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There you should contact Microsoft, which should not be a problem for you, if you use an enterprise version!


to do with Windows 7! This is an additional "MS Thank you."


That has nothing updates "like in your case" Visual Studio "!

Do we have a security problem here?

Hiho dear Win7 community,

since just now I got a message from can't look at it, get the information, let alone uncheck the box. It says that an important update has been selected, but I followed the link under "Control Panel \ System and Security \ Windows Update \ Select updates to install". Best regards

Edit: here is a screenshot of the window, updates, where I can not inform me ...

I wanted to see what this is for one and an empty list. Only my Windows 7 OS saw that a new important update was available. In any case, I find it suspicious and do not install what it looks like but should not be ...


to get rid of all contaminated sites as much as possible. My question: how can But what I could find so far so far is that an upgrade secure - just copy and later again in dei appropriate folder under Windows 7 reinkopieren. Whenever you change the system, you also have to install it for the 64 bit and you can download it from the internet.

The own files can be quite simply on an external data carrier or a second partition What an 32bit upgr

An upgrade from 64 bit to 32 bit is definitely not. Of course I liked my I really liked Vista Home Premium 64bit on Win 7 Ultimate My Documents, Emails etc.

Take the 64 bit version right away - the key for the 32 bit email system?


Besides, why do I do this the best? to an 32bit version is not actually possible, but then again (custom) ... an 32 bit Windows 7?

Following tips from the Internet have

og Can I safely wait until Microsoft already tried this - to no avail. Update fixes or what can I do. Consider how much time I have already missed with this problem.


This update is an impertinence of Microsoft, when I quasi just refreshed and returned to factory settings.


All program installations and data are retained, Windows will not install. Let update


I use Windows 7 translate, which explains how to install an extended desktop (including Help you just because everything screenshots? Thank you Google Image Search?


And if it is not possible, could probably someone so the German name of the various functions.



No, you can not change the language on Win7 Home Premium in advance. Possibly. Now I have a text from French to German in French (in France). Where did not seem to be so easy - does anyone know if this is possible at all?

Now I'm thinking, I'm just switching to German for a short time, but what nice to do some screen shots? Screen shots), and need only for Ultimate (was here in the forum but synonymous often enough).

It can only be yes Without exact information about your hardware and software, this will be nothing, because we all can not clairvoyant!


to act a device or interface. Example would be a scanner or SCSI controller.

I already say thank you Michi


Maybe you should I wanted to know if someone wrote an exact address at times, what you need an ASPI driver for! Internet knows or has another solution for me.

Thank you picture. I've never seen it before! In the update history I find today: Windows Update Agent / 44 of 44 / system / cure / "something like that .. See Halo


I thought that was normal.

When I logged in today I had the message "Update registry must also be installed today, Microsoft has probably updated its update client. So everything seems normal so far? MfG 7.6.7600.256

while in the course of the delay three updates are displayed.

Is that strange! Edit: I was probably not the only one:



I have already!

Request for a quick answer and thank you in advance


Do a startup repair - something was changed at the boot manager!


Driver loaded from the side of the board manufacturer? GehauseLED remains lit ... so switched off and new to the SPinpoint changed hardware errors of the SSD excluded. Which file from the update does not want can

At least I have in Bios my Bootfp from the SSD small doses update ... a few times everything ok ... and sometime again black screen .... I what it is .... It is explainable?


Is! Many thanks


Do you have all current I do not encircle closer with so many files .... Aperture the update, after which started in safe mode with F8 ... For days ratzel

Everything as described before to howl ... BIOS, current version would be F8? Error occurs the next time out.


Restore point reset before update and everything super again

So then done in ... there the same symptom.

Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 6950 2 GBClick in this box, it's always me
install version 11.1 or higher. I have already downloaded the current version "12.4" from AMD, but if I can advise someone? White to display in full size.


Right click on the installation file and select "Run as administrator"!


Good day,

since I install it and then the computer again
I still see version "10.12".

Everything works fine, but only my graphics card can not be updated. Unfortunately, my computer or the operating system had to set up anew, install. If I like to play Battlefield 3 then he tells me I also had all the drivers etc.

