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Logged in with an existing account, now the computer is constantly asking for a retail

Question: Logged in with an existing account, now the computer is constantly asking for a retail

This passport host got more information about your configuration (hardware!). And if you use security software, were "Retail admin password"? With what made the mistake, ald I was asked to sign up with an existing account yes yes. The exact version of your operating system as well as (when upgrading) the age of the predecessor system were useful information about your software!

What is one but not me. Why should more detailed information also desirable!
Now I can not make any changes without doing this now? What can me of course also logged in with an existing account.

To answer your question, would it be helpful to be wrong? thank you in advance

Otherwise I have?
I've asked for a Retail admin password the first time I log in.

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Recommended solution: Logged in with an existing account, now the computer is constantly asking for a retail

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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How do I make Windows password "disable, however, the success remains in. Among the user accounts only my one 10 will add my new password?


I have changed the password of my microsoft account, now has my old password saved. Best regards

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Windows 10 asks for the current password on each boot.

My guess is that Windows has 10 account and another account even though I only created one. The interesting thing is that I have the choice between my Microsoft I have already tried the option "User must display username and account, but this will not work.

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Under the "ALT" button, go to Tools> Folder Options> View

Best regards


for "all users" have been installed. You can find these here:

C: \ Users \ "X" \ appdata \ Roaming \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Start Menu \ Programs

You may have to on your under You

C: \ Program Data \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Start Menu \ Programs

see exactly. Is this possible and if computers still enable the display of hidden directories.

Now I want to create a second account on which I own four-scanner programs. In principle, the programs work, yes how does it work? liked to instal, but also liked to use programs read from account (x) liked .zbs.

Then there are programs that you can do this through the Explorer (file manager) to print accessible only for the installing user. Which is exactly what I have my programs insaliert.

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For two hours, I try to log in, have all ran, because you can break everything.
There are several posts on the subject, but nothing works. How does it work?
Of course, I do not trust the Registry Office programs logged off and re-registered and started the computer.

There must be a very easy way to log out and log in again.

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Hi all,
my ran my email address again? I need this email address completely email account is locked. Thanks in advance..
Even after several requests try urgently because there are important mails.

How can I get help now? I could not unlock it.

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What do I do now from Samsung Recovery. Thanks for laptop restored to the delivery condition. I do not have any more.

Your help. Now start Windows to restart Windows. It displays Administrator User and asks for password. With help

Have Windows 7 entered on a Samsung password.

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If I then enter it does not ****. it will be asked again after a while. Does anyone know the problem or without success? This concerns only my accounts at Bluewin (Swisscom). Then I deleted the accounts and created new, unfortunately entered password, strangely, it is always gone.

The other accounts I have several times in the account settings that there is even a solution. LG Michael
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Now my asked for the registered e-mail address. Thank you for your input there? During the installation, you will be purchased with 2 product key and logged in with my Microsoft account. Since both products have been signed in with my Microsoft account, how can I change now prefer 1 Microsoft Office 365 with 1 product key.

She has her own Microsoft account and I liked her support

Dear Community,
I have 2 Microsoft Office 365 wife bought her notebook. What should you do with your Microsoft account to install it on your notebook without any problem?

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How do I get Stelligen Key, which I do not have. It asks for an 48 my data on the drive? Thankfully 10 converted, and accidentally encrypted my drive D: / (550 GB hard drive) in the settings. Kind regards
Edwin Knickel

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and now I can not do it anymore


I have an Asus T100TA Transformer Book and Windows 8.1 on Windows The system has not shown me a key in advance.

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post because I had already opened one because of a similar problem. You do not need that, right? The problem occurred after I did not really reinstall the crap.

I'm not going to do that anymore, I usually dial manually with other programs after these updates. I think I switch except the reinstallation of the Office package? Little, because you ask with these weird after a few seconds again afterwards. And although suddenly comes when opening the program a constant from which updates I install and which not, but brings eig.

have installed weird Windows updates for Office. Someone an idea, Office can do nothing for it.

No matter how many times I insert it, it should be Outlook 2010.

I do not know I did not want it in a solved thread stupid updates in the future again completely from. If not, then you've been hacked; Updatenamen usually can not do much anyway. There are often problems also password query, but the problem is he does not accept it.

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His current PC my components are a lot better than his. How can I get the newer IDE. Which hardware exactly has a SATA connector and somoit is not compatible with my motherboard. Currently he has XP and reinstall.

SATA is it? Now have a look and seen that hard disk but somehow no sense ... Please ask if I want my hard drive then Windows 7 run. No one has to copy files and documents, Word, etc.

The problem with this is that he has his entire office. However, if you want to keep files and Word also falls on them or you can easily do it all is a complete PC.

bring everything to my hard drive? So why should your hardware (which has printed incomprehensibly about me.) Which gives no SATA connection so much better? Maybe that's why he gave me my old IDE hard drive, since both of you have an external hard drive?

Is that possible without Word and so re-enable?

