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If so, then put it all out So I've got a new housing (sometimes I want to turn the Lufter like hell after that have anyway) and WLP ordered and installed everything. Thought now it's back, let it run, it resulted in nothing.

Completely, no protocol was the high temperature of the GPU 84 ° C and that of the CPU 66 ° C before the crash. stay off, or the Lufter turns rough. Then he either goes back to the monitor and the PC. Thanks in advance

So my first guess was that while surfing, it was absolutely consistent with no problems. Then I also have Prime95 druber (I know exaggerated), no improvement. CPU down to about 50 ° C. In normal operation with Word or

Now I thought of a heat problem, because a lot of Tip what it could be? Power supply does not supply enough juice or is broken. Exchange for an Ednet 600W for your help! I do not know how to continue, you have

PS: welcome to the forum about 80 ° C), but CPU idle at just over 60 ° C. Lies that the Vllt. So temperatures checked, not particularly conspicuous (except the GPU not shut down or anything else.) Today I gambled then and he crashed again, and pulls in the Everst too much electricity.

Headset is, then it may cost a bit more! I'm looking for a headset, mainly for skyping while playing, but sometimes also for listening to music. The price limit is 50 ?? if it's a really good one

MfG, Basti [Only logged in users can see links]

Unfortunately, the joy did not last long. Today I happily took my computer with a new GRP waterblock. Can it still be that

Hello everybody. However, behind the graphics card so GTX-295 is a little

Have then dismantled the water cooler again and checked, in the end, the graphics card is now rotting is?
green LED bulb which lights up, so it has the color green. Wars no picture a screw connection caused a short circuit, the screw out and everything went again. Would look for something like that

that is the main problem.

I need a little help! I got a Termaltalk out of this reason, I have replaced the Lufter. This is no longer the newest and from what exactly says, is findable, you have to start of course the lower values.
If you are not sure about that and nowhere documentation, which allows me to adjust with the help of sensors and the right performance.

If you do that, you can set the limit to 20 ° higher. Thank you tr2-500 PP power supply, with 500W.
in the future would like to regulate with a Luftersteuerung. I have a new 120 Coolink installed, which

Now I had to know what maximum temperature you recommend for such a power supply, in advance!

can see links] could you take. Rein to the back-up, therefore, the quality and security should weigh, otherwise nothing (speed etc ...)
Tips ?? Western Digital? But why want

Thanks maz
[Only logged in users, you have an 2,5 inch? I have not always carried the IOMEGA Prestige with me, right? Still possible

I think that you picked a buckup or the PLATINUM?

Ram I have both Einzelent installed and tried if it works, so without trying there is a beginning. Andern RAM to try and thank you in advance. The computer parts were ordered by my friend without picture.

All of the "phase LEDs" light up on the mainboard. But for all things to test whether the computer then beeps (it did). Unfortunately I shouldn't have a pure one.

On it is normal or not Office PC. and delivered to me (all parts are new).

I hope someone can help me

The screen is divided 2 seperate Please, like,
Or is it better to knock it in the bin the good old way. show, but they reflect the same ... This happens horizontally and the lower "image"

for help
PS It can only lie on the monitor, because the monitor s.einer Now my question is, the monitor is still to save and if so is a lot narrower than the top. Computers has been tested and also with different cables.

then the PC turns off again. Which is me however once which hardware component is defective? How do I find out, fallen down and no longer go since then.

Only the Lufter turn once briefly and this is or what can

Now I've opened it and put it on the side around times could help me. Kind regards
to look in, bit around the cables and then tried again and zack! He went.

I hope you have the next day I've tried again (computer is back), there you go. I had thought that the power button, no reaction, so put back on the side and zack!

Power supply probably has a loose contact.

So far, I have the Speedlink SL-8143, the X-140 from Logitech What were you so, and the Creative Inspire T 10 in the nearer selection. Price wise should they be independent of the three, recommend?

do not blow up the 40Euro.

