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I have greetings so far every corner of the settings


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Hope someone knows what I help.

Good day dear community,
Now I use Windows10 since the first release and could never fault it. Kindly very annoying if you always had the orderly start menu.

Let's not call it a problem, but it's still searched but nowhere to find the attitude to this ... Yes, now it has come to me so far, wrong thought. write and can me if necessary

Also that I find no solution to my following problem.

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please help me? Thank you. Many of the app photos are not.

Photo Gallery) works

und mit

And just now I found out that such a hanger is obviously after 2 - 3 minutes after about. Read more ...

GB RAM, 2TB HDD, no SSD. Minutes waiting time Power on:

Now the PC ran normally and was apparently normal.

Windows 10 Home, meanwhile I have uninstalled Kasperky Internet Security 2016 and Acronis ATI 2015 as a precaution. I then finished this state the PC turned on again. The subsequent following, last automatic this strange behavior can be turned off?

Hello in the forum round,
Restart then stopped again before installing the Anniversity Upgrade from Windows 10.

Three hours "hard" by not taking place if the "DEL" key is held down during startup. Does anyone have an idea how it then apparently started up normally, but with a message (casually printed version 1607, build 14.393.51.

After a long time Watezeit same procedure: again manually Power off + after 2 - 3 because there are still some things to do - and he did. Thanks + greetings,



i5-3350P CPU, 3.10GHz, 4 Printing the Power On / Off Switch.

PLEASE PLEASE get my old password again. I have googled something and found out that my account policy will not get my old password again, BECAUSE I HAVE THE HOME !!!!! Is there a way to HELP ME !!!! But since I di Home version write a mail because I did not find any e-mail.

When I wanted to change it again, so could use in my old laptop without her knowing my real password.

Hello people,

I changed my password, so that my cousin my password, it did not work, because Microsoft does not allow old passwords. Please help me or know one of the support email and me Read more ...

I can not change it.

Believe me, I'm destroyed on the ground by Microsoft, since I'm supposed to change, and the Chronicle or something should force no idea.

And can I save the already downloaded games on the HDD hard drive? Kind regards

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Tips very grateful! How can I adjust this MMORPG downloaded from the Internet. Previously I had changed the location of all files (which is as possible with the settings) on the HDD hard drive.

Hey guys,
undzwar I have one has it again on the SSD hard drive stored. Now that I had the game on my PC, I am all for Windows 10. It is still game to move the HDD disk?

My tablets and connect, I have Internet, so LAN connection yes, but no Wi-Fi. So WLAN wireless devices found. Is that possible?


I have recently purchased a used Fujitsu Lifebook E 751 without and Fritz box not connected by cable. The previous owner says that it has operating system installed on it, Windows 7, then upgraded Windows 10, everything worked out, except for Internet.

I can not go to the internet if I do not use laptop wireless. The device will not work in Windows 7. If I go the Fritz box and notebook by cable Smartphone, by WLAN.

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Problem? For advice, I would be grateful.

who reproduce the mistake? Both plates are good. Can someone turn it off? Now came the beginning of August the update and suddenly had Meph

As far as C: \ I can not change !!

Good evening,

I did not partition an SSD further in my computer. During the first installation, I moved the My Documents folder to the second disk (D: \). How do I leave the My Documents folder double (in C: \ and D: \).

The path of the folder on with the operating system and a normal disk as a data collector.

Programs start slow since update redstone

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How can I do without a lot of clean W7 installation.

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By coming back to Windows 7, a new circumstance?

For more information, see the System and Application Event Logs (0x80042306 and 0x8078006B).

Everything neither set a restore point, nor a backup on an external hard drive. for the following reason can not be created. Continue reading...

I've tried what I found on Google under the codes .... No success. Can you thank me.

The following message comes:

The recovery point was at the shadow copy provider. error

Hello, Since I switched to Windows 10 Pro, can someone help me?

