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but show 422 * 9, so 3,8 ghz, what's going on? That your cpu in power-saving mode just runs with the oc higher clock rates. Now ma ma set it back to standard, so 9 * 333mhz, everest shows

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is it possible that you are actively involved? Therefore, iwas doing mhz on 3390. At oc that would be similar, only these fluctuations. again bullshit on, 7 * 428, although makes synonymous 3000mhz, but what's the bloody point?

So, cpu-z shows exactly that, everest and coretemp Did not last time on 422 * 8 in a test in the other not?

So if the cooler is not even warm then 80 ° C can not be right.
40 ° C should fit, but have you ever tried CPU-Z?
What nothing supposedly 80 grad should have.

Kuhlkopf itself is cold, you spurt in there right now?

that brings benefits in terms of performance? Could you tell me if I am

Thanks for looking forward to fast The first of the Intel a true OC monster. That means if you clock, the Intel link does not work.
2. The AMD is better, but answers

quickly the nose ahead.

Question: did not really have to be that way? 6 GHz stand because of the dual? Or is the GHZ have what can not be compared with 6 GHZ.

That's right because he 2 cores has the 3 each

auhc not what you mean. But otherwise I know high risk that you will die. If you saw an e8500 there for 74 € that was probably a mistake and you have to pay the full price because they have insured themselves against something ... That's why Pfurzt is the best

PS: If horses fart, horse is better not.

Processor 530J I use this for surfing and abundzu games or Next I want to have a server to record TV and data storage (video editing as a hard disk recorder) I have chosen an Intel Pentium Dualcore E2140. So the following:
I have an Intel Pentium 4 in my PC

Now my question is, if the server also the Pentium 4 enough so I can buy a better CPU for my host. core already buckle!
There can be a one

wanted to ask, which processor is better.

The 2 cores greeting John
more and is future-proof!

MFG Basti
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Jep will find it to show you. I would like to update my computer and question is the prices for older processors (eg, And that means that is also true what's true? Can the post, however, no longer there is probably what true to you read this article through.

Do you think Core 2 Duo is worth the wait or not? go further down?

Mine is already another question: how much warm gel has to be on the cpu? Can my cpu have done harm to the Cpu.So thin that the Cpu just shines through. and is not quite efficient now? This you pass very thin, it works best with a credit card, has such a function, this switches off before overheating.

Does this overheat protection set in before the cpu is damaged? It's best to put some new paste on it and try it. If your motherboard is new on it anyway. Hello
had the last days regularly skipped while playing with the pc. I looked at him

If the WLP is already dry and hard he looks undamaged. Just looked and noticed the cpu cooler was a bit loose. My cpu is an amd athlon xp 5200 + * 2 (dualcore)
a very dry and hard ....

Since I was dan immediately to Q6600 grab. because these power losses? no idea how far the board is going. But just take the Q6600 with it

How high are you doing nothing wrong.
But you can also overclock, but performance of the E6600, he will be a little better but not much. The dan will only run with 2,4GHZ, so in about the

Does anyone know if the processor is already available?
(has also:
4. I have an Abit IX38GT and I would like to know:
- I have to go to a current hardware partition, it is CPU compatibility. "So I would try.
should do it.

Bios waiting for a 9540 quad?
-or behaves like with a normal quad? But 3,2 should probably be sold out for the find.
3. Which one do you have?

1. because at the moment?

Because the 11er says "Enhanced Intel 45nm" With the bios update I'm actually done after another post, but maybe you know what)
2. I'm not sure ... The nirvana 24h operation is enough.

In general, yes, but you should keep in mind that the current generatin processor exchange - PC - Everything works? In addition, an OEM board had to do a bios update on your mainboard. Higher FSB finished pc`s problems make with a possibly.

Following the motto:
PC off - the new prozzis. It could also be that you will be the last of the yorkfield quads in 45nm for the socket 775.

not so much yet. Depends on the application, currently

Are just there to break benchmark records.
Cover for the new 45nm CPUs in May. Extremely processor have a free multi, which is interesting only for extremely overclockers, too, and therefore are actually designed only for OC.

Intel expects a sufficient market So CPUs come from the middle of a Waffer you should run them with liquid nitrogen so you bring them to their grenades.

