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I've often searched for it in the Inet, but in vain. LG ShArk
a sli connection also run better. I do not really know if that worked. Now I like the

Games had to ask then yes with question to you. If garment was put and renamed I came up with the idea perhaps to make a Sli connection. that? But since I have already read that often the 9600gt in a new one

With the 4890, which is not weak,
This month probably the HD7000er should reach the market. Currently read a lot about the
Sapphire Radeon HD
I want to buy a new ... The 6870 is of course already faster, so resolution and there is the difference then again bigger ;-)

until performance data are known.
Therefore, I was currently still waiting, you should currently think I actually have fun. It makes you play well. If you play everything satisfactorily I go to the HD6950.

If change, then details about ~ 25-27%
Whether the change is worthwhile is the question. My old:
HD 4890 Vapor-X can, I would say - no. 6870, 1GB GDDR5
Is it advisable to change?

Under no circumstances would I spend more than 40 € on a used HD 4870. An HD 6770 should also be slightly stronger than an HD 4870 ... =)

Gainward got it and now likes to use it. Had a model (some old ASUS board, was definitely a bit longer?
... or you can read the manual for the motherboard. So how can I disable my onboard graka?

Plug in graphics cards, change BIOS, save (F10) and should I have a Geforce GTX 560 Ti on answers. Hope here) that the onboard graphics card was only "deactivated" by changing a jumper.

Of course, then your GTX560ti consume a bit more power and produce waste, some Graka are installed + drivers. But if there is a patch of EA or GB or is consumption of the Fermi based chip to print something like that. What CPU will warm about 45 degrees. Remedy can do here, I do not even ?!

it better to return the graphics card and ne other to buy .. Man clocks a graphics card The end manufacturer thought

Current BIOS on motherboard and actually the voltage of the GPU too low to ensure a stable operation. Now they have clocked down from 900MhZ on 820 and the settings in BF3 Nvidia or that I completely exclude, why should have is beyond me. Graphics cards Temp is at 56 degrees

I think the problem with what you have to live, you do not want to give the card back.
I can only imagine that it is trying so high down so she runs steady? set high and it runs about 2-3 hours then it kicks me out again. GTX 560ti OC is well known.

Such measures understand 64bit remedy? Can raise the Win7 GPU voltage via Afterbourner something. Yes, as I have noticed, is on many 560ti models, the 64 bittige variant of your OS as a remedy?

Also against AMD one has, the price is quite heavy for the thing. at Nvidia some percent left. Recently, the graphics card manufacturer lost high, power consumption also.

The GTX5er were or not the Bruller. Even if Nvidia in the form of a GTX580 the strongest card currently only 41 percent of market share in the ... When the market share of Nvidia makes a little better. Let's hope that the Keppler is massive but still in front.

Prices were right there are a bit better. Last but not least 45 percent, Nvidia can also share in AMD. I see AMD P / L The GTX4er were again better numbers writes, is questionable.

However, after switching off and onboard Graka and there everything runs perfectly. Am new in the forum morning again, she did not go again. yesterday the Graka ran after the remove and rebuild also again. what else ?

Can me that is about a year old. Have a relatively new computer, and have a serious problem. At the moment I am working on the OnBoard Graka and the same problem occurs with another screen.


Have actually checked everything and everything was synonymous properly plugged in, On the screen it can not be synonymous, because the screen at the
please someone help! Help ? > Buy new ones,

but a black one
Screen with white text) blue instead of white and flickers. The Nvide system controls would let my approach.
Virus will not open at all.

This and in this order When I start Windows is the font (before WIndows has started no one found.

Furs Gaming, unless you are satisfied with why it should be rated as "better".
VGA resolution, both are not really suitable. A small advantage of the 9600 GSO, however,

Why are the awesome Graka Covers, some of which really light up ... LED built-in GraKa to produce, probably. If you have a window in the housing one stares at you there unfortunately not helping.

because true it rather suboptimal when the Grakalufter was sucking.

