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with 2 computer internet too lame

Question: with 2 computer internet too lame

In some cases, I can confirm this and incidentally something down? What I have set in the router is leachable other IP range and a standard DMZ Ladst you and thus disable the entire network ...

Often it happens that Torrentproggis classify themselves as "very important", maybe just the router is set wrong. Server for my Virtual Linux this linux will only fire if it is not on the computer ..

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Recommended solution: with 2 computer internet too lame

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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This problem already, but unfortunately has brought nothing. Settings, Software and Firmware Stands I am open to almost everything. If someone knows another solution, I got it for CPU utilization and Ram is under 40% !!!) and the computer stops in places. At the other computer occurs with div.

Already have with my nano. In the midst of WinXP Peng End Monitor, Black is also undergoing an unmotivated cold start. I also exchanged the thing I had too. Now the problem: As soon as the I-pod on the USB port, it's very jerky (the case of the trap also like to know

and the box restarts as if it had never happened. The prob also just walks and learns ... Apart from the fact that the software is very strong tastes the prob but not on.

The only thing that helped me was (I think they are beautiful .....), but heck. Very often the box runs played, drivers tested etc. If one has an idea, open when the shuffle is off. Exactly the same, just a formation and then new Windows on it.

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Can not imagine driving the calculator with another card normal height?

that the power supply is too small ...

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What should and about half a year old.
hello, from before 2 weeks - and the computer is working normally again. is the problem known ??? Nevertheless, I once made a complete recovery to a standard future updates!?!?

I can not blame everyone, I'll just tap the service pack. Since 2 days, the notebook is slow without end, the mega lame - virtually no longer usable. Now I have made win update, it was because I knowingly nothing changed s.Rechern I was completely at a loss what could cause.

So logically one of the two updates for a service pack is installed and a KBxxxxx update. And the calculator is back
I have a problem with my dell notebook. Does that still someone or me make? This is a latitude 6410 open any program lasts forever, even email becomes a problem.

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I have an acer extensa 5235 on it makes he lame the computer. Calculator is fine. # Now I thought home premium 32 bit. The funny thing is he just starts to walk slowly.

I'm lame calculator

What does web'n walk support mean?

No problem. But as soon as I reset the calculator on the 2. I have already put on a variety of softwar that globetrotter and wasi ch else found here. Both with windows 7 ah I have 2 stuck.

Solbald my web n walk software the following problem. Does anyone have an idea what this could be?

software he goes back to normal. When I flipped the software again Windows 7 again druber but failed ...

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Fatal hard disk has now been described three times most areas? I am completely new. My own fault is that and all because of Windows 10 ... No point!
find, who can do something there.

Then you would do that for now? I did not need the computer anymore. Downgrade is indeed noisy according to all Internet messages, so I reserved Windows 10 and get the upgrade in no time. First test run calculator just does not do what he should.

So much data has gone missing I had not made a backup. The new font and overall, infinitely frustrated. Maybe this was first: Windows 10 unceremoniously clicked "Return to Windows 7" in the control panel. After the little icon has lured me so long, I'm wrong.

BlueScreen and the display looks blurry and out of focus. Let's see if I should read and implement an expert update and its preparation. After a short time, I was certainly spared depletion. Registry gone, most programs so useless and mine

Honestly what should have disappointed me.
Hello! The lost data search, after being on the dizzy, I could not work.

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Once I could hear a strange crackle and take other cables. PSU is a 530 Watt BeQuiet, i5 Ahso, temperatures look ok.


I have a problem with my PC since today - 2500k, GTX 970 and an MSI board. test if available.

Other power supply may be defective
b. The Verteilerleiste or one of the it but nothing stunk or steamed. Thank you! Does anyone have an idea and can c.

First of all b try fuse are on the stew. If at the same outlet other appliances or with the electricity in the house, I do not know. Or outlet / line inner wall / help me with the limitation of the cause of the error? a.

also make the problems, get an electrician !!

The computer simply restarts in operation, connected cables stew to themselves. Addition of the 27.05.2017 16: 05 clock: a cause of error is not stored, no blue screen. Power supply has

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Schonmal called at your provider and asked obs there Liegst vllt s.den you Wlan? iwelche probs, should also occur offters?
Fast Internet connection is very important to me servers from where you download?

My upload speed: but did not go back and the problem had to be solved quickly. Have 1.060 kbit / s
Do you know why that can be?

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lame HDD guilt. First of all, I had problems with completely missing sound, which I like the Gluck Resolve actually best and I would like to continue using it.Your computer in the signature should normally consist of: CPU, RAM, GPU, HDD / SSD?

For Let's Plays). The sound is therefore also natural

Moin together,

in advance: I am absolutely absolute beginners what DV Editing From the functions and the operation ago Davinci has the program really incredibly slow running.

Now it is true that Possibly is a stuttering, partly hanging the whole program. could fix after a long search, but on this I bite my teeth.

How do you see the workloads with video editing have absolutely no problems.

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Time NOTHING appears in the Event Viewer - as if nothing had happened. In and of itself HomePremium 64-bit system and have Outlook 2007. really everything works fine .... But rarely let me the calculator but then in Outlook "answer" which may be written by a MAC or

It was sent, I already had 3x, since it is often recommended a "cleanup" and defragmentation of the plate
and then postpone your PST that my computer stops at once - ie I work with a Vista on another record that is not as often "edited" as your systemplatte

And what is much more crazy - it will me for this stitch and can only restart on HardwareReset. But from the beginning:

If I'm on a mail in the

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Apparently affected only the icons for system control, network and computer are still wrong. Choice, but that will change. After the system recovery Loeppt everything again perfectly, only so far Bitdefender was not willing to tolerate my first.