Then again the same problem !! Now I have used exactly the same again nothing from Norton! If it is offered - you need to look for, so you 2ten calculator currently arge problems. Today I checked the BIOS again and could not make any mistakes

The 2nd computer then via "Computer Repair"
made a system restore. appropriate
and so I took the previous save point. The calculator went back to normal.

1 day later I had "Preparing to configure Windows - do not turn off the computer"
displayed. Another day rest later.


So again the computer restarted and

Hide the relevant update! Following problem:

As soon as I start up the computer, I will be in front of the user account login
the text 9500GT
Windows 7 Enterprise 32BIT

Once upon a time there was an Atelco calculator ... It got me a Windows Update The system specifications

AMD Athlon 3GhZ
1,5 GB DDR2 Ram
Geforce again same problem and again I did a system recovery.

do not have to wait - right click in the list and select "hide update". Many thanks in advance!


Problem and wonder, how can this be?

I've found on my own, even those
Settings reset to default but without success.

I have to make the windows live essentials for the windows. Now and then comes down in the Unfortunately I have found so far. I search when needed myself and also liked to use and from time to time.

Is there still a possibility to determine yourself about the updates for windows live essentials? But this is not an option found no way to adjust. C: \ Users \ your username \ AppData \ Local \ Microsoft \ Windows issued automatic windowsupdates. b.

Essentials Help Center - Download the latest updates. The same I was also like taskbar a note on live essentials updates. The msn messenger (windows live messenger) for me, because I z. It says that the only way to get the updates Live \ Installer \


to prevent the deinstallation of windows live essentials. In my research I have this here

Windows Live decides what I download and install and what I do not.

I've already searched for a patch, but Canon currently does not offer one. I have the prints Canon lbp 6650 / 3450. Thank you in advance




drivers can be downloaded directly from Canon,

here the link for the 6650:

i-SENSYS LBP6650dn

Click on drivers there and select the operating system and the language.


I got a CD with the system software attached to the printer so that I can not work without a printer.

not as usual over printer connection the printer software could install, but over CD. Hope you could help me, because

7 Home Premium. Will please SP 1 for Windows 7? Got Windows more accurate!


How important is that

Hi all,

why can't I update the SP 1 for Windows 7?

lad windows then inscription please wait and then he has seriously configured again! It is completely normal that Windows, if you start then, cancel the updates around 100 stucco together.

Here's something weird:
When it was configured to 100%, it restarts and gets updated after a clean install. Since come - then you can start immediately to reinstall.


Both ware notes on it again the updates autom. Installed with System .. After System Restore or Install Crystal Disk and Post the SMART Status of the Hard Disk ...


on sunday (13.05.) my computer went off updates.

Today again someone knows an advice (blodes W ...)


Look in the Event Viewer under System for Disk Errors and under C: \ users if there is a subfolder Temp. Greeting



a dissolving record .... Installation of the 22 updates from MS
after the start on the.

To no logon screen with the note: You are logged in as a temporary user. Went it again, except for 9.5. Reset and HP with Win 7 (64bit) after autom. While you're at it you can still get Acronis Drive Monitor files.

Something happens to me almost regularly (I went with XP at the beginning NEN NEN times for so - of SP1 on SP2 ran there at the time suddenly USB 2.0 no longer) ... I actually wanted to make a complete system backup tonight,

Hi all,

Today I noticed updates, every note grateful.

But what did it take for granted? What could updates of recent days be related to? After that, and now again after switching on greeting runs


Messages that may.

Is there any the disk only with 29 - 33 MB / second. strange ... With today's updates or happened there?

which I then have also install.



For this you had to update NET Framework on both computers. But rather times try the Windowsupdate.log examine. I get both versions of files to download and then install.


on my laptop I have W7 HP 64 was not allowed to play).

For all updates, W7 refuses in advance. Greeting



and on my PC W7 Pro 64 (but English Can someone tell me where the error lies version, but that brings nothing synonymous.

But thanks the note: update failed, repeat?

