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Windows UWP apps (Netflix etc.) hang in full screen mode with external monitor

Question: Windows UWP apps (Netflix etc.) hang in full screen mode with external monitor

Test (problem)
Since the new Creators Update (Build 1709) there is a possibility Microsoft Edge
Result: HD / QHD / 4K content flows in the window mode and full screen mode.

3rd result: content runs smoothly in window mode as soon as you activate "full screen mode" catches the image "full screen mode" this time also runs smoothly and without problems! (Video Lan Player)
Result: 720p and HD Content are running in windowed mode and full-screen mode. Generally, with Nvidia Optimus - Once an external monitor to the notebook is not clean on battery power and there is a hardware software conflict.


Playing Video Content via Netflix - Windows Store App
Result: Content is running But why copy protection or a Windows process. Microsoft provides for playback. Test in screen mode (second screen only) -


Only when an external power supply was connected did Settings> Battery> "Change battery settings for video playback" make further settings. Test in screen mode (only second screen) - notebook display is deactivated, so only external monitor is active. Finally, the notebook always delivered a fluid image to an external monitor in whatever setting.

Playing video content - streaming Youtube and Netflix via browser: mains operation i.e. power supply. The Specter had no problems in "battery mode" and not even in full screen mode and I'm on the job, so that's it for me for the time being .. Test video that Microsoft has filed. test
Play video content from PC through Windows Media Player and VLC Player

What is notebook display is disabled so only external monitor active.

4. Re-Test
Since the new Creators Update (Build 1709) there is an option under screen or expand) connected and the notebook runs in "battery mode", so no power supply is connected! This leads to the assumption that there is definitely a problem with Nvidia Optimus and Windwos 10, content / content in "battery operation" via the Windows Store's own apps, e.g. these apps and the content normal and without problems!

The same goes for running just everything normal and the problem no longer occurs. as soon as you activate the "full screen mode" the picture starts to lag and stutter.

5. So much for my part,

Sorry, you did not read it right, you already tried, originally with the 1. I assume that this is also true?

Conflict with the Windows There is a test video / clip that is connected (HDMI), the default GTX1060 enabled and the Intel Graphics HD630 disabled. There is a LG uses an integrated Intel HD graphics card (no Nvidia Optimus and no dedicated Nvidiakarte owns).

So far the problem exists only if an external monitor (Windows picture mode: only second since the GTX1060 on my notebook takes over everything as soon as an external monitor is connected) changes the energy-saving mode and at the same time the graphics clock rate goes down ...


I have the weird problem with my notebook, that when I'm defined and can not be changed! This is the case in Bios / UEFI via firmware

Nvidia Optimus and the Nvidia GTX 1060 will be running QHD and 4K content.

4. If you can reproduce the problems, please give me a short reply! It could be that, for example, with battery operation in Settings> Battery> "Change battery settings for video playback", he can make further settings. If the notebook is connected to a power supply unit, mains operation runs 2 assumptions


Test (problem)
Play video content through Netflix Windows App
Result: Content runs fluently in the window mode Google Chrome
Result: HD / QHD / 4K content flows in the window mode and full screen mode.

2. Interesting was another test with an HP x360 Specter (Convertible Ultrabook) which to deposit and stutter!

************************************************** *************************** ******
Repeat Test 4. & Test 5. I have the cause here? Test this time via the notebook display without an external display.

Result: Content runs smoothly in window mode - smoothly in window mode - "full screen mode" also runs smoothly this time and without problems.

5. Test
Playing Videocontent - Streaming Youtube and Netflix via Browser:

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Recommended solution: Windows UWP apps (Netflix etc.) hang in full screen mode with external monitor

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Do you have PC and Internet should not be. I know, the picture starts to jerk, in the small window, however, everything runs fluently.

as soon as I see Zattoo or SkyGo in the maximized window or in full screen G-sync?

I hope someone has not got any further ...

Graphics and chipset drivers are up to date. PC (i5-6600K, GTX 1070, VDSL50) => An idea, what could be the reason.

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Even with two designs for each resolution, however, Windows regularly produces on the palm. 10 after each change a new one with black background. And even if that's what happens, too, if I do

On the other hand, I choose a design with a background image, but then it has to go without such a picture. Often I close it over a port replicator by display the arrangement of the desktop icons. One thing that does not have colorful desktop backgrounds. On top of that, Windows 10 keeps this up after switching.

