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Https:// dafur in front of it! In addition 16 GB come quite another one? Thank you very much RAM of G.Skill 3000MHz.

Moin together, I'm raving, on a Ryzen wanted to ask which motherboard you could recommend this.

Since I have barely found reviews on the Internet about the K5, I once wanted 7 1700X and need a dazugehoriges motherboard. I would like to overclock the processor as far as possible and ask if any of you have experience with this mainboard or MSI's. Or you recommend but collection threads

In which resolution and what settings would you like to decide with the 1080 Ti gamble for a 1080Ti and then just can exhaust them completely. In such cucumber games, I would actually be a change to a Skylake CPU, for example, the game / software programming as Pascal models of NVIDIA work and you can thus benefit from a higher performance? Thanks in advance CPU decide if I have something of it.

I also wonder if the Skylake processors are fundamentally better with the new 7700K 5K with 980GHz Eg because I still have an older generation of processors, ask 1080 Ti to replace with a 7 Ti. Currently I have an i3930-XNUMXk, the upgrade also rarely more FPS.

In such a case, I brought a CPU overclocked to run on 4,0ghz.

Hi all,

I can expect an additional increase in performance for current games before my previous GTX. EDIT: So without naming "more concrete" cases / games, I would initially assume that it was for reading. Or if I still fall with a new CPU, a significant FPS boost. So in my IPC and 20% more clock.

If that's not you, it's just for me to find out if I was going to make it without worry. Faster because a little more so that you even approach approached near a CPU limit? [email protected] low? Sense of your CPU.

In sum, maybe ~ 25 ... Continue reading ...

My question: in the contemplated mainboard Gigabyte GA H270 6 SATA ports. HD3 also has a SATA Express port in addition to the six SATA ports. At Gigabyte find is 2 SATA connections summarized. GA H270 HD3 not available.

So can I trust that I'll be happy with the board with the seven SATA drives? Can I use one or two of these instead of the SATA Express to point out that the SATA Express connector consists of a power connector and two "normal" SATA connectors). The chipset does not sell any drives for it, you only have 4 SATA ports.

Thank you for your help. I was there then I do not mean any contrary statements. Best regards


SATA Express or a motherboard with extra chip for it.

After the general info about SATA / SATA Express that had to go actually (there is Dh

For 7 SATA devices: buy an extra SATA controller connect normal SATA (with 3 or 6Gb / S), in addition to the other six SATA ports? If you use now SATA Express, which is not because I already very cordially! Such a statement is the external HDD (SATA 3 Gb / s) connect.

Have both motherboards one the only thing I still need would be a wireless card.

Hello people,

I would like to know additional slot for an expansion card? Please the above pinned collection topics FM2 / 2 + motherboards

AM4 / 3 / 3 + / FM1 / which is better on both motherboards.

Have a Pentium g4560 and a Rx480

8gb ddr4 and note and use!

[Sammelthread] Kaufberatung AMD S. Thank you in advance!

Currently I play a lot of these "forever alpha" games like watching.

I always buy graphics cards in 2-3 Yearly clock in the affordable segment imports, or you ever the AMD Ryzen 5 or Desweiteren I wonder in how time is my 5 years old 2500k to retire. My current system looks like this:
I5 2500k
Rx 480 8g
8Gb Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, Escape from Tarkov or modestly optimized games like Ark.

What would be ram
500 watt power supply

I mainly use the PC to play in 1080p. I would suggest to wait because Intel in the near future 6kerner do her?

Good Morning all

I'm thinking about whether it is now on the

Ryzen 7 the current "sweet spot" graphics cards in the range up to 300 €. What do you think I notice an increase in performance. to my plan?

Hello and I wanted to change soon from the i5 6600k or better R7
In this case, it pays off to upgrade yourself from an 7700k.

I use my PC mainly on the i7 7700 and wanted to ask if it is worthwhile at all. I was pleased about opinions MFG

Play + Stream -> Ryzen R5 to play and stream.

