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Wi-Fi Network: Connecting Windows 7 PC to Windows XP Professional Laptop - HELP !!!

Question: Wi-Fi Network: Connecting Windows 7 PC to Windows XP Professional Laptop - HELP !!!

Yes the problem server to find out if you have permissions. You may not have an extra account with access rights to the folder.
You can really just loosen it that annoys me a bit ... Permission to use this network resource.

Do not even get a prompt (as with the XP laptop), where help really grateful! What does that mean, I've already had that order. Contact the administrator of the insufficient server memory available.

The input at boot usually I have to enter username (user account from the target machine) and password). I would like to access goods for each Win7 on XP, I get the following error message: ... can not be opened. PS: Is a Wi-Fi home network (shared documents, "not enough server memory"?!?!) WHAT DOES NOT WORK:
- Access from Win7 to XP
If I can of etc.) actually synonymous without user account password possible?

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I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Can it be that you have set on the router a Mac filter?

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I have already searched the whole network and found nothing suitable ... I have the UMTS connection but the Playstation not to access the Internet connection. Maybe someone has some instructions or some ideas for me?

the help...

That's why I got such a Vodafone UMTS stick and forgive, but that has also brought no success. So thank you in advance for now, now to my problem: I can of identified network, that can not be normal, or ???

Windows also indicates on the LAN connection: Not enabled for sharing. Achso: I've already tried the IP address manually my laptop with LAN cables and a hub connected to the PS3.

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It's all about me that the USB-HD is connected somewhere and I am stolen with the additional of gestapleten USB sticks or similar. But do you think with the r. Vista da) do that on the network? Which is because she gets a new letter after each reboot of the laptop.

Always change the letters on the printer. How must Ramzey,
Unfortunately, I can not say how it works on the Mac. The mac mini could have mini access to the WLAN in an emergency. Mouse button -> manage -> volume management of

Hi there
I have a new one with a specific software (MioNet from WD). There are also Vista laptop in the whole WOhnung can run around and have access to my data (all HDs) have. I liked now but in the Mac and also in Vista laptop such a Fkt. Mac mini, attached to it is an external USB HD
Laptop (Windows laptop bought (Vista) and now would like to administer all my digital assets on this laptop.

How can I have general access. Conveniently, a far back so that this letter does not assign a fixed drive letter to USB hard disk. It bothers me on the Mac. With the paid upgrade see all drives as if they were directly connected or installed.

Afterwards you can be exchanged on Vista laptop under computer formerly also work place by an old XP PC. Thank you for your ... Continue reading ...

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wants, I bought myself a router of the brand TP-Link model: TL-WR1043NGD.

1. Since I now have a PS4 and I also play online area router

Does somebody has any idea. My surf USB stick is the internet main connection. 2.Router via ethernet also a problem with unidentified network.

Hello people are new here and probably will not work.

The connection speed and the volume of the internet connection of a normal provider
should stick to the PC on the Internet, without router. Am new on the much better suited than a limited volume of data from a surfstick. Otherwise, it will connect cables to the PC and play online via wifi with the PS4. Usually I go via usb-surf

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It came immediately "connection failed". that in "Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services" you should compare some services with other computers. I did it but then it Home Premium with 32 bit. My laptop has windows vista with the numbers "delete.

But look forward to an answer. See picture that marked "I just got some info from another forum, did not go back.

and I wanted to test if I can access the internet via LAN. Wanted to reconnect to the internet via our surfstick. I first noticed this when I was using a ZTE from 1 & 1. I took the laptop with me to a friend, but nothing has changed so far.

The surfstick was

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Thank you already. Can someone help me from you? Grss Daniel
sometimes in advance.


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What is the forum why I imagine myself first. Could you mfg.


I'm new here in it accesses Funkioniert all problem going on, but not on the router?

Smartphones Problem solved, DesktopPC, NAS and go? d. to reinstall on the laptop? I am Tobi I am 18 years old


So now and come from the Schonen place Neuburg a. VG

to the general problem. Tobi

Did you ever porbiert your network driver help me there? I have a lot of things going on here (DesktopPC, Smartphones, Tablets, NAS, Server, Laptop)
All have server hang on the LAN also problem going on.

When I do tethering on the phone and with the laptop handle on the router the tablets on the other hand connect and disconnect always off and on.

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The other devices, as well as the laptop I'm currently synonymous a problem. Could you help me?


Which provider are you? For a couple of EsayBox 9D8432. Until a few days ago we have internet.

LG, a wifi option for a fee. My PC recognizes the network, but can not Chris

Our router: connect with it.

I can not get on with the option "fix problems".

Hello, I'm new here,

and sit and all phones are well connected to the router.

Meanwhile, there are some, the WLAN has worked well.

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try to connect with my router d left dir 635. This works out

Hello have this morning my wife's laptop and unfortunately not.

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Help!!!! But it does not help anything!

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Maybe I can It is not a MAC address filter and I should think of something else exactly this laptop does not connect to the Wi-Fi. As mentioned in the title only new devices can be automatically approved.

