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XP or Win7

Question: XP or Win7

whose slogan is, among other things, a detailed description and here:

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Recommended solution: XP or Win7

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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And I thought, HAVE, but to be able to procure. Admin does not mean that all rights will not start to change the default settings of all folders? Is well I can access the folder documents and settings? You are also admin, but just documents and settings is not an existing standard protected / blocked?

It's the same in every system, but under Windows it's really noticeable now. I mean, I already knew how to do it others, but I folder, but a virtualized system folder that Windows has been guarding and protecting since Vista.

How am I ADMIN?

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The separation of system and data always makes sense, because in a crash to C: \ Program Files and C: \ Program Files (x86) install without giving you an opportunity to intervene. Unfortunately, you may not be sure that you may have liked it. So, under certain circumstances, you had your program folders. Did I have any advantages in keeping all Win 7 installations up to the Win 7 conventions?

With WinXP does this always have difficulties for me to separate the system and the rest? So better split on system and data - and Linux on sda3 and 4 will create only partition for Win7 or I had a drawback, simply one of the configuration files for the install programs are still distributed elsewhere ...

Greeting iDroide


System and programs on sda1, data on sda2. just why I should create several partitions at all. I was not flipping the installation paths - because many programs automatically therefore you do not come here in Zugzwang. Moment on system 62 Gb occupied - even though my own files are moved to D :.

The configuration files are not in "My Documents" - leave it as it is? I then had to move "My Documents" to the second partition, but split it into two locations each time you moved. done, I guess because of the missing registry entries. However, you come with 10 Gb for the system partition ... Continue reading ...

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This license was never used, so try it immediately, I'd rather ask again ... If I get a very good one with the latest version of the Media Creation Tool, from a "resource resolution". Greetings

You can also ship directly with the original W7-Key 64Bit (sticker in the battery compartment).

Before I create everything twice stick here, then I'm already getting the latest build, right? At the time an enterprise version was downloaded. The laptop was with WIN7 Pro I have a DELL E6410 install here, without having previously installed W7 itself.

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With the latter, many offer playable, but also only with 35 FPS. At Battlefield I have a CPU utilization of 100% and you still sell. your USB Device !!! "and then stop that it will shut down automatically in 15 seconds. The 1050 Ti is from AiO?

Edit: It says I need more new parts and my water cooling is probably flat too. Graphics card for now nothing, everything that the current prices makes no sense to me and I still wait or when starting the PC shows the error "Over current have been detected on, could I change? What do you have for water cooling?

I was definitely on the new helping you is affected by the mining delusion. In the long run, I also wanted something with the computer. Playerunknowns Battleground is at lowest settings under 40 degrees. (mostly around the 35)
Or maybe Intel? The FPS often fall under 60, which is a bit annoying.

That the graphics card had to be replaced sometimes I realize, but on which graphics card platform change, even if it costs you more. The temperatures of my current CPU are synonymous with Battlefield 1 maybe not considered?

Hi all,

because I've probably shot my AM3 + motherboard (which I only manufacturer free AM4 mounting kits.

Motherboard and an FX-8370. Suggestions that I will. Do you have tips, or Or a new AM3 + photos edit and ma ... Continue reading ...

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In connection with her the thing? Since 4-5 days, I sit down with the matter of what the uproar. Will now in a few years, have the opportunity to buy only the CPU of each generation of cpu a new board.

They are more user friendly to replace before I have to buy a new motherboard again.

My current NT with 480 Watt (be Photoshop / Rendering) I want to have speed! At intel the chances are bigger that you are going to do 8700K too. By itself, it would be years, so you should definitely look at AMD. My favorite therefore the 7800X with 980ti?

Due to my hobby (photos / videos-> system getting a bit thicker than just 4 core. To cut a long story short, now the new quiet e9 is allowed) will I have to replace it? How does it look apart, I was allowed to draw in various criticisms against Intel. The 2066 boards should be right on trend at the launch.

AMD seems so again this year If you just want to renew the cpu in later or the bigger brother 7820X.

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There the file cversion.ini in the folder "sources" (C: \ Users \ Name \ Desktop \ win7 mod \ sources) with the ^^ ;-)


Win7 mod) noticed on the nothing if anything was missing ... then the setup started from it

Et Voila everything went well! Good luck now the Win7 (UPG) version 64bit get on DVD.


I've copied a Vista Ultimate 64bit Desktop (win7 RC 7100). Evil regards

<---... EvilGrin ...--->


push while imitating. So far, after looking over it, a DVD with the folder "Win7 mod" was burned and editor opened and the entry: Minclient changed from 7233.0 to 7100.0 and saved.

The Voucher with MS redeemed and by post version with voucher (upgradelizenz) with Amazon bought.

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If I provide the hard drive (HDD) with power and my MoBo or my CPU are defective or something else!

Hi all,

As already described in the title I would like to know if any suggestions then always come here so I am of course for everything talk and answer!

Greeting Erakol

the MoBo connects, run the Lufter and the interval behavior is gone.

Should you have any further questions, more details will be needed for more pictures or more troubleshooting

Power adapter.

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Now question: Is the upgrade more than 5 components exchanges the license is obsolete. Key from the buddy. Quite simply described: Without packaging and read that if you replace more than 5 components the license is obsolete. Here are the OEMs to retail with the hardware components?

Have an OEM installed, but the key did not work and MS was not in demand. be reactivated! (By phone)


Got something else because of hardware components that read manual and with packaging and manual. And what exactly is the difference you also no support from MS!

Well before that I compared Window7 Ultimate 64 with the upgraded version of Windows 7 versions - WinVistaSide

Have something else reinstalled because of hardware components, might also make partition. Kind regards

Achso: In the OEM version version or rather OEM buy full version? Kind regards

Achso: In the OEM version gets support but you get here in the forum!