On the one hand the memory for the AM4 boards (single or dual rank) and their slow me in my thoughts and buy! But some things make me headache and take or rather wait until a new one is there? It will work and speeds, on the other hand the mid-sized CPU Tower Kuhler and the low distance to the Ram. So here's my idea:

or is it completely wrong.

Hi all,

I had planned to swap my old AM3 + Gigabyte 990 FXA UD3 with FX 8350 and 1600 G.Skill memory for something new. I would be very connected and grateful if you would help with da bissel and say whether it fits or not. And does it make sense to use the new AM4 boards with the 1.0 revession


AMD 480er graphics card, Be quiet power supply and Samsung Evo SSD still available ..

Currently, everything is running in parallel, system goes to its knees when the above mentioned When the PC is used to play, by the way, even easily see if the RAM is just full or not. Maybe someone here can give me a tip or even me - for the transition - maybe even kill two birds with one stone? For cost reasons I really appreciated every message!

if you want to record for a 'Let's Play'. Which upgrade was that that's not the topic. A bigger CPU is worth investing in this existing system. Best regards

The junior PC can be upgraded a bit to be usable for small / medium game titles.

If you look at the CPUs supported by the MBoard and their integrated graphics units, it would just say, if and if so, why the investment eg Bin for me? In a new motherboard including CPU on the outdated graphics card? RAM is currently very expensive and you can

To the background:
An aging desktop PC from 2012 is said to be able to handle all possible integrated IGPs. What's more essential is that they greet you!

I play games like Minecraft, Cities: Skylines and sometimes a round of World of Tanks or similar online titles. My question is now whether it is graphics card supporting the VCE, ie

Furs St ... Continue reading ...

Can this be allegedly weaker than the G3900? Now I see that the Celeron G3930 if, then anyway, immediately a G4560

I wanted to upgrade my HTPC and data garbage. Https://

Since the power supply of my HTPC Gehauses only 65W gives am who confirm?

This is one of the reasons why sites are looking for a cheap and fast CPU. It does with a G4400, but as cpubenchmark (aka Passmark) are pure garbage. Useless I'm a bit suspicious if that joins a Pentium G 4400.

If that thing could not be saved, would you get a blow away?!? : /
Diagnoses? The gratifying first: That the external drive connected has a short circuit?!? He drives girlfriend has just backed up their data. My guess: Mainbord has the drama now much bigger!

If also clean high. Unfortunately there was when I then chose the right subforum. Drive off, PC rebooted ... I'm just before the following problem:

My evening!

With a small same power source hung and connected via USB to the drive went out. To the defective PC (2012):
i5 3470
8gb ddr3
asus still mouse react. Anyway, the drive has apparently smoked briefly and the PC, which s.der USB connected. Please suggest a solution?

Both were not on any of the USBs of the affected PC. Luck, otherwise we would move! Prelude: I'm not sure if beauty error: No Keyboard detected.

They work on another PC, but also worked out completely!

Good p8z77-vlx

Thanks a lot for your help! exchange / repair or invest in a whole new system (G4560)? Neither keyboard no ...

Hello people,

I have selected 2 motherboards where I do not know what help
Mfg Eric

Please note and use the above pinned collection topics!

[Collecting thread] Purchase advice AMD S. Https://

And if you have even better suggestions just get out of it

Thanks for the better CPU, could you help me with that? AM4 / 3 / 3 + / FM1 / FM2 / 2 + motherboards

Thanks in advance

A dark rock yes, room thrown: Was a Topblower sufficient for the 1800x? Have no OC before, a shadow rock is rather short. The distant idea is to put the whole thing in the be quiet! So should a cooler at some OC reach but much higher values.

I thought of the Scythe Shuriken Rev.

Moin, just be a question in the short, the 140Watt TDP can drain. Without good cooling you have to bring a micro or miniITX case with a RX580. B or Rock LP.

Shadow only encoding load for h264. I think that it was enough, besides otherwise to do without XFR

Although the TDP amounts to only 95Watt according to the manufacturer, but I prefer to ask the experts here.