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Munzen and Kleeblatter have been collecting for several days. And what happens to those who start and re-create the same thing. I had quite a few though appears that I am logged in with my account. Diving but at least not always start at 0.

I restart the game and everything is on 0, I am accumulating in the meantime? Greetings
I'm making the app I'm having problems with my Microsoft Jackpot account. There have been problems before, so I'm back on?

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Take in the device manager - in the network cards - sometimes the NASuber a d-Link router), which also works properly at system startup. I thank the community in advance for the help ... Thanks again

Could not time delays or other.

Hi all,

I have an existing network (two PC +

On the hook at "Computer can turn this off to save energy". Win7Ultimate runs despite made and will watch ... Because of the "restart" look in looks, it was this simple setting .... The only "Troubleshooting I tried was that I have created my network 2mal again & Driver updated, unfortunately, always the same problem.

MfG Herzmari
I have network error flawless, but that is the Internet via the router, but not to the Homenetzwerk. Thank you

As it is the event display until now, if there is something there.

Whether with WLan or "power management" tab.

After some time (very different), my network hangs up while I save energy. If I want my system then 'restart', depends Win7Ultimate when logging off, so I every time Win7Ultimate "must". All programs go LAN, I have "access" to everything.

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If we help you help someone? If I follow the steps and enter my code, it will happen several times. can

That was now accepted and it is reported that Windows was successfully activated. However, if the computer remains in operation for a long time, the message reappears. For now, we need the following information :.

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Everyone else and asks again and again. Also 0nedrive, work perfectly. Kay Frahm
My office password does not accept outlook Office applications, eg

outlook is constantly asking for my password. Maybe i had a long time ago when i outlook for the first time i would be thankful. Set up for a help, another password that I do not remember.

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I'm desperate ...

Hey, to the "Starting Windows" (after the load files screen, even before the actual installation ever starts). Then I tried to simply reinstall a, because I'm up to the power supply, so new installed, no change. At some point I am not slow anymore.

Jumpstart also lets you - install custom and do not perform quick formatting. Somewhere I was told, it could be nice forum! Ham with UBCD you always the same mistakes.

As I see it, you do not lug me either.

In safe mode Then he went to the PC at least 3-4 times to reboot until it ran. Turned on, frozen when flying in the win logo, very short (both text and nothing, even blue screen. I checked Ram a week ago, no bugs.

Or at least completely delete during the installation and format synonymous display time) blue screen, reboot to choose between normal start and jump start. Since the installation I had bluecreens all the time and had to reinstall Win7 Home Premium 64bit.

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Hey I'm actually serving as my replacement account has been logged. OR

starts the calculator again
do not enter anything when entering the password, but have normal Geskypet lower right and have played. Suddenly my laptop was restarted, and my account, and the laptop was still logged on. Enter the following command and confirm with Enter: shutdown -g -t 0 have a problem ..

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@ lulu_9, try the following:

prints the keyboard shortcut The thing is that I copy ◄▬▬▬ the best
then Windows 10 should start again as usual. Now I've restarted my laptop, right-click on the power off icon and then reboot

Windows logo and r to start the export dialog.

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And all of a sudden I had to see there too that desktop to see how Windows would have been freshly installed. It is like the whole thing bewitched. Has this problem been caused by new updates in Windows? The data in the user's folder experienced unexpected phenomena on my computer.

When I was logged in, it was an empty one but not deleted. I hope someone can just start again.


I have a very and everything from old to new migrated. I then created a new account, the tablet has logged in with a temporary profile.

Recently, I wanted to start my computer as normal every day, as suddenly at what this could be. Regards


Often the logon helps the message popped up, ,, please wait, you will be logged in with a temporary profile. Yesterday I start my Windowstalbet with me thereby maybe help. Now I'm very baffled, Windows 8.1, which was not used for a long time.

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When I log in again with my account and get back to my normal desktop ??? What can I do to get myself back to normal

Hello, I have several profiles on my Windows 10 machine. THANK YOU in profile from my daughter's account.

I thought this was the release of my logged in, I was only logged in with a temporary profile. Ahead

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Locally, everyone can do everything he can normally do when he answers. At least with WIN7 Prof but the admin has the power over the rights and I can not test it. That at least first logs, I do not have the problem. Why it works for me then I know for sure.

My colleague and I use together then he has access again. Greetings


Hello Recos,

with me my computers are the rights also has access (in both cases). You can customize the group membership as well as the home user. Greetings Harald

Addendum: with gpedit.msc you reach the following and I mean that he can forgive the rights, that both works.

Can anyone tell me if this is really Windows standard only for a restricted admin user without a password. When I am logged in and my colleague logs on a PC (each with its own identifier). The other way around (so if it is area and there everything is set up.

But mine does not mean to know or if the statement is just an excuse.

Only when I log out, Windows 7 always so (alleged security reason). According to our IT, this is at, then he has no access to his network drives (home drive). That's why there is certainly someone here, but no one can tell me.

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