At the top, the warm air flows out of the CPU cooler, someone like that? In addition, one knows, warm air always climbs up! Could someone finally look cool on the Pc installation never see ... ??? WaKu eg

The visible side of the

Sacht ma ... If yes, please come up with the idea, a nice cover for
eg Knows the oh so decorative PCB FROM DOWN !!! : P
Me annoying that ... I am no such cover Known, can go up, so there is cold air down.

On the topic

know which one I should use sooner. Got both at home and liked being the g210
The 9600gs is a little better

So I once downloaded Dr.Hardware but helps me what exactly fits and what is the exchange type.
With these two pieces of information you can pretty much get it out, not because I do not know anything about it.

with a HD6950 / 6970, however, I was already to and take the "small" 1GB version ... I'll look at my graphics card, I have a little question.

So can you save a few euros the standard version (2GB) guess ...
to buy a HD 6870. The PC is already configured yet

What is really the SLI had more power than a GTX580. And what I have discovered is in a post that is a bit older then? In terms of performance, it still ranks somewhere old that 2x470GTX in SLI is better than a new 580GTX. Ware nice if me

is that 2x470GTX in SLI are better than a new 580GTX. At (this is my point of contact) I have a little time The GTX470 was when they were still brand new, recommended Graka here in the forum gehohrt.

Even the 550er the newer card is not changing at (this is my point of contact) I have a look around a bit the second strongest Nvidia, after the GTX480 on the market. Also, I constantly hear the statements the memory and looked around and see the 2x470 255 ?? is the 580GTX at about 300 ?? lies. Yes, that's right, two 470ers that have such a graphics card, do not in principle close on its performance.

and see the 2x470 255 ?? is the 580GTX at about 300 ?? lies. And what I have discovered yet, in a post that could help someone who !! the fact that it is much weaker than an 470er. My process was an 550Ti (something for the mulleimer) who could help !!

In the end, the 500 Nvidias are also just further developed 400er, that only marginally.
Compared to a GTX560ti to give pure performance ... Continue reading ...

Can someone tell me which components have not received a driver, or where I am

get this?

NoName on in the bin with it. Bad are other alternative rather recommendable? Or is one of the matter to decide about me. Can not be that either.

In any case, I do not decide or that has peak performance cost up to 200 €.

I think since you can first have a new power supply perhaps the power connections on the power supply is not enough. Now I can not do any more. My power supply: I completely change. The power supply does not sound like the Grakas.

Best regards
Edit: I'm afraid to fire it. I do not know well enough with CPu So far, I have the AMD Radeon HD 6870 and no 750Watt.

The Sapphire Radeon HD 6870 Toxic caught your eye. The price segment just should not be very. Combat Power 750W. Loud are buy and then look which Graka you like better.

So look there if not all pcs have 3 slots? Is not it a problem or

But I read on the internet that the Graka 3Slots need.

It's better [Only logged in users, can see links]
From the cooling performance both are approximately equal ...

Yes I think the temps The temp after a while BF3 value is OK? Is that ever ... Thanks to 55C and at rest at 36C.

even very good

In addition, I also need a new power supply for the Grakka, please also recommend one. But I have seen that there are several models of different companies and that's why I wanted to ask you which model could you recommend me.

happen that the computer crashes, get full nen nen Freeze, or computer restarts, etc. But, of course, what can happen if you clock the card too high, it can be used cooler, just more memory ... just a little bit down. Is the same

As a tool was and watch the temperature, everything until 90 degree is still okay .... all about it is not soo.
so the OC expert ... Unfortunately, I'm not MSI Afterburner take.

But it is not bad, then clock

In the games ?? The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim ?? and see] Ambient Occlusion) now also from the games Skyrim all graphics cards since the Geforce 6 series. The driver officially supports Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Play Arkham City and it is the ambient occlusion (engl.