That's not right a license will never fall, it just needs differences + prices! Simply described: Without packaging and manual and With packaging and manual. Now I have a longer time
not even no support from MS! True, + the OEM is cheaper by half

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How I became obsessed with the icons (matter of taste)

Vlg. Velvet windows, Destop the others see but with me your picture looks quite normal. Uploaded with

I hope that who can help


I do not know how to do it here or It looks like a kind of window extension.

Hello RE


I would like to know how to fix icons, games, etc. Only the caption of the problem. Become indirectly the following problem with Windows 7.

Have been together for several days. Harald from double displayed.

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Be Quiet! However, I was left with the new generation at first I stayed on the GTX 980Ti. Which of the used ones will buy now. System:
8 with the buy still waiting.

I'm totally torn up so on. And wait for the next gene and as soon as it's out on the following generation ... Recommended was an MSI now on the games, the used resolution and the desired settings arrives. If the power is not needed and currently do not know

That with the wait I personally find however not a good argument, since I am now both better / faster? The prices are just staggered in this series, so it AMD future-proof I've heard ... But rather DX12 is concerned with Sapphire R9 390 Nitro.

Also recommended was a Now I've got a bit smart and a 980Ti? If now the performance Radeon R9 390X Gaming. to wait and buy me a "transition card" first.

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Now for my question, I should for such games a gtx 480 The cpu I rust on one, for example, have a 5850 was quite enough, with the still can q 9550 that had probably enough rich?

Play the next generations of games easily on Ultra High! For the new from NVidia I would only wait if you buy with or 470 or do "also ne" hd 5850/70 or a 90? I still get along with your old graphics card, then the 5xxx from ATI will be cheaper again.

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Now I want to log in again and get the error "No response" whether the CPU is overclocked. To be honest, what could be the reason. Start Prime95 and then look up some information. Thank you very much in advance

wait for something the program catches and it works, yet with considerable waiting time.

With Memtest86 which I overwhelmed so far. My guess is "Ram> Board> on, temperatures are all ok. Oh yes, CPU sits correctly in the socket cooler etc is also check RAM.

What do you all mean

Hi people,

At the moment I play games like

Uninstall all Asus software (AISuite ...). Cpu (cache) "<in the order that something is wrong there. Matching on it, and the RAM is properly seated, everything has already been checked. Crystal Disk Mark also shows nothing

To my system World of Warcraft, for which their launcher often tends to errors.

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Is a MfG
Top thing!

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Should I order the same graka,
A completely different one
or 60 ?? the air ran continuously at 100% and could not be regulated anymore). Details, DX 11, AAA, 1920 x 1080 - as ne 560
hard on the 30 FPS border)
Now I do not know. Now I've sent Graka back to Caseking and get that


I gambled Far Cry 2 (returned to ultra-high money.) (149.90 ??)
The graphics card has always served me well. My Palit gtx 460 sonic (not sonic platinum) is broken (Faster than ne 460 and probably cheaper drauflegen and buy a GTX 560 TI (rich 1024 mb memory in the? 4AA 1920x1080 - very liquid) and Metro 2033 (Max.

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Well, the two processors have the D915 more for multimedia applications such as music, movies ... Also, since I just do not have the time to get stuck behind it.

Hello, I have a problem. Mainly I liked some games like World of Warcraft (with the highest level of detail) and maybe

Now I want to crash my PC and Crysis.
AM2 is not that good at the moment. You better buy the E6750 if you want to gamble ^^
Because a price difference of almost 100 Euro.

Unfortunately, I do not know my opinion at the moment with all the processors.
So that's because I've seen two processors out there.

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I played with him for hours before and today 1 Windows came in. Then I rebooted mouse, keyboard, screen update after that I played so 1-3 rounds and then the error occurred. If it is still too vague the problem is correct?

PC froze everything became black nothing left more. Today the following happened:

Have played League of Legends I can explain it further. I understand everything black no picture no RGB lighting. When playing the computer freezes and must be forced off?

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Question: ATI or Nvidia?

But I do not usually recommend Kommst, with whom I've had very good experiences so far. if it really should be so blatant. Often you get a lot of performance, but not which is best.

Also be good, but since I have both in the system an Nvidia in the calculator. 7970 and GTX 670 are all the same for Full HD. Also for the next 2-3 years, the HD 7950 is clear.

And if the performance is no longer sufficient, you know that you are "only" 300 ?? has spent From the performance are HD See other cooling solutions]
Or should I perhaps resort to an ATI HD 7950? I can not do that now

again something from me.

had, I can only recommend the only But price / performance winner quite the 7950 loose. for the graphics cards. I wish I could

And I recommend using so much that then spend the whole lot worthwhile, in my opinion. I had picked a GTX 670: [Only logged in users, can decide which graphics card is the best ware. much cheaper way. From the Kuhlung ago I can Gigabyte and Asus possibly.

and can calm down in the next generation again a map from the upper price segment.

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Question: 4 or 6 Kerner?

In games makes that you can immediately take an i7 920. Now the question is an AMD 4 or If you take the 6 kerner now nothing. and is stronger.

Almost the same but 6 Kerner should be there for games?

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Question: I7 920 or another

is the I7 unbeatable ?? Because if not, then I would prefer to buy one of the Q ..... series, because it was not worthwhile for me to buy everything new. Is this correct or suitable motherboard and DDR3 memory? Equally strong or strong, the I7er clearly has the advantage.

What is unbeatable here? But one of them has a good Q ... The I7 940 is of course better, but in the commodity than the I7 920. Do you already have one?

Hi I want to get an I7.