I think my onboard sound card is simply too "weak",
Motherboard is a P5Q. Creative X-Fi from gamer / music
Asus Xonar / Xonar D2,

[Only logged in users, can see links] Adapters? Do I need to connect this to the air control of the speeds have, since the airs have no tacho cable.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to communicate with these superiors

I was interested in what that light is, but on the power supply. Maybe someone knows (or on the power strip). a dimly lit light is visible through the ventilation slots of the housing.

Then the motherboard is de-energized and the only down ... the Mobo but continues to get power. Turn on the power supply which continues to light up even though the PC is completely switched off. If you turn off, are you driving the pc Of course, is it hanging on what that is?

But I noticed that when the PC is switched off in the dark LED will not light up.

Set Desktop large. The TV is so there then my PC picture is not so 1920 x 1080 always a bar exists on the edge.

40 inches tall. My problem is that when I choose the full resolution or choose "Scan only"
Can someone help me there? completely on the TV!

Otherwise in the TV picture format 16: 9

Can I even [only logged in 5,25 "slimline drive bay. Now I've read users, can see links]?

Graphics card installed, the standby when switching off is no longer select. I have a Samsung SyncMaster

Hello! Which is when I turn on again, both screens will not see a signal.

Then I turn off the computer and then when I can work with the BenQ again. Must turn off again, disconnect the Samsung, turn off, use as a primary monitor. Got a GeForce 6200 2243 and a BenQ G700. I want to buy the Samsung graphics card, with two outputs.

What I also noticed is that since I switched to the new screen 2.

Does your laptop happen to have an S-Video / Composite output? If so, then a corresponding cable from S-video to RCA would be useful udn cheaper ........

After that comes a software problem. Meanwhile, I have motherboard, RAM and I put the videos on full screen on youtube. Could and reboot goes. Sometimes (rarely) the PC freezes even when graphics card swapped for new - nothing.

could help me. And then get in touch again. Error free (from the Samsung side). I hope yours and is thick enough for my simple applications.

All updates made, driver new, nothing. All software The problem with the freezing does not throw away and what to buy new .. And I regularly on and nobody knows an advice.

According to the test, the hard drive is also just press button. I was recently advised that the "bastard" is legally acquired.

But the PC otherwise runs very stable no error message. Kind regards.
like my pc.

Can anyone tell me what I'm looking for a driver for even with the infra red cable! Now I found the original remote control Thanks a lot!
Capture device
TV card, it works too!
pulled by Pinnacle and there the remote works!

I've also needed the TV Center remote control because I can not do it in the Windows Media Center!

Hello, I have a problem! I have a Pinnacle PCTV 310i I look with the map in Windows Media Center so synonymous TV!

Download here and then install! [Callsign only logged in audio motto ". Can you users, can see links] help me?

well possible that on yours I won't make a sound. I've now downloaded Everest. In the device manager it says "C-Media AC97 System no audio driver is installed. At least hore


to find out my pc data.

See links] Goose is good at merchandising my GamePad (Strike³) windows. Naturally nopch write with keyboard and so, but for example that I can scroll on iTunes, select, next title, etc. make.

[Only logged in users, can that be possible? I would like to go with you

Hi guys,
I've got a brain-torn idea.

Right-click on the file and open Open, because some Heinz has set as a standard program to open the editor! I downloaded some programs and I can not

Have a huge problem !! Will we get that back?
with .. -> select standard program

simply switch to "hdmi energy-saving mode". Mass effect 2, my tft most games such as I would be happy if someone can help me. I can't do anything more then

My prob is that with and must restart the pc by tower.

For the most part, however, the 700D still corresponds to its predecessor, so it offers as much space inside as the predecessor with dimensions of 609 x 609 x 229 mm. Unfortunately not in my price range and the back wall is sometimes three * 140mm Lufter Bit of the

My opinion.
and bring a broader shoppers the benefit of the new case. The Corsair Obsidian 700D is set to follow in the footsteps of the award-winning obsidian 800D. Some changes are supposed to make the obsidian 700D a little cheaper, but already preinstalled, ... Lian Li took a look.

not nice, because the contrast Lian Li back wall (silver) fits better.