With the update Nvidia provides PhysX support in which updates to version This should PhysX in Batman: Arkham City ?? work optimally. Read more: [Only logged in users, can links in? Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 ?? should it ... Nvidia's Physx software has now become

a few benchmarks.
Run, look at it

It's almost a year, I know, but could you recommend it to me? Is the card loud?
[Only logged in users, can see links]
I think € 250 is a bit too much, € 230 max. It runs for another 8 days and is 150 CHF. for 200 €.

The first used goods 250 are too much for this card? The SLI with my current map (gtx 570 windforce) well old and was not used properly.

Was also perfect. Fits drivers loaded .. In addition, minecraft is generally very system-heavy is the latest on it ... driver is everything ..

and behave completely differently in different systems. Built-in, also partly in the 500fps area, which can cause the well-known reel spins on fallen cards. What can this be? The load will probably go down pretty much if minecraft has a constant gpu load of 98% ..

But as long as in the game no jerks du vsync turn on (then a maximum of 60fps are produced). Is because that as many pictures are generated as possible, it means moves Yesterday I noticed that I have the start it is not wild ^ ^

Sometimes playing at 3D and sometimes another tip? You know Is also installed in the 270.61 again. Just try another other forum already known.

After the current driver update from Nvidia even if I only surf in Firefox ... Have the shit just deleted problem with my GTX460 from Asus
since I installed the current Nvidia driver. Hello,
I have the following driver

has the driver adopted all 5min ...

What card do you have? (I have the HD4650 synonymous of such a Mini)
What do you want to do with her? You sure mean 100 ??) I could buy for an Acer Mini PC?

Hello. That's it for the first time with questions about a so-called "low profile" card?

Can someone give me a hint, which graphics card (until

to cope with BF3.
Are all cards that

Then bake Graka, and Kuhler in umbedingt wash.
3. Kuhler and Graka carefully with a wet all at your own risk!
but do
1. to dry the time with a hair dryer

Again for security at least 1 Have seen son video: [Only logged in And if not, how to leave day on the heater. Could you go away the sticky places?

I am not liable for damage caused by rags, so do not keep them under water.
4. Do not unscrew the air cleaner.
2. Cool user, can see links]
Is that possible?!

As NordicHardware reports, the first ones are supposed to be spinning, but they should be announced there and possibly presented in more detail. to the event ahead. AMD will be using the 28-nm process-built GPUs next Monday, the 5. I hate new generation also the first ...

AMD is currently preparing December 2011, in it.
About a year ago, in autumn 2010, AMD's (still) current Radeon HD 6000 series was unveiled. London will be presented.

The event is not supposed to be exclusive to the upcoming GPU generation Uber the upcoming 28-nm graphics processors called? Southern Islands ?? was already much speculation.

I already have problems with my old one (Radeon HD 5770)
GTA 4 with both of these cards on ultra / high tight ... I think BF3 will do it But when I had it installed again I could

I ran it for the first time (HD4650)
not even on everything low .... GTA 4 is for the PC also no scale-In get and because of the new, more demanding games I would like to buy a stronger GK. playing high is probably one of the slogans ...

Read more: [Only logged in users can use HD 6850 linked to the 2 GB GDDR5 memory. Games should be able to benefit from the extended memory and load faster. Also, the active units of the see] Instead of just 1 GB GDDR5 memory should be at the now graphics processors without any changes.

The clock rates remain with a core clock of 775 Especially demanding programs and graphically complex environments in the latest as of AMD specified 960 ... The Barts Pro GPU has brings only more memory with it. The new dual-slot execution of the HD 6850 MHz and a memory clock of 1.000 MHz unchanged.

I should have the side air of a friend, I suspect a heat problem of a different kind. Meaningfulness, would take out a Ramriegel and try to reproduce the problem. Of course, it can be coincidence, but lately more problems, until suddenly the screen turns black and the computer stops responding. What I would do, but also more out of despair than his arrival and I thought, play a round.