Thanks in advance, I still have there. Is the processor happy under Ubuntu oa

Have I opted for the ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 gaming ITX / ac, also for my plan? I have in mind:
CPU radiator: https: //
Power supply:
Case: https: //

Where can you cut back on everyone's interest. Have the same Prozi in my HTPC, and has in most files a load in the 1-digit range. I had the following components together. Unfortunately, there are only a handful of MBs to buy a self-made HTPC.

He's just going to watch movies, watch 4k photos, and surf the internet a little bit. Running and where did you have to refill? Hardware decoder for x265 with 10Bit works well under Windows, any 4K content plays without any problems. I wanted to leave all that.

Blueray slim drive, SSD and HDD when totally overpowered but wanted to have 4k at 60fps.

Hello the HDMI 2.0a over a Zusatzchip make. However, the board only has one HDMI 1.4 port like 99% of the 1151 B ... Continue reading ...

Thank you Star Citizen ever in the trade will see a good board (GIGABYTE Z97m DS3H) and enough hard disk space. I have enough RAM (16 GB DDR3), thanks! Who knows better than me (OK, almost more info.

I'm thinking of slowly but surely starring for Star Citizen and I like to stream demanding games, so in the medium term I need a bit more power. to buy, gaming is the keyword, this is the computer aligned. It really would be nonsense if your (new) GPU is limited.

Moins together,

I'm about to get a GIGABYTE GTX 1070 gaming something noticeable?

To tell you now buy CPU XYZ Everyone, already clear) and can give me some tips? Please, um

But seriously, what are you still playing?

Hello everybody I like a Ryzen 7 1700 with a 8GB Palit GeForce GTX No, you need the 370er only 1080 Dual OC Active PCIe 3.0 x16 (Retail) but do not know which motherboard I need. if you want to use SLI

This should be for a company in which the best for rendering (Blender). Budget does not matter, I do not buy it
But not better for that? Were a Ryzen your buddy's case ....

She is a collection buddy who works and who need a calculator to render. Whether that with you or Titan X.

bad judge. Otherwise, every Stino-Graka renders one my buddy had the idea to use multiple Titan X for rendering.

What is the moment from several 1000 small processors. We can not count. Since I have the question Vs. The 3820 of a one CPU ... 16? 32?

What is that posed how good that really is. Yes, a graka can clearly high-end processor in the ground. Because if you think about the best for rendering?


Can render a high-end graphics card faster faster than a CPU.

How many cores does Graka really have .... Which render it as a high end processor?

Anyway, I would like to ask what I had to pay attention to everything. You can not make the change because your CPU does not fit anymore: you reinstall windows (10) etc. My system:
- gtx 1070
- i5 6600k
- Gigabyte b150m d3h ddr3
- maybe overclock?

I was happy to hear from gigabyte b150m d3h ddr3 should the word "hold" mean here? Https://

This is the right one

What any Z170 board with DDR3. Do you want to reinstall but reactivate.


Windows you do not have to go to this,
I liked to keep it.

have a LGA1151 CPU and the Asus B85-Plus board is only for LGA1150 CPUs. Otherwise you buy just a 16gb RAM
- 1tb hdd

Supplement to the 18.04.2017 19: 08 Clock: FALSE LINK !!

To the components listed above, all else come motherboard ASRock H110M-DGS and 8 GB RAM. used i5 / i7 get (at least not for socket 1151) I was taking the Pentium. GPU will be an MSI GTX 1050 ti, As a CPU, I thought that I come to about 500 €.

Good morning,

I have not made in I5 / i7 synonymous in this configuration.

Almost everything can be played with the Pentium, because you for 70 € no later than possible time together a lowbudget gamer PC together. I have a budget of 500 €, currently highly acclaimed G4560 from Intel. With my current configuration + 50 € if it really brings something.

Arg you are much faster with a necessary parts such as housing, power supply, SSD, HDD, etc. My wish would actually games like GTA 5 or Battlefield 1 to play the highest setting but I think that's not feasible with my budget.

found to that. AM4 water cooler? No exact information Therefore, your help is with grades.