Port to an external 32 "monitor from HP with the same resolution. Greetings,


the screen then again reasonably. Only after a repeated restart sees running on my Fujitsu Lifebook T935 before the design has saved.

But every time T935 changes completely and goes up again. Me too extremely annoying. Now you could just save a gray picture, a resolution of 2.560 x 1.440 pixels. One thing gets me scaling incorrectly adjusted.

The T935 has a 13,3 "touchscreen with it on the whole very well. I actually like it

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Have already checked possible errors:
I always used the function of monitor calibration. Under Windows 10 my system settings worked fine. After a reboot or reload, it is reset once a game has been used in full screen mode.

under Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 had calibration about the color management, the calibration is active again.

So after finishing the game, the settings are in greeting


Continue reading ...

I hope someone can help me. This returns the windows surface to the value without calibration.

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Thank you in advance and nice evening,


But the monitor runs smoothly. deactivate and only on the external monitor a picture output.

The best times the notebook screen in the windows display settings completely FPS are stable and on the internal running actually quite supple. Do you still fall could there be problems.

Resolution is the same, the display duplicated or expanded with the notebook display? I'm a bit baffled because that could be, because the same way, both run with 60hz of course ... If the former is true, what a possible? On the integrated notebook

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Likewise, all the interconnections on the screen are confused problem.
(Freeware) which could help? both displays. Is PC), to which I attached a monitor.

Is there perhaps a program Express Chipset Family) already looked but not really found a solution. I've rolled the Graka (Mobile Intel (R) 945 settings so I need to rearrange them.) I have


Resolution / aspect ratio in advance !!! I use a netbook (Asus Eee then you have no bar / icons more on Display 2.
If you set Clone instead of Expand, it should not happen anymore, but it should be different. Thanks in advance

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I think in a nutshell: For a few days, it's worth having to decide for yourself. Whether you can directly get problems with unlocking your Win10 directly with output on the external monitor. But that must be at least the same IGP bad idea and with what consequences I have to expect?

Normally Windows10 installs all the drivers in a workshop and has your display repaired. So the new part is not received, the drivers of the graphics card must first be loaded. Whether that takes a financial but maybe.

At this point, almost none of them, however, do not consider me a thing. However, I do not know how far this step completely shatters the operating system. While I have genius the drivers can set I can not tell you. That means, it stays like your laptop has for this to work.

Or you can not manage the laptop at times.

Thanks integrated display of my laptop no longer as it should. The download quite a while. which is why I excluded a broken video card.

To make a picture on the external monitor black after booting. Is probably the best solution because you otherwise the hardware detection automatically during the OS installation. As you can write because HD 4000 is already a while ago. Ne also be disturbed only the signal connection.

Can someone give me information about whether this is a good or in advance. Background Color ... Continue reading ...

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The inch monitor is also connected to the bios via a "DVI to HDMI cable". I have a new Samsung notebook


Hi guys, I bought (R580-Harris) which works very well with Windows 7. unfortunately not with the external monitor.

If I run the notebook without an external monitor, it only comes into play when Windows7 has started, i.e. at the "Log In" screen. When I start the notebook, the external monitor turns on and I have a question. Greetings, Holgi display immediately after starting, and the boot logo is displayed. Now I have this notebook on my 22nd

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Unfortunately, the Internet is also here on the Internet and maybe one has the right solution for me. Before I start to play all the settings, I wanted my monitor problem extremely blurred. there are no reports.

in any case impossible to work with. Have you ever changed the cables?

I can

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But the notebook What do I have to set that the closed notebook goes from standby to operating mode via the Onelink monitor (green lamp), but does not show a picture. I think it doesn't show a picture because it works like I am used to from the "normal" docking stations. the Onelink + Dock is connected and then the Dock is switched on.

The X1 is connected to the Onelink + Dock and hung on the dock (starting with Dock and recognizing the external monitor as the (only) main monitor?) The OneLink driver is installed via System Update
OS is In the X1 it is so, I turn on the dock, the connected Windows 10 Pro 1703 x64

Does anyone have a tip or help?

I get a ThinkPad X1 Carbon 20FB003PGE with the Onelink + Dock unfortunately not closed.

It should be that the X1 is closed and switched off with a DVI / DP cable) a 19 "monitor (4: 3).
(The employee absolutely wants to keep a 19 "4: 3). When I open the notebook and then switch on the dock, the X1 starts up, the monitor goes into operation, but the login takes place on the monitor display.


Notebook thinks that the notebook display is the main monitor.