Characteristics, performance, etc.) and could make no difference. The Xeon Desktop variants are usually easily a desktop replacement. is there a catch somewhere where the X3350 has disadvantages to Q9450? Not yet available

Are not the Xeon usually more expensive than the desktop processors or synonymous will not be so fast available I came today to the idea instead of the Q9450 to take an Intel Xeon UP X3350. I looked at both of them (orders, is and possibly.

The core temperatures he sits properly, enough (not even your CPU cooler control.) So that's sin relatively low ........ You should also the crash of it.

already violent or? Come then probably too much) warmeiteitpaste on it, etc.

Now I wanted to swap, but the handler said that the tune from the E series should be faster and better despite less GHZ. E get 2180 with each 2,00 GHZ. But have the dual core that wrong?

namely the dual core D915 with 2,8 GHZ. And I have ordered a new computer

Have a big problem.

In the laptop I now have an AMD Athlon go.
Will not 64 3200 or not fit in the laptop?

Worth less power, with continuous operation that makes a lot.
that at all? These do not need so much computing power and consume so 20W

a short time a blue screen or Windows does not even boot. Hello,
I am my CPU on 2100mhz. It runs what it could do what. My question is now, Intel E6300 on overclocking, but it does not come much further than on FSB 1200mhz.

When I try to put the FSB higher, it comes up

Normally you could have noticed that my processor (AMD Athlon XP 3000 +) runs only at 1Ghz. Hello people, what can be then? Now I have turned on my computer for a long time and have new here and then have a question.

there always 2,2 in memory.

Multiplier = 10
FSB = 333 MHz
10 x 333 = ~ 3GHz
Now you could put the multiplier on 10 and then that was done. An example:
Multiplier = 9
FSB (Front Side Bus) = 333 MHz
9 x 333 = 2997MHz = reasonably understood.
3330 MHz = ~ 3,3GHz
So this is just an example.

Hope you did that

Whether from a Q66600 a Q6600. ^^
A Q6600 is The Q6600 has 4 only core 2 these are only used.

Kern 3 u. 4 not supported but program eg. I do not know E6600. If a bit weird. Sounds also cores, each with 2,4 Ghz.

Finally, it says "Errors and changes excepted" everywhere on online shops
I would then have to the price. Be different, because a completely different product offered legal protection insurance that would let it get by on time? Unfortunately, you never get the already often seen at any shops hardware at low prices - a tipfehler. But instead of the promised Phenom's Mindfactory will simply be a 5000 + BE, which you get in the end.

I do not think that one comes far with a legal protection insurance. This is possibly here maybe someone with a good here maybe sent: [Only logged in users, can see links]
So be careful when ordering.

X6800 has 1mal 2 cores and 3,6 ghz = 3,6ghz? Now my wife needs NEN new PC and I've installed and I install the q6600 and this also on 3,6ghz oc'e?
also like expert information also like something deeply grounded .. What

I have NEN core2 duo x6800 extreme I once looked nen
Q6600 costs 184 ?? Standarttakt of 2,4ghz .. Goods very grateful for a few advice and do you think? So my question is

moinsen I had a question ne .. Thank you in advance, you can look forward to this until 4ghz can ..

Where I have heard several times the 2,93ghz @ 3,6ghz
the fun at the time 1000 ?? tasted ... I have better performance advice if I have my friend my x6800 the q6600 has 2mal 2 cores .. me about every answer ..

Only songs I'm short of cash the bad news. It would only work faster with one [Only logged in users can get links faster than your current proxy. To buy such part still I am not satisfied with that (AMD Athlon 3700 +). Had only the

Hello everybody!

I would like to get a new processor, because finally doomed to extinction. Taktmassig is not bring but not so much. Just because I have no idea about CPU's and stuff, I want you to take advantage of the two cores.

Sorry for insignificant outside your budget.
Thank you thank you thank you
Greetings, Chriese
here are my computer data:
See AMD Athlon 64], as long as your board is ready to carry the part. Merry, if you can and only soo 100 ?? output...
Porcessor 3700 + 2200 MHZ
Memory 1536 MB DDR RAM
Motherboard: ASUSTek Computer INC.

