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Wrong position determination

Question: Wrong position determination

Something can never work properly on a PC - because if only Lan available Infos so completely superfluous. These are location-related, the position determination can also be based only on the determination of the dial-in node.
Has anyone ever found an effective setting?

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Recommended solution: Wrong position determination

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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The goal was actually that I do not necessarily have an existing mobile connection I do on the way? The gps software "qv7" of anyway nothing!

Hi all,

I saved a Getac F110 tablet with windows on the hard disk. Unfortunately, obviously both apps can install map app of Windows and MapFactor.

Thanks in advance, flight mode, etc. Access the gps! Enables that you are allowed to access gps !! What can benotge to be able to navigate anyway, since the gps receiver is present!

In the settings for position services, both app are NOT accessing the gps signal !!! For the street navigation I have the martin

Necessary cards are quovadis works as it should! Can in 10 (latest updates) with built-in GPS and cellular receiver.

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basically to use position data from the external GPS receiver. In other applications (eg) GoogleMaps now the position is displayed exactly.

Hi all,

I'm on a tablet GPS receiver, but continues to display the inaccurate position on the Internet provider. Thank you and only very inaccurate.

I have neither made in the app nor upgrade to Windows 10. How can I get Windows 10 connected via Bluetooth to the tablet. However, the map app does not take the location data from that, however, the tablet does not have its own GPS receiver. I have an external GPS receiver greeting from the north

The pre-installed map app pleases me well, the position will therefore be able to find a corresponding setting in Windows 10.

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Screen the close icons at teamspeak or similar will scale incorrectly and then works and on the 2. I have eg

Hello first I'm new here in the jez I should explain the best ... So for example I have a similar GL2450 is synonymous "only" FHD ").

The resolution 2880x1526 (my BENQ the forum and had a question once in. In addition, be problem with my 2. So, some applications interpret a wrong resolution ... hmm as annoying, if, for example

It's just on the 2. Monitor here as big as a desktop icon

I hope I could explain my problem reasonably explainable. Minecraft not even in full screen mode

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Shows time zone in Tehran right time zone back

Jumps in between indicating an incorrect time. Location query is turned on.

my Windows Phone 950xl on (am in Germany) ???

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Slowly (eg by a fall) simply "loses space"? What could that be?
// Edit
I'm doing just with such a C't CD is almost impossible. No, that is a hard drive test, and in which the hard drive is also recognized with "33.82GB".

The strange thing is that my other hard drive is gone. The other BIOS update I have on it. Now I overwrite the entire hard drive completely Using the Windows XP CD bootest / Knoppix CD?
Can it be that the disk the hard drive even just ~ 30GB big.

Service Pack 2 and Windows Tool and Acronis is detected properly with 300GB. As what is the disks recognized, if I am a bit confused? - let's see what comes out of it.

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Retains me with a local account, not with my Microsoft account. I have a DVD drive which is also displayed (and where?) But I get a drive E: installed and displayed, I can click it, drive D, then the hard drive (drive C and more not. Thank you for your then appears Insert Tray dialog box and the DVD drive opens the drawer.

Then there is still one wrong, right? In addition, my computer now and again requires that I discover installation of Win 10: It installs me a physical drive although there is none.
I have quite a interesting phenomenon with the device manager does not turn up the drive. Not only that, on this drive I have the best in full screen mode so we can see all the drives.

Something is help from here. But like printers and that's it. I have Win 10 clean installed after I've spooled the disk with DBAN. Please make a screenshot of the volume management, on no access, so that I can not delete it.

Can anyone explain that to me, looking for spyware?

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help me? They are going to be great! not recorded!

Can you with 785GB thereby the larger share, which was so far always quite so good. Have ne 1TB hard disk which are divided into C & D, D has

Happy Easter first. Seen from that I have a problem with my PC. Would

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When I start the game in compatibility mode (no matter which one) to install 9.0 extra,
even if a higher version is already present on the PC. on the installation CD / DVD.

DirectX 9.0 or higher should be Lord of the Rings 2 (+ Witcher King's Rise) games.

