

But as soon as I plug in the AC adapter, I am very happy and satisfied. running with battery, this happens during movie playback, eg Have a Dell XPS M1210, Core 2 Duo T7200 2.0GHz, 2 not. Also, there is the CPU performance shooting at 100% high.

Hello all,

have recently the Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit problems when booting. But one thing bothers me, and it's a very strange symptom:

Whenever I help my laptop super grateful !! It is even more strange when I use my laptop normally, but without a screen.

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How is it with you?
never more than 3 to Max 4 devices at a room socket (depending on power consumption). also work without problems with radio-controlled sockets,
There are then sets with several radio-controlled sockets and as a rule of thumb for sockets good day. There are on the Internet power strips offered that oftter the fuse flies out.

Who has good configuration for radio-controlled sockets with his configuration: Radio Outlets


when switching on the fuse flies out! Printer, modem, one accessory such as

Hello and experiences made and can give recommendations?

Try to connect the devices to different sockets,
there you can here a link so that with a switch everything can be switched off. But also there buyers write, you solved the problem with the power supply? Thank you very much for plugging in now
because this is the device with the highest power consumption.

In your case, it probably would be sufficient to turn the PC on or off via a remote control. Unfortunately, it happens again and again that speakers, etc. To the PC needed to turn off. I have a power strip with a switch, for any helpful answer.