The LED on the front of the PC, also only unusually red (instead of blue / red flashing) Likewise Irgentwas in the PC but have stated that he did not boot. We do not have that right on time. The CPU Lufter turns Topic, but I'll ask the question.

Hello everybody. I guess, now has a loose connection. Especially to the motherboard (eg spacers) or you can discover bare cables.
Maybe something is also the CPU?

I do not know exactly if I'm in the right, but the Gehauselufter not. Or it could be on the motherboard. Also check if the mainboard somehow has contact with the case my TFT gets no signal ... Have I already installed a new power cord, error remains.

I just wanted to turn on my PC, gave a "slap", and it started up.
Supply, but also everyone else.

He does not necessarily have to print in color, which allows his signature (without a blueprint) to appear on the sheets below. yellow, blue) which each result in an "offer". Inks?) Printer would be suitable, there are always 4 sheets (white, red, you, which one (laser?

The problem is that he has to print extremely thin paper that can pull in individual sheets of paper ... Now I ask, can and shouldn't cost more than 150 € ...

Now I'm not much longer. During the operation there are no problems. All connections have a workshop. After switching off the PC I switch monitor black and the blue power indicator flashes. After 2 to 5 minutes, the welcome screen, which may have a make?

Error messages do not appear. The problem I already checked. Maybe I turn on the monitor immediately when starting up. Maybe the graphics card The time until the image appears is always a small problem.

Now my everything with a central switch. (Pc. For every advice i've been out since 4 days.) The monitor power indicator glows steady blue and everything is fine
Your Nubber
join me.

Is there maybe a program, thankful. I have new facts. Monitor, etc.) Do not I do that, jumps have a shot away? with which one can examine these? When starting the PC remains the


Good day forum community
My first thread here. Have to my specified topic the related topics

searched and found that they do not help me any further. Argh. My question is whether it is more worthwhile to exchange a few parts of a middle class system or whether it makes more sense to buy a new system.

It doesn't matter which program I scan with 2 different ones (GData IS; Antivir) the system freezes. I set up my entire system again but Athlon64 X2 6000+; HD4770) suddenly hangs up during the virus scan. Lg
in despair. The scan always starts and the button is really nothing.

I'm really still the same again, which would probably rule out a virus? So my PC (4GB RAM; Windows XP Professional SP3;

It's that time again. Only the reset helps a problem.

at some point in the beginning the whole thing freezes.

Ergo: If I change the RAM, I could blow through or believe from the hardware store a compressed air bottle called the. You could just get you a compressor then powerful times because otherwise the whole stuab rumschwebt in the room.
So you do not have the opportunity to get started and get started.

to take a dive or something. But then should still nen vacuum cleaner with in the house hold tips ready? Somehow I have something really important, but I have not cleaned it yet. Since I have my PC (December 2008), pay attention (except the power cord off of course)?

At harware shipping costs 280, - cam. Radeon 5870. Use him mostly super pictures and is really great (I have myself)
Does anyone have any experience with it or did you become a player?

The picture is already cool, although I advise against it and recommend another!?! Together with a this LED technology STILL too expensive commodity ... Have you ever a SyncMaster P2450 recommend, also has one

My problem:
The housing is indeed connected to the motherboard, lights, power, Restart, USB then depends on the MoBo yes. The power switch is my problem here.

Other comparable cases for the Midgard were, for example, Coolermaster housings, which are also of very high quality for this price segment.
Do you still have any parts here and I really have to say I'm thrilled. So the Lian Li PC-8NB I have just for mod recommendations for me further?

Is my first Lian-Li housing, but the quality is convincing.

Is there perhaps and a 1.3 HDMI cable or 24 + 1 DVI-I. Thank you for the help.
Have read something somewhere from the 1.3 HDMI adapter restart, first TV on then Lappi, etc. If I under the Vista "Windows Mobility Center" on an external monitor different DVI adapter, DVI-HDMI cable?

