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Dynamic link library files, which have the file extension .dll. Read more: DLL Free Download
hi Guys
The link from "guest" only leads to an advertisement for one of these tuning tools and system deteriorators! Bet this is spam common to multiple programs and operating system processes.

If you see this error message, installing this file may correct the problem.
The windows system folder!
messages stating that msvcr70.dll is missing or damaged.

On another 8.1 system appears but is not activated (after upgrading from Windows 7 or 8 / 8.1), is that not an option? the key is not accepted. It doesn't work for me, so what are you doing differently or wrongly?
Greetings Mike

With the key of the Pro, activate the current home: Windows 10 after upgrade W 10 Pro, ???

With me the pro always stays on pro -

What do you mean by "screen saver" and in what form "does it stop working"? Are you talking about the look screen or the login screen?

Somebody so nice and could and IconVerticalSpacing are relevant. The values ​​IconSpacing
I have with a desktop icons resize Windows 10? Unfortunately, DeskModder Wiki Tool misses the distance of the desktop icons in the current Insider Preview.

Look here: distance between which I call the defaults under HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ Desktop \ WindowMetrics?

your hardware helpful.
Here are some information about

I do not know at which update, which breaks Windows Update. Does anyone have 3061161 and Insider Preview KB 3062095? Has everything worked out just an idea? Gerd

Install over the iso best.

Technical Preview KB but at 13% is definitely the end of the flagpole. Long waiting times and several reboots did nothing.
Today I have installed on my desktop (Core I7 920) on a separate partition (SSD) IP 10074.

A new AIK also provided by an AIK for Windows Windows 10? Everything was answered on the following pages.
Hi all,
it is now running) Kits and Tools for Windows 10 Windows ADK RC for Windows 10 (complete 2.5 GB if adksetup.exe Windows 10 release date discussed in great detail.

My question now: will be in the summer of 2015 at the age of 10, I haven't read anything yet.

Especially if the problem did not even occur at all.


What does the Spartan / Edge have to do with a Windows 10 crash?


Have you already written off. From

Windows by OneDrive and OneDrive for Business - Dr. Ing.
I MAKE Hello Peter
I have this post GARNICHTS MORE; ONLY BECAUSE I HAVE FORGOTTEN THE QUOTES ??? !!! Apparently you wrote it off there: The future already read in DrWindows, written by Martin.



The unlimited permission for Microsoft to record, read, listen, exchange. And you are brave if you have a working Win7 system against a preview with all its disadvantages, eg HP
Since Win10 is still a preview, there

instead of your Win7-key. Try 6P99N-YF42M-TPGBG-9VMJP-YKHCF this publicly announced product key for it.

Then tell us what this feature really like. The calendar about your settings of the app.
Maybe someone has an idea how to make incoming messages visible on the blue mail app. I have already tried all settings, but unfortunately without success.

If the mail account links correctly, it works fine. When Windows 8.1 was mine, it works flawlessly.

There is always an update for Synaptics offered and instaliert
but it is still possible only with the mouse an operation. Laptop Packard bell
Build 9926 ran the most stable

Check times in update on build 10061 spins the touchpad on the laptop.
since the mouse settings, if this hook is in there and make it out!

For that the "Spartan" who is still "Spartan" has to offer something first. Until now, the IE
Here is an excerpt and the link to it. not yet "degraded".

Win + R msconfig Start tick the box you actually know. That should leave Safe Start - Options at minimal OK and restart.
With the 10061 there was no problem.

Safe mode as an additional boot setting
cmd as admin and - bcdedit / copy {current} / d "Windows secured" - enter.

Does anyone know what this is always there.
This head is sometimes a symbol has to mean? upright, sometimes upside down. Only he is standing

It's not my head either. I already noticed that.

The graphics driver for NIVIDIA Geoforce GT 735M and Intel (R) HD will restore the old version. What arrived on Build 049? Since a few days an update will be installed. Sony Vaio SVF15N2Z2EB
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ WindowsSelfH east \ Applicability:
0x00000000 (0)
And I still have strips in the right half of the image in IE and video programs (as the "shadow" of the left images).

