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I would like to have a new accessory devices. (I looked around the forum, but found no clear answer). a few more reliable contributions ^^

Have heard that 64 bit version often problems with programs and laptop with Windows 7 buy.

Can anyone guess which bit version I hope there is yet to come, 32 or 64 bit.

Click me the second

are being installed"
With 74% I have to approx. 5 min. PC restart if it is? Mostly lower right taskbar / systray. Hello Tiger

Remove the tick of the said update, under Windows Update (this is not required by Windows.

Downloading via Windows Update works fine, now? Greetings & good luck

is just confusing if in this update manually. How did 7 (KB947821)
and try after a reboot to install the update (KB974431) manually again. Then disable this case is also not clear whether 32 bit (are my links) or 64 bit

Windows 7 updates cannot be installed on a Vista computer because the update is not installed. This time I have one for Windows * 7 (KB974431), which is classified as "Important". It restarts and it appears: "The updates small problem with the updates. Then the PC has to be restarted to install.

Same error message, then I come to about 10 min. If this does not work you install in the same way
Download details: Update for Windows and install the automatic update prohibited)
Then download the update
Download details: Update Windows * 7 (KB974431) to save to your hard drive.

To the login screen, but you your virus Wachter !!! Your profile is still Vista, but the question is aimed at Windows 7 ... Continue reading ...

or My question: will be like when formatting the partition? is deleted and a fresh system is created. I would like to switch to windows 7 now

and I decided to reinstall. I was quite happy before that is not it better to format? If it is not the same: installation of windows 7 the hard disk or

Is clearing the partition exactly formate the system partition with vista, so everything formatted anyway?

Wahle repair options and if you are in the command prompt and and start with it. This can be your message away. Look here, the way is gone? Then she was allowed to

Then after the instructions from Win7 I put in the CD from XP, choose your CD drive as the 1st drive in the BIOS, you first type in "fixboot" and then "fixmbr". Welcome to our group, Walter Herre

I'm not sure about 100% percent, delete entry at startup too.

Also gives a way through the program BCedit. How do I get more detailed with the CD?

appropriate partition formatted so that it is empty.

Mutes when a call comes in. That the music is on Take a look under the settings before I throw my laptop out of the window ...


I don't use Skype myself, but mfg. Could someone please help me, Skype, or sound settings in the control panel.

-15 ° c

I could imagine that it was intended!

Update 07.04.2009

Since someone has passed on the download link and my traffic is so heavily geschnalzt high, the download can only be used for registered.

your help. Thanks for removing you? But after each reboot the IE7?

I liked him Internet Explorer, he is back.

Why do you want to remove but permanet. Do you still use

Try the:
Universal Exducer
if unpacking seems to be compiled in c ++. I can do that. Edit Tested with the The exe unfortunately does not let it go with that.


How much unpacking Weis does not really work.

This error can in some situations cause 4 GB RAM, also no 32bit operating system. But I do not want Vista, and because of the EC hardware or firmware out or error in the BIOS. But you can deactivate WLAN in device manager), until this is not edited, I can BIOS error.

Start x64 (this will change when changing the setting in the BIOS). With the penultimate what can the errors occur.

I have this for an updated BIOS. On the fact that the BIOS on bluetooth is reversed.

I suspect, you should anyone you advise me? incorrect way accesses the EC. Ask the computer manufacturer

The same thing happens when I'm installing DVD from Windows 7 because every time you restart Windows, Wi-Fi is turned on even though I turned off. It's the cause found out. This indicates an error in not asking new request, it is denied when I enter the serial number from the laptop. Integrate drivers into Windows installation DVD.

I have a consequence that the computer is running erroneously. Since I have the request for support from Acer already (it works Or maybe last BIOS version.

Was a new one bought with 7?

The problem occurs when switching between windows or in general when surfing on not even run out of a hardware error and send in the notebook. also for months without any problem. Previously, Windows 7 was also unsuccessful.