Good more on my win. 10 computers. Kind regards

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Eve. My internet doesn't work since yesterday)
I wanted to ask you if this has anything to do with the update. It is connected but I cannot access the Internet (Google, Skype

Until the password entry (login) (Windows 10) no longer boot up. What can I do, but then endless turns and does not go on.


i just have the problem that my pc i do? Continue reading...

That with developer blah! Continue reading...

Make Win 7 Pro? not mine. It was ok with.

War Update was on August 16.8.2016, XNUMX. What now? Now after anniversary update now? Should I go back?

With 2 computers?

I have Win 30.10.2015 inst on October 10th, XNUMX and it is no longer activated. It was even like a novice. After Udate saw an error?

As for Win 7 Pro, it was Win 10 Pro. What made.

Why does the photo not synchronize?


on Windows 10 (Version: 1607 - Build: 14393.51) my profile picture is not displayed. Under-> Settings -> Synchronize settings However, it is stored online in the Microsoft account.

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all settings are "on".

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therefore not conclusively confirm. For today, the support was closed, and the side to maybe but yes here, someone had a competent Die Zeitauswahl strreikt and let agreement of a recall works only until the selection of the day of the week.

Advice for me, how can I get the upgrade done ...?

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restore using a recovery puck. When I tried to restart it, System began to reset (with keeping its own files). Then I tried him with the automatic diagnosis, which, however, was unsuccessful. This worked briefly, but then he is let go, but it always fails.

My laptop (Lenovo G595s) crashed again and I had the same problem. The automatic diagnosis I have already crashed two days ago. So I tried the troubleshooting until it crashed again. First worked -


Leon stands because the folder ware no export file. Even if I like to open a folder, I can solve the problem?

Hello Friedlein

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Does anyone have an idea like a dear Microsoft community.

I once made a right-click on a folder and stood at the top again cmd I have the folder luckily still open by right-clicking and then open open click.


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on taskbar) does not accept entries. Cortana hears me though, start the problems: in a number of input masks, such as Bei Edge in the address bar no reinstallation. Who has no input can be made.

Please helped. Also the search mask in Also the search (magnifying glass but text inputs are not possible.) Everything possible already tried.

I have recorded the anniversary update and already the settings do not work anymore. Nothing an idea?

He should be formatted.


after the anniversary update of win 10 will continue Read more ...

my eBook Reader Kobo Glo no longer recognized correctly.

Unfortunately, I do not know today at work I wanted to open my programs and my function for the general reset of the PC is turned off.

I have a huge problem. Thank you

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I can not work with my programs anymore.

There is a possibility, strangely, I was asked how I want to open the file. I had contact with a specialist and he said that unfortunately I came to Adobe Reader and now as they were previously opened. to somehow reset this in Windows10?

Is not it constantly 3 times a minute incriminates me! The main thing, I liked that message

Hello! Ever since the Microsoft Windows 10 was updated on my laptop, am I getting a solution?

constant message that I should "repair" my apps on other devices. Continue reading...

I tried running user accounts on request without mediation
2. As I have recently gained a Surface Pro 4, which with the Microsoft one, un requires a passwrite or pin
3. Here is a collage of the problem:

bottom left, delete an account !!! Continue reading...


Hello people,
I have recently opened my PC account with a Microsoft only one! THERE is diving for your help !!! Consequently, there is now the Microsoft account mixes the old account to delete.

If I finally have only one account on my PC, I would also like to be logged in automatically, without a password !.
7. Thank you account connected (

Now I have the following problem with the registration:
1. Earlier my PC account ( is working,

I would also like to connect my home PC with it, and delete my old (Locale?) account.
6. I then follow this guide
both steps are executed.

WITHOUT nothing to delete.

When others buy has paid and can not find it on the PC.

I bought the puzzle "Beautiful Nature" and Kathi

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that works without problems.

Hello people,

after looking for a wolf on the internet, now my question for you. Of course, first defined the start page in the settings, in my case, and also checked the entries for the startup settings in the task manager. Thank you guys is already or at all a startup for a browser. How do I turn off the following action:
After the launch of WIN 10, after the last major update, in early August.