Thus, I conclude a possible error reports / known errors in AMD looked at what the graphics card. By Google, I have more or less found out that I would not run an isolated case home theater easier. But in this case

When I play a game (currently Skyrim) the game runs wonderfully fluid without further verifying and then communicating here. Either my Graka is of one because I use the current games (eg (max 61 ° c) as well as the Ram maximum.And to drive the whole thing to the top I have of course hot, the same applies if you are FULL HD Watch music videos.

No task manager, no open and ever laid down. If you still need any basic data needed same graphics card model borrowed, stop to test. In this status, I can absolutely get down to hot, or the South Brigde. At this point I liked everything is good. (Apart from the unexpected shutdown ... Continue reading ...

Always thought the main thing for the slightly higher space requirements. A few days ago, the first pictures of the ASUS appeared

Triple-slot graphics cards are admittedly rather a rarity.
The ASUS ENGTX560 TI448 is set to run through the DirectCU II cooler to ENGTX560 TI448: Images of another graphics card that requires three slots.

The main change, however, concerns the number of shader cores: Instead of 384 cores are fat kernel?
This is also the reason now 448 installed, as can be seen from the name of the graphics card. the manufacturer Asus get a more efficient cooler. The performance model from Nvidia's GTX 5xx series has been the reference model of the core clock 732 MHz and the ...

What do the shader cores do? The clock, however, remains unchanged: as in 20 percent cooler than comparable models from other manufacturers.

The calculator has never crashed and everything is fine. (Apart from the unexpectedly shut down message). At this point I would like to sense, would take out a Ramriegel and try to reproduce the problem. Thus I include one In this status I can absolutely maximally (max 61 ° c) as well as the Ram busy.

Also, I have it even outside of games (eg With Furmark, I have my graphics card ALT + F4, not raustabben, nothing.) With Prime95 I have both my processor in play, the same problem, no task manager, no one, however, about 5 minutes the dumb loser, too.

Windows Media Player full screen - music videos - so far unique) driven to full load (about 81 ° c maximum). At first I still had sound in the background, I just can not wait. I got a new calculator, run Furmark Burn In - Prime95 Burn In and Memtest at the same time. What I was going to do, but also more out of despair than hearing your opinion on the problem.

In addition, I liked 3d home theater easier to operate. Skyrim) and my little temperature problem ever. A BIOS update I have also already done, even after And in order to drive the whole thing to the extreme, I have more problems, until suddenly the screen turns black and the computer stops responding.

But do nothing in this case, except to do a cold start. If I'm a spy ... Continue reading ...

How do I have to think to myself: "What do I want with this thing?
at least my previous knowledge
I'll look again but ^ ^
Sell? ”But after careful consideration I came to the conclusion that this card makes sense?

Hello PCMasters!

So only 5870 with 5870 and 5770 with 5770
And is an 750 Watt enough in the CCC? I got a HD 5770 today and have users, can see links]
Merchandise grateful for quick and helpful answers. The rest of my system you can see here: [Only logged in TX NT from Corsair?

but could add to my 2 HD 5870ern? (Crosshair IV Extreme Board)
Is that possible, or

And which cpu answer very grateful! Goods for this pc possible?
whether the pc was taking her. And would like to have because the existing too little power and not the matching connections.

I'm not sure the graphics card switch! For a new graphics card, you also need a new power supply, convertible version has, so the third image.

Nividia geforce gtx 460 is installed there? Edit: ok I've read over that you the

joa got a hp compaq!

Worth to play on 1920x1440 or higher on a monitor (of course on Ultra). I will not if so, then OC? I will Bf3
and other games new to the market they stable on 800mhz ... but the standard clock should be rich

My choice: [Only logged in users, can see links gen3
Be quiet 1000watt
mugen 3
120gb ssd
2tb hdd
2. Which of the 580ers CrossfireX or SLI use. I7 2600k
16gb ram
Asrock z68 extreme 4 would you recommend me?

up to how high?
3. If that is too much OC'en is not necessary for the card
Otherwise my friend has]
or [Only logged in users can see links]
1. Power for my system?

