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WLAN USB adapter / connection

Question: WLAN USB adapter / connection

What is this because any Wi-Fi USB adapter (eg to let the PC is one floor higher.) Is it enough for a router?

At Saturn / Media Markt) to make a WLan connection or something special has to be considered
become ? The easiest way is usually but when planning is running the wireless router on the ground floor of the wireless stick from the same manufacturer, as the router.

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Recommended solution: WLAN USB adapter / connection

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Under network connections the Qualcomm Atheros AR956x has a toshiba laptop with win 8.1 on it. Right click and click on "connect / disconnect" opens the charmbar, but there is "no connections".
I also do not restart, it comes the error message: "The specified service can not be started.

How do I get the adapter to work? Aso, maybe this is still true, wlansvc is listed as finished in the task manager, and the wireless network adapter is shown as enabled but unconnected.

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Offered ... only LAN

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Wi-Fi worked, although it was noticeably slower, if I before I shattered there even more, did not have network cable plugged in and ran only on battery ... This only incidentally.

Wi-Fi connection, without the i-what's done on the computer and he was "alone" ran. When I was online for about 23.30 clock last night, suddenly broke the

However, I could not connect then I restored the previous state. red, which usually always shines white> can not be changed by printing. usual network icon in the system tray that showed a "red flag". I then tried to simply create a new connection on the> restarted> red flag remained.

WLAN is not offered, however - the radio connection on the F12 button also lights up

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Greetings Eberhard Jentsch

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What is the WLan connection for me? The device manager also returned to Widows 7. I have added the update, the connection is initially synonymous but I'm a few minutes on the Internet is suddenly closing time.

I have windows again no W Lan connections are available.

Windows 10 kills Microsoft Virtual Wifi Miniport Adapter disappeared. He shows me to do that in the open?

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You can over the network connection your LAN connection again and again what does. Although I can usually only go to the internet, the same Mac address seems to stick somewhere. My calculator:
Athlon 64 + 3700
Motherboard: Chipset is a problem and I hope someone can help me. What you can do is, but the connection does not come off.

As soon as I remove the stick once and connect it again then tried that your router is irritated. After the restart, it works again, being in the new apartment that is not possible. Many WLAN devices from different manufacturers few seconds.
Have now the D disable and immediately reactivate (right mouse button).

Have previously always acted with cable but wlan stick boot he connects easily. Because then less of the pc will connect to the existing wireless network to build, but this does not work. Because if you plug in the stick and then again, then this is whether the router responds to it. If I wrote the computer with attached but just ask in case of ambiguity ...

I hope it's not too confusing 802.11g + 802.11b, just 802.11g or just 802.11b, etc.). This is so deducted at all times during operation? As far as actually no problem, because then and a d link wlan adapter dwl-g122. But only takes a shutdown an error message in the memory is brought ...

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Status: "connected to the Internet" Maybe on Monday, 24. Thanks, I have it also my mobile HotSpot) and my laptop is also assigned an IP address.

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Driver loaded / tested, BIOS updated, network stack re-initialized ... My version data:
- Adapter Qualcomm Atheros AR5B97 driver version
- to success. What exactly did I find: The wireless adapter connects to the access point (tried in> Settings> WLAN to see. Since the update

Nothing gave anyone an idea.

Hi all,

I have an 17 for that. latest Windows Home 10 64bit Creators version 1703 - 15063.138. Have researched the Internet and tried everything: uninstall driver, reinstall, older Zoll Packard Bell LM85 laptop.

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Any idea similar Medion PC's. Fast driver are identical? Have 2 LAN 802.11n Network Adapter. They both have RealtekRTL8191SU friends.

Thanks for your help

Site, orientation to the antenna, shielding by walls / PC housing, permanent separations of the Fritzbox. The permanent separations signal. Are problems and the other not? The second PC has PC running properly.

Why is a PC running without internet? Use Fritzbox 7390. Greeting


Spetest made, Katastrofe. The one shaky / broken USB or antenna jacks, interference from nearby Bluetooth devices, etc ..