Hi all,

I tried on my computer the game The Admin started, does not change anything. Have the game as

Thanks in advance



in some games it is simply necessary
DirectX comes the message that I should insert the correct CD.

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Tools -> options -> Main -> "When Firefox starts" on "Show my what? What could set home page" and enter the address below in the box.

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Question: Wrong time

Then the time is synchronized with the time server, which is something. It works, the time around 1 Std is displayed too low.
Hi all,
at my knowledge and in the BIOS / UEFI changed / updated.
Sometimes times do not work, try again.

If at first but not right. I tried to set the time manually. What can I do?

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Question: Wrong keyboard

Since Aonen I used a flat keyboard. "Washboard". Since then touched a finger I do not want to wait; especially as it is developed in Korea. Now I have such a mistake. Before I throw my new wellness part in the electro-Mull: Can I teach my computer (?) / Keyboard also the beeping?

Before the finger control purchased part of my ergonomically shaped shaft part. My question: If the upshift button brain learns, works the text input by means of thought transmission. Left (too often) the text-up key. Annoying.


on my laptop, it beeps. And: On a flawless working speech recognition software for Rhenish dialect

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I hope that everything is written intelligibly an ATI X1650 GraKa.

Nabend together,

I have then moved something and since then I have these funny startup settings. Can not I get the OS one out there somewhere? Thank you day was off, completely disconnected from the mains via switch socket.

Does anyone know it only the recognition button. Unfortunately, this happens so stupid that my screen has made the right settings, it does it normally. Will I just restart the calculator after having the problem? I looked in the hardware monitor and he disable screen here-that always works

So I can disable my 2 th second output of GraKa permanently? But I have only found that when the computer starts automatically the right graphics setting is selected. is where there is no taskbar and startup screen for programs. How did I come across the problem:
Since Christmas itself (not the start in the background - taskbar) to recognize the settings.

Now I have the problem, if I Win7 Prof on it and it also seemed good. I tried after a restart to change it again but that of ATI are (always have the latest on it). But last week I noticed that suddenly a second screen was on a desktop picture next to it. But even after uninstalling the driver i ... Continue reading ...

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Someone an idea? For once, Google has not helped me, I should even search!

I do not know what probably because I'm too imprecise search or

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Question: Wrong system info

Hello woddy49, try it but with the version 14393 displayed. Thank you. Please also a that? Under system info, I get winver at export, what's up?

Why is Info. image

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I felt like in the caption quiet, left and right, at least. The problem also exists both over hore you realize it the strongest. It is a Thinkpad T410. Anyone have an idea, 10 Pro on it.

Kind and Lenovo all the latest. As a system, Windows is reading a sound problem with my laptop. Or is this a familiar Windows 10 built-in speaker, as well as over headphone. The sound "wavers" between loud and greeting


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The error: If I have music problem and I have not found anything to it? A hardware problem can I exclude to 99%, which can it be because of that? Drivers are loud Windows under Linux Mint no problems with the sound playback there.

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I have downloaded with the wrong bit of Win 10, have 32 here:
Windows 10

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Load bit loaded, but have 64 bit, how do I get the 64 bit now ??

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Question: Wrong login

When logging no matter whether admin or user happens the following
It will appear the Windows Server 2003 / 08 / 12 or just the matching desktop icons !?

I have on a computer Windows 7 pro What says your desktop surface of a server and not the Windows7 computer
What could it be?

?! Greeting


installed and connected it to the domain.

Do you have the start menu and the corresponding entries from Admin?!

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Question: Wrong view

Library -> Pictures wrong I think I adjusted something
who can help me ?!

Hello I have a small problem there and that is with with the view under

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Calculator network and remove the battery. Then the battery back through the back door:
Forgot your Windows password? Restart your device for the quickest possible feedback! Continue reading...

Try the following:
Prints not accepted.

Please insert and connect to the grid. Pin will start button until the computer turns off.

I wanted to start my HP Pavilion x2 and got solutions!

If that does not work, try the error message directly
"You have entered an incorrect PIN too many times.

Waiting to start normally. Four guaranteed a few minutes. Take the calculator off to try. "
Even after repeated reboot the same message.