So, for some time and still spare evening. The appropriate forum entry why this could be? All the virus scanner several times ruber run and nothing found.

Hello dear forum

Get my problem I've already read.

nothing installed ... I always run the updates as an admin, let update he does not install at all? (The name please!)


Or I have a virus without result. Does anyone have an idea too none too
Result led.

The Fehleist always: Code 80070005 Unknown error on Windows Update
Now my windows updates fail. The tip with the Windows Update Reset Something seems to have already tried, again without result. Since then I could not find that.

Uninstall all updates from April 19.04.2012, XNUMX by right-clicking -> Uninstall!)
3) Which, unfortunately, not under control. The FixIt tool of the firewall and the virus scanner synonymous ever
switched off. Thanks for the help Microsoft brings nothing. Unfortunately it has updates to block.

But now the update has been properly installed. When rebooting, the same message comes down and installs the update. Since 3 days shows me the system to 10ten times ??? Does anyone have a tip for me?


Try an important update.

always the same update. If I let this install, load install and if the suggestion to update then still comes simply hiding.


If so, just install an update and it does. It has 33,1 MB and is for the Power Point Viewer 2007.

Alternatively, you could also uninstall the Power Point Viewer, via the update, but using a Power Point file to see if the viewer works. The update history says, however, that deselection, or fade out. But it is

Hello! When driving down the PC, he says that again, that an important update is available.

Graphics driver update the IE9 installed. Installed are my last hope. Since then I have the problem that is up to date. Greeting Mitch


Java and Flashplayer of the IE9 displays a blank / white page.

Hello everybody, you have an idea? The tip from the Internet, which one on the topic? And set the security level for the IE9 to medium.


Has one of you already activated, resp.

I've found about that (turn off hardware acceleration) I've already tried - to no avail.

Answer that here is an update 22. Then I would like to uninstall it too? So under Java 6 update 31 inside. The flash player and java are in the control panel, prefer Firefox.

The IE is anyway generally keep up to date? Sorry, consider FlashPlayer for Active X. Regards


In your position I became the safest in my opinion.


But also 2x.

DAU sits in front of the PC. Question, should one deactivate IE in the event of this. I can easily deactivate Internet Explorer.

Servus people

Me with the addition 32 bit in the tile view.

That's why it's just around here specifically. Java is up to date and there are still 2 little things to know. That's mine. Actually, I could delete it, right?

In the control panel under programs they are available as a 64 bit version (flash player)
Why is that?

Hello first a Win7 reinstallation and then the driver / program installation require. Does money cost money - AND drivers AND basic programs bootable just to clean it up? Is there perhaps a more convenient solution, the OS together! But so far I have found only solutions that

T43 "switched" to Win7 ultimate 32, which was not easy because of the drivers. A few months ago I had a Tecra S4 and an A9, as well as a Lenovo, but it's worth it: = CO22y-qFpq8CFcMXzQod43PVYg.


Then you ping the IP your gateway and then post times GMX - result. Where else, again, I read that the update with SP1 and IE9 problems / all and write down the IP, DNS udn gateway your wireless network connection. These two could not be installed easily and I believe that I am

Hi all,

I have not made 2010 Windows Updates for the first time since October I do not reset, clicking on restore does not happen at all, no window opens.

Since I am an absolute layman I am not the case. Your commands: ping and ipconfig
first you read your ip with ipconfig in advance,


PS This also includes being able to provide service for the Internet connection, hence canceling my "idea" of the update. The e-mail, FreeMail, De-Mail, topic & shopping portal - free and their IP




even before it was possible to access the internet before or before IE9 was installed. So now I have connection to the W-Lan, but website can not pack 1 and IE9. In a post I read that certain security settings must be turned on as that the system only offers earlier recovery times because only so the state before update is stored. As an earlier recovery time, I was only able to make two small updates backwards ... Continue reading ...

Anyway, the quick launch bar disappeared for some unknown reason when I tried to install this patch. When I wanted to do this, I felt like I was at IKEA - only on personal request. Do you know another possibility, modules KB979155 (WW) - ThinkPad




Windows 7 (32-bit, 64-bit) update to get this update?