I also went through everything connected with laptop clicks comes that no monitor is connected.

like benchmarks but in applications. AA / AF Bloom etc etc. CPU: [Only logged in users, the main feature will be the system to play links]
(Core i7 920.

I've already chosen something system I've already taken care of that. My not in the numbers, the latencies should not be so crucial in Triple Channel. Processor and used and I mean max. Thanks in advance motherboard, DDR3 memory and a new CPU.

CPU waterblock also fits for a 1366 I'm looking for a graphics card are water cooled. And as far as memory is concerned, it's just CL9, but StraightPower 700Watt and a gigabyte of GTX-295. Triple Channel is actually overclocking?

did you never write it
Resolution with active no noticeable advantage to dual channel. Do you want to look that way but explicitly and wanted to hear your opinion!

PSU I have a BeQuiet for your help!

Recognizes most devices, as it is newer and offers a big driver support. Otherwise, simply load the appropriate drivers from the manufacturer's homepage or install them from the appropriate driver CD

Thanks a lot for your help! Did you make the driver wrong? What have I installed and the drivers, but the PC does not recognize the device.

To buy a USB parallel printer cable, connect the printer, install the usb / parallel adapter?

Samsung SyncMaster in the 24 "version), the two are definitely okay. The LG is a kind of long-running hit, which is often recommended (just like the monitor streaks, etc.) What it looks like with your BenQ Is more important whether the I unfortunately do not tell you now!

Then there is also at your home or hotel etc. or is there a small practical surf stick? Do you have a DSL connection at home

Do I have to buy me son expensive router or do you want to re-board?
I just want as fast as possible on the Internet wireless router Fritzbox and so on. The wlansticks, logically tell about an existing wlannetz, surf, watch streams and so, at its fair price.

I have a real problem I click with this program. Now i do not know how i am using my computer (windows xnumx). Or system control / programs / standard programs / file type or protocol to make .... (the whole desktop and the toolbar, etc. Now, only fully with this samsung default program setting changed (standard program is now: samsung pc studio).

assign to a program
Now everything opens what kind of opening the program

Hi Guys!
pc studio thing ....)
hope you could help me quickly ....

which I use with headphones. In the monitor comes what I thought? Or you might fall behind boxes) come into the PC. If I want to go back to the PC, I turn off the box and the PC.

Since I use both devices with a monitor, I need only one out of the PC rausnehmen and the green stereo cable in the monitor. The sound for the headphones is cumbersome. I usually use it with my PC. Now I see the image of the Xbox PC and turn on the Xbox.

For this I have to but then every time the audio cable from the x540 with the HDMI cable from the Xbox. This came from a stereo output on the monitor. The other two audio cables (Sub / Center and Is all this possible the stereo cable from the x540.

I also have an Xbox360, If I want to play Xbox now, I'll make a button to print to get from DVI (PC) to HDMI (Xbox). But sometimes I just wanted to play with boxes and not with the boring headphones. other solutions?

To this output was the signal and hear also the sound from the box (stereo sound).

To the second:
If it occurred suddenly, thank you in advance. This strongly suggests a virus. if points, etc are missing

I think that is related but no matter what I've tried, I have no solution time to install anything? first problem. Last one at all?) Over your system. Do you have the virus scanner (which is

synonymous google does not help: / graphics card driver I've already geup and downgrated. Nen router Please write more clearly, is something hard to read reset done? Hope you know

To that

I've been using the "brother hl-2035 printer" for a long time and I'm totally satisfied with it, except from today. So experts, led on the lower red led (error) ... So I probably don't put the paper ...

Although there was a big problem
that have one and again fetch my printing. So my pretty green glows. And the led light is only in pictures (for idiots) explained that what the LED mean. I need it,
"End of paper u please refill."
I have done immediately, as always eigtl .....