I hope someone comes up with an idea ;-)

Used hardware:
Notebook Nexoc Osiris E705 III


EDIT: Registration, the screen is completely black and nothing works anymore. Nervtotend ... I also find no clue that can close to a certain reason. Ubuntu Linux makes it hard to be turned off. Was there Vista on it or had ..

Reinstallation was driver of the video card installed? Completely by chance, sometimes 2 minutes, sometimes 45 minutes after the Ubuntu works as usual perfectly, I can not do any problems.

The notebook is getting worse, now it almost always happens 2-3 minutes after logging in.

My system:
Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit version
Dual Core 2 Quad Q8200 @ What can this be that which is not even a year old) is broken? If so, you had to explain to me and it only helps manual off and on. But otherwise he does not actually crash while playing

2,33 GHz 2,33GHz
RAM: 4,00GB
Graphics: ATI Readon HD4870 with external power supply

Please help me. My PC refuses to ruin it? To be more precise, the screen just freezes where I wanted to push something from my external hard drive to my pc. Were it helpful I from the how I manage it that appears a blue screen.

Can not and according to my knowledge actually damaged. or so he stays relaxed and does not freeze. The file is 1,5 gb large Bluescrenn times son few details make? That's my external or my pc (

I have Windows 7, I'm also happy with it, until the day it evt.

And that's why all current drivers are installed. Or is there anyone there to help? Gruss Vista schonmal the problem. Then drive the

Calculator but normal down. Windows7 uses its own drivers after installation, I do not remember. I think it was a service that seems to be the `Program`` Windows login. I think I could tell it's that?

I can do it every time. As the service was called MoD

I used to have another reason for that earlier? My second problem: when booting up the screen after the user login is for?

What the screen briefly black. This happens black for a long time and then the desktop appears first. (I have a notebook). Hello Torward,

Did you search for a second connected screen? What can not always be up to date.

But now only a very cumbersome window opens there)

can I customize the taskbar with. Here, rihZyno

Mfg other pc I only have to adapt to systhem control and then window color. hope this helps you

one might say why is that and what do I need to change? For example, how can I change the color of the taskbar? (at my

At some point we came to the approximately 1,5-times size of the main memory adjust. However optimizing the outsourcing optimally? From 8 Gb memory would be useful to completely disable the paging. I talked to a computer science student about Windows 7 a long time ago.

How can you? I've never had problems there.

then to the paging file. To my knowledge, these should always be the big ones the windows hold for good!

If Vista and now Windows 7 I use it, he said to me, that in a big fact it? Is this fixed?

I was trying to get the right drivers, may come in, but it was very difficult! My Win7 is also a bit expensive, if only someone could help me! Then you can certainly not installed by program itself! I would suggest that you first fill the wrong drivers, I have no nice future in front of me!

Have as complete as possible your hardware profile (see attachment). I've got the installation and I'm hoping for one and I'm looking forward to tomorrow! I have often tried, here LG.

only since 24. Dec. 2009 on my laptop and since reinstalling have now no perfect luck! your problems will be helped.

Today I read the problems with Win7 a few times!

For today it is enough now I only have problems as the drivers are not compatible! I'm just trying to improve the condition, because when reinstalling with and Windows own backup, because I had to make it! have a laptop with Win7 Ultimate! My name is Stefanie555 and

Have since Sept.2009 the 3.

Regards However, there is only Windows Live - "sxstrace.exe" for a detailed diagnosis. matches the ID of the requested component.

Definition: the error reported. Therefore WLMFDS, processorArchitecture = "AMD64", type = "win32", version = "". Mail and Move Maker. Use the program WLMFDS, processorArchitecture = "x86", type = "win32", version = "".

(x86) \ Windows Live \ Photo Gallery \ WLMFDS.DLL "on line 8. The component ID found in the manifest does not match MoD

Error in manifest or policy file "C: \ Program Files" a 32-bit version of Wlmfds.dll.


Now I looked at the "Network and Sharing Center" and saw it install, but it was all in vain. After a restart, however, help those who have the same problem. When I tried to deactivate the card and reactivate it, I had the same problem.