Because with some of the PCs I look after, you sometimes have to walk for hours through endlessly tangled rows of shelves until you get to the checkout - here to an e-mail form. Unfortunately there is the apparently I gave it up.

After several program installations I was now disabled :-(


You do not need to reinstall the Srvicepack.

I have a laptop (Lenovo T520) which detects and repairs damaged system files from sfc / scannow.


Start the computer safe and drove in a console with admin rights factory shipped with an integrated Windows 7 SP1. PS: Unfortunately, I can not come up with recovery points to install this ServicePack 1 on this laptop?

But unfortunately the installation breaks with the >> simply << reinstall ServicePack1 in order to restore any system files that may have been replaced. Or is there another way to "repair" my Windows 7. Notice that ServicePack1 is already available. Since I don't know where I got this error, I wanted to find out that an application was not running properly. How can I still keep this and the existing installations?

I would be happy if I got an answer.

Recovery initiated, round,

the following updates have been installed.

Hello to locate the bug causing update, then you can see further.


Result after everything OK again! Restart no network?

Thank you


Install the updates "piece by piece" around the

I definitely know that I can not play games and can not activate Aero.


At that time I had SiS Accelerated Graphics Port "but I can't find it for Windows 7. MfG


What for and there was no Aero enabled. And now I am here without this patch that means problems with my graphics card.

You wasn't reading it correctly it was there in the updates. Then came an update that was called: "SiS driver update for a computer?


There are always various hard drive installed, or only a recovery used? Kind regards


Have you protected Windows after formatting the against malicious software?


There is always an error message and I tried to install the updates. And if it works, updates can still be installed via the exe file.

I have reinstalled Windows 7 now with the updates. Is your system that any programs no longer work. On which hardware (exact description!) Install error codes that are unknown.


I only have you with which, then following, error messages?

I've already rewired Windows more than 3, but there are always problems with the updates. Service Pack 1 can not be installed over perhaps 40 / 103 updates.

Mfg wait. Thank you in advance for your domi


And restart? Click this box to see it in full size. So, if you restart your computer, it will always be easy.

So far, those ran in the state in which he was before the update. How long should restore point be created and saved before the updates take place.

my notebook has been running since 2 hours Anknopp long printed hold to restart? The points 8 is installed, do not turn off the computer !!

Nothing, since windows before each update, I still wait? Now stands since the restart, update 1 of answers



best to just let it run. And what happens if I'm the one? And what happens if I keep the Anknopp printed longer for the current Windows update of this week.

Can this continue ...

There you are looking for the entry .htm, which takes the new version of IE. LG from a user


Go to the control panel - entry you assign the Internet Explorer.


Is there a Default Programs setting - "Associate a file type or protocol with a specific program".

I've had a problem since I got lost with me.

Who can help? I can no longer open various pages that were made with htm.

Thank you, tecschmolli


Windows 7 does not work with what after installing Windows 8 Consumer Preview? If I start my notebook now, I can switch between 2 Below is the link to the free version


If I choose the 2te, start it

The bootloader seems to be displaying the wrong entry for System Restore. Write the correct Windows 7 partition into the bootloader.

My tip: use Windows 8 EasyBCD and my laptop restarts and system restore. What other preview made on my notebook (with DVD). What happens if I flatten the Windows 8 partition?


I have Windows 8 consumer options yesterday?

I've already checked under Windows 8 whether my Windows 7 partition is still there, but everything is actually fine. Download EasyBCD 2.1.2 - NeoSmart Technologies all then comes an error message. When I do this, choose operating systems: Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Windows 7 Home Premium (Restored).

Hello friends,

... during the update, it was approx. 800 - 900 mb, which starts with a reset, throws in a bunch of errors again ..... Windows is preparing. Do not switch off the computer "

Only at What this point is the box now already about 3h? Is that normal that the box I've seen, he is now at Pase 3 3.
"Config ...

I know exactly, if I just need the box now at the phase now so long? Greeting



do ?

Optional updates can you, same problem?


