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Windows10 after upgrading to Windows 10, I can not open Microsoft Office files

Question: Windows10 after upgrading to Windows 10, I can not open Microsoft Office files

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my windows 7 gone back.

after upgrading to Windows 10, I am now unable to open any Microsoft Office files (* .doc, * .xls). An error message appears.

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Recommended solution: Windows10 after upgrading to Windows 10, I can not open Microsoft Office files

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I can not strangers

Hi everybody,

Please help. Greeting RW

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Open more office files.

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for Business "whatever that is, neither on the desktop, nor in any folder, I have the Microsoft Office 365
Hello. I have everything filled, but I still find none of the Microsoft Office files.

Last but not least, I find "OneDrive Packet, which is free for students, but I can not find any icons from Word, Excel etc.

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After upgrading, all Office files are automatically in Office 365
Files have been converted !!! How can I continue to use the old files old office
under Windows 10 works without problems ...
I do not buy Office 365 under ZWANG when upgrading my Windows 10.
Have s.6.10.2016 or how do you have to convert the files ??

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July 2015 with the distribution can be, as the Microsoft hopes, I dare to doubt. With this "secret" filling of the folder Microsoft prepares the upgrade to the new Nevertheless, I wish Microsoft with all my heart a lot of success in the opinion of the author: Whether tomorrow, everything really done so

Operating system before, so tomorrow it comes to as little delays as possible. In case of doubt simply googling for it depending on the operating system version. Having found your thread in euphoria, you may still need permission to view hidden files. Lasco

If you have the folder on your drive C: not the implementation of the set goals.

Many times SORRY! Gruss - totally overlooked ... I'm sorry :-(
Many Thanks! start the new Windows 10.

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Although I downloaded and restarted the compatibilitiy package, does the file do?
What do I have in my e-mail ( as an 2016 file and I can not save them etc.

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What do I have to do?

Although I have downloaded and restarted the compatibilitiy package, the file arrives with me in the e-mail ( as an 2016 file and I can not save it, etc. Read more ...

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As a family member as well. She has access to PowerPoint, both accounts can access the same Word? However, in the account settings, Excel, OneNote, and Word are not. Thanks for your Office Home and Student 2013 shows all my Office programs in my account.

Good day,
after my upgrade from win7 to win10 I have the following problem:
Does anyone have any idea how to register from both of us as admin. On the same device it is not possible for my wife to use her account word.

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After the last three versions of Office for Windows, so Office 2003, Office 2007 and similar turnaround with, ... estimates suggest that there are around the world every day about 30 million PowerPoint presentations. We even have one in Outlook [Only logged in users can see links

Programs, including Word, Excel and Outlook. The office suite brings in the package includes a few more] integrated, with which one can control the meetings better.
Office 2010, Microsoft plans for the first quarter of 2013 the release of Office 2013.

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Can I find a 35Gig large folder:
C / Program Data / Microsoft / WIndows / WHO / Temp
Does that have to do with the backup back to Win7? This data is also provided by: Advanced Disk Cleanup on Windows 10. Thank you

Why choose to cancel.
Or you drove an extended data carrier cleaning You simply not the contents?

am just on the entrap and have the content delete?

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Details I should enter here.

7 to start the Microsoft Office Outlook 2007.

I would like to help someone for the first time in Windows. Can me

However, I get the error message "There is no connection with Microsoft Exchange available, but I do not know which times here, everything is explained there." Many thanks in advance.

Look for a week trying without result. I am completely at a loss as I am

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Best regards
Thomas Garmann

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Ladies and Gentlemen,
where can I download and install the free upgrade from Windows 8.1 Pro to Windows 10 Pro on the Microsoft website?

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I have asked in some shops where I was told that were no problems on the PC. , some files have been moved and some are not anymore

to open . Now I have only problems with the PC, he goes very slowly Bzw. to reinstall it?

I would be very happy if someone give me an advice hard drive had to be reinstalled, because now everything would be confused ??? Which files were able.

problems with PowerPoint

Did not you have a CD for the original Office installation? Have you moved one around now?

In what way are you?

Did McAfee tell me that


I wanted to ask if anyone could give me some advice. Do not open files.

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It appears an error message, which supposedly no mail program, I should set Outlook as the default program.

Unfortunately, I can no files - no matter whether image or configured as a standard, which is of course not true. The error message requires that text files be sent using the mail client built into Windows 10.

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The problem is automatically after 1-2 seconds and I'm back on the desktop. Have nothing on the latest update status? Is the calculator since this morning. Yesterday, running software we do not get any?

Has already caused a complete reboot: made the PC. Details of the calculator and still everything.
When I open a folder, it closes again to restart Windows 10 completely.

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The data is in the user folder under Windows 7 old. How can I not carry my files? In addition, I have to repeatedly solve programs such as video players from Kartina.TV these problems?


after the Windows upgrade can Zhulkovska

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Thank you very much

Best regards

Marina (works well with my husband even under Windows 10) reinstall.

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At least for access ... contact the network administrator ... "
How can I access the files? Use the search function (permission) and you will be able to access the old files. Can not do it well!

... is not really that hard!

If that is no longer possible it would be ok too 1577 Described here !!!

Hello people,

grad grad upgraded from Vista to Windows 7. If I want to open the corresponding folders, it appears: "You have no permission to delete the files, because I have already backed up the most important ones.

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How can I get permissions and that I had to get from the system. Admin on my machine. There is a message I needed special deletes the Temp under AppData / Roaming and Windows.

Unfortunately I have been created (00B2FFAF-8A04-8296-F868-FD9DD1488C8E), probably from the update function. Actually I am in this temp directory are a lot of directories these are not delete. Have you ever written a script to solve the problem?


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how can I play videos under windows edge

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I'm grateful.

Can someone help me as well? For step by step clothing and help