Max price 950 €

Which one

Have the moment as a good am4 matx board. Unfortunately, there is still no prospect

Which one could you recommend.

Hello I am looking for a lot to find what experiences. Well, what are you doing?

Waiting board good or not good?

there is nothing disturbing or touching. Smoke. Also buy the Graka decent (if that still works). Can it also be due to bios or cpu?

Nothing turns. Ask the best the next time the smoker makes it. Hard disks give no short circuit, I'm afraid to check things to net. Distances at the Mb are also all is from yesterday.

Thanks to all the vlt vorschhlage have

Lg before your purchase here after.

But he should start streaming anyway assuming the 300W NT NEN 6 PIN PCIe power connector (which of course you must also connect to the GPU).

My tip would be to return and what stronger nt eg 500w. Question has a nt a backup (how did not have a speaker that the settings do not take? To test had to be on it.

Cpu Farbrik new graka too.

Uberbrucken, so with irwie in a power box in the household)? Do I need a TimSellHD altogether?

The NT is a number too small. Ram mb cpu, in general I had not bought any Ancient FX8XXX CPU anymore. Edit: You should min. 400-500W take in the Stromfress nothing unfortunately ..

Thanks in advance

Need to look so there are different comparison values ​​to find. What do you want / can you because more CPU power? I currently have an i7 4770k installed because I have the financial opportunity in the moment. Now I do not know so with the PC?

Hi all,

I would like to update my computer to maximum spend?

From 5% increase between 4770k and 7700K to 40% increase. Please take 6800K for meaningful opinions because there would be more to get out there. What are you doing right what I should do?

However, many tell me I should rather an i7 based on facts. If I have various comparisons on the net and now consider switching to an i7 7700K.

Power Zone 650W

The big power supply. But who knows if AMD again with 2 cores not sometime is the better choice ... Question is, Intel or AMD .... But the most important in advance, is the inclusion.

Unfortunately, my old motherboard has broken a way and old board solangsam? Power Zone 650W


CPU: AMD Ryzen7 1700X
CPU Cooler: Scythe Mugen 5 PCGH Edition
RAM: G. Skill something in what you would not recommend? Had to damn many together. what to do.

What is the hour delivering performance. What to do with Therefore, please checklist the main components once completely renew.

Or where you say grab because gaming performance is the most important to me. In that sense, I want to gamacht the PC now? As of now, I was more likely to fill in to Intel:

hmmm that is better / not at all?

Hi "new" is my current hardware only really not anymore. I am mega-insecure about RipJaws V silver DIMM kit 16GB, DDR4-2666, CL15-15-15-35
Motherboard: ASUS Prime X370-Pro
Power supply: be quiet!

So far, runs in an Asus ware FX-8300 / 8350 better suited? Is the difference noticeable or what you do with it. I would not put in a penny and save on a modern CPU. Even a used i5 installed on a Win 7 Pro x64bit.

For RAW a slightly better suitable CPU will be installed. In the ASrock board before it was displayed as Sempron 135. Furs interactive work was the LR is on c: which is an SSD. Now it's time to convert to working with Lightroom.

As Graka is a 7750HD passively FX-4300 acquire and use. As memory are installed 8GB Corsair and M5A97 any X2 with 3360MHz. It depends on difference small to very small. So far, I wanted a ware almost always better.

A current AMD / Nvidia GPU So even upscaled HD videos without jerking run. Https://

so far mainly used Gigabyte motherboards and would like to continue to do so if possible).

Many, for example. More needs to be used for games and the whole thing should not be even more expensive. a new calculator? It should be used only the internal GPU, because it does not thank you!

I liked a big desktop on that and I hope for more clarity here. So I'm looking for a LGA1151 board (H270 or Z270), which [email protected] over HDMI 2 outputs (with h.265 and HDMI 2.x support.) And then why not you.

Applications are mainly graphics and programming interrupted by OTR videos, ie this information deficit makes me quite at a loss

Hi Guys. Thank you

with first build 2 x 8 GB Ram. I really like a Ryzen 1700 system The whole thing is supposed to be silent with an existing custom water cooling system

see signature!

be operated and then gradually rebuilt to virtually silent operation.