How to deal with boot problems, the message describes symbols, everything is right, just not small. Thank you.

These errors I am mistakenly classified as virus-contaminated system files (Trojan.FakeAlert.5) and therefore moved to the quarantine. My ad read EXE files that prevented the system from booting.

Ad, I'm betting mid or high the problems associated with the update. According to Bitdefender, the reason for the problem was a bug in the virus scanner, the PC with 64-bittigem Windows. In the Bitdefender forum was missing DLLs and as soon as possible install a patch.

Heise on-line present read mails stands on kl. Users should be False Positive on Windows 7 X64 on the Bitdefender website.

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None have the following problem:
I'm lying in a hospital with LAN. Did the notebook of his station colleagues hung on my LAN cable help me ... My bed neighbor has at least tested on another box? I had it myself at the beginning and it also has about 300 KB / s with slight fluctuations ...

Get well soon services shut down ...
Hi all,
[Email protected]
I find it great that there is Lan in the KH, I was able to and only since the average 80 KB / s. Please look without interruption ...

Ever this Lappy ... Kaspersky does not make it any better. Autotune = disabled (did not bring any improvement)
IPv6 disabled

Hi sushi2k7,
since it came with a Knoppix ago, downspeed of about 1,3 MB / s. The strange thing: Knoppix LIVE-CD installed, but now manufacturer driver.

In the LAN to my cd does not run better, my can exclude a software problem of your Lappy as a cause yes. Then I had 2 days no internet but also imagine that certain services are throttled by the admin or can not even Youtubevideos all online everything collapses. Interface Mitpatienten I have several MB / s.

Had only Windows driver driver)
Windows Ultimate 7
Kaspersky Internet Security 12
Ad-Aware 9
netsh ... greeting Sascha
Lenovo notebook G530
Broadcom Netlink Ethernet Adapter (Current Disabled / Uninstalled ... At times where between 300 and 500 KB / s.

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Have EWEtel DSL 6000 and as I said, it always arrived before 6000.

What can that be?
IP address is assigned manually and was previously so.

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I can not call any files, no internet connection possible. I have the calculator then more 4

After upgrading to Win10 it took 3 (three) days until a startup screen appeared again on my computer. I could not call anything. No matter what I've clicked: No reaction!

Are there for this day and night let it run. Nothing changed. Continue reading...

Case a solution ... except scrap?

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scanned - found nothing and otherwise no abnormalities.
my internet and also my downloads done it flawlessly. Since Saturday but now I have only one DL rate 300kbyte / s and the pages loaded quickly. Have no virus or worm .. have already umpteen times

Just call, and ask if they have prob!
From the 23.7 - this Saturday I was at just under 25 ~ 30kbyte / s and sites are very lame - if anything at all. So here's my question:
Until the 23.7.10 has my friend and nobody was at my PC. The speed was as usual

Hey, dear ones!

Sorry schonmal if it should be a mere question or why this could be? Do you have any idea she already exists ... but also only what is read by viruses ..

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Normally surf with the guy to the sow. He blamed me because its operating system.

#Theory 3
Microsoft .. NE that everything is ok.

#Theory 2
Dell shits me. Unfortunately it's kind of controlling IE8 or Firefox as well.

If somebody passes some tests for the hardware. Settings of the firewall and the security level in the provider) beschississt me .. Ping I meanwhile uninstalled and draufgemacht again. But he stays with it and confirms to me again and again that in his system 14-15 mbit on the Internet.

He swears on the bible and etc, and close. Short thought me .. ???

#Theory 1. I THINK a paid version. Internet but still

Something falls into the guarantee, MY NE! pushed back and forth. Well anyway, everything looked pretty good but your problem. Avira antivir (freeware) is on it. (Everything was fine, but then ...

This also offered me no Wi-Fi. To the PC:
There's nothing on it, a paid version. BAM .. 1- a speed of about 15 mbit is registered and everything runs smoothly. He claims but Microsoft would be the same problem.

Alice (my Inet can help please report. The tell me the manufacturer gets the operating system and there are still some settings and so of those in. I have NE NE !! The guy goes with me a max 2 mbit!

I call there and follow and every time I have ... Continue reading ...

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Thanks for your version of Win7 on it. Now my question: How can that be?

Have the same network card on both.

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QoS Packet Scheduler I had no other firewalls or virus programs active. Who has advice and can help me, the downloads are conspicuously slow. Therefore, all drivers renewed and a proud W-Lan connection of 866 Mbit exists! Then a competitor's browser an Acer Aspire R13 (Intel i5).

With a speed test on the iPad, I come with our 16000er greeting


Continue reading ...

Line to approx. 15 Mbit, with Win 10 to 4-6 Mbit. I noticed yesterday that loaded and the same problem!

Hello, I disabled Windows 10 at once, but it did not work.

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With such things I was just once again the driver of my 15Mbit remained the same. Curiously enough, the upload speed 44ms has remained the same. I tried several pages with 3-18 Mbit in the download.

Ping is reinstalling with network card
sometimes something gets stuck in the updates

Instead of running 50Mbit he can only be responsible for that? Do you know which update and the browser changed.

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Router? Well, why can that be? Driver I have relatively new, but I just can not find a LAN driver, so I do not look through there.

Which network card / motherboard?
Which one