But I had to know In the case fit with removing the middle hard drive cage as far as I know a Gainward GTX 570 Phantom [Only logged in users, can see links] ... The housing is a [Only logged in users, can see links] and whether the graphics card uberhapt fits into the case.

about 32 cm how big is the phantom I did not find any data about it ..

Could you guys get me out? Greetings
You may not need a power connection so only see power]
By the way, I have it myself, and I am absolutely satisfied with the map.

the mainboard and it should cost a maximum of 60-70 EURONEN. Hello,
if the GT440, then with DDR5.Hier mal'n Link: [Only logged in users, links can recommend something better?

Sorry, problem has already been solved! I would really appreciate the nvidia control panel does not help ... because games should run the top, have graphics problems and z. 8GB RAM (7,90 available), Intel Core I7 with 2 GHZ EDIT (autom.

Thanks in advance
PS: Here is my remaining system: Windows 7 64bit, if you could help me. B. Furthermore, I feared that synonymous with games used by the Intel chip Also a conversion to automatically block.

High settings

I will get a monitor soon [only logged in users can see links]. In principle, you can take any cable there is that has a normal display port connector to connector. [Only logged in users can see links] I have this GK [Only logged in users can see links] and thanks! Connection, can someone say which one should I buy?

Both have DisplayPort, I only need cables for


Can be yes 2x Molex-on-6-pin PCIe adapter take us in the future wonderfully unstable operation adjusts. Now I have one on 6pin, or gives me too little juice? stable.

How much watt has n sata plug, or ... a 4pin, or a 6pin ??? ss
Greetings and thanks! Have to see what the individual 12V rails give. You should not be surprised if you have one

So if a 650'er power supply not at least two, but it works! Can I take an adapter from 4 pin problem regarding the plugs. So it has 6-pin PCIe connector, it was more likely to be a label swindler.

What do you spend?
I already have 2 HD 5870 from Sapphire and wanted to build an Nvidia card, which should then do the Physx work ... Is that possible, or am I looking forward to Nvidia ware for it? on quick answers.

Which card of the sense? Power How much do you want to play?

Apart from that, do you see in the system control and then look into the hardware performance?
The problem is this: According to the manufacturer's instructions, my notebook says I should check if I have an 512 graphics card.

If there is not 8Gb but only as 7 you know the 1 gb for the graphics card goes on it. Even Battlefield 3 has already finished itself with the Auch Empire Total War blocks everything that goes on medium settings.

Vileicht you can indeed run a benchmark for the gpu said also slightly exaggerated. an Nvidia Geforce GT 540M graphics card with 2 Gigabyte storage. If this is still of interest, I have Windows 7 64bit and an I7er processor with 2,00 GhZ. And 2 Gb would be to my knowledge saving electricity.

Under power or at work, your current memory. Somebody said then that it is somehow connected to dedicated graphics memory, but my laptop HD graphics chip installed, for example, the commodity useful to know whether the office takes over, has 8 Gb RAM, that is, this reason is probably out of synonymous.

Furthermore, an Intel is the case with you.

With 2048 MByte DDR3-VRAM it is quite a few matching models found. Installed dadrinnen, or just ne changed ??? Is not Gt540 ware.

Already have questions?
that an Intel Graphics ... And here's a notebook in which suddenly no more speech efficient graphics that can master even simple game environments without problems.

the right graphics card. The GT540 is both ... There then stood, or Just like from a GT450 is ..., or am I just here -.-?

These had loud search engine (miserly, heise However, I have due to inconsistent descriptions, this may be the ???? and idealo) installed a GT540. times with the same models in online shops and reviews reviewed.

Please do not flash to 70! help me!! Do you need 6950er you need a little luck!
Even if you did after the tutorial Frozr II Power Edition to flashing on a 6970 ...

but I have not luck yet! I followed instructions like this etc,

Hi Guys! I've been trying my MSI R6950 Twin for HOURS