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How often can a Windows 7 license be used?

Question: How often can a Windows 7 license be used?

You need to use three computers for each
is there something similar in the operating system? In some Office packages, the license on PC may be a single license.

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I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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I'm just going to be my first Windows Store for free, or should cost 0,99 € or should contain advertising. Continue reading...

also made with regard to other libraries used? Does anyone have experienced Microsoft, which I would like to use in the app. Now I'm not sure if the program will work if I install functions from the Lumia SDK?

A few days ago I am developing the app Lumia SDK for the Windows Store. What about the licenses

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Do you have the legal right? Now I would like to install the original Vista to have a look there

Is there such ISOs also I have a Medion PC for your help.

Thanks a preinstalled Vista license. Addendum: If you have a Vista CD that burn it eg me myself then. On my Medion PC was also a CD with the logo use the existing Netbook Windows 7 license.

Is this technet or something to load the Windows 7 isos. I bought the license with the PC, I know how to use it, for which the key is intended. I had to get the recovery CD, so I had to be entitled to a "clean" Vista license.

So if you have Vista Professional on it, by Medion, but it includes a full OEM version of (for me) XP. At Windows 7 the possibility existed officially of all this software crap which is installed to get rid of. So I could install my netbook and you install the key only professional again. viewed CD once viewed.

However you may only the version legally OK? Is something of Vista in MS to download?

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Is that bad ? At least you should not let him be much hotter.
is it critical?

Or from when

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From when should xfx, and is very seete very cool and quiet! That's probably not. But healthy is I being besoged? Or you try even NEN air in your home just warm, you did nothing, and I had them a little over a year.

Mun I also have a radeon 4890, but of that ok? The cooler is already tight at 100 ° c hot. So, when I still had my old radeon 4850, did she also build 100, which supplies the graka with fresh air ?!

Can you even think about it? The other one is great, my graka is busy at 98% and at about 95 ° c. If there is a temp on one screen and overheat protection on the other? Cool, but be careful, the warranty had to be gone! This is already loud at crysis 90 ° c.

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Thought you should even have CPU only one Lufter and my graphics card has two. Temp of 95 ° C, because it is only at 85 + ° C make. My graphics card will turn off then the thing.

Since my CPU is yes Kuhler than my graphics card of the official information for the 750Ti are a max. play around the 69 ° warm? already harmful?

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In the start menu and for the Explorer, I've already done a right-click ausfuhrt include the Firefox in there has and disabled, but do not know how it is with other programs.
if you eg "last used" in the systray)
Is there a way to disable this stuff?

The same applies to other programs (there is the items "Often" (with some websites) and "Tasks".

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I've googled for a very long time now but haven't found out about any clue! Only Windows Explorer shows Windows 10, 8.1, 7 and XP. The Explorer is not part of the Office package, which is why Windows Explorer 10 also shows Word 2007 "Last used". In all Windows and in all Windows versions, so that you always have the same user interface.

I'm fine on my PC, like never before.
In all Office programs I see the "last used" files. I use Windows Explorer so it always looks a little different with Explorer. Nina

On Windows, no matter which Windows I'm in.

Windows Explorer is always different, that's why I use a Commander and which setting I can change from "often" to "last". This is why the windows in Word always look the same and are always designed a little differently with each new Windows version. I looked at it on Win7 and 8.1, Office 2007 is installed. Thanks for and in the system tray I activated the jump lists for the attached programs.

Hi all,
I have a Windows 8 computer at work that I "use frequently".

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Installed, but since I change the hard drive I can re-enable Windows 7 on the new system? The old disks are all formatted and to install a SSD !!!!!!!

Especially since you the old (SSD), of course, Windows completely reinstalled. No, you do not have to disable anything, Windows 7 Prof. Hello Ilpepe82

welcome a clean-up / formatting does it too. Buy.

Hard disk)

At the moment, ask the key you enter and you're done. Do I have to disable the old system anything, so give an information, thank you in advance. Please note the forum notes (System Builder Edition) that you can find on the internet at Amazon, Alternate ect. A second license you do best on a SBE

Hope you could keep me there plate as a data disk. are only more than data storage in use. When reinstalling WIN 7 will be after here in the forum.

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Serial number on the same computer a second time, for example, to install under Windows 7? It is rare but it happens that the installation asks if it will be installed for all users. If I have installed a purchase program on Vista, I may then with the same Thank you.

you would like to install it for all users or for the user you are currently using. huhu

So I understand now that you have multiple users and all should be able to use Kaspersky and TunUp? I mean, at Kaspersky and TuneUp

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Greetings and what can I do to ensure that "frequently used" is back? Continue reading...

appears in the system tray) the option "Frequently used" is gone, the pinned folders appear.

Hi all,
in the Windows Explorer jump list (the right-click on the icon Thanks in advance!

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Greetings Sonja
Or does it make sense then to buy the multiple license?
I was wondering, I just failed my newly acquired license one day because the hard drive was broken .... I was pleased to receive an answer! Although my PC works smoothly - but I can already use a notebook from for an office package, if my PC breaks shortly thereafter !?

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Yes will work

Earlier in free time on Win10 upgraded.

Hey guys, following thing:
I had Win7, but I have

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Thank you for your answer in advance


Read more ...

others, but plan to do so in the long term ... Which hardware is used to determine whether it is the same PC, i.e. which components CAN I change without losing the "same PC" property? At the moment I didn't like hardware

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According to intel is best with Prime95 and Core Temp, right? they be optimal? If it is the own cooler of xfx it should be around the maximum 72 ° c

Everything is too much ... I do testing then brought the fastest NEN new cooler ... What a lot That's why I'm

How warm should be at most 80-90 °
the cpu with boxed became with me 85 ° C (!!!) warm ... @Stock.

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Can I sell the DVD, very Dell has tailored the Vista DVD to use on a Dell laptop. Since I assume that the DVD on almost no other Win7 be substituted. Installed on device as yours is usable, I was on the sale.
Whether the buyer can do something with it depends on how
I would like to switch from Vista to Win7.

Thank you for a binding advice
Well, yes, can too. after uninstalling Vista? Can the OS be installed on another PC? That's supposed to be done by a Dell laptop (sorry: folding calculator)

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Many Can you please tell me what it could have been? Continue reading...


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Best regards


Hope that you can then continue to work in a form of emergency operation. Therefore, I would rather simply disable the synchronization temporarily in the How can Sychronistaionspartnerschaft set up, so far is that all.


So I have one in a network that I currently do not get the files in the RAS VPN.

For individual directories but is a wrong Konfiguartion, so you do something?

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This is an electronic license. Windows you can with you
I'll get a new computer in the next few days. Https://

Download the Media Cration Tool here.

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Thereby a status-led is a little bit tired, so that it suddenly happens. put it back in my smartphone and formatted it over the settings. And I could only restore the 64GB by having the card on the reader helpful.

Then contacts could be oxidized

In some slots with spring mechanism you get the card is not lying, because I use the original supplied ... But how do I get it my phone with a USB cable s.den PC Close ... The SD card is recognized only in Windows, if I Or you do not have to go in on the map without any aids, but that's more likely with cell phones.

be there helps a few times in / out. On my SD card adapter can it also use the card on Windows?

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I had to add manuel:

So why this Windows error message? The HDD was not listed first - prepared for it (GPT partition)

Welcome !

You have a UEFI bios and the drive is Hello, Thanks !! Boats with the boat option #2 UEFI ......