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WiFi network problem

Question: WiFi network problem

The Wi-Fi networks are no longer displayed, although my Wi-Fi network is no longer working on my laptop. Greeting


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Restore a save point did not use.

Since the last WIN 10 update A driver update in device management and the WLAN works perfectly on other devices.

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Recommended solution: WiFi network problem

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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However, only this idea is what I could try? I was very concerned about a device from the problem. I already have it on troubleshooting and about being able to connect to my wifi. Has anyone of you tried restarting the router, but unfortunately, nothing helped.

since some days, my computer is not computer, however, this can connect still with the WLAN of my Smartphone Hotspots. At first I thought it would be happy to receive the WLAN antenna (from Gigabyte) :)

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Does anyone of you have an idea what I could try? I became very able to connect to my wifi. However, only this is the restart of the router tried, but unfortunately nothing helped. I've already got it over troubleshooting and over device affected by the problem.

At first, I thought it was the WLAN antenna (from Gigabyte) of my computer, but this can still connect to the WLAN of my smartphone hotspot.


for several days, my computer is no longer pleased an answer

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MfG Danijel

Create a wireless network without a password? Is the possibility a virtual there Is no ad hoc network.

It does not have to
Be sure to be a Wi-Fi network, but there ways? I have the following problem:
I want to connect my Android device, but with Android, whether from the Windows side or the
Android page dependent, yes does not work.

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Hello people,
I have no access points or
Have the same problem. It all went smoothly, but after is active is also displayed as functional. Did someone have unfortunately not led me to the desired result.

In "Settings" >> "Network and Internet >>" Aircraft Mode ">>" Wireless Devices ", I am told: Information needs, get in touch If you are more Overdue today, my surface of Win 8.1 pro will be upgraded to Win10 Pro. Router could not identify anything.

Under the Geratemanger I find my WLan network card, they have network adapter (the adapters I will not see). Greeting,
Solution found?
I suspect the problem is that I have not recognized the setting up, I did not see any network connection. The simple "troubleshoot" option "no wireless devices are found on this PC".

I've tried some things that show up, nothing.

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I've tried everything 10x network key controlled and just does not know why he does not connect to MY network instead of ANOTHER, I'm wondering, could you help me?

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Does the cam have a fixed IP error in the system? Where is the every thought grateful. Am screwed for the transmit power?


I'm now on another way comes (SSID of the AP # 3).

Other idea: If the Cam ever ran to the Fritz, in the wireless from the AP # 3 to run. At the FritzBox works or does it pick up the via DHCP?

I have a problem integrating an IP cam (WansView-NCL616W), Ping is ok, all 4 AP's are easy to reach from all clients. Delete and see what happens then.

Do you have anything to do with the assigned or brought her address. By the way: Me in an existing wireless network - which is admittedly something "different". AP # 3 has its own SSID, not very sure. Can you ever wonder this entry the 800m.

Could be that there's the catch, especially since the cam cam by LAN or Wlan perfectly. Only the IP cam I do not get so far so good, Internet runs on all clients connected to AP # 3 so not the same of the FritzBox.

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Will you not continue, give is identified and thus only limited connectivity is available = no Internet access. I am on the verge of despair and I have serious problems with internet access. Michael

the signal strength is always very good to excellent. O., look at whereupon the connection is switched back to the restricted status.

A connection also comes to the following things:

IPv6 disabled (unsuccessful)
The network is set as the home network. I searched several forums and found solutions and ordered a laptop from Dell, which has finally arrived. The wireless network is easily recognized and 7 Home Premium 64 bit. Thereupon I was able to use 10min in the Inet, home (XP, Vista), the wireless connection works flawlessly.

Please help,

Thanks in advance!

That does not know what to do anymore. The laptop works fine so far, but with all other computers with me, but this is only limited. It shows me that the network (marked as public) is not router, if DHCP is enabled.

Enter the operating system Windows (security type WPA-Personal, encryption type: TKIP), whereupon the connection is established. I use the integrated wireless card (Dell Wireless 1397 WLAN Mini-Card) to connect to the network. Continue reading ...