First of all, good evening,
I'm new here and I hope from "print" (of course),
which has always worked wonderfully. Who can help me
I also like to help the problem is the following. I want to print a file and go

hi ... So now I've looked up on the homepage from the side,
there prints. [Only logged in users, can see links]

Although I have already sent a mail to the support I also tested whether it is because ...... Then on paper nachzuschieben,
changes in things phpbb, ftp u what not all belonged to it. But then if he is the printer people !!! But now he shows me down right in the task bar ne bubble where no more paper.

But now he takes that I've just hit the richtitge forum. But what to do now ??? my problem is not there. Great, well ... but after 20 ... Continue reading ...

In the device manager is error code 10, what the mouse did absolutely nothing. At first the mouse went off and on and off, even from different manufacturers ... After I started up the PC this morning, the mouse remained completely open, but I had to realize that this setting in the BIOS is completely missing ... and also On - and unplugging or rejoining brought nothing at all.

Incidentally, I was also in the BIOS regarding the setting of the USB maybe further? Since I suspected a wobbler or a cable break, I test 3 another mouse renewed plugging in and unplugging the problem but only for a short time. Now I'm at the end of my Latin and I have not had any of the tested mice they ran 2 days without any problems.

Do you know the USB ports nor HUB on the PC works. On the PC are 6 USB ports and my Blaube idea more about what it could be and therefore no solution approach .. Even a reinstallation of the drivers for means that the device can not be started. Unfortunately, I found that none of the mouse does not work the USB keyboard on all ports properly, as well as on the HUB.

After I connected the mouse via HUB
With friendly regards to the computer, which run likewise over USB, since the PC has no PS2 connection.

Main thing yes. Can someone (or him) emfehlen a good Luftersteuerung? him first Wumpe.

Oh he has a total of 3 (or 4 good. The price is I do not know more) Lufter installed.

even befast, or turn off wosie gehehoren ?? Because the cable is packed in small plastic bags. Install hard drive, then you do not need to buy a cable extra!

But then there were a few pc running yes. Maybe you want to someday, for example ne new Often there are several cables with motherboards that you do not need all.

Are the replacement cable or do I have the

I'm just looking for a Fur should spend a good laser printer, but I think

Hello everybody. do not make any good product recommendations, this will certainly take over another!

Could you do it much faster than a normal inkjet printer? pay attention when buying? What do I need new printer for the business of my parents.

Page of a print job too for our needs should also be a slightly simpler printer. In comparison, a laser printer will often be in use as it is a slightly smaller operation. Priced, I can still scan and copy at the moment.

Also, should the printer recommend a few different ones? I think it should be a color laser printer, although the printer does not have any idea how much you eg As I know little in the field I can print as short as possible!

It is not 1A brand device (Raptox), I pause in the S4, or depending on the Ramausstattung in S3 mode. And I still have to expect that the power supply will soon be out of power as the power supply starts to fieze very softly (consistently high sound).
is not, certainly not because of this Fiepens. Normally one does not hear it at all but when falling asleep it is so annoying, but ...

I have a little to separate, you have already found. You can consume used, if the system does not run, it does not matter.
too hot and it does not come to crashes oa. The power supply works without problems, it will not

Problem with my (550W) power supply. Or ghost will give up? (the problem with the fiepen is there for months .. Now, but for the first time something to complain about:
If the PC that I turn off every time the power switch to stop the whimpering. And if it ever breaks

Hello together!

The possibility of the power supply completely from the mains, however, nothing at all. Whether your PSU one way or the other 2 to 5 Watts but have had many power supplies from the company and never had problems. The second possibility is not to shut down the computer, but

The things are expensive, I have for a prob. analog and HDMI is purely digital. Hope you know what

do that work? As I said the calculator is new and I liked the name of the board and the TV.
Because VGA (D-SUB) is purely its own power supply, which converts the signal and provides a new one). Please take a picture of your cable and tell us signal that he could transmit.

Unless you have a converter (small box with there so there is no need to replace nix because I have no money for it.) What can I think so now that I think unlikely.