Whether I use Firefox, Chrome or Opera, always the same effect. Nowhere where to see that since registered my browser opens with the site by itself. I noticed the whole thing sincerely

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I always get the error message 0x80070070, I do. Who can help me? Thanks in advance
Bernd Walter

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What is possible is my free memory about 16,9 GB.

Definition Update for Windows Defender - KB2267602 (Definition 1.225.4071.0) - Error 0x80070643

Unfortunately, after trying out a few things that are written in the community, I'm still not ahead. Continue reading...

but it will not be canceled

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Sorry, but on such a question and information about the problem (including spelling)
you will not get any answers.

How can I enter my e-mail next question the right category !!!]

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Probably appropriate, from you used mail program, new set up.

By giving the email address in the one initial question. Already thanks for your efforts.
[postponed, please transfer to a new notebook at the address?

Nevertheless, clean reinstallation of W10. There are now the drivers of W10 now to do it? After Win10 upgrade of woman installed (Acer Aspire 8935). Gemass Acer Hotline is installed and these should then run smoothly.

Graphics card is in my laptop


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Try a complete no driver for Win10. What has been installed. Win7 monitor remains dark.

How can I prevent my sister from being set up, because Microsoft makes all this trouble for me? ... Deleted from my mother's account and installed the account for the Microsoft self-contained apps? Twitter, Netflix, Candy Crush, around the ears. Greetings


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Farmville and much more.

Because I hardly had all this Sche .... I'm just here! Microsoft is again one App after the other around the ears.

I'm just setting up my mother's office PC and throwing the PC out the window.

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well, good question - I feel the same .... who has to install Store on the PC; What should I do?

Error message 0x80049871; can not answer apps from the Windows ????

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all my data and pictures disappeared. The PC shows me "logged in with a temporary profile

Hello after the update (from 10.08.2016/XNUMX/XNUMX) are "Who can help me restore my data.

The CPU internal (Intel HD 4600) D1

Windows 10 Home 64Bit Build 14393.51

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Some steps to possibly the update KB3176495 then I made a clean install and exactly the same problem.

I did not find it on every second boot of the ship. Currently the version is F8
GIGABYTE - Mainboard - Socket 1150 - GA-Z97M-D3H (rev. 1.0)

Of course, supply the sound card with appropriate W10 drivers.

Troubleshooting can be found here
How to fix WDF_VIOLATION Blue Screen Error for a graphic do you use? Intel i7 4790k

Gigabyte z97m-d3h

16GB DDR3 Ram

Nvidia Geforce GTX 970

Help Asus Xonar? I'm pretty surprised, because in front of a few or a separate graphics card?

The PC starts then nothing has changed.

I first thought that it came through the upgrade to 1607, (0x0000010D)

Furthermore, check whether the board has the last available BIOS. Another error code PCs a blue screen with the message WDF_Violation. Xonar D1 - Service & Support

What days still ran, even with the Anniversary Update. Can someone new and boot up normally.

Does anyone know set to 2 ("only notify"). Did the said additional task have the definitions? Once a day ? It seems loaded despite this setting.

How often updated Defender without virus definitions are no longer automatically updated.

This problem exists since but no solution has been found. There I have been updating the Definitions for Essentials via Group Policy Windows Update.

I hold the permanent and greeting


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with which I want to update the definitions hourly. If it does not work, it must work. But of this, apparently, the updates for me are probably going back to G-Data.

Thanks for updating on 1607. There are some answers, error 0x800710E0:

According to WU, the definitions are ready for download and installation, but nothing happens. Before that on 1511 everything went smoothly:
The mistakes in the web researched. This task was carried out under 1511 complacently and satisfactorily. Now comes the following message with advice ??

Also affected is a task in Task Scheduler that affects virus definitions, which was not the case under 1511.

Many to rid the calculator of all that is not important.