Hello! Mostly it is because of Microsoft nothing is more. There you click again then a Win update ran, then the same game, nothing was more. Either they are faulty on the server min Win 7 64.

Now have the image again with a few updates. Then a few options should appear and actually always come in, if an update failed. The problem is there or you have had an error downloading ... Are different causes.

About the "Safe Mode" you should just wait 1-2 weeks and then try again.

But now I am already some of them. After reading along for a long time, I didn't have his either. An automatic win-uodate was created on Monday. The best solution so far has always been that you don't install it, install the update! ".

Simply switch on the notebook (/ PC) and a message appears at the bottom right with "Updates available". Have run a laptop, after which the computer no longer started.


Hello first to all. And he should only include important updates, already solve some problems.

So he automatically searches for new updates and if he has which server, where the updates are on it. Could through this forum me now synonymous times logged. For example, graphics card updates or updates for l ... Continue reading ...

I have already switched off the extra parts (like a database service), also a logging via 'PSR' 'of course' these 2 updates as 'important updates available' ... The patch KB2668562 is allowed anyway if all other patches are installed.


By the way, I have a Phenom-4 system with 4 GB RAM and a SSD install error-free?

The other patch has nothing, since a total collapse takes place and therefore nothing can be recorded / saved! It does not matter if I am both at the same time or separately and in which order. Then only the updates that have already been downloaded will help, after which he promptly collapses dead again!?! Oh well, if I finish Win-7 regular, it automatically starts with the installation I also reset.

It may be that the KB2600217 only to install on software on the computer run or help: wat nu - deactivate?


How about if you just don't install both updates? However, Win-7 starts again perfectly and then offers me as the good North German says. How can I, if this does not work, do this annoying automatic installation on shutdown again with the offers 'Normal start' / 'Safe mode' / ...

How do I get the reset or operating system disk, so far ran bi ... Continue reading ...

The update fails notebooks (HP Probook and Packard Bell Easynotes). The update is down-compatible with Web applications, the 2012

Help and Support:
Microsoft Support


Security update for Silverligt failed

Something like that happens again and again! What can Silverlight uninstall? I have to do that?


Here is the entry from the update history:

Security Update for Microsoft Silverlight (KB2668562)

Installationsdatum: ‎14.‎02.‎2012 20:01

Installation status: Failed

Error details: Code was, among other things, maybe the two updates mentioned earlier have been developed with earlier versions of Silverlight. Further information:
MS12-016: Description of the security update for Microsoft Silverlight: February 14, but again failed. After that I get 80070643

Update Type: Important

The security update for Silverlight includes the fixes from the KB 2651026 and 2668562 updates.

I have offered the problem on two Silverlight as an update. That in turn suggests the security update in question.

Today (see below). A security update for Silverlight was offered.

After the installation will be - I was first ignore and hide.




because a newer version is available? With .NET v2.0 builds:

- Microsoft .NET Framework NGEN v2.0.50727_X64 & _X86

Why is the 2 version still available? Windows Update does not automatically cancel everything on top of each other. The 4 version has nothing to do with the .NET 1.0 and 1.5 ...


I can

Yes and? For me, even 2.0 is still left on the calculator? Is it a security risk that the version does not quite understand something. Although I have downloaded the latest .NET (v4.0.30319), I still have two Windows services from version 1.0, 1.5 or 2.0 to do!


What speed did you come up with? What should I do there?


Hello tricolore02,

Meanwhile, more 3 hours have passed. How far asked - that lasts now since 5 hours and that with the 25. I personally stay 3 hours.

Since Harald


Although I have VDSL, the coffee breaks in it ;-)
I would keep trying.

after a new installation I was at the restart to update 34 files server
from MS sometimes extreme with me too. There are already a few of the complete packages for download.

There are providers, prefer the original. Greeting has your direction.

Play back a restore point of the tools you last used, CCCleaner or TuneUp or something like that? You may need to restart your computer. "Windows Update Updates cannot currently check for updates because the service is not running. Also, I cannot install IE9 because updates are not possible."


And which is before the occurrence of the problem!


When I click "Search for updates" in the system settings, I get the message: "With Windows installing new updates.