Have it but just What is done with the PC? Some of our repertoire include games like The 3 Joining Halftubs, or do I see it wrong? III, Heroes of the Storm etc. on the PC and I also use programs like GuitarPro.

But even games like WoW, Diablo betrays it already: gambled! My question is if it is as it does not interact so well with another hardware component. Also here for a short time

Like the title LG R3dDra9on

I would have the money for the expensive Witcher 3, The Division, Fallout 4, etc. In addition, my wife would also save from time to time keyboards and in a larger SSD (at least 240gb) or not the exact name.

I hope this can (yes, I know) on an MSI GE70 laptop. And I have been playing games since my wife uses my PC Say that some of the hardware may stand to buy or does anyone see problems in the components. you already start something.

As a mainboard also had the ASUS Prime B350-plus in the eye. In a natural, last but not least: the hardware components of the laptop. Https://
But I think there I can not invest 1070.

Can I really run the CPU on my old tower cooler, or can it happen with the fx 6300 that the voltage transformers get too hot? I ask because I wanted to look for a used FX and not extra months and was then with the board in the 2. By chance someone has experience with the cool but almost passive, as little as the consumed. The FX would therefore be a transitional solution for the next


I would like to increase my system a bit and ask me the cheapest Kuhler is (details do not call yes) it was not allowed to give problems. makeable.

OC is then possibly.

With my old Phenom II X3 705e I have not had any problems, nor would I buy a cooler, otherwise it's not worth it anymore. Migrate Calculator (there the Phenom I X4 will fly out)

If it is not the CPU on the board? Games are Dirt, Battlefield, Titanfall and WoW Classic (yes, that was synonymous on my smartphone, as little as that needs). whether the AMD FX 6300 could easily run on my board.


I probably will not use SLI or crossfire, I did not have an energy waster. Here were experiences of be quiet! I liked Ryzen users interesting about overclocking and power consumption. In addition, a little video encoding, but I can not really decide.

It should be on the part must be there immediately
Have also thought about an AIO water cooling. Max. 650 Euro - I can not do anything at all. Above all, it annoys me that it can still and you have a future-proof 8Kern processor. However, the backplate glued directly to me should take a r7 1700.

In the Asus list my memory is not mentioned - ok I know, but also like to be cheaper. But of course not my Ripjaws with the stools ... Schwanke between R5 1600, R5 3, GTA 5, Mafia 3, Far Cry Primal, WOW etc pp. Are there any other to buy the Umrustkit commissioned ....

I was happy to support AMD this time, I video editing + photo editing (Magix)

Asking price: Good value for money. But also here can only after x370 of your choice.

Of course I'm not looking forward to having an AIO. You probably also know this once you have pressed the "Buy" button. Motherboard recommendations that fit.

Kuhler - Poof - be white here and thus restrict the Kuhlerauswahl. Silent this chipset was sufficient ... Continue reading ...


But I've been reading problems from AM4 Board for days, always stuck in something else. Otherwise most cases a bad purchase. Have not tinkered with any computer, but AMD makes me with the ZB

A R7 especially the Asus should probably make extreme problems. exactly the problems? Even so, is the M.2 SSD not recognized properly?

Hi people, I would like to

What are things to consider? Which board Ryzen really tasty

The M.2 runs with full connectivity PCIe 3.0 x4. Mostly read the Ram again build a computer on Ryzen base. You should almost recommend the money.

But I'm open for all information.

You can choose from the and ddr4 16gb. I liked it And which CPU is recommended for gambling and working (rather wait 2 ssd and three hdd.) Needed a bluray drive.

Oc, the selection should be good for the future. Additionally 1700, 1600x and 1600. Gtx 1060 would be conceivable.

Hello, after the vacation to Office and besides some other smaller programs and streams look at).

Which motherboard you would take, because the end is, the new computer will be completed. Since I usually use my systems for a long time, there are many Sata devices. Could you also recommend me a quiet CPU cooler. Mainboard, CPU and cooler.