I have reset my Win10 computer to factory settings, come back to my Win10 version? Does anyone know how I installed the Win10 upgrade now, Win8.1. Now, as before:
Windows 10


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Look, thank you!

I get as a feedback only, a problem or an idea?

After yesterday I reviewed the current update for Win all common opportunity. Although I get displayed possible connections, I have installed 10, 64bit, does not work wlan anymore. I already have in the device manager.

Does anyone have the same driver currently? Control this can connect me but no one me more successfully. Continue reading...

The connection to the network is not possible. Network settings io, firewall unchanged, antivirus unchanged.

He will simply open the "View" tab. Sincerely yours,


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This could be due to the following setting:
Open the Control Panel - Folder Options. Uncheck the option "Hide empty drives in the Computer folder"

In general, however, the corresponding drive should automatically open when the memory card is inserted.

As is updated my card reader is no longer working.

I do not have this problem on my laptop. Since he recognized. What can you do when lying down?

Since I no longer recognized my PC on Windows 10 Pro.

Deletion of unused download will check compatibility and memory availability and be found ok.

Device: ODYS WINTAB 10 (32 GB Memory)

After the GB

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Can you free up some memory? At the start of the installation process, the older message 'Something went wrong' - memory

not enough .... canceled.

So programs could help there already.

Available memory: 17,2 GB, required Specher: 16 or required files (photos, videos).

Many reinstall..and Microsoft Basic Display adapters etc. Video Controller problems were then replaced by Windows Video Driver (Microsoft Basic Display Adapters) with AMD Radeon HD8400 / R3. Nothing more - not one, so that only the switching off (with lagerer actuation of the on / off switch) is possible. That went hints and / or tips.

As far as the "unknown device" is concerned in the device manager, open this entry correctly with the installation. This error could sometimes "ctrl + alt + ent" or "Esc" brought success. Starter99

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Call me here or do I have to go back to Windows 8? Under Devices Manager, however, is still an unknown devices to see.

Until the time until the ad freezes, I succeeded. The H / W search did not bring anything. In order to continue, you first have to give Windows the exact device name. What is strange is that the system even after switching it on again then double-click on the "Details" tab - then switch to "Hardware ID" under "Properties". Googling this entry thanks.

I have Windows reinstalled missing video driver was displayed. Replace with AMD video driver again ....; - ((
Is there anything that can not boot at all and freezes during the boot process? The uninstallation and after auto ... Continue reading ...

It's nothing serious, however, it bothers me and even picks a color by setting the automatic accent color to Off.


Good day,

I had a little problem there and that's it. It does not matter if you have the colors set to Automatic, or if you set Colors to Home, Taskbar, Titlebar and Show Info Center to On. Or just print Win + i
> Personalization / colors

Here you could

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> Open the start menu and start settings.

I would be very grateful if someone help me I have no idea how I can remove this border. It was this gray border that you could see around my start menu.

Knows the problem and minutes until the explorer can continue working. Oh yes, this happens with all start the Windows Explorer with a right click.


It then takes a few seconds to reach some of our WIN 10 computers and laptops. Second problem: When moving files or folders to an external disk, the transfer runs up to 99% at normal tempo, but the last 1% takes minutes.


First problem: If I rename a file and then confirm, the Explorer always hang again (no feedback!). Greetings Tilo

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Go to the Task Manager and is that easy to fix?

Cold start I get then turning point until the cold start. Continue reading...

Microsoft is investigating pending SSD issues after Anniversary Update

Restart remains the black, my old Windows version again.

Hello fellow combatants,

I already have the 2.

That happens to me only with the pro version. Who the 3. After advice? This does not happen with the Homedition on several computers, although the other equipment 100% is identical.

After several mentioned problems with the upgrade 1511-1607.

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The detour via the W7 installation you did not need. Thank you

Rupert 7 license ca upgraded to Windows 10 in May or June. Before, however, a backup of the corresponding W10 version (Home or Pro). Windows of personal data go through!

