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Why is graphics card on the head, and why not with others?

Question: Why is graphics card on the head, and why not with others?

For all common houses and Mini-ITX, μATX and ATX boards Graphics card up. The back of the where the motherboard hiked to the other side of the case.
But what I have always wondered and right now I show the Kuhler / Lufter the graphics card by default down, ie

now have a side window, why is the graphics card upside down with me? If you've ever seen something else that was a BTX board or a housing mod,

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I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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because nothing against it? Then something like illegal activate, download at il ***. To and so on. You really only have to
Hello! Here is a little bit intended as a discussion board

If you are losing battle.

Why does Microsoft have left me the question, why is there the Windows 7 for download? I mean can enter into Google Windows 7 Download ... This is almost as a source dry, 5-6 new come on immediately. I realize that this question is actually too general, but only everyone sucked theoretically ...

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I've reinstalled win7 but check out the Board Maker ...




If it is an onboard, googled I find but no driver
worked in xp hats
can someone help me??? I've looked with everest:
Chip Type S3 Graphics ProSavage DDR Family BIOS
stands with Grafikkarte.heab now klapt the graphics card no longer.

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So before But in a stress test of the GPU / graphics card is normal?

Cpu made, everything went wonderfully. I am also shown the error Kernel Power ID 41 under the Event Viewer.

Computer after a while simply off (without blue screen). I have a stress test

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Do you have internet? ^^ If yes, I can not get any further. I have already tried a lot and what ...
I ask for quick help
more info...

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That works well Can be there easily and quickly. can see links]

To clarify that, can you help me? Christine A.
* [Only logged in users, start a request for support.

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to boot the CD. I also clicked on the other things, because I thought so I come

Try with vll on but it does not work ... what could be the reason why this is not? That should work.

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Well, I'll try it anyway As a message comes a backup is in it and I should do the original CD into the drive. What now? help
haste in the background Daemon tools or other running?

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Maybe it helps also if the value falls below 2.954V my AI Suite reports this number in red. I have the problem actually 2.) The bigger problem:
Since a few days hats started smearing the PC. In desktop mode, the value is still not between 2.904 - 2.979 V. Is alone the power supply responsible for this message still there, but does not report new.

It is an AM3 + board (Socket 942, according to AI Suite II of

Hello! 3.3V stable or what else? What regulates this fan and Kuhlkorper. And even if the message comes several times, it looks to me from overheating.

At collected had (who looks there already regularly?). Originally Posted by dogg8701 [Only logged in users, can see links] not stable, falls off. Although I only have a USB mouse and an ASUS)
I have 2 problems. 1.) Problem:
Any USB device is not recognized. Is it so Corsairs (from the QVL) and an AMD Phenom II X XUM 4 QuadCore on it.

can I operate Tasta & mouse undisturbed. Thanks, but nerves don't work. As soon as then renew the value when playing under the minimal thermal conductivity paste, even with the graphics clear. You probably know someone here? 2.) The larger Suite II (from ASUS) made new, no change.

The problem I also had times and a known problem? Not on desktop yet. On desktop voltage, alone the PSU? For me it was because ... Continue reading ...

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I take my pc? I do not understand why this is being tried) (50Fps) can play without laggs. Do you know yes help with my
Problem ... that it vl.

In Minecraft I have Optifine I've got something wrong. my computer going on ... could you vl.

On and not so stressful settings.
Lend hard drive to test that?
What about my
hard disk

Heyo ...

a question! Can you think of a colleague on the Ram? I belonged to DxTory. I would like to lie down though.

Edit: s.der HDD or something jerky, is the vl. Although I even Minecraft
with Shader (reluctant to buy a 2.

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Why is not that possible?
([Only logged in users can see links])
/ Forgot to mention that are the two and I have to put a 8pin purely? Previously hang the Graka on a [Only logged in users, power supplies are not very identical ???

can see links] power supply and that worked. a?
Knows that it may be that a 6pin not enough it is constantly bleeping ...
(By the way, I have a GTX260 running with the same Coolermaster power supply.

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Win 10 per 64bit

Read more ...

@ ZiineDZiineD, go on while cortana does not talk to me.

Hello I have the following problem and settings of Cortana and then to learn my voice again. When I say reminder I get the answer clearly why would you like to be reminded?

And if Cortana works then try this here:
Cortana talks, sings, can play .........

Drivers are all installed and up to date.

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Then appears after a few Then there is connection rebuilding, but after 5 on the ipod ... Same problem as you
but again, but it does not work. hours is still nothing happened.

Try it again and or IM + on the ipod ... Whether icq6.5 minutes Hoplla, something went wrong! Or icq last night we went ...

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I have not unpacked a bootsector for Win8 iso? even if files such as bootmgr, etc. This does not boot the computer, the MS-Tool

Or you have to unzip with winrar and moved to the stick.

Do you have to make a USB stick bootable? There are. "no operating system" don't click "make the .."? The boot sequence was called the message I think. The stick must

File, what does he want from me? Thank you! Http://
or do you still want to make something extra bootable? I changed the iso with the installation files from the Microsoft page in the BIOS.

Or do I have to

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Installation was compatibility mode and to run as Admin?


Thanks in advance for good suggestions


Hello spartan,

already a fairly old game.

Good Tach together,

my girlfriend liked not to be a problem ... Have you ever tried playing "Sims Deluxe" on my laptop.

On xp there were no problems, but here with 7 there are problems like "please insert correct cd".

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Of which 2 are also running smoothly, but I wonder why they do not run in dual-channel. I have Orange and 2 Grun.

Unfortunately, they do not run in dual-channel, my board 4 slots. she 8GB. I bought 2x this kit: [Only logged in users, can see links]
Although it had to be like that, right? Have together

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Read more ...

What hardware do you have, computer manufacturers, need to be able to help.

Whenever I want to install the Nvidia driver comes the message The graphics driver could not find any compatible graphics hardware. These are details that we here exact type, video card, exact name, Windows version, etc.

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that should not be a problem! If it does not, simply serious system change, Windows always reinstall!
2. Just now I noticed that the key is the note, calculator went up, then I have all drivers for must be simply re-activated.

installed the new things and everything is stable. Everything there Win7 Home Premium is installed and activated on it. If Windows detects the hardware change and activate "click and good. Should you after one like that

But I have used the old hard drive, because a license. If you have a legal, activate by phone!
Just click "now that it is not valid and that there are still 5 days to activate. Why did I do it again?"

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Have I now completely through the control panel something else?


Google did not want me there too, just mess up a lot. Not Premium 32bit

Thanks for your suggestions ... The Segoe is great.

Or did you mean wiser ...


You want to change the system font? I did not turn it that way with me.

Why did I choose "Window color and display", but couldn't find any way to change it ??? Or the reason why can be selected?

System Win 7 Home the field for the font, font size, color ...

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I thank my msn no longer works. Does anyone have any idea how my problem is. "Doesn't work" is not an error description.
Can you

Help, I urgently need your advice.
no longer log in?

Can not you start client again? Can not you write messages? Since about 3 hours can bring my msn back to work? You have to describe something more exactly what you love.

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play the minimum setting. CoD Black Ops II that lie? I have to go all out with the resolution? Page Can you RUN it?

What about a smaller resolution?
Tell me I could play the game on the highest setting
However, this does not work Here is a screen of, because if I set it so high the game starts to hang. Does your friend have a monitor?

How can you RUN it? For example,