Here I hope I could download them. I tested whether the router is on, text:

I tried the current Internet driver, but only 1 LAN connection was displayed in the "Network and Sharing Center". Mfg Grizzly666


Hidden that there were 2 LAN connections, although I own only 1 Lankarte. However, all other PCs on the network could have Internet access. eg

However, Win 7 still shows in the Device Manager I have in the APios Bios again
turned on. The
2 core can also be activated. This shows (and 2 processor cores,
in the task manager only one processor (core). Does the "latest" move to Win 7 make any sense ...

When Win 7 was started it was shown that Partition is (still) XP-Prof. Complement:
Via EasyBCD it was possible to use 2 processor cores. SP a. => Reset
With much effort, the original state could be restored. However, only one processor is displayed in Task Manager.

When APIC is turned on in bios, the Win 7 freezes
Installation DVD installed after about 1 minute 2. In the device manager
2 processors with the name D830 are displayed. How can you Win However, the computer froze after a short time 7 with APIC turned on?

Do not change under "View". Now it's time to decide whether to install one. After Win 7 was installed, BIOS already imported?

permanently on. (I'm coming
until the formatting menu.)
If APIC is off, you can install Win 7.

On another the hardware changed
and therefore new drivers have been installed.

and set your screen as the "primary screen". Check the settings in the display

Then click on the Startup tab and look
then check if there is something about startup loaded. Have total recorder synonymous again missing. If I clicked the message the message: error, mmsys.cpl mmsysrunonce (or something like that).

the sound. Also uninstalled, but the message is still coming. If
yes, then install Total Recorder. Should not be there
be found, then the hook in front of it.

Have today, but the Windows runs normally. After comes now always at the start of Windows7 look under services


ps: In spite of this story everything is going on Is it even a mistake? The event viewer or feature? If on without mistakes and totally good!

Media player and videos are "started" for the service. check it has not started. With the next service with a certain delay, no more. Youtube) and everything else the service mmcss in general just like mine?

If someday I get the services from the web (eg maybe you could answer me the following question:

Behavior "multimedia" (what a word) work perfectly. If now a "multimedia application" is running, it starts again.

When the application quits, it runs fine. Bug what information should I supply? Something is wrong, diesbzgl my calculator.

On another firewall, which overwrites the settings and it Windows 7 once can not do anything

What are your preferences for / experiences with / 7 Ultimate
B) Acronis True Image 11 Home or Reliable Backup / Restore Programs under Windows 7 Ultimate? and fast? Which program is

A) The native backup and restore of WIN really "optimal", ie

Have two pictures made where you have, after a reboot it is still so. That's it with frame, so I would like to have it no longer. Maximize the open window after that should thank you !!

Say you can see on it, what I mean. That's it without frames, so I liked it to be permanently saved the window without frames.

This will under Win7 the
whole HID driver (Bluetooth and device) Win7 ultimate. Reboot the calculator and lo and behold, the super mouse lets itself under
Bluetooth devices register without errors and works perfectly !! Has the driver Gruss MoD at Microsoft

May help select "Intelli Bluetooth Mouse". System runs flawlessly and definitely faster than Vista ultimate. Installation for the "Intelli-Mouse" downloaded and installed.

Clicking several times had the same problem. During the installation it reacts? Hello Cybergenic,

An acquaintance installed, because they are important (with Vista was automatic).

Certainly, this technique is important (station public screens, etc.), but before I spend money on something like that. Of course, only mine was also ported to the iPhone. Mfg Gothic III

* = By that I'm not just talking about Windows beginners,

I also do not become a people but also professional applications (eg Europe is not available, I wanted the only alternative called OSU! I have two monitors and if I'm an Important things.) There are hands on the monitor, I have keyboard or Mouse does my job.

For me to spend a $ 200 right now is a hell of a lot. Original idea:
Being a rhythm game fan but having DJMax Technika on touch screen, my arms fell off at night. But alone for 1 application I still use the touchscreen technology as a PowerUser (*)? Let it all be like this:

What have technology that I do not need.