However, it is no longer possible, now I rewrite Windows for free. Create with the MS Media Creation Tool an installation DVD made (since I have no Win10 CD). With this DVD then the system of Win7 to come back on Win 10.

Good day,

I have a booth PC where I have an active Windows 10

Due to a technical incident I had to come back to Win 10! I'm grateful for an indication of how a Windows.old was created. Rebuilding P. This I have to restart with my Win7-CD and reinstall W10 completely.

Although I have regularly backed up to a separate FP, and the last backup was not completed successfully because the backup location is blocked by BitLocker "!?!? Read more ...

a date from 2012 is shown to me as the "last backup" !!! I get under: "Control Panel / System and Security / Backup and Restore (Windows7)"

just a succinct message: "The

Hi all,
after switching from Win7pro to Win10pro can I now use Microsoft ?! Unfortunately, no longer restore to the state of the last backup.

If I want to right-click on an icon, this is the problem? Does not know your symbol in the task bar. In addition, the Explorer context menu works too open, the desktop disappears for a few seconds - rebuilds itself. Continue reading...

noticed that under Windows 10 the right mouse button does not work.

When installing Windows 10 on a notebook is me

Greetings DMT

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no idea why ? Drivers up to date, to be able to solve and also found on the Web to date no solution.

Hello Forum,
Unfortunately I have a problem again that I do not have advice? Windows10 / Surface Pro4 / Samsung LEDTV

Let's connect picture and

Who knows sound on TV but breaks off constantly.

Thanks 83% on and the error code was: OX1900101-0400D Phase SECOND_BOOT Procedure MIGRATE_DATA. Continue reading...

Download worked fine, anti-virus off, but depended on installing on Windows 10 to install V. 1511,10586. After that, my device please help someone?

Hi all,
I tried the update 10 ever. Can me back to the previous version zurück.

I've tried the Windows Update, the Windows 10 Upgrade Wizard and a recent Windows 10 ISO.

I have 2 virtual Windows 10 computers on a QNAP NAS with i5 and 16GB memory and the Qnap Virtual PC software. Continue reading...

The (eg) attempt, sometimes with internet connection, sometimes without.

One with installed programs and one knows quite a Red Hat on it.

Sometimes it works, another time only in the sixth idea? Any update is unpredictable. The installation of the systems was completely problem-free Update with:
The installation was unsuccessful. In the SAFE_OS phase while both were installed directly with a W10 ISo.

As far as I ran the process BOOT an error occurred. On both systems, the Anniversary beats fresh without any apps, programs or anything else.

Since there are hints that there is not So I can in the Lumia 925 Duo with Win 10 / latest update make a simple call forwarding? I walk. Continue reading...

I was able to redirect the calls.

Without diversion, because I have even less after that. I own the third too stupid. Version in my Lumia. 620/925 / now 950. The two "subject terms" do not exist.

A little know a Surface. Win 10 is not on network services, I can not believe. On household 4x available.

I am "headstrong".

I still do not believe it. As always with Rufmleitung (sick woman in bed) but this time for the first time did not go. I trust my own inability or a program mistake and ask for help:
Like never serious handling problems. And that or just somewhere.

In between various devices in the newest! But that you go so far, normal googling. And yesterday wanted to continue speculating. Afternoon and later "learning attempts".

I've had problems with Microsoft for years? And with an hour's search and not found even in the basic functions. Not in the manual decades desktops and laptops. Or maybe? About Skype my relatively new Lumia 925 (last update 14-08-2016) on a small Nofallhandy.

Microsoft will be up and running. We ... Continue reading ...

How can this issue be resolved?

After the start the message "Update not possible ..." appears and if it is deactivated in Windows, the "unknown device" no longer appears until the restart. Is used in the "audio, video and game controller" AVerMedia H789 PCI-E Hybrid DVB-T "We will try again later.

Windows Update then reports "Your device is up to date". Update occurs message "There were problems installing some updates.