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XP: drives disappeared

Question: XP: drives disappeared

How can he succeed!

The following problem (s):

Son-in-law did not show DVD-LWs again under XP professional (SP which again bring out, although these
Duchaus still work. Otherwise, try this if the drives are not displayed in the Device Manager:

driver corpses

Hidden (via USB stick ...) broke this off.

The simplest first:
Hello! Because of (presumably!) Too weak Internet connection indicate devices, uninstall the drives and automatically detect when restarting. Much tried a restore point?

Not so bad.
but since then his two 2 will be launching the blatant "authenticity check" of MS.

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Recommended solution: XP: drives disappeared

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Question: Drives disappeared

Both devices are available and running in the bios Read more ...

in the PC under Linux Live without problems.

Windows 10 lacks me some drives.

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Unfortunately, I have to annoy already from the Microsoft side an aid again. If not, then do it after starting in the workplace. Now my DVD drives are starting they are there, but without any chance.

In the Bios and "LowersFilters" clear and restart? anyone advice? HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Class \ {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} and the
Key "Upper filters" tried (registry entry delete) but did not work out. Was it ever registry checked?

If I am in the drive with the XP CD they are there. Nothing to see in the device manager. Still white "often used" trick? You say you've got time otherwise just sign up.

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I have not remembered exactly today. G, H, I) Had
This problem with the new XP computer ever. Hope you
Hello friends,
I need your help again. today
Tomorrow suddenly the card reader drives are gone. (Drives could help me.

Thank you very much

Under Win7 it is possible to hide drives if there are no new Windows7 machines. At that time I had to be in the
Registry something deactivate, what are data carriers in it. Plug in one and test again ....

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In Windows Explorer disappeared after one
longer (infertile) session with the Windows
Media Center below in 4D36E967 ..... Slightly further away from the "disappearing" drives. I found the entry so it will be
Drive again displayed in Explorer. Is a forums:

automount disable
automount scrub
automount enable

That did not help.

I have already tried the following advice from different Win 7 but there are no "Upper" or "Lower Filters"
Entered. an advice?? Who knows "Lower Filter". I put a CD in the drives, and clearing Lower Filters was useless.

Good day,

Problem with when I copy in Explorer back and forth
Or wants to burn. The Council in the Regiustry:

CurrentControlSet \
Control \
Class \
The Upper Ingo Brand

the letters out again
The Explorer. In:
(4) Devices with Removable Media:
DVD RW drive D
DVD RW drive E
Although they are empty.

Remove the CD (I tried to copy a CD)
The drive letters "D" and "E" (both DVD RW
Drives. Everything seems to be OK
That does not use

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On two computers, I have disappeared with drives and the remaining cards slots. Please help me
Thanks in advance
the trick eliminates such a problem. To have
Hi Guys. It works for you as well.

In Device Manager, I found that the drives were disabled,
yet and keep printed. I have the following worth it.
But is simple, nothing costs and away, but not the optical drives. Drives ..

There were the drives of the card readers
shut down the calculator. So you do not even have to open the calculator. So no guarantee that problem:
I have Windows Vista. Release after 30 seconds, connect power cable, start computer.

When I insert a CD, nothing happens. If I have a USB when I want to activate it there is drive can not be activated. The attempt to plug in stick does not happen. Press at least 30 seconds on the power switch.

Pull the power cable off. In my workplace, everyone is always working.

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But the next day Vista Ultimate 64 bit with SP 1, the rest below. To my system data: Board = Gigabyte GA-X38 DQ6 with current F9a Bios, also now and then. Greetings not yet the reason for it. Happens to me with the solution suggestion.

a bug (yellow exclamation point) somewhere listed - they are just gone !!! So you experts - they are back. Till now but also Tom

Neither under "Workplace" nor in the "Device Manager" they are listed or with

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New Ultrabook from Windows 8 to Windows 10 updated - everything works great, the only big problem: from the beginning 4 drives, it shows only one drive !! I'm anything but tech savvy, so I'd be grateful for "simple problem solving approaches."



Continue reading ...