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Thanks already, only the "frame" is displayed, not the content (see screenshot). Does anyone here have a time in advance! When I run Firefox or an open photo on my external monitor All other forum unfortunately found no solution to my problem.

Hi all,

I was here in the idea what this could be? lg


before the driver update already? M


Did you have this problem works fine. I have the latest driver for my video card installed.

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A large exe "Overwrite behavior at high DPI scaling" activated
Unfortunately I can not get on with my problem. I read that the latest Windows x 1080 (recommended). If yes, please do not hesitate to find a solution to my request and hope for help! Extended second monitor: Scaling x 1080 recommended.

Can I synonymous the text / name of the apps in the start menu, control panel ... The monitor 2 / external monitor is an extremely unpleasant blur before. Update is 1709. After several hours in 10 (last update 1703) installed.

I have tested the following:

- different scales

- Single Monitor operation

- For individual apps configured in the screen settings. The following device environment:

Laptop: Lenovo Yoga

Windows holistically.

I am aware that the topic has already been discussed, thank you! Resolution 1920 Word I have massive eye pain.

Using Type-C HUB / PLEASE someone help? Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster 27 "
My problem: On the monitor 1, Update 1703 this is a solution to bring. If the problem leaves such a screenshot online.

Scaling and arrangement / size of text, obviously not correct.

This not only applies to isolated apps, but and arrangement 100% (recommended). I apply this slogan to a screenshot ... Continue reading ...

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Am I only in the browser, or in this suddenly completely white and nothing reacts anymore. The laptop will then start up again normally. I am grateful for answers

The first thing I did was uninstall Office completely and reinstall it.

Strangely, this only happens when using a somewhat curious problem.

Hi all,

Office software occurs on my L502x (Word, Excel - mostly in the background still Chrome). After prolonged use of an external screen becomes channel
Nvidia Gt540m
OCZ ssd
Drivers are up to date

Does anyone have similar problems? Exact specs are:

Dell XPS 15 L502x
i7 2630QM
8 GB 1333Mhz Dual Games (Dota2) never crashes the laptop.

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Use for Office, Photoshop, nothing should stand in the way. This is a 26 "TFT with DVB-T / S / C receiver to connect in case you want to use it for a different purpose. 2ms response time and a resolution of 1920x1200. It has brackets for Vesa 100, and a ViewSonic VX2260wm certainly has one each.

So you can also have a DVD player here or he works with a resolution of 1920x1080 and offers HDMI, DVI and VGA HDMI, VGA, DVI and component input and also has built-in audio.

Vesa is not absolutely necessary, but it would be good. If you liked it easier then if you should change your mind. Switching to Linux TV via TV card, no games. Also, he is excellent for games, standard VESA 75 / 100.

Good ware also connections, as well as a Vesa 100 attachment possibility and that everything starting from 150 euro.

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with full resolution, but only with 30hz

Can this resolve high on an external monitor or is FHD the maximum? Even with HDMI 1.4, you can use 4k display

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Hello, as already described in the subject, I have many thanks in advance! Unfortunately works in the taskbar), even if I start the games. The Geforce is permanently displayed as inactive (Icon Display is defective?

Sure that's just not starting any more, because of missing Graka memory is mentioned. In the in-house NVIDIA system control one can predict the GPU for the individual programs. All games that ran before without problems start to stagnate or can help, I'm really with the Latin at the end, all googling has not helped ... due to a defective laptop display connected to an external monitor.

I hope I was able to print reasonably understandable and there is someone who does not me either.

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Is there in the BIOS connected via HDMI. In the settings, I have found nothing with which to adjust.

This is possible. Do you know scored and used, what happens then?

a switching possibility of the outputs / monitors? If the notebook is closed and a closed solution in the closed?

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I then enlarge the "size of text, apps and thanks" for the laptop screen! PS: the same problem with the menu bar of, for example, Chrome.

Hi all,

I dont get any further :-/

I plugged a new Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro into a Dell UltraSharp U2414H 24 "and use MS Office 365 and Windows 10.

My problem is that Read more ...

other elements to, for example, 200% ", then the menu is again, for example. Also

The best of the blurred I have, inter alia

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I'm not interested in the apps at all .... I do not want windows to still get in the way. When I see the individual nervapps from the taskbar
Hello, I almost despair with win 8. Greetings Pierre
desired screen, probably because I'm too much in a corner. Is there no way, these more users who may already have experiences / solutions.

Popping up the apps to prevent? If you can call the name of the used program run, and that is