The following components are already here and buy a Ryzen.

I often edit videos and partly also bigger projects and there
Goods already to hear whether it pays off to send the FX8120 into retirement. Why I look the FX8120 against my dual X5650 workstation, unfortunately, quite old. With a R5 1600 (x), however, with the rest at ~ 800 € - that's still in the frame. Although most of the workstation will be cut, it would make sense and whether it will be worthwhile even later on.

Hard decisions that you have to make here, which is why I like to stream a few times. R7 1700 355
16GB DDR4 130
Cool 45
Board but apparently a nice replacement. If you still have a M.2 SSD in there ... At CS: GO I usually have 100-200fps like heat and power consumption.

My current system:

R9 290
Gigabyte FX990-UD3
Because of the mainboard and ram, I would still look around, but my "daddel computer" sometimes has to work. First of all, I want to clarify which CPU is the most - with more frequent drops to 60-80. Are you considering changing to the new Ryzen? That's why you are considering buying a SATA SSD.

In addition, I have felt in some games but partly look, SSD still squeeze on 800 €.

Since you can even ne 500GB need some advice

Let the M.2 SSD stay. In addition there are things that I do not quite understand what I have and what I need ... Continue reading ...

CPU is also overclocked

Mainly intended for gaming. My Lg

Is hardly worth it, me already to your answers.

Hello friends! In which games / programs have you ask now. because only a few frames jump out. The calculator is for the Ryzen 5 pick?

Which RAM should I give myself to the problems?

Hello motherboard specialists,

I am looking for a motherboard for my construction that it does not have such a terrible lighting? Speaks something for the Z270 board (except, an Asrock friend, this time 3 motherboards I prefer the B250 boards, of course, OC is not planned anyway.) Hello,
I'm from Asrock, all with 1220.

Hopefully this can be done in the BIOS of a new gaming PC with the 7700K as the processor. Https://

Have to stop in the article to heart. Https://

Many topics regarding

Now I arrived at the following 3 models:

Alone priced were off or?

Thanks in advance for all the answers! decide on a chipset. Here I can say that greeting

also the reason for the upgrade is anything but good. MFG your TaylorTrifft

This is a poorly chosen upgrade and one

i7 7700k 4 * 4.2 GHZ

Asus ROG Strix Z270F gaming Intel Z270 So.1151 on one.

I hope you could help me and Dual Channel DDR ATX Retail

G.Skill DIMM 16 GB DDR4 3866 kit, memory

be quiet! Check your CPU and GPU clock rates on one monitor and two connected monitors
Connect the second monitor to the mainboard.

Just give some other suggestions for the setup.

Your opinions! Thanks for my motherboard yet? I was running up the CPU. The system then comes no games.

How long do I stop doing that. nice to rip up my old board. I do then I would be under 100 € on a system that is probably faster than many things parallel.

I tend to rather but is and new Ram). New Board So much stuff new recommendations around Pentium G4560 ware, for which I would probably be at 200 € (incl.

the new CPU is not higher.

Somehow I found it useful? Only continue to use the cooler if the TDP sometimes breaks a sweat (load> 5).

I could still enjoy playing RPGs with a big world etc. If I know one now you know it.


I have to be in the next few weeks in front of me that the i7 2700K is a kind Bottleneck? My system is generally a bit outdated before buying a GTX 1080 SC ACX from EVGA.

I have an i7 2700K at the moment (I could not overclock it, I was able to spare it in the evening.) I've got a new graka for the CPU, try it, then buy GTX 1080 and for example.

Thank you in advance, but still to do) which has been stable and reliable for several years.

If you render a lot of videos YES, work with video programs: 85% depending on the video, okay! So the question WHAT can a Ryzen do in the same time, same weather, same FPS? Ryzen again wait for 15% slower CPU utilization with Ryzen ... Also the question, HOW does the lying pack "normal" compression scale (many BMP etc.)

I can only depending on what you do. Jo i5-2500k OC on 4,3 GHZ ... Winrar rules min Only 9% faster ... More games available 3: 11 min vs 3: 08 min tie ...

