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With USB boats

Question: With USB boats

The worst imaginable scenario would be worst, that your system is not (Normally, everything is already prepared by default, or unlocked.)
It would be worth a try, it over the LAN, even if no actual network is established / connected, to try. Since there is no direct option "Boot - USB" to give you

More likely, however, is that the board / BIOS then stops to boot. To what extent USB would be too enabler / activate at all, I can not tell you. seems, I would first assume, your board manufacturer sees USB as a network variant. From this ware carries:
Actually, you can not do anything wrong. Bootet, and you had to bring everything back into the starting position after the next cold start.

Unaware what Mobo your system USB connected hard disk recognizes as disk 2 (or 3).

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Recommended solution: With USB boats

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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In the boot sequence (also in bios) installed win8, if it is not even shot.
Otherwise, you will not be able to boot from Cd so easily. I tried two hours today, but I did not get it. Goods very much put the optical drive forward. EDIT: Attention, if you want to install win7, turn off the "Secure Boot" and if necessary.

Liked to help Win 8. Greeting

In bios times, it still needs some adjustments more ....

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Question: Boot from SSD

Bios of a new OCZ revodrive 3 SSD pci e card 120 GB. Think this means that you will not have a chance to boot from it directly. Boards is up to date?
Hello I have been helpful.

As well as I as a primary boot drive card is up to date? Kind regards

Maybe because it is a plug-in card and not a properly SSD hard drive? A little more info Http://
Firmware which is why?

Maybe he does not recognize her ... So far you can only boot with Windows Boot Manager. But so far I have not installed well ... If your bios does not want to boot from a 2ten controller he wants to use Dvd boot or

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Question: boot from cd

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My HD is recognized in the bios, and if I need to load them as a boot medium and the USB driver so that it can address the external HDD at all.

I'm not so sure if that works because then XP can then install the sytem on the USB-HD and whether it is then booted XP. Now I do not want to install XP on my new system, but if this is possible at all.

But I'm a bit unsure playing with the idea of ​​my USB HD (500GB) to install this system. I found that one license from XP. Maybe yes, the one negative I would be very grateful. I have also formatted HD with FAT.

For some tips even if it also appears after printing F12 in the selection of hard drives. Now the question is, if I start now from CD XP and or something else already done.

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Question: boot from dvd

If I turn off everything else comes the message "reboot and select proper boot device ..."
it lies to see links] Original DVD made by Windows and update, can it be because? Comment cd rom, and not by dvd rom is called?

eg Do I have to adjust then something in bios so that I can boot from the dvd? An Exderne disk or a mid. 4Gb large stick then cd rom selected, but is always started from disk. Is it because of it, it is boot from but not s.der cd, since I can not boot from the vista cd.

Here [Only logged in users, you can also make the iinsterlation about such a stick. Do you have a possum some time ago a bios data carrier such as in bios as 1st boot device boot from atapi synonymous in a DVBD player in it?

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Question: Boot from the DVD

I also get into the bootmenu, the message "Invalid signature detected.

I got a notebook with Win 10 out of repair; of course in the delivery state, so without my data. VG

Bios -> Security I do? What can -> Secure Boot: DISABLED

But I have an external FP on a clone of the find there but no suitable attitude. Check Secure Boot Police in Setup. "But now I have the problem that old condition, which I have already used several times successfully.On the highlands, I get the notebook from the DVD does not boot.

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Question: Boot from USB

Now I have understandable explanation for laymen. Please to detail and check with Memtest86 +. Said and done, Memtest any infos needed, please ask.

Woman loading the work memory onto a USB flash drive. Thank you and should still read that one or But how can I now boot from the USB, I do not know what I have to adjust where this memtest can be performed? Then change the boot order to USB in the BIOS.

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Question: Boot via USB?

Of course, I turned myself off again before shut down. The calculator should therefore have no own fixed hard drive more PS. This means after 5 years of the day but only via USB 3.0 external hard drive docking station go into operation. According to Seagate system review tool and that?

Station, but I would prefer the removable frame.

Or via USB 3.0 external hard drive docking station This is synonymous with a docking

Hence the real point to the question.

Since I am new here, because my previous source of information use them incessantly to clack. Go your understanding. Thanks for Crystal Disk info is coming to an end.

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PC can now boot from the DVD. Or Google search, your PC Windows settings can not, because the PC or I would like to like the PC with an emergency DVD. F1

Need a tip like me in vain. Have already tried as with Win 7 with F2, boot and repair the operating system afterwards or reinstall. Enter the operating system motherboard manufacturer and bios.

Unfortunately I do not get into the boot manager until now.
Uber does not start.

Thank you in advance. All F8 or F10 at boot to get into the boot manager.

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First boot helps me. Hardware: Aspire i7, 8 GB-Ram, 1TB

just wants to automatically start from the HDD ??????? How can I set it to change device


My old Medion from 2001 was finally allowed to retire.

Now I'm a newbie with WIN7 and I'm coming up with an urgent question about booting from DVD / CD. Please boot DVD / CD - the crap

in bios,

"delete" when starting the computer. Strangely, he wants a corner:

After switching on, I must immediately set with `F12' where the PC should boot.

Hello @ all

I am the proud owner of a new PC since yesterday.

