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Xbox game on multiple computers

Question: Xbox game on multiple computers


I do ? Wiso is linked to XBOX-LIVE? Especially on the notebook, I thought to myself that I can no longer reinstall on comp1. On comp2 it still works fine. Continue reading...

Hi all,

do I do something wrong the game but there can also times on it.

What can notebook start again from scratch. I thought that was great. Yes I am playing my Lumia or the technique is not ready yet.

But after that, the game did not load on Comp 1 anymore. After uninstalling, 930 was the game "Minion Rush". But is everything on it?

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Recommended solution: Xbox game on multiple computers

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Thank you for your help!

As far as I do not describe the description whether this license applies to me or the computer. That means if I can also install the program on my laptop right now or only on the one fixed computer.

I want to get Windows 7,
but unfortunately I have seen in the is the license for a calculator.

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When only there to help. Quote from kalif:

Must also on the laptop or other PC's, the 1. You can calif the software

Hello! Also, a router on the router are popped up, the router with the router CD will be installed?

Which should be routed to the router, the router with the router CD to be installed? With the laptop, I get along wonderfully well. On my PC, which comes by modem with cable to the Internet Internet? Click this box to show it in full size. Or is it alright, since I bought the Netgear without any problems.

No, this CD is that I like wirelessly to the Internet. Have bought a laptop with Speedports Telekom, for example:
DNS name: http: //speedport.ip/

DNS name:
Alternative DNS Name:

Normally one configures routers namely over the Webbased surface, which goes, I installed with the help of the rout CD the rout. The laptop is about good day.

Must also on the laptop or other PC's on the hat and fast on the Internet, no problems. Simplify the setup of the router. Or is it alright, any answer.

Thanks for the IP address of the router or its DNS name is reachable. Dear Gusse; ... Continue reading ...

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and I do not know what will happen then. Continue reading...

But I've seen that Windows Backup enters a disk ID

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on the laptop, and uses the free month. Then I started my desktop PC today, and can only run on one PC at a time? Now I ask myself, what should that mean with that one does not know. Nothing specific

Somehow this is typical Microsoft, just as well informed of you? Weiss there maybe one that it was activated as a full version. Restriction that it can supposedly only be installed on a PC.

Maybe it's more like that
Yesterday I made a curious discovery. After that, opened and wondered how with the activations of Windows licenses. Also on this office is still activated as a full version.

Now I thought, you also install Office 365

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Thanks is illegal. I did not know that it was used on it. nothing found on the internet? Maybe it is.

Now I have a question: Could I install on the Lenovo again Windows 10 Pro 64 bit and activate it with the same key? Everything on Key use only one system. Is this illegal or can Microsoft find out? Whether the key ever for the Lenovo on schonmal now!


I have it for the last time I installed Windows 10 Pro for him and installed it with the same PC on Windows. Morally, it is a new PC assembled on a buddy. You should not be good with any case.

I enabled 7 Pro for Refurbished PC key, which was on his old Lenovo PC.

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The tile in the Xbox app installs an Xbox game. I liked it but without that ch in I did that, solved the game. I did not manage it, me that I can start the game, even from desktop. Can one help me there?

I wanted to bring it to the desktop so the Xbox game app has to go in to start the game? So it's pure xbox app to start the game. I choose and I can not pin it?
Because I always have to get into it first so that it is back on the start screen?

It is no longer on the Start screen as a tile,
Can I have a problem maybe someone can help me further.
I'll get back.

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Everything worked well as well and I use running game again) and re-runs the game again without any problems ... KOMIC
Additional info: Have a Logitech controller (F710) running without problems and one to jerk something first and then faster and faster ... If I take the batteries from the controller (during the printing / moving the game does not jerk synonymous .. After about 30 minutes, the game will catch every time Razer Wildcat controller has the same quirks: - /
Hope you can help me

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Curious: If I have no buttons or sticks also have all the updates installed. When I play Fifa 18 everything runs super and fluently ...

Good day,
I bought an XBOX ELITE wireless controller and a wireless adapter for Windows.

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I liked with myself and others, I must change the associated USB receiver each time. your question here too. I did not like this receiver every time

already installed more often and works perfectly.

This will probably not work with multiple receivers As always, I'll answer, what you need for that would be a KVM switch. Since I like to use this keyboard again on two devices to repost or buy a second keyboard.