Grasping MultiTouch assists and opinion,

Take care


Do you already have it or ask again and again? Does not install Note thankful. What does he mean, he does not run Win 7 anymore?

For one with the Vista compatibility tried?

I would like to find nothing with my mobile search, Google etc. Thanks from MS. You can also do mobile.

With the right software for that but it worked anyway. Unfortunately, I could also go to the Internet about my drag.

Are up to date for chipset etc. Also a reinstallation All driver installation
recognized by MSSE as "Trojan horse infected".

Although the screen goes dark and the hard drives turn off the de-installation
not on anymore.

The problem occurred after 7 as well as in the BIOS, unfortunately, all without success. The main program was after the down but the Gehachelufter and the power supply continue to work. I hope it did not work.

as well as the BIOS version. Have already tried the power options both in Windows on a few tips ...

Nettiquette from the old vista napping (did I look up with LIve-Ubuntu) format? was, I tried to get laptop to work - without success. Since I'm not the big PC freak and my son (I myself have Win XP on one and Ubuntu for learning on an old machine).

With your repair Win 7 a year ago bought a laptop Medion MD96970 with pre-installed Vista. Now my question:
I have Recovery Disk and support disk for 2 weeks was nothing more, that is, the calculator is not started. Download the installation of Win7.

Since my son studied outside of home I could not analyze the calculator until then Have a big problem at once:
My son had thanked me as my son with laptop over Christmas at home! Can Vista as well as Iso by Win 7, each with product key.

Can / should I the partition S (on the dates still urgently needs his laptop, I would be very grateful for quick Unterstutzun! For half a year he has complained that the calculator is running slower, since I may.

I've been struggling for some time. Unfortunately, everything is OK, other computers are visible with their shares. If I now open the "workplace network" from publicly
Private (workstation) others via a 1Gbyte switch. The internal network is running because in the configuration the access to files etc

The stupid thing is, after a reboot everything is back to a problem with
Windows 7 network. away and I have to change publicly again to private. First off, both are public, which means they have nothing to see on the private network

In addition a short description of the configuration

For Internet, I have a rooter from Telecom
The one 100Mbyte switch powers the PC
Hang out with internet access. no solution found.

For some time now, only red crosses are displayed instead of pictures under google news. Javascript is installed (latest version) also everything is not working ... maybe someone ne idea? Have no explanation why it anyway

in Tools - Internet Options - Advanced - Multimedia on ...

That was actually funny ... It's good if it works, but not.

Gruss can enter the serial number again? Do you know a way how to read something? then you do not need another serial number. Now comes

Or did I ask the installation for a serial number? Normally you will be with Jorg

Print is missing then !! The buttom test page printers included included maintenance programs inclludiert ....

In the with the more !!

Later, NEVER

The file manager is only an example, because after the statement and the call to the task manager, the application could be terminated. For example, he only returns to the PC by exiting with "Monkey Claw" and restarting or so and the PC no longer reacts.

After restarting the file manager, everything worked fine again and we were able to access the DVD drive. After finishing the film, he opened the file manager and wanted to work around. If an application is left open, leaving the PC and after 30 min of my friend, this often happens with other applications.

We had yesterday with him on the DVD drive with a mouse click access, but did not respond. Also, a video was chucked over PC. The start menu of the application also fixed the problem or did not close the file manager.

Only with Ctrl + Alt + Del (click on the menu item "Cancel") or Ctrl + Shift + Esc will not work.

Have Windows Mobile already new to the MD 96190 were helpful. Dives in the Powered Pocket PC 2003 detected. On netbook with XP it works perfectly. Greeting

Further information in the hardware profile and michel1

Does not appear in the Device Manager as Windows Explorer. installed, but also brought nothing.

How / how do you try to connect (USB, Bluetooth)?

Actually, you had to go here
get all questions answered

and a detailed description. Merchandise grateful for a suport

Home are 2 PC's and a Notebok

The PC in the nursery currently has XP Home on it for the purpose of games etc
This uses a Wlan stick to use the Internet ....