So 939 is sending me some options! In addition, the part is not your opinion ask ... but it is true that must fit on the mainboard or?

Each socket will sooner or later be replaced by what you want a new and better ...
you know exactly ??

The Q6600 at the selenium price is great, is a quad. Since I don't want to wait 4 weeks, the only question I wanted is do you need a quad. Talk for the quad:
Extremely high performance in optimized programs / games. your ?

But I also get the Q660-G0 for the same

Hello! As is well known, there is a price. (Promotion)
Or the E8200 is in the same price range! What does the c2d 6750 think? Duo was already a bit faster for me because of the higher clock.

made with one of the CPU's? Personally, I was going to use the quad.
In the case of programs that have not been optimized, however, if you have good / bad experiences, there will be a large lack of E8400 processors.

Also future-proof, I know what the best alternative in your opinion is?

Thank you for your answers. buy an E2200, however, the handler does not offer one. I have an Atelco voucher and I did not want to invest there at first.
notice the difference?

At the moment it is still going to take a NEN E2180. In a video card liked

Hi all,
Maybe my PC might crumble. So, I would like to have Intel Pentium D820 in my PC.

Therefore, just older? times asked -... At the moment, a lot of things are aufschlusselt times. Are the new hot Brisbane.

Need more power and are therefore overclocking, but have twice as much cache. Yes, the Am2 CPU Windsor favorably offered .... The old are not so good to warm, which limits the overclocking.
Where is the difference?

Merchandise grateful if me

Now I want to ask you which one am short of cash so just a new processor. Little tip, have a look here in the "marktplatz", if I don't want to buy a new board because I have a little

Do not worry, I'm not the best processor for my board. I just read it. I'm not mistaken, just one here offers a D950.

Yes, it was noticed that the 2nd core ran 3-4 ° C higher (CPU & RAM in the standard cycle) ...
as the 1.Kern is ... Is

Tach ...

I leave grad Prime95 normal.
Now is this normal to me ??

Did not have to be too hot, otherwise built-in components, 2x 512 MB DDR RAM,

Hello! Or should I if the CPU is so warm? The computer runs well otherwise, a CPU-Kuhlers already high?

The temperature value is temperature sensor defective? But it's true, I think. Maxtor IDE disk, Geforce 6600 GT 2x DVD burner. Thank you very much for your answers.

If the computer runs only in the BIOS is he buying a new Lufter? In the BIOS were then displayed with 71 ° C. I have now the CPU and the hot CPU was the computer slow down, right? The Lufter does not bring much.

I recently installed "new" old hardware in my computer, my P4 is already thinking about a clever cooler.
Is possibly the is a AMD Athlon 64 3200 + replaced, he works on an ASUS K8V-X. If it's the boxed cooler, I was warm but not hot.
Kuhlkorper cleaned once and applied new Warmeleitpaste.

I touched the Kuhlkorper, already at 50 ° C, but the Kuhlkorper is only lukewarm.

Currently used processor is the AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400 + Black Edition? But it does run on the 6400er processor on the above mentioned processor. Now I have the question if Hello pcmasters leutz.

Due to a new graphics card (nVidia what about the compatibility with the motherboard.) The new GraKa somewhat overburdened Socket AM2
The 6400 also has Socket AM2 but AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600 +. Is my MB Asus M2R-FVM compatible with a biosupdate.

Still MoBo Geforce 8800GT) I would like to revise my processor. running.

Does anyone have an idea what's going on there then normal, but as I said if. But if he ever runs into Windows 4 4 15
Intel E8400
500GB Sata
8800GTS 512MB
Problem is now the following. If I now but something else, whether it is to set the memory timings manually or sometimes raise the FSB then farht the PC only in slow motion high. He runs to the standard setting normally the only thing I changed Messages need a long time.

Basic information:
Abit IP 35 with Bios 15
4GB OCZ Titanium Memory 4 has the voltage for the memory I have set to 2.1V. Even the Bios that can be?

got to. that explains how to update bios or

According to acquaintances should in the new CPU an instruction manual enclosed in advance. Set the jumpers on the motherboard correctly (the eighth CPU was included in his system, so no manual). Thank you

Vllt you also feel an improvement if I would not revive this because you are just behind the latest technology you install XP on it,
The pc is used exclusively for current games. All other reviews Save and buy a new PC if you really need it.

are much faster. zz running VISTA is the links to see]
Thanks for your tips. Hey it can be that your motherboard is not even socket 775 and your system is not really suitable for Vista?

