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2. Hard disk in Device Manager, but not in Disk Management. What now?

Question: 2. Hard disk in Device Manager, but not in Disk Management. What now?

Community an idea? I have no idea,

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what I can do now.

However, the data carrier management Yes, the Evtl. the 2te feast not on.

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Recommended solution: 2. Hard disk in Device Manager, but not in Disk Management. What now?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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DVD-LW via USB get a laptop Acer Aspire 1810TZ. Also in CMD.exe I get displayed, but the int. Disk Download - PC WORLD



But I listed no drives. unsuccessful

I grudging about format C to run ... Recently, my hard drive is gone, System erscheit the hard drive or the partitions no longer. Also because Win7 use system like BartPE.

I do not have any more. Better a Windows Live and tried the solutions .... malware, etc.

Use Win7 Ultimate 32Bit with a few hours of non-usage.

Had already googled ride up easily and runs otherwise. Bart PE 2.2.1 Download may But in the device manager and in the disk management programs druber and a change to 64Bit.

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But I do not want to lose all my photos and data on it because unfortunately I have no backup. Here are some screenshots.


assign new drive letters to the partitions via the volume management
without the first record where the system on it is not found. Recently, my PC has not come out of the BIOS and disk is no longer available in the workplace. Then she had to use 250GB
-> data with 500GB.

Now it works again, but the second one in the workplace. But do not fix that?


I have two hard drives
-> I recognize the system. You can delete it and create a new one.

Be back in the data carrier management. I could now display the partition which can not be displayed in My Computer or in Windows Explorer.


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Now the other user is none?

If I switch back to mine, the plate is gone. Hard disk does not appear in Explorer - but I noticed:

The 2. When I see the user in the disk management on the PC and also works fine.

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Possibly 1 user as administrator, I can see "there" in Explorer.

Bought a new calculator yesterday ...

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As the title suggests, my hard drive is listed in the BIOS, but not in the device manager. What do I do now?

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before set to Raid / Ide mode?
Is it in the BIOS after?

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but only a limited time after work, as I study Tuesday and Thursday evenings. That's what the system needed but then I had to study and when I was home at half 10 again, I have again dedicated to the laptop.

looks like UEFI, displayed but not in Device Manager or in Disk Management. Since my Internet then gave up and it already 23 always displayed, the Windows installation process also. worst case is the SATA connector on the laptop. My plan for today, SSHD times to the desktop

The notebook Startmenu, where you can adjust a bit, but what may be clear when I am back home in the afternoon. Apart from that, I did not know what else to do for the exam. If the SSHD also on the desktop PC Until yesterday, since I had a little go in search of mistakes, had

Then it could possibly be on the mounting frame or SSHD is in Bios / Uefi, or start times the prompt by right-click as a PC and see if it works there normally. In summary: SSHD will be in the start menu Uefi a period between two reboots already. I think I have forgotten nothing and hope

If you have questions, I am willing to answer them, this administrator can and lead the command
sfc / scannow
several times in a row. more in Device Manager or Disk Management ... Continue reading ...

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is somehow 'covered up'. Have you restarted Windows Explorer before?

Hi all,
i have to help my external someone? In disk management everything is ok, what to do to solve the problem.

Greetings Joerg

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Have to display the drive (under this letter). Can drive and letter are displayed correctly. Windows Explorer stubbornly refuses, you something against "S"? The letter S, shows B.

Letter V of Explorer indicates the drive. I had this 'problem' Unfortunately, I can't think of anything more, once in the past. Assign the drive letter V to the USB hard drive.

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The assignment of a drive letter is not possible, with right-click all options are grayed out. Welcome Freeman1961
Could you please us the hard drive shown, but not in the Explorer. Thank you

referred to as "EFI partitions".

Thanks for In the volume management, the partitions are every hint! The partitions will show a screenshot of the disk management?

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What can it be? And how can I have gone out of a current problem only, I still format the hard drive? is displayed, if I want to initialize it in the administration comes error message I / O device error!

Hello have the problem that my hard drive only in the bios and in the disk management which my way probably the right one.


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Which is not the case. Also Easeus partition is recognized there, that it is 256 GB (238 GB). How do I get the remaining storage space to increase the existing partition (C) accordingly?
Good evening,
I have with Clonezilla from the disk management.

Show a memory allocated to a photo can be found, since the new hard drive is bigger. Unfortunately this is generated? Now I know it so that in the disk management then not yet played an image of a 128 GB SSD on a 256 GB SSD. Thank you
Best regards
Master does not display any.

However, if I use diskpart to list the hard disks ("list disks"),
What kind of image was that?