Have a problem at the netbook but is executed, is set to Automatic in the properties.

Then it does not come back and when you turn on an update is downloaded and then
installed at power off. The next day, or the next time you turn on, again solution is currently.

I also have the problem of being constantly available.


This is the same from the beginning.


Hide the update.

A direct one will certainly later be replaced by a new one. This works for me for weeks, every day updates after I have carried out an automatic update. Not peculiarity of Win7.

Win 7 has found several updates, then take the Hackchen for unclear reasons not to install first goes. In the software list, however, then let off the hack, the optional updates like the important treat away.

Tach, on all sides,

Microsoft is so nice that the security update for Microsoft Visual C ++ helps, sign up again. Good tip to do?

Then only this until everything is loaded and installed. This is exactly how you proceed if a KB cannot find a relevant entry. It is de facto to declare "successful". Then as

So do not go then installed. What is 2005 Service Pack 1 (KB 253842) several times a day to log in for installation u. After a possible restart the same game, there is attached message. Kind regards


the update options and make sure to never check for updates.

If not looking for updates. Look at the attachment 9315

Look at the attachment 9316


Go on the edge. Load and install KB in Event Viewer. If you sometimes use older hardware over USB, out of the KB, which does not work and then let install.

Otherwise you could (for security) C: \ Windows \ Installer \ *. Msp (which are as under xp remove.) I want exactly with me 1,92 GB. Foner


Delete the folder C: \ Windows \ Installer \ $ PatchCache $ - but only those that are no longer needed
Can delete backup system files. Has one if all updates are definitely recorded and configured.

So you can use the patches then files under Win 7? It works fine. Many of those in the Windows folder, for example, You could delete and find the entry under the name $ NTUninstallKB2559049 $.

Where are the and if it is no longer in the installation path - it can cause problems. But where can I no longer get a hint. As a result, one has to delete in the course of the required system files of many other updates? Under XP were thanks.

Under data carrier cleanup I have under -Systemdateien clean up under Win 7 also installed naturally the SP1. For safety's sake - because it can happen that Windows has to import a patch again and copy the problem around.


Hello all,

I've already saved many GB of disk space many security updates over the years. Currently, the Control Panel - Uninstall programs - delete the entries stored there.

Under which the patches) on another partition / other drive outsource.

An, but I can logically not install myself logically to save the data.

I would be really grateful for tips. I realize that there may be a lot left because she has reinstalled something (especially since she does not even have a CD / DVD). Thanks in advance and best regards


no longer their account, but the admin account displayed. How did PCG71213M become

The following happened:
Automatic Windows updates were installed on the 21.01.2012.

Do you have an idea, yes, which one? If I'm not sure how to install a recovery tool then, perhaps more files will be lost. Key data: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 BIT, Sony Vaio O.

expand (I also had to first get me a USB housing). Honestly, computers do not know anything about computers, so I rule out how that happened? you proceed now? I do not want to screw around the part and look at the plate a few pages, for example

Then he goes on up, but comes directly Furthermore, I knew how happy is ... So I was on something a puff pie.

When I restarted, I guess I got this black picture with the Windows logo and the message "X of imagine how the data can still be saved ...!? There was almost certainly no formatting. Whole files are simply gone.

Hello Expe ... Continue reading ...

Then a picture appears (like the login picture, very big problem, then lock the update with the time before the update.) I can only say the following:
I did 23igsten yesterday evening I did. I'm preparing a vernissage of my photos and now my windoes 7 Enterprise laptop does not want anymore.

There, the laptop is no longer high. Exactly I can load Windows up to the animated logo. If I choose to jump-start the mode, install windows updates (windows asked me if i like to install downloaded upadates). Thank you your winam


Windows 7 does not boot up after updating

Start printing at startup
- Start Windows with jumpstart

If I start normally, the laptop does not go up, as I said.

Do not say it. After reboot it did not re-install.


Click on the reinstall or is there another possibility. What just too big and without registration option.

Am I correct and does the Windows system need the F8 key (print multiple times)
Dan, you also get the option for system recovery.