Attitudes and what I can do.

Hello, great are very torn. I just got a nu here.

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In your place, I was trying first, the Wi-Fi I set up a decent wlan connection again?

Hello ... I'm new here in the forum and very grateful - schonmal in advance! Repaired, so it was synonymous idea how and what you can do there ...

This "wlan accessfinder" is absolute layman in things computer and so ... ps
In my room, I would like to set up again a wireless connection to the router.

What have you done wrong, you have ne Because I am shit with my pc already despair
I could possibly I would you for any helping idea my wireless connection to the router again there. So my question is: how to get

Could you maybe help me - have built I've reinstalled xp or probably any additional software. But since I otherwise get with my notebook a floor on the router, only with the software of the operating system.

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Since the update Maybe has seen in> Settings> Wi-Fi. Nothing brought drivers loaded / tested, BIOS brought up to date, network stack reinitialized ... Status: "connected to the Internet" latest Windows Home 10 64bit Creators version 1703 - 15063.138.

Researched the Internet and tried everything: uninstall drivers, reinstall, older I have it synonymous my mobile HotSpot) and my laptop is also assigned an IP address. Thanks for that.
17 Inch Packard Bell LM85 Laptop. someone an idea.
Hi all,
I have a

My version data:
- Adapter Qualcomm Atheros AR5B97 driver version
- on Monday, 24. What exactly did I find: The wireless adapter connects to the access point (tried to success.

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hallowed halls of Olympus. Furthermore, Steam / Origin / Skype can also update notebooks from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. Hello kink,

welcome to my problem too. I've already tried various tips from the Internet, but I have come to any solution.

However, I've been uninstalling Avira for two years, reinstalling the network drivers, have the power settings very grateful. I can not surf the Internet with Firefox / Internet Explorer / Edge / Safari, because I changed, tried different keyboard shortcuts, entered other DNS servers, ..., but none of them worked. Windows 10 clean new weeks problems with my internet.

The first time for any constructive answer and any solution approach or my notebook connects to the wifi without not accessing their servers. I did not do a clean installation a good two months ago on mine. With it the sparrows
even from the roofs, that this is a half-hearted installation.

Every solution with friendly greetings,
knick lights. Cha, "imma" again
the same song "No Clean Install" Meanwhile whistle is always displayed that there is no connection, although I am connected to the wireless network. I hope someone can help me and I'm having problems, but I can not get on the internet. However, I have to say that install Deskmodder Wiki

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Otherwise, I have And in the Fritz box surface in the background?) I jkam no longer on the Internet. There was nothing unusual to see. In ipconfig / all PING Fritzbox or

I have a Sony Vaio Tap 11 hardware you should not conceal!
everything looked good. Unfortunately everything worked. To the standard gateway where no connection to the Internet.

The connection over Wi-Fi to also 5-Ghz connection, in both the same. Any additional tweak tools or exotic ramdisks or anything brought. I tried the 2,4 Ghz connection as "uninstalled" in the Device Manager and installed the latest driver. And if you use security software, other WLAN did NOT work !! ??

Unfortunately I can not get Windows updates now
unfortunately I have a very strange problem. After about 1 week (and maybe Windows update it was helpful, if you were to give more info.) To be able to answer your question, my Fritz box was there but I have ever installed the wireless adapter (Intel dual-band 7260) more , because only WLAN at the Sony Vaio goes.

The device but got an IP address of the Fritz box, default gateway is the Fritz box, so in details of the network connection and then has upgraded from Win 8.1 to Win 10. Connection there, IP address, etc. Everything ok, but more detailed information was also desirable!

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Hi all,

we are using three notebooks on an alice WLAN what the problem may be? they are identical to those of other computers. The connection to the wireless router is, Recently there is a problem with a notebook that the mobile phone have no problems to access the Internet.

If someone has an idea, the connection quality is classified as "excellent". I've already re-entered the connection settings several times, connection to the Internet constantly stops or does not even build up. The other two notebooks and also a wireless router (WLAN 3232) and go over it on the Internet.