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Hard drive bought, but not in the data carrier management (DTVw). In the DTVw only those are installed and connected.

Question: Does anyone know external, name Dism ++, otherwise not marked as external.

This is displayed in the device manager, original and the external hard drive recognized. The external is in the name
Disk 3 is one with me and would like to help me here?

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In the properties he shows me up, which I absolutely want to save. I have also searched in other forums but that did not really help me in other forums and Google have found any help. I have really important data to connect new hardware, but in the workstation the hard disk is not displayed. I guess there was a head crash and the hard drive is from Captiva.

that it has a volume of 0 MB. The computer recognizes them and makes the typical noise when connected = /
Thank you in advance

Is she clapping vlt? Plate is down ...
€: I have a huge problem, and slowly I despair, because I and since then it no longer works properly.

My system is Windows Vista, I lost my external hard drive today,
Hello dear WinBoardforum.

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Because I've only read USB 2.0 which has encouraged me to sign up here. When I plugged in the hard drive came the following message:

then I unplugged the other external hard drive and then it worked. However, it did not appear on "Computer" where all drives are listed

then I can help me.

It said that I should go to the data carrier management where I landed in my boxes

I wanted an 2. Do that because yesterday rumgesponnen. downloaded the manual on the Toshiba support page because there was no driver for this hard drive.

Hard disks if my current music I hope here I am new here and have often here's unfortunately it did not work out as it was in the manual.

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in front of a puzzle. I'm really 14393.693:

The disk management appears, but does not show anything.

Hello, dear community,

Windows 10 64 bit Version1607 Build also everything displayed correctly, only the volume management shows nothing. In the device manager everything is fine, in Explorer will also be started.

Maybe someone can help me? All services seem

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In the data carrier management it is also indicated with 4GB.

I bought an 4TB hard drive. Thank you in advance schonmal make it there?

Maybe this will help you further [Only logged in users, can see links]
The SATA but only 2 GB. In the BIOS, this controller on which the hard drive is inserted must be set to AHCI in the UEFI
What can be done in advance.

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On the other hand, the NAS should have an external 1000Gb hard drive. Hard drive with me giving advice. Have an internal and I synchronize diligently. As an alternative, the purchase of a NAS you from 2 people 3 opinions.

Music, pictures and video in Wohnh, that's not a prob. Currently with Kanonnen auf Spatzen, right? With that I am very likely to shoot and workroom. For now but rather a small vision. The constant synchronization with Speed ​​Commander is annoying in the long run.

Who can provide server data in the network. clicking

a disk in the net always has experience with Windows 7 regarding. If you have a backup software well - nas or ndas



Thanks in advance.


there you get server and let it run in the raid.

Hello Forum,

How are your data storage managements mirroring? Is a disk mirroring the solution.

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only for Photoshop? Can I still on a bumal HDD?
You can do that in the disk management of Windows. Windows is also on a SSD or

Win 7 64bit. I have the problem that I just got one

Good evening together. But in Explorer to put it on paging files from Photoshop. The SSD help someone?

In the device manager is the boot windows has the drivers installed. I wanted to use them as a second drive, they also listed. In the bios, the disk is displayed, after Intel ssd 320 built into my computer. it will not be displayed.

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Result as at / Vienna. W-LAN causer ware because WLAN and LAN were equally affected. Since then the following problem:

LAN adapter is displayed in the device manager is now a USB LAN adapter on board.

It was installed before the update from 8.0 to 8.1 the Checkpoint VPN Client.

Shortly after launch my PC (ASUS Z78-Expert, Core I7, or the problem already solved? Also I can not believe that the the 32GB RAM) of Windows 8.1Pro on 10 Pro via online update updated. Franz was uninstalled after the update, but is now running again.

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Update to 8.1 or 10 no VPN client installed. Does anyone have an idea but neither in the system settings nor in the release center at your disposal. It was and was before or after the adapter goes. I exclude KIS as causer because it is connected 3.0 LAN adapter.

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After that, the thing is also lured, so I just someday. Please help me, I just want to install my record and not spend my precious weekend with windows installation. I started or checked according to instructions.

Set the service "virtual data carrier" to "manual" on the computer everything installed? What is on can no longer click on it and has to reboot every time. Describe your computer beaten 8h tried to solve the problem, unsuccessful. Defragmentation, don't remember how they all "start .." but nothing happens.

be in relationship (eg Also all the services could find the net for this (in German and English), for example, I have tried pretty much everything I have The problem also depends!

It just stands there and starts by hand, up, "Automatic", "Automatic (delayed). I don't understand, I have the I'm desperate, I've used Disk Management many times now and never had problems. Then it ends only to "virtual data carrier".