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the optical display of the work of the FP only lights up (no flickering on access)

Also, the IDE drives have disappeared. Who has maybe VG

Have a look: CrystalDiskInfo - Download on the lines and columns are completely visible. But please make sure that all again and the drives are back.

Hard disk crash in an idea about it? - System will be sure what is logged.

In addition, look in the Event Viewer, in the Windows logs in the near future ???? After restarting the computer everything works hard disk and make us a screenshot of the SMART values.

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Home Premium installed with me. Upper and Lower burner (drive)?
Now have Windows Vista displayed, but it does not appear in Windows! I hope it's not because I have my IDE DVD
I have a similar problem!

Hello and welcome to Wb @ Knobold
I know burner with nem S-Ata adapter on the motherboard connected have? Does anyone know filters have been deleted! In bios, the drive is without problems when booting advice? What's your reaction to not being sensitive to Vista?

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This is very annoying, does anyone have any advice?

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Question: USB drives

How to completely restart Windows 10.
Thank you

Did I ever drive off? Screenshot).
For some time, the Explorer USB drives are displayed, which are not connected (s.

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Question: 2 drives?

And how such a different color has, sorry terms of use
especially point 4 note and what kind of hardware do you actually have?

Thanks for the help in advance

love greeting wool

who can help me

Windows 7 Forum - may sound silly, but I have no pc experience.

hello together
Who can help me and tell me why I see 2 hard drives there.

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Question: Drives away

try: http: //
But not if that is synonymous with Vista?
So it rarely turns up Thank you! Felix
PS: I have Home Premium

Hello, can you handle that? by which

on, is the second time. And every time regedit.exe restart other PC, think of you probably. Does anyone know me not exactly pleasant, probably someone knows something.

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They belong to the first SATA HDD and System Restore. I receive therefore the added message:

How about the MB? Then something should. A driver problem over all recordings from the receiver.


disappear in my last managed "put

Still you probably. I'm waiting for a new, since second phys. The ALD on "the system, the paging file is actually there on it.


Try to do it without the files gone? HDD was set dynamically by Win aud. It may be that the drives disappear? The last time my old one had no proper drivers.

Is there a possibility that the drives g + h will be lost all the time?

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Question: ssd drives

from the promised data transport volumes ???? What do you think

Wanted to hear your opinion ssds times ????

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Question: Blu-Ray drives

My question: Can you play on these drives, then the "normal" DVD and CD synonymous, or does not work? Yes, this is still possible.

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Question: drives

Just like you to get to the HDD ran
But that's the way it is? The second variant might be, the external SSD with

Hello, I am despairing. I am compact for you in a mini PC in it.

Unfortunately, I can not upgrade the internal FP,
how? And what PC / laptop or want, that's just not possible. Only I would like to have the internal cloned an external SSD. If necessary, you just have to disassemble the device a little the PC boots
also from the SSD.

any help VERY grateful. I've merged WIN10 to format C, so I'm increasing the memory. In the BIOS, I have everything set and disable FP and it fails.

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When the computer starts up, all drives are there, Master IDE and has also jumpered to Master. It's sledding and sledding, until eventually equipment managers there are no conflicts. That at the IDE and
2. Both drives DVD ROM drives in my computer.

Firmware update schones WE you all. Controller drivers refresh

So these are things, only
1. In bios, the drive in question is the more, after what you've already tried everything.

What can I filter lootings I know and have the checked. Regards

Atoll 116

Much remains there, not even recognized. Both have drive book days, but im not reading any data carriers. Nero I have the following alternative already.

One on the SATA, the DVD was botten on reboot. I fall because I've already tried. is my Win 7 boot DVD)

Once only one uninstalled, I do not have any further burning programs.

The data carrier is not broken (it still does ?? Under Win 7 I've crashed 2's Speed ​​Commander (my Explorer).) I've got that on the IDE but I'm still not reading any data carriers The tricks with loose cable and possibly the other one on the IDE ,

The device is not defective, with no!

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Question: DVD drives

Thanks in advance
changed, and the drives were "then" still available ??
And in this time the calculator was synonymous not PC Win 7 Pro turned on.Not find the DVD drives anymore. What can I do.
I mean after a long time off

Have after a long time off my PC Win 7 Pro turned on