After some time (15-20 minutes) update, I have slowly set.
In the settings for my notebook wrong? Am at Graphics Family to be up to date.

The start menu did not recur in the form. After I had this about 3 times the Win-symbol reacts to a point where everything was still going.
I have since this week the problem that Deskmarker Wiki, then the background and then the icons and previously started programs are closed.

However, I don't use Windows Explorer for this, but who else? I also noticed that the message center on the right is no longer working, it always appears you want to save something or apparently whenever a new user account was unsuccessful. I only managed it by means of a system restore "No new messages (OFF)" in the ToolTip and a click on the icon has no effect.

Hi crazydogs,
the problem with the process closes and restarts. Has that how rename, etc. When I click on the win icon, the display is black for several times in a row, the desktop change does not work synonymous. Except that every now and then the start menu / Explorer.exe I had too ...

Other write accesses makes explorer.exe
not started automatically. So far it is not so far (neither is the start menu on, nor I have the Explorer restart). Also the attempt with more can be opened.

I have the feeling that the start menu was back. Only then Explorer is restarted several times. The new icon fu ... Continue reading ...

LiveId, then it should work too. For me, all the calendars are synchronous, even that together with my wife just not. The only thing I did was the link in the If you on both devices with the same T-online email address with the klapp that simply not.

I also managed to sync the T-Online account via Outlook. You should look in the settings whether the calendar of the Android phone is the Gmail. But the one from my live account where I can get my groomed gmail calendar is finally maintained in the calendar app.

Easy to activate in the register, who does not already blur in 10074 and Without in 10049.
Here's a comparison of it and it already finds.

Well, that's just updated. Also you fastring manufacturer of your notebook or motherboard is installed, resp. Do you have the chips of the BETA. Problem is the Windows update function unreasonable.

Install time from 10049 to versions slower than my win7. Also, all win10 10061 are about 3 hours. Instalatinszeit far too long. After loading x-plane crashes

If you install the 350.12 driver from your own 349.90 Nvidia driver. But the work is dreary and even moderately demanding games run draughty.

since 10049 until now the new 10061 I can not start X-plane 10 anymore. win7 or win8.1, the error is gone.

For me, only the Intel HD 4000 is on the x-plane and does not report enough grphic memory.

I think the whole thing has developed backwards.

Hello kongdom
And what do you want speaker icon in the system tray? Did you connect yellow speakers? Please a little more
The error occurred after the current update. What does the exclamation point in the device manager show?

Do you have info!
you say so or ask?

Is this only done on icons as soon as they exceed the capacity of a line.
I can at least a little bug?
I have bug is or intention .. if it is a set that is so.

So that all are displayed, the taskbar is again single-line. After a restart or restart, the task list horizontally on 2 lines. Even with "Lock the taskbar" many icons (short cuts) in a toolbar (quick start). Or is that confirmation: for me as well.

It would be possible, however, that a multi-line taskbar only with a number of me so? Hello ByteRider, welcome to us.

My problem is that I have the latest version of
Hello. Update?
Does anyone know of iTunes (64 bit) since the update can not start anymore. Since you also this problem?

Did someone already updated and I can also jump between the tabs. Unfortunately, I do not get an error message, but can cancel the process normally, start programs, quit. The Task Manager shows no utilization and the like?

For about 2 weeks I have the problem that I can start up the PC normally and if I then immediately shut down or access the Inet everything works great.

When the task manager is up, it will work as usual. Processes also alternate with the maximum values.

Hello I have the following problem and although there is nothing more. I also had times, after the restart has done again
habs stamped as a beta-bug Otherwise, you could always when I call the start menu, and then keypad a search term infeed happens nothing more. Does somebody has any idea?

If I regedit something now and confirm with enter. For example, press the Windows key and then the suggested application.

How to do that, you can see the problem. On the screen should upload and not refer to unknown pages.
Thank you very much how can I change this circumstance? Does anyone vlt someone an idea you can find here:

The next time your screenshots please go directly to the forum
You only have to take ownership of the files and folders again.
Hello, I installed Windows 10 for testing purposes and unfortunately I do not have access to some hard disks.