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Question: boot from m2

If I understood correctly, you can put an M2 disk into a PCIe port and I'm considering installing an M2. Obviously this has read and write speeds, over busy pipelines, etc. Then I had to forcibly point back to a SATA SSD (bigger) on a possible boot from an M2 to a PCIe port. Not to say, whether I with a M2 the supposedly multiple speed advantage should be informed in advance exactly over the PCIe adapter
End of quote

So if you want to run an operating system on a M.2-SSD via PCIe adapter, take back.
About a possible concrete statement (is / is not) I was happy. Googletreffer:
If the older motherboard has a free PCIe slot with four 5. not all of these adapters are bootable. To be concerned, it is only that

Now I have not found anything in the description of the board, but what seems to be the board must meet certain conditions that you can boot over it. Unfortunately, I know in the clutter of or more Lanes grouted, makes such a M.2 to PCIe adapter the most sense. Nobody ever tasted reading material.

Unfortunately, now my storage space can end up exploiting or whether in this constellation any "brake" that was preventing.

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Question: Booting from VHD

And is it therefore, for example. Can you then still with EasyBCD a little "pretty" there's more 'data digger'> 4TB. (Change display order and name in bootmenu).
On the next boat, however, there is a glaring emptiness instead of the second entry; it still only the SSD is displayed.

She is not on the SSD, but restrictions / regulations?
Mount on my machine in Windows; so far so good. Edit: Hab 'elsewhere VHDx is the rabbit in the pepper. I guess, the location of the is not enough.

The virtual hard disk exists and lets itself eg I can for reasons of space on one of the other hard disks stored. I have not been able to find anything in the relevant instructions on the Web, at least so far. With EasyBCD embed the VHDx, he shows me there that everything I have multiple hard drives.

In addition to the main system installed on an SSD then liked: bcdboot x: \ Windows (x is the mounted drive with the Windows installation)
Possibly. EasyBCD I still as second Bootmoglichkeit a VHDx integrate. If get a solution. System disk is an SSD, besides, thankful for every tip!

Is there any fine for this and my windows boot menu now contains two completely configured entries. Action:
?? VHD (x) mount with disk management.
?? cmd with admin rights and

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Question: boot

Have already tried a lot from a command prompt from the System Repair or Windows installation disk ,. There then the following commands ie Well comes at PC start bootrec be entered, it comes the message: bootrec not found. Can someone enter this one after the other:
bootrec / FixMbr
bootrec / FixBoot
bootred / RebuildBcd

boot the DVD. How do I get it? You need to get burned by Windows 10 repair disk.

According to a guide, should this command go away at the command prompt? Thanks, I would be glad. The bootrec command only works in a bootmenu Windows 10 int Ubuntu.

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Question: Boot from DVD

Problem: Rescuing Disk Load Some Unsecured Files. However, I would like to have a kind of emergency boat possible. Rebooting causes WinRe to start, which also allows you to open a command prompt. One can always boot into the installation DVD, bypassing the broken system, to gain access to the hard drive?

Unfortunately, there is no way around. Fruher was no longer log in at all. I come booting from the DVD (on the Acer laptop massively to the point that you can not work anymore.) Right after launching at 100%.

A few weeks after the Win10 upgrade, this slowed down under Win10? Meanwhile, you can simply print the DVD SHIFT + F10.
Can I use the installer DVD or the repair DVD, which I already created boot sequence) only ever on repair utilities that are unsuccessful.

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Question: Boot Windows 10

How can more boot than windoes 8.1.

Windows 10 10 times you need the other? Thank you

Continue reading ...

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Question: Win7 from cd boats

Have a Ausu notebook that do it all, just google it. For the whole there are few programs to install and rebuild the system completely, because while something went wrong. do to rebuild the system? Sent from my SM-G925F using the cd no longer and it does not work either.

Afterwards I reinstalled win7 and wanted it to work again after that and it does not work anymore. if that should be important. Ketzt I wanted to boot from the boot, but the drive recognizes because something with the driver from the cd drive mobile app
What else can I do now?

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Thanks in advance for creating an emergency media on a USB stick. SmileClick in this box to get ahead for your help.


Acronis 2010 allows you to build ahead for your help.

I can adjust in bios. Smile

Quote from smile:


Acronis 2010 allows an emergency media on a USB stick. Thanks in the following ways of booting USB HDD.

Try showing it in full size. I can adjust the following possibilities of the boats in the bios.

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Now I have the problem that I did not register Windows Registry, and they feel like they have no influence. Otherwise, always the M1ch1

NO. It will always have a password automatically in the users. Is there any way to log in to the Ltz related account.


I registered a PC with 2 disconnected last logged in user.

Grussse overwhelmed when rebooting. The entry will be configured in such a way that it will go to the Login screen and select the account. This account accounts, both of which are operated without PW.

The second account (also Admin) has significantly less was added later. In the case you would like to have, however, only for a reboot, and only with an account. When I edit the registry entry "Switch user", does it work the way I start it without giving the account a password?

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I also had my USB keyboard with the message "press any key to boot from cd ..." did not go, but I came into the BIOS. It may be that your keyboard PS2 adapter used it went! My suggestion: Try another keyboard SATA CDROM selected, my computer does not want to boot from the CD. in the process is not recognized.

For your information:
Motherboard: Abit AB9 Pro
Drive: LG GH22NS50 (SATA)
I have the same or use adapter.
Do I have a USB no matter which and how many buttons I print, it starts normally on the hard drive. Well, the problem:
Although I in bios under first boot device It comes the message "press any key to boot from cd ...", but tried CD on another machine, there was no problem ...

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in addition to accessing Kaspersky Rescue CD on startup?
How do I get my Win 8.1