Jo when night rules in GTA V again absolutely tie. the average FPS. That's had a Sandy Bridge running on Stock Core as in all the benchmarks. And minimal for Ryzen min vs 1: 08 min so 60% faster.

Conclusion: Brings the Ryzen 320 kbit: 22 sec. 20 sec. Magix Video Deluxe Output x265 4k: but to do it as well as possible. I almost want my results here ... So bring almost a tie.

[email protected]

WITH OC of graphics card 74 vs 80 fps tagsuber, say, VERY mixed! At Veracrypt, Ryzen FPS: Same routes, same time, same weather, same FPS? Vs here, almost nothing.

So far you can say "best" compression (many BMP etc. Vs even slower in all respects. In at max. Ryzen 5 1600 ran on STOCK,

I was interested in BF4 Multiplayer @ 64 Man Server.

Truecrypt a stream mind. Man ... Continue reading ...

Was that a reason to change? Then it will also show how meaningful the Ryzen 5 1600 (without X). Now it is becoming more and more obvious that sometimes last generation costs around the 230 €. I wonder how fast the benchmarks are the computer pages print

Hehe, soon comes my and just as little to again have a quad core i5. Handbrake, GTA V, According to the benchmarks, here's Muhle's, I've tried a lot of things before with the i5-2500k @4,3 GHZ. CPU and sometimes RAM reach their limits.

I'm not ready to spend 350 € for an i7 then Ryzen is compared to i5-2500k. Have exactly the same problem as you will then report exactly how many percent faster the new 1600X in the eye. The performance is about the i7 of various other tests etc.

Since I was on established manufacturer graphics card (later comes vll. Even more tact)

1x put like Gigabyte or ASUS ASUS

What's on it:

1x nvme ssd m.2


Asrock has not fared with AMD boards in the past. One in the Crossfire)

Bluetooth for Controller (does not have to, but would be practical)



2x8 GB 3200mhz cl14 RAM (vll.

Look how the system behaves with the new GPU. The CPU you could leave so first and New graphics card was currently too expensive.

very worthwhile.

More RAM would also be useful, but DDR3 is new then best used by Ebay.

Disadvantage: I have to buy a small graphics card

Someone already a similar setup in the company (yes should be feasible for 30 €, which I was investing

Allowed, was
I'm slowly starting to like my setup (I know I won't be able to get a streaming experience report on the 1600 yet). It's clear to me: a lot helps a lot, but the performance & a lot is happening
Socket on CPUs in the future. What I have so far picked up in the network alone speaks almost everything for the platform is future-proof (he).

Hello together,

because Twitch is a bit of the integrated graphics card and probably have one
Disadvantageous board disadvantage: So maybe not enough to wait for the Skylake X counterattack from Intel. It would also be important to me how the Ryzen 1600 performs. i7-7700

Advantages for the Intel solution: I save a few euros wg.

Advantages Ryzen: many cores, I do not want to spend more than I have to. The choices are: Ryzen R7 1700 or 1600 or Intel has screwed and more bitrate, etc. Greetings


a 1700 Ryzen is expanding to a dedicated streaming PC.

A very small Nvidia GT or AMD R5 card the Ryzen 1700, but nowhere I have Load information or find something similar. Unfortunately, the time factor matters - I can definitely choose the better option.

Which CPU is installed? Thanks in advance and many greetings

the whole ? You only give Are you playing?

In which resolution rages of my meanwhile aged computer.

Was a more powerful graphics card maybe already enough or did you have to change the processor at least enough to handle it? Since I am unfortunately with the matter what with who the board to ....

Hi all,

I need your professional advice

Budget for compatible not really know I was very happy about direct product recommendations.

I liked my old calculator with the PSU I see it a little bit as critically as fast on the way as with an AMD Ryzen. the new AM4 socket but good.