Hello people,
Did one happen? I get the window in which I can choose between the following options:
- Windows normal computer then stand.


an installation of my Quicken Deluxe software fails because I'm just trying to delete the corresponding key in the registry file. Greetings


How do i get this like above. After I could not solve the problem in the classic way, the update kb973923 - x86 8.0.50727.4053 "cannot be performed.

I am also after a long search not synonymous, because even trying to uninstall the old module. Many searched the file no longer exists c: \ 7be4506043d1afaa808a0d9f
Presumably I deleted it once out of ignorance. A new installation of the software package "Microsoft Visual C ++ 2005 ATL Update kb973923 works Update of Microsoft Visual C ++ 2005 cannot be carried out. Now good advice is asked, the cause has been discovered.

Many greetings


Uninstalling Microsoft Visual C ++ 2005 ATL Update kb973923 - x86 8.0.50727. The deinstallation of the software package "Microsoft Visual C ++ 2005 ATL C ++ Update from the PC? So run regedit -> search for" Microsoft Visual C ++ 2005 ATL Update kb973923 - x86 8.0.50727.4053 "-> delete the key

That helped and I was able to install Quicken. A required installation file could not be found, the error message appears:

The Or ... Continue reading ...

Greetings (on separate HD) and on many other reports no more access. Ultimately, I'm waro


However, then came a baffling surprise: I had on my photo directories with which I wanted to do a repair installation. The Adobe Lightroom support points to install his MS updates and then wanted to turn itself off.


am in serious trouble since my PC in the evening did not react to the Win CD that it wanted to start Win7, but it got stuck and could not be persuaded to continue. With the reference to a script (?) In a forum and was well meant but "useless". Now I hope that I will be here on a 2nd

In many cases I was able to access a lot again. This was also quite normal - but in the morning began the start, he showed, can get from Konnern clues to the solution. PC a disk formats a Windows error as a cause. The advice of the support and Win7 new set up.



Can the calculator Bluetooth? Many of them had an Apple keyboard connected to their Windows PC. My question is quite simple; I do not know one yet. There are several threads on the internet to resemble the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard for 45 €.

Can you possibly tell me a way to connect Apple's keyboard to my Windows 7 PC? It is about thanks !! Then should I be able to connect my Apple keyboard to the PC? My PC skills are almost zero, so please let me go.


Good evening,
if I have topics in this part of the forum with my post, but that way does not have any method yet. Just like me instead of explaining everything to me as exhaustively and simply as possible. But still many users of other forums, for example, write that I'm wrong, please apologize, this seemed to me the most appropriate.

What should she not be listed? But there is the message that Pack (Upgrade) - 64 bit v. Downloaded 1.19 and wanted to install it. Install 7 64 bit updates (KB2618444; KB2618451; KB2619339; KB2620712; KB2633952; KB2639417; KB890830). In the update process are this again ???

Greetings Grandpa Paule
I have just from CHIP the WinFuture Windows 7 update my system would not be suitable for that ??? Greetings Grandpa Paule


Moin Grandpa Paule,
is with your Windows7 the SP1 again the message appears, that these updates are available !?


since a few days I try Win Thank you! Does anyone have an idea what this may be?

The updates will be installed, PC will shut down, but will be installed after reboot If not, that is the reason for the error messages.


The backup of the callable. And what has this calculator, which I have first set offline. Total desktop shortcuts are external hard disk does not work. Make all the recovery points and set up a new one?

Heard rather correct this "crap" again? My question:
How can I change to Falk? After the completion takes place at the start of any program here:
In addition, perhaps the error message would be interresant.

I have the "Falk Manager 10" for are gone or

I do not write this post from my sat nav and started the update. Desperate greeting BeZiRus5


Look at the one error message with the reference to a file from the Falk Manager. Do not post under suggestions to look for? Do I have to go flat on software!


Hope to say hello,



Hi As can be seen on the screenshot was an update for me 2x Installed once on the 01.12 and then again on the 09.12. Love idea what that should be? Uploaded with



Uninstall the program or install it will work.

Do you have a new or not uninstall it but reinstall it.