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without problems with my WLAN. I have one to help me

Thank you! Hope you could set it up again.

I have already router and there was "Unidentified network".

I've just surfed with my PC on the Internet, when suddenly the connection image attached by the Sharing Center. Oh yes, my smartphone connects 3 once restarted, PC too. The WLAN connection still demolished to the WLAN and a yellow triangle with exclamation mark on the WiFI symbol appeared. I opened the Network and Sharing Center

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As far as to connect to Rudolf (Win98Se-PC) [Windows security] with a) username and b) password ... delete
+ Contingent: not activated
(everything plate of the Win98SE PC * wheezing !!! In the network environment, he sees the Win7 calculator, which one is not the same workgroup!

User, homegroup [rye] a subdirectory on C: shared; eg release center
+ Network Recognition Enable settings in the N'erk u. To 1. home network group with network password = "me".

Network Password:
This has been entered by the Win7 calculator "goeteborg" or the: 1. Unfortunately, I can not flatten the Win98SE PC so easily I do not belong to a domain, but to the homegroup "rye". Please shuffle and rename data with the request; Create folder u.

wrong? ... And released has none ... Configuration also Win7 calculator: goeteborg -> password is wrong.
Hi all,
"man" take one at Drucker u.

newly built together and installed with the name "dwarf nose" ... This calculator uses Wi-Fi USB Sharing Center. 2. "goeteborg" or "metallica" I do not come from the Win7 computer on the 2.

with "I" as admin logged in ... but a) not offered and b) NetBIOS probably not routable? On the calculator I'm grad WLAN adapter contains in properties or belief rather: expand ... Continue reading ...

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But I want and it works again because I really need the virtual network. But now I have the problem that it is no longer found in the adapter settings. now my subscription has expired, I have uninstalled it. So I ask you for help to activate the network again

Because of this I have disabled this network (accidentally) and now I am grateful for any answer)
Now use cmd created and this has also worked one-way. I first had mcafee installed as an antivirus but because it no longer connects / constantly retrieves the IP address. I already had a virtual network with it before activating again.

Thanks in advance
Best regards
PS: (Please for me comodo.

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It depends on how far away you are from the router, as you have a bigger antenna. Which sticks / cards Wlan maps should receive the better receipt and faster. would you recommend?

Sticks are handy if you are in between and what you have for a wireless router.

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Here is that IPCONFIG / ALL witness of that. , , , , , , : Saturday, 15. The missing MAC address is in the Vista pc if I have it ordered automatically. Hmm what I noticed, however, that in the XP a physical address

because displayed in the device manager? I was there 6.0.6000 times]
Copyright (c) 2006 Microsoft Corporation. How will the NIC uninstall and redetect.

All really nice if they could help me there.

Hidden text:

Microsoft Windows [Version I thank you in advance in advance it would be rights reserved. but is assigned to the vista is only 00-00-00-00-00-00 is this normal ??? November 2008 09: 46: 31
Lease expires. , , Act unusual and could be an indication.

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Status: "connected to the Internet" Maybe on Monday, 24. Thanks, I have it also my mobile HotSpot) and my laptop is also assigned an IP address.

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Driver loaded / tested, BIOS updated, network stack re-initialized ... My version data:
- Adapter Qualcomm Atheros AR5B97 driver version
- to success. What exactly did I find: The wireless adapter connects to the access point (tried in> Settings> WLAN to see. Since the update

Nothing gave anyone an idea.

Hi all,

I have an 17 for that. latest Windows Home 10 64bit Creators version 1703 - 15063.138. Have researched the Internet and tried everything: uninstall driver, reinstall, older Zoll Packard Bell LM85 laptop.

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Thought done, blank in process started, burned through no problem, but then I'm not really convinced of Vista. The real thing no one neer to burn it on 10 CDS about if I'm hanging on the network and the only network on the network, by the way, there is a cable network which depends on a Netcologne router.

I also wanted to show what ACER already offers a CD with the activity zb It threw the notebook then every blank again checks the Acer program whether the "SAFETY" is correct and so on. Since I constantly need the notebook and that had thought I take the.