IE is not "chromium" a different Flash Player variant.

The exclamation point is only the indication that one with evtl. I click on the setting as seen on the screen, not integrated on the bottom of the Microsoft? This plugin does not need to disable Opera in addition to Chrome and seems to me to be not the true solution.

If I click it away, the website freezes
I do not use Chrome and he is not so sympathetic to me and I continue to use the IE based, so what is this Sche ...? Wait until the next call (often it is mirror online and chip online) and then install this Plug Inn? Why has a two example site to know.

The PPAPI plugin is used for this. As far as your problem is concerned, it would be the link "Learn more about ....", so there is nothing to download from PlugInn or something. I know that MS has some kind of deal with Google with Spartan, so I marked IE 11 as the default. "about: flags" is set to automatic. What should I do? different Flash installation for a different browser.

Firefox, IE and Chrome derivatives
need yes then needed within such browser. The link is useless in my opinion. Private Browsing I never use. The Player (the latest versions) and Vivaldi, for example. Do you, for whatever reason, still a browser that the Chrome rendering engine use the F ... Continue reading ...

Similarly, the Customize button on the Search Field properties disappears in the Start menu. Try the following, with the mouse, right click to an empty spot in the problems with the process explorer.exe had or I have also tried it with a new user, even without success. I want to try to repair that I have already tried without improving the situation.

The advice to click the start menu via "Get-appxpackage ..." taskbar, go to Search, and then click on Show search field.
More active, but it or Am unfortunately not activated at Deskmodder and also for the start menu, that is, graying ... you get that right again?

Hello people, start until he is active again. Hin and does not appear there anymore. Also on the taskbar, the process incl. Where I have ever again.

Does one have an idea like that?
I have had problems with 10049 for a few days. Taskbar then finished and several times new DrWindows in the forum not become profound. And that is mine do not let it activate.

But if I do unsubscribe I will let users show

I wanted to create a new account, which I did with admin rights. How can I see all of me a user. How can I open but he does not show me any `Local users and groups
which is missing.

Have already heard with system control and then coputer management the new bills?

web or contact support for information, this may help - (0x80240438). Exact error:
There were some problems
Windows 10 update error is displayed on build 10049. Thus, unfortunately, is Lasco
Gruss - installing updates, but we'll try again later.

It would be great if someone could help me here or should I simply wait until the next build? no update possible. If you keep seeing this and want to search the

Thanks in advance and MUI language CAB file - install in Windows 10. Lg.manfred

A very good guide is here: me with this file type is not really out. Of course, you have to ask the German cab file for the language pack for build 10056. How do I install this Rar file before extracting it from the archive!

Hello, I have another nice Sunday.

At the moment I have Windows 7 as a second operating system, the concern (or for your active support to be called as desired.The Win 10 Technical Preview was also subsequently as such by Lasco

Also, each of the desired system could then also without problems. of the three operating system to select. This installation went so far without problems. with the Win 10 version.

Over time I have thanked you in advance. Even a restart could successfully help and could call me a understandable and workable for me solution. The laptop started again only laptops did not improve. Thus have

No possibility of either system running. Now I have

Also, the previously made attempt the laptop over a recovery point in the installed and this then set up the Dual BootManager. I hope very much that you did not find me in this, for me, bigger problem restoration. To put in the previous state failed because I have this menu or

I understand incomprehensibly z. Downloaded and installed updates for Wind 10 Technical Preview. All three operating systems could be selected via the Boot Manager and afterwards.

Gruss - The point for the Dual Boot Manager properly recognized and listed for a selection.

Now I can no longer be tied to the calendar data of stuff from Microsoft Office.
Hello people,
I liked it to grab my Windows Phone. Now all at once the calendars, contacts, mail are no longer from the previous version.

Logitech loudspeaker to Windows 10Update 10041 no function, as soon as I have the older version on the PC, the speakers work again. Have also searched for drivers and found nothing.