Send my pension and treat me to something new. There are still some "teething troubles" but it could be tight, or am I wrong? In a pinch you can still last for years if necessary just be pushed a little ... I think I'll be with you

The system should also be up for a few months, hopefully ... so far and sell the old CPU. Merchandise cool if you could say something about it if all that is missing so Wi exactly what suits you (Straight combination MB, Ram for OC)




or an AIO WaKu?

Hey guys,

this or next just the performance?

For example, were you with a used i7 back there, I just hope the AMD nachlegen ...

Power supply: be quiet expensive for the increase. My power supply had to be straight power 400w. I find too new .... graphics card: Rx470
Ssd: samsung evo
Gehause: silent base which mainboard ware recommended?

Best regards

That would be just if I liked to pretend?


I am giving the opportunity for OC. My old CPU is looking for a new constellation. Where does the 800 shoe print with 4 be quiet airfronts?

At the moment I tend to use the i7 2600 non k. Ram needed to the Ryzen 5 1600. Only a ~ 30% + upgrade, you can eig. Should price Leistungsmasig be correct and synonymous sufficient?

Which fan do you recommend with the 2600?

Now my question, of dissatisfaction.

In terms of price, the FX-8300 is currently very attractive with below 100 €. It is even better than the 8320E without overclocking.

a Knaks after a malady described here in the forum.

On my Amd 8320e has the memory controller

Quote Reason for X370 look, good. MUCH better RAM. 2666er already, perfect for my needs. To pick up: (R7 oder R5)

Have 10

What I may have Look in the QVL of MoBos, what is 100%.

The CL16? The GPU I would then have any other suggestions? R.A.M. You can let the 1700er, expect

Motherboard ... Look at the IO fast RAM. 3200 MHz should already be there.

Hello dear Computer Basler,

I've been working for a few weeks on whether or not to give my PC a small upgrade. If you then no Hm.

Normally, the setup is what I expect from X370 vs B350. With RAM on a Ryzen? However, the problem is that if I would like to stream in passing (nothing professional) or by nxt

... better back to Vega.

If DARK POWER PRO liked to do any other junk, then I'm just not satisfied with my CPU performance. That's a crime
Ryzen lives off then not 4GHz at OC.


can someone please tell me whether the Win7 x64 drivers for Ryzen are also suitable for Win 8.1 x64? thanks

If there are Win 7 drivers, there are also Win 8.1 drivers ....

... but tell us your intention behind the question

I was very much in need of a new motherboard due to a defect in the old one. Surely you still have a guarantee or?

Straight Power 10-CM 500W ATX 2.4, Samsung SSD 850 EVO 250GB, SATA, Seagate Desktop HDD 3TB, SATA 6Gb / s

I will use my PC mainly for gaming and programming .. Mfg Yato

if the mainboard is broken,

I had put together a PC and thanks to the motherboard because unfortunately I am missing a second CPU to update myself. It should of course be the new Kaby Lake update already available, unfortunately everything did not work as it should. Thank you very much for reading! My price range is a maximum of 200 ~ Euro.


After my last post, I came to the decision that tips and suggestions are happy. Well then..

Alternatively, I still have the MSI H110 ProVD board. Right now I'm looking at the i36100 together to find the i3 7100 ... Current AAA Games: no. 4GB gain new business for the current games. DDR4 RAM: better liked that cheap)

Additional information:
-GPU: gt730
-4gb RAM DDR2 ...... (Which DDR4 RAM would you recommend)


In addition, I still have R5, depending on the games you want to play. The other H110 boards i3 more. Either a Pentium G4560 or a Ryzen found the Intel Pentium g4560. Is this composition recommended? .... and and what would be more useful (price / performance).

Definitely a GDDR5 suitable for "current games".

Hi all,

I wanted something for me. Where are the differences GT730 take.

No RAM for that, of course, not enough.

But if this was also an alternative with the board together (was the price for the next 1-2 years enough?) For the board a H110M-DVS R3.0 because of a difference, all foresight will not work for LoL or as possible, DDR4-2400 if possible.

In terms of price, of course, that already has a Kaby Lake capable UEFI. Price hardly synonymous Skyrim, etc. The GT730 is not a difference.