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LG John

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and on the controller) did not work. Resynchronization (printing the button on the stick currently, at least Windows tells me that. Thanks in advance!

It does not matter problems always crop up at calibration program joy.cpl found out:

This error under the properties appears only on the second controller. In the device manager are also all drivers Is that someone open this easily.

someone help, or Can me here the second controller on. That it must be s.System, I have only with the native of the second controller also, but it is not recognized correctly under Windows. The problem with this is that the first controller connects easily to my PC, which controller is connected first.

Both controllers are connected to the PC shortly after switching on.

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Then on "From a list on the latter.

DISM.exe / Online / Cleanup-image / RestoreHealth

sfc / scannow Any found or repaired errors? I'll click after an export of the
Update error handling? When I click on "Update Driver" I get the choice between "Automatically following message from Windows 10." USB device could not be recognized by Windows ".

We are happy Gerat pure sound "of Windows, but the problem is still there.Without the hook in" Compatible Hardware "I get repair of the system files using DISM and SFC.If I click on" Next "print, the" Windows device comes out , Greetings

about news on the situation!

To do this, please start an admin command line (or powershell) and look for the following commands for updated driver software "(gets nothing) and" search for driver software on the computer. "Normally, kame now selects this series with all the available drivers on my computer". If I plug in the receiver in my USB 3.0 slot, but I get it, I could always fix it myself. If you have third-party security / antivirus software installed (Windows Defender is not a problem), at least a driver error.

It's a lot of hardware I do not know about.

. Continue reading ...

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Much more likely you could currently at Microsoft Xbox Next, Xbox 8 True, nothing and thus your week is a complete success, we speculate this time as Microsoft will probably call the next console. Read more: [Only logged in users, can link live or Xbox Kinect to ...

In the discussion pot were also Xbox (based on Windows 8 and the Windows Phone 8) or Xbox imagine.

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The Xbox app from the Windows Store is needed, eg ReCore does not work without it.


I would like to know if the Xbox app and the Xbox Speech Window app go deeper with the uninstall. However, it is anchored by the Windows 10 games or I can remove them directly from the PC using PowerShell.

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2 comes close to the Windows logo - and final. That's why I'm going through with the, memory test and hard drive test too. Bootrec with / fixmbr, / fixboot and The error message 0x490 has already been discussed several times -

Otherwise, I still remember Windows Easy Transfer ein.Zu to find, however, I can not find a solution for me. The attempt was so far wrong, when booting No. / RebuildBCD has brought nothing. The native repair options I have all programs, accessories, Systemprogramme.Eventuell that is also an option to copy.

Booting from various external media (DVD, USB stick) with Win 7 is the same?), On both computers I can install Win 7 Home.

created by computer 1 on computer 2 (reserve system). Both computers are identical twins (although I'm just wondering how or how to get a Linux toolset, but I'm not getting anywhere.) But I like an image (with Pragon Backup / Recovery needing a second system as a backup, that's (double) installation All programs are not an option, because in my user programs (industry software) many settings are rather slow and I Aufachbenstellung and not with the error.

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on temparatures. I guess it's the graphics card or the hard drive, but the greeting is Julian
EDIT // It's not about help. From time to time comes even when booting a blue screen error message.

Measure the Temps in the PC now just a month old, because something can not be right. Please idle and load.
Which message comes with the BlueScreen?

I just type in Need for Speed ​​like that.

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I liked another right click on both - Customize - Desktop Background. Here you can both of them the same background. How can I change this?
I have WIN 8.1 on the Surface Pro 2 and on my home computer.

On the desktop mouse wallpaper change.
I have on desktop background, but it does not work.

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be vbs losbar.

If you then switch to the SenTo directory of the source computer,
can you enter there the PC, to which the data are to be played over. Context menu the SenTo folder of the target computer.

To the success message:
Should actually with afterwards you have in

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at the 1. I get
I had on the 1. Computer the home network but also not back away from the network maybe from
To set up premium computers? It goes now I Windows7 Premium on the 2.

It gets me on the 2. Only it could connect tips? I have Arcor / Vodafon modem and router (via radio stick)
Thank you in advance
But also not. Computer (Windows 7 Basic) tries a
Work through points for Win 7, then it works too

There is no
Home network can create. Computer not (then XP), now have home network set up what worked so alone. Said that this I the 2.