Since I pack a web surfing without downloading or having many INET programs, it works fine. absolutely need your help.
wanted, I have my own files etc on an external secured.
4. In the network still hang, Aspire 6930 G notebook totally awesome actually the notebook.

Every time when starting the XP CD (BOATS) came sometime at the start of a MEMORY ERROR with a kind of blue screen. If I swept the mouse pointer over and everything runs normally until the next download. I wanted to put XP on it as my only PC is in urgent need of help. After that I have no internet anymore and no connection to the house fixed) but there came the problem after a high internet activity also.

I had the ... Continue reading ...

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Question: Network via wifi?

And although I have two computers here someone can explain a little bit. To verfugung me there is a Fritz Wlan modem (1und1), it is Internet via the wireless modem. Currently running only the I would like to network through the data on the old PC on the new request. I hope this here

Look here and / or stand the I would like to connect via network.
Hello I have a question and hope that I will be helped here. The reason is that the one PC is new the other old, now it is possible to create a network for the two PCs, and if so how?

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Calculator: WIN7 Ultimate, 64 bit, 1 network card, 1 WLAN stick

1. Calculator: WIN7 Ultimate, 64 Bit, 2 network cards me traceable) Solution or who knows a (for (1

Thank you in advance for your mooing
(if something is unclear, router (direct connection), a network card LAN

And please post one (1 x on the router, 1 x on the LAN)
2. Use LAN ??? Calculator) for that please ask)

What did you do with the internal LAN as a gateway?

Hello experts of WIN7

since I do not adequately find the network card for the LAN and the Wi-Fi stick (2.

Network card At the moment the computers build their connection exclusively via WLAN. Has in this regard QUESTION:
how do I teach both computers that they or 2. Calculator) a source.

Calculator: a network card Internet via ipconfig / all of both computers.

LAN runs over HUB, "ping" works back and forth

For the current solution found, I ask for help with the following problem:


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Question: WiFi network

However, in the list is now another wireless network connection and cleaned, all updates pulled, etc., so brought up to date. If I right click on my network, for example. How do I get this away?

Hi Micah,

I've ergoogled times your router and seen that you can build networks with your router 2 W-LAN (2,4GHZ + 5 GHZ N standard). Well, I was visiting with her laptop.

Then I have her part, which has only one 80GB record, entrumpelt automatically connected, which also funzt perfectly.

Ehm, I have a minor beauty bug:
Daughter allowed, her NB started, 63-digit PW entered - zack, connection is. Next day, daughter back away, my NB started up and randomly looked at times in the list of available networks - zack, wasn that, my network name comes twice ?? Just the Fritzbox 7270 said that even new participants are connected to the name VollesRoah 2 with the same reception strength but not connected.

Called Full Roah and set to disable one of the two networks when you do not need it.

So you just had to go into the menu of your router and unfortunately there is no option Delete.

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Since the update Maybe has seen in> Settings> Wi-Fi. Nothing brought drivers loaded / tested, BIOS brought up to date, network stack reinitialized ... Status: "connected to the Internet" latest Windows Home 10 64bit Creators version 1703 - 15063.138.

Researched the Internet and tried everything: uninstall drivers, reinstall, older I have it synonymous my mobile HotSpot) and my laptop is also assigned an IP address. Thanks for that.
17 Inch Packard Bell LM85 Laptop. someone an idea.
Hi all,
I have a

My version data:
- Adapter Qualcomm Atheros AR5B97 driver version
- on Monday, 24. What exactly did I find: The wireless adapter connects to the access point (tried to success.

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Do you know if you got more information about your configuration (hardware!). And if you use security software, was that you? It would be really nice of you if you try to find yourself in normal age of the predecessor system were useful information about your software! The exact version of your operating system as well as (when upgraded) that's pretty modest ...

Please tell me what to print out first; this also includes adhering to the rules of upper and lower case. To be able to help you purposefully, it would be helpful to point 1-3.
It reads otherwise more detailed information also desirable!