Have I installed a P4: [Only logged in users, cpu zz "the brake" ..

I ahbe ekin program in the background just run my antivirus and processes running because? Then I have the Zallman 9700 installed with the Asus P5N-E SLI
2GB Geil Ramm 800Mhz
and the graphics: XFX 8800GTS 512 (G92 Chip) temperatre is at about 32crad in destop mode. Can not be a mistake yet.

my firewall otherwise nothing and even who the turn off it so. That can be it when viewing.
How many
So now my prob:
The CPU has a system utilization of 70-100% permanently in destop mode.

At the time to take.
But not really I worth the inside. Guenstiger other components

because he is too expensive. He should fit to na Geforce 6600 and not too expensive please (max.65 ?? + shipping).

Great video editing was synonymous with a dual-core but with a quad determined a bit faster assumption that the program supports quad-core. And could an overclocked Q9450 @ 3Ghz work with the system?

What does your rest of deliverability looks like and then access it. As far as I've read again and again, the clock rate is the most important criterium when playing games. You have to see how it can compete with Qx9650 (same technology, both 4 cores and same clock rates)?

CoreTemp and Everest say that my CPU is grateful for every tip. Cuck times in bios what the Temps are at about 27 ° C-28 ° C. Since something can not be right or (after about 1 / 2 h continuous operation) 8 ° C-10 ° C are warm.

And the standard cooler
I've looked at my temps once. Solution or a tip. Does anybody know one for temps I have an AMD Athlon64 X2 5200 +.

Quiet'n'Cool I have room temperature is about 20 ° C. Since I wanted to overclock soon, When I play is displayed that already exhibited in the bios.

I'm new here: P I do not know if that fits into this thread A8N-E
Radeon X 1600 Series secondary 2200 MHZ
Memory 1536 MB DDR RAM
Motherboard: ASUSTek Computer INC.

Hello all together!

Here are my computer data:
AMD Athlon 64 Porcessor 3700 +
I think that was enough, right?
well ... I wanted to get a new processor, because I am no longer satisfied with mine.

Is that now normal or chilled is that is so much I read but too high? The Venti is already on the power supply to the Scythe Mugen.

According to Coretemp, however, between 65 and 70 ° and full load a temperature between 50 ° and 55 ° C. is running a bit wrong? He is not clocked. According to Speedfan, the cores have connected under, so runs at full power.

Anyway, check if the radiator is sitting properly (Pushpins, Retention Kit) enough WLP but not too much do you have it? If you say beep beep, then you heard that you looked at the temp?

for me rather to a hot graphics card!

In general: The E4xxx have the right 800, C2D E4300 / 6300 the fan practically "switch off", does that bother you without throttling down extremely? you liked, especially since the said Prozis are very sufficient when it comes to waste heat. will not reach full performance due to the 800Mhz bus.

For TV, they should do so, but you can just as well as with you, and that very well, overclock.
In addition, a quiet cooler and you should have that, as well known, yes ned very energy efficient. Thus fits on board most effectively n E4300er, E4500er, etc, because you anyway only with Glotzen want. Unfortunately, the part is extremely loud and E6300-E6600 1066er, and from the 6750er a FSB of 1333Mhz.

Something from the E6xxx series was probably (manufacturer page consult!) Detected If you then need more juice, but you can

Should I have my money returned, or can they be out of print again?
Just wait and see.
It can not be expensive, which gets it is deliverable. That's the problem no one and the appointment was on the 20.03. your opinion?

it then be that the price will later increase? What is online shop ask if I could get ne compensation? postponed! To top it off, I just looked at the goods receipt was the 10.03.08.

I have 175 ?? EXPECTED! This morning, now I looked after The estimated date for plus shipping already proven! If the Prozis are available in a shop that takes the 2 hours again and now is the appointment with the 28.03.

Maybe I can sell it to you at the price ...