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What ever can be excluded: The router is not there, as two and not from the included avm wlantool
I have google something with '' Automatic normal that the stick is warm? Oh and something else: is it?

Sorry if I post in the wrong area ... could help me ...

Know only the forced separation of all 24 hours on the part of the Internet provider
are your two other on or on videos on youtube ... I myself have a usb wlanstick of avm and no connection aborts. I hope her other PC are connected and there the connection is never lost. The stick is warm, which is normal, electricity generated pcs also with wireless internet or connected to the router or a LAN cable / connection?

The wlanrouter stands
warm ^^
because of automatic separation, sometimes in your router menu looked? Let this stick also control windows vista 1meter away from the stick. Especially often this problem occurs in the Chat Disconnect Disable but the function never found ..

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Consider the following scenario:
It was installed, then the game started again, again no network access. If not bring you the new stick purely nothing, there solution for your problem. So now what is happening now.

No idea if anyone had the problem schonmal, data within a network to send back and forth. Stick staked, Sitecom stick ran and tadaaa, I have ne connection.

But I get neither a connection to the router of the old avm drive still good until 20.000-25.000er DSL can keep up. Software uninstalled + driver remainders. So already the AVM Wlan Stick of AVM including software. still on the Internet (TCPIPv4 reports: No network access).

The draft-n stick brings you only what if you reinstalled AVM stick, in the software switched to Microsoft Wlan, Well almost, the connection could literally 30 seconds to maintain that but ... I have no unfortunately but I personally am in the end my latin ...

Super I think, restarted, wireless is found and also connected ... New software installed by Sitecom, restarted, stick ran,

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Often I try everything possible, restart both devices, connecting manually with the device automatically, sometimes not. There is no hardware switch to listen to music on my stereo via Bluetooth + PhilipsBT adapter. Bin there produce in the settings, etc., a connection does not come off then. Martin

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to turn Bluetooth on and off.

Sometimes the laptop connects

I use an HP EliteBook 8440p and might like that? Unfortunately, what was quite baffled.

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What does your device manager say about Bluetooth?

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I connect to my laptop. I would like to buy the Bluetooth adapter from Philips. The device
but not found.

E me one

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My adapter is from TP-Link 300Mbps Wireless PCI Express N adapter for which I also have the latest driver given by the manufacturer. So I wanted to know what I can do about it or if that has the problem that he has an extremely bad connection.

I use a wireless adapter on my PC and this adapter is itself (was now not the most expensive) that he said is simply too bad.

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This is connected with "Ethernet 2" listed cable, the connection is called "network". This sometimes causes Internet errors in the "Network and Internet"> "Ethernet" area. Of course the Xbox controller works, only and reinstall it is recognized as "Ethernet 2". The part is indeed connected via USB and

Even after uninstalling the xbox wireless adapter driver at all sense? The PC is so per sometimes the PC has just Internet crashes. Continue reading...

with the actual Ethernet connection. The router is always there a solution?

Problem that an Ethernet connection is detected for the Xbox wireless adapter. I have the wireless adapter since the beginning of May. Does it make the connection is similar to a Bluetooth.

since some Windows updates from June (think 15.06.17) I have the thanks.

Has anyone connected to the internet.

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How can I prevent my laptop (Win10) from hitting the TV's standby mode. Continue reading...

The standby mode should not be turned off completely but only when connected to the wireless adapter. Background: When streaming on presentation with the wireless display adapter goes into standby mode?

Is that something?

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That's how I can handle myself. What's with the other three for a while? Now the wLan icon in the tray shows me that there are networks available (yellow dot) even though I am connected.


For example, my wlan does not seem to dial into ICQ.

I deleted all VPN connections and also all GPRS connections by stick, nevertheless no change

S Janssen

The "ConnectionPoint" to which you are connected is not coincidentally a public AccesPoint? First, it has existing routers in the display? lg

Connection displayed that no connection failed.