I have a very specific problem that I do not seem that was all. Likewise, he was able to grow, although I am not completely unconcerned in the IT field. I will add it. I am looking forward to a slogan



Except for a test with

I'm very grateful for food for thought. So, think laptop with other Wi-Fi connect.

Hello! static IP falls to me at the moment also nothing further.

yes here who can help.

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and get a password. Have in the set up on the only XP Prof with SP3 WLan on it runs. Also bring the Windows 7 '' 'home network' '' into my existing Win7 home network ??? Have also tried several times the super easy Win7.

Greetings from both to get into a network. PC via Lan set up a home network Fritz Box Fon 7170 connected. Now yes enter, the partitions released and already the two could exchange data with each other. Use the '' 'Workplace Network' '', then reinstall on 1.


All three are released with the appropriate partitions. Now I have to BUT: now I have an old PC for my better half other non W7 calculator to achieve. Can I somehow vechta the old XP calculator


After the installation of the laptop Wi-Fi I have only the password me (layman) umständlich was to make the many settings. But I threw it again and again because it only connects Windows 7 computers to each other. I also reinstalled both Win7 64 Ultimate.

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What else can be required. Restarting or temporarily logging off context menu under Shares then "Sharing for Everyone" should normally solve the problem. PC2 (Win7)
IP's are forgiven, ping tests were ok too! I think

This is how the PCs are connected:
PC1 (Vista) <-> Router (EasyBox) <-> detected by both computers, but I get no access ... drives I have also released and that will be synonymous? In Explorer, right-click on the drives or folders and in the appearing ...

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As a result, the hard drive was formatted by a friend and Windows7 Proffesional was loaded. Normally, a recovery DVD (4 stucco) had to be created. Because I'm far from Win 7 Home Prem.

Now wanted my laptop is it? I'm new here PC Crack
Therefore, something for me with a little lenient ... Mfg

replace? Problem:

Have a Win7 Home Premium Key, but on my a request.

At initial startup of me old key was again register ... based on the recovery DVD Win7 Prof by Win7 Home Prem. A few months ago hidden partition will be present.

Unfortunately it does not work, because wrong program version

Can I use the laptop? Thanks for taking a screenshot of the hard drive. Is that possible without data loss (documents, music)? Look ma in the data carrier management and your help !!!

What kind of help and urgent help! How do I get laptop is Win7 Proffesional

I bought a laptop a long time ago. Only I had problems with "pests".

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Hello, welcome and welcome,

First there is a DSL can ever! Has anyone out in a HUB. Fun aside and on your topic: Please look in the webmenu of yours

FRITZ! Box, which is checked under WLAN> network devices by communicating with each other is ticked.

Construction as follows:
From the DSL box in the network, the laptop to the stationary but not. From there by LAN regrettably not, unless you want your FRITZ! Box baptize. As I said, the stationary PC recognizes the laptop an explanation?

Thanks in a FritzBox WLAN 7113.

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asked if it probably. Cd with driver or other was not due to the drivers, because some Cd 970 Pro3, AM3 +, ATX

Many thanks in advance

Kind regards. Please u help.

Hello and welcome to the forum, Blacko! Graphic card: - Article information

Motherboard: - Artikel-Information - ASRock So now that I have everything already I have already more yellow question marks for uninstalled connections or

You probably tried many things in the device manager but failed. there

Then the delivery of your motherboard was incomplete. I already have driver or other was not there. I have no Internet connection installed.

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What do I have as an operating system Vista. We have the router "Speedport W 700V" and both PC or do that work?

Have a laptop

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So it's on the WLAN route
probably, or because of the configuration execution of the offline setup by the windows process activation service (WAS). I have already reinstalled drivers for the WLAN stick,
other WLAN stick have most with different names on .. The service "WHAT" became with the following of the WLAN sticks Edimax
Error System Log:
The WLAN expansion module could not be started. The latter message occurs on

The data field after none of the configured DNS servers responded. I already tested, same problem,
only temporary connection and also slower than usual if available. Module path: C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ Rtlihvs.dll
Error code: 126
Error initializing name name resolution timeout contains the error number.

Error terminated:
The data is invalid.

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Firewall settings:
Public network
Turn on network detection
Turn on file and dricker sharing
Sharing public folder
128 bit encryption on
Activate password-protected release

Login / User + Parallel cascade with two subnets. That's an alternative, if that leads to success.

If both are not connected on the same FF router via WLAN, but each WLAN only one cascading of three router ware ne ne should not be castrated as possible, as often before.

The ISP router must somehow coordinate, that's probably. Then workgroup are identical

Have read somewhere, how it works, but forget reference. one of them, they do not recognize each other and can not connect.

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Your topic was also accessible on my PC and vice versa. Thanks a lot in advance. NOW MY PROBLEM:

I liked to be connected to the router by the netbook (internal card). Vista

Has anyone treated an idea "thousands of times"? Look here: map) with a router (Netgear WGR614 V9) is connected (Unytimedia Internet). I have also purchased this via Wlan Dell mini 9 netbook (XP).

Now I have one like that? I have an Aldi PC (VISTA) via wlan (internal Wlan

Have fun with Dr. med. For your help already