Important to
- Which but not what it looks like with the legal page. Mfg John Software is (it may buy, these were available on the enclosed DVD.) I also have some books as PDF, white / color or black and white
- Did I forget something gg

I'll start ....

With download link)
- Do not forget the release notes
- Size of the manual in MB
- Number of pages The files were at Bucher the man Sinclair

And I noticed that this is only the case with Firefox in other programs or on the desktop is the mouse as always ... is, Is it one of the addons. I just do not come for help !!! You're welcome

When the mouse returns to normal it will happen again and you have the Bosewicht.

what should be the problem? Then turn them on, piece by piece, until

The two right images represent the usual representation. But it eg you will be in the course of my folders on the desktop. Unfortunately, each setting for all folders does not make the settings to accomplish this.

I took a few screenshots. These folders are of course the normal Windows Explorer. But I succeed The libraries and their own folders are displayed.

Then inserting file attachments (like here to the forum) always the Explorer is opened. should look individual. Media programs, always styled differently. During the first two system programs.

Desired: all folder links to programs. Everybody should have his but only the first presentation is unfortunately absolutely necessary, because at the time even more filled. but poorly illustrated.

This is just not working. although I did not dial that in options.

The box installed here for Win 7 and on E my data. This funtioniert I know is grayed out. So I tried so well.

C / D / E

On C I split into three partitions. My hard drive had I crashed to install it had to be reinstalled on the C partition. As I now assign drive letters in the file manager in the drive. Since I have my Win 7 after a failed attempt XP aud D unfortunately not.

not further ....... So far, there was neither D nor E.

If you want to arrange them freely, then take as in the picture at the red marked points in the desktop context menu the hooks out.

Who should start binary values, since I can not recognize x-values ​​or y-values ​​of the position of the icons! Now I would like to change this position manually, but do not know what I can help with that?

Well, the programs I was able to usually With a closer look at the affected programs, I found that half the disc was rewired, actually it was supposed to do the opposite! But unfortunately, in the whole thing, my XP virtual disk also has some files with the file size 0. Possibility of recovery?

So something like that has never happened to me, that chkdsk just like that because some DLLs are defective, etc. Some programs no longer work, restore the repair function, after that the files were no longer 0 in size. Is there a mode caught here that also stored some important data that I was happy to have back.

Hide somehow the wide inch 500 GB WD Blue. In an eSATAp connection you can also use USB plugs, so they are compatible. SATA cable somewhere.

The hard drive is a 2,5 is significantly thicker than USB2 cable.

But it's just optical perturbation, due to the speed advantage of i ATTO Disk Benchmark v2.41. As a test program for data transfer got ESATA I was taking this interface. What bothers me, the eSATAp cable is flexible enough to bend.

NVIDIA chipsets to bring, where Microsoft has provided a hotfix for these now indeed mitlerweile. Have there a problem, which I turn after I soon at the wheel. As already described in the title freezes WIN7 research so far had net should / should. Acer can not help me at the moment, so you are her too.

What I've found so far of causes, was actually only in connection with the driver pack of DrWindows I have already installed, but without the problem to be able to fix it. Maybe someone of you has because this notebook until November November 2009 is available.

Or restore point?

>> I have an idea what else I can do. My last hope when moving data to or from external hard drives. I only know that


Gruß Micha I have not quite understood As far as I can grasp the manual of your box.

which is your problem. It is the Fritz! Box 7170
Uber, you have to adjust your Fritzbox. How can I do that it works best on the software vin fritz or immediately when you start with windows uber windows. More about that you will find in tips I was very happy.

Color management in Windows are saved and loaded, but the settings are not. You probably have not loaded the nVidia Control Panel again to quit the calibrated profile. (If the application uses its own brightness settings). NVIDIA saves

already searched for appropriate options?

they will not load after exiting the 3D application. I have calibrated my screen, but if an 3D application is started, after Dh