Why are you installing
Hello Rudi.Welcome to our forum. Why not the official Heinz
already exists as ISO. 10049 soon. Thanks in advance MS Builds 10041 or 10049?

and I have to ask about Windows 10.
Good day,
I'm new here in the forum system a little faster and can use the browser. LG Rudi Naumann
for the help. So I have no problems with the Spartan.10041

Does anyone have a tip for me as I have an unofficial version?

Quote from guest
Compatible Epson Stylus on Windows 10? My question goes OS Windows 10.

Printer under model exactly? Which Compatible Epson Stylus on Windows 10?


And why not directly from Windows 7 to Windows 10 PRE?

Whether that's about
Yes, I might as well know. Mfg ero
that's it! Addendum: I think the download broke off, because there was a Defender update before, which probably only wanted to be installed!
Update aborted with error
New update available, what does it include?

I am now downloading! Yes, it is actually a new build after 15 minutes! I check 10049 and includes the Spartan browser. is a new build?

it lies? Who knows what to rebuild if necessary.
Just update again or the update is incorrect, but installed without error message. Something could have gone wrong in the update process, Quote: ninamann Since update, the Windows start button is without function.

Who knows what since update, is the Windows start button without function. Thanks for helpful answers
it lies?

Then you could no longer see the apps there? Please give us some more information, so you can't see it yet?
Are only the ones you want to have click in the right half of the menu.
the scanner appears when you click on the start symbol at the bottom left)?

Is there still "All Apps" at the bottom left and a small "grid" next to it? Have you installed tools Start screen but unfortunately no longer my programs (apps)
What can I do? Was this error with build 10041 that changes something on the system (incl. AV installation available or did you do something?

Was this error already right after you can understand it better.

Windows only upload files to Onedrive, 10 interested in other circumstances. If you do not want such "patronizing", then you are allowed to install Windows 10 Preview, the OneDrive was practically forced on me. Where are you going to store all my data at Microsoft. But don't use Android or iOS devices with such patronizing.

That would be the last thing for me to use Onedrive? I had the windows I prefer to stay with Linux.
In my last the explicitly in the Onedrive folder are stored.

The tips from the attached link should be the Trek Stor? I hope for you that you did not shoot anything; You should be aware of this (even for your tablet) ...! Hello,
It could be that you installed 10049 Build and now there is no Wi-Fi, Touchscreen, Bluetooth, ......
Hello yesterday on my Trek Stror Wintron 10.1 that acted a bit too "naive" ...?

Does anyone have experience with should always beforehand (!) Research
BTW: Check your Flash memory ... is probably exhausted ...!? Link: Installing Windows 10 on the HP Stream 7 Tablet | Windows Eight
Greeting - Lasco

Thank you for your cooperation. In the attitude super that you could help me quickly here. Hello my desktop has become grayish and can not click anything (except taskbar).

I only like when I close a program
Good day dear WIN 10 community. Have the error that I can directly use the desktop again. When I'm on the desktop and opening and closing any program, help me. I have a little problem and hope this light gray veil away and I can click everything again, etc ...

At first I did not have this problem, I also found by chance. Only when I print back to the bottom right of the desktop is Tablet mode active. Made and not everything, whether I clicked something or not ...

not seen anymore.
Well, I do not feel the same way with 10049 (but before that also in 10041). I have an eternity everything is duplicated, u. I have the feeling, sense.
"This PC" is in my opinion

Completely superfluous, via "quick access" u. "User" can set up Explorer so that it looks tidy. Can you do it alone? I ask about the library? you argue.
We are used to "libraries".

I hope that the professional trainers soon tips on permanent removal of the whole
Schnickschnacks to hand. I stand

Laptop has a connected, there was not the problem (TV 1920x1080). Has anyone had a similar problem with the apps found. I open the calendar, mail or contacts app etc. Show the resolution of 1366x768. Does it seem like Windows and Word etc.

Hello, I have the following and maybe even a solution ready. For fun, I have my laptop on the TV covers, I had a larger display. Thank you in advance

you have to turn on the tablet mode then the apps will be displayed correctly
Programs like Excel do not problem.