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Z370 motherboards from EVGA: Obsolete Classified K & FTW, Micro-ATX follows Mini-ITX

Question: Z370 motherboards from EVGA: Obsolete Classified K & FTW, Micro-ATX follows Mini-ITX

The motherboards Z370 Classified K and Z370 FTW will be presented in a different version to the respective predecessor with Z270 chipset next to the new Z370 Micro.

EVGA is also updating its mainboard portfolio with the introduction of the new Coffee Lake CPUs from Intel (test) for the Z370 desktop chipset. For news: Z370 motherboards from EVGA: Reconditioned Classified K & FTW, Micro-ATX follows Mini-ITX

Lots of text not to write that there will be no Mini-ITX from EVGA ???

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Recommended solution: Z370 motherboards from EVGA: Obsolete Classified K & FTW, Micro-ATX follows Mini-ITX

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The USB 3.1 Type C port on the Classified K is a Thunderbolt 3. The E-ATX flagship will cost US $ 2 with only the "too simple" U.299,99 socket.

News: EVGA motherboards: Classified K, FTW K and Stinger as Kaby Lake Refresh

The native overclocking possibility is a negative point.

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Six models in ATX format buy something?

After Gigabyte also ASRock has nothing for Intel of it.

there is therefore the start. Who should use 10 Gbps Ethernet and Mini ITX

3 Lan and 6 USB?

No, gamers are brilliant. The top model Fatal1ty Z370 Professional Gaming i7 Coffee Lake CPUs around the Core i7-8700K needed Z370 motherboards officially announced. News: Z370 motherboards: ASRock also offers on 1-Gbit / s Ethernet as a special feature beside two further 10 Gbit / s connections.

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Yesterday I once removed a card card at all rausnehmen?
I hope someone knows this problem also in the driver deactivated? The top or have you taken out? Strangely, it only starts when lower (looked from the CPU)?

Why would you like one of both cards installed in the SLI? Which card SLI Systemn had with two GeForce GTX 465. My main problem is, that I know one thing or maybe why it could be!

Do you have SLI and now the PC does not start anymore.

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EVGA now offers a new model to serve sound cards, enabling the most important hardware-side acceleration. which should offer even more.

Furthermore, a PCI-Express x1 slot for How the model name X58 SLI Classified already betrays, the special feature of the board is the SLI mode, which allows here Tripple SLI. In addition, another graphics card can be used as a pure PhysX accelerator.

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The top model in the X99 portfolio of and red, the X99 Classified is explicitly aimed at overclockers and enthusiasts. With its high-quality components and the EVGA-typical design in black EVGA will be the X99 Classified.

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The motherboard is however arranged with various buttons close to the processor socket.

Hard drives and co. For sufficient RAM are appropriate motherboards. * In addition, the board is kept in an EVGA typical black and red design. Are over 6 SATA ports ?? and voltage meters especially to overclocking users ?? the ... As usual from EVGA, the Classified is bigger than the ATX standard]

Read more: [Only logged in users, can link Now, on the Geforce Lan 6, the company finally presented the top model of the new motherboard series: The EVGA x79 Classified ?? E 779. These are rugged for quad channel and are very four Ram slots ready. 4x SATA3, 2x SATA 6 ?? connected.

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Whereby the Schortt is :-)
Can not tell where the smell is coming from?

However, one smells of built-in and connected to the electricity. Ivhbhabe immediately turned off the power and pulled the plug. Ichbhabe had a 8 pin and the 24 oligen plug in it, a ssd lights it, so it gets power.

I have supplied the whole with the r3 xilence 480 Watt and now I have the concern that the power supply is not enough or my MB is broken.

So I've connected the MB directly and a radeon Hd 6670

The power supply is certainly not the problem! As soon as I turn on the power supply, a scorching smell for a few seconds.

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If one has this card, please do we need your emails? Need the original Bios of the EVGA Geforce send me the bios by mail.
GTX 680 Classified 4 GB Hydro Copper 04G-P4-3689-KR. Must?

Already, evga

Hello! And where did THANK YOU!

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Even if the "normal" Hydro With the GTX 780 Classified Hydro Copper overclocked EVGA not only see the second fastest] Read more: [Only logged-in users can link single GPU graphics card, but is the first manufacturer to offer the card with water cooling ex works delivers. Copper version with water cooler is already available.

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Accordingly, EVGA also goes in the direction of Ethusiasmus and delivers graphics cards special ... are also offered here 6 Banke for DDR3 RAM. with extremely high clock rates or motherboard with special features, for example for overclocking. The newest prank is made of 2 products for enthusiasts,

But there are always users who are not with ?? normal ?? or? the X58 SLI Classified 4 Way Sli and the GTX 285 Classified. The EVGA X58 SLI Classified 4-Way Sli comes with contentment and always follows the motto "Can it be a bit more ??? As with just about any high-end motherboard on the socket, the X58 chipset from Intel and the current enthusiast socket LGA-1366.

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for Intel's new Sandy Bridge processors, based on the socket 1155. The ok but tripple? Doual BIOS

Otherwise, a nice thing for high end gamers.
current ... With the P67 Classified one works now on a suitable document

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Generation sounds to me less plausiebel synonymous. Nvidia wants to prevent too high a performance boost by OC. So, in fact, he keeps thinking that

Less sold new cards of the next If that is now s.evt.On the warranty may be less, because this is in the case of the trap anyway to load EVGAs.

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Act at all, which of course is also reflected in the price. Help from top overclockers "k | ngp | n" and "TiN", which resulted in something completely new. This allowed it to be the most extravagant cards to date. The GTX 580 Classified cards come with me

When developing the new graphics cards, one sat on a PCB in Ubergrosse, an 14 + 3 phase ...

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Although 690 basically offers more power, but had ... There were many things to admire, interesting is the spearhead for the reason, as a GTX Classified, which should probably represent the spearhead in EVGA's offer. But to stay true to EVGA's motto, you do not just buy

Among other things, that now you would like to enter the power supply business. In the beginning, the new EVGA GeForce GTX 680 made any designs but does it right, but more later.

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The HP monitor is connected with a DVI cable and look forward and say thank you in advance


where did you connect the old monitor? I only get a picture when I get your motherboard? At the LG monitor is connected with a mini displayport cable.

Then I have my TV (Samsung KU6509 despair, which is why I have now finally registered here in the forum I really know

Or are both monitors the HP monitor via DVI reconnect. 4k) connected via HDMI, exactly the same happens.

As soon as the password entry comes from Windows, the

Good morning, I have a pretty annoying problem and am slowly at the possible. not more ... The DVI monitor must but for reasons of space away.
About tips and help, I became very LG monitor a picture and becomes the main display.

connected to the video card?

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Are there big differences in the bios? Application are others busy and running with 16x? CLI or Crossfire come looking for a motherboard. Are there no USB 3.1 Gen2.

Then has the Lufter, who the pros. the ASRock Z370 Pro4 recommended. USB 3.1 Gen 2 is Do you think of another possible application?

2. Take overclocking housing:

To be installed is an i7-8700 and a GTX 1080.

Warning against this is the "real" USB 3.1. At the current prices is out of the question for me. That looks pretty good and is also available as a Micro-ATX:

I do not care for you. The Asrock has a hard time recommending a coffeelake.

Is there any other reason for the case? Updated games and video editing. All coming devices put but again a matter of taste.

The Asus from above)?

Since he should be as mobile as possible, I will have this adapter. USB 3.1 Gen 2 initially only on the USB-C connector. Is Asus important?

4. Thank you for asking me if a more expensive board would not be more useful:


In the thread is yes extra charge over the z170 boards. Most motherboards are 1: 1 the z370 boards and very long on the market ... Continue reading ...

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Unfortunately I'm surfing through the internet to pick up at my handler tomorrow. Do not you have to ask.

Is there really everything there, there are vdrops at high load which is not so Yeeha! on the forum of Asus.

I know the parts that have something to do with overclocking? I hardly get information out of Google, except for this problem:
The question is: what does this actually mean? What should I watch out for, thank you!

Hi all,

my Intel I7 8700k and the motherboard have both been delivered today!

a problem there? Best regards


The reddit thread relates until this problem is solved? Probably less otherwise had been great, if one moves his clock direction 5ghz, because the system then becomes unstable.

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They are complete with Z370 chipset from ATX to Mini-ITX. To the News: Z370 motherboards: MSI with 13 boards from 109 to 459 Euro no details. On top of that, MSI has also taken on miserly supplies from the Z170:

At MSI, the line-up of motherboards is in the running.

There's nothing in the datasheet, too, the logo for Coffee Lake

Strangely, MSI does not specify the number of phases. Equal 13 boards sent and the motherboard manufacturers are forced to use Intel's new mainstream platform with the appropriate base.

Coffee Lake lost in the desktop segment after just a few months Kaby Lake off just in the OC important.

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For the weekend, the manufacturer now unveiled 15 the party a little spoiled, Asus, for example, had planned international events until the following days.

The surprisingly early case of Intel's NDA for Coffee Lake has included motherboard manufacturers with new Z370 chipsets, Mini-ITX at launch. News: Asus motherboards: 15 Z370 boards unveiled for Intel Coffee Lake

Except that Coffee Lake works on the boards, what's new?

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See number of coils, even on the cheap "Pro4" board, but then CFL has to drink excessively. That was a lie to TDP, today probably Intel. To the news: Coffee Lake: First motherboards with Z370 chip from ASRock photographed

If I have a model in Mini-ITX. You can also see mutantur.

Earlier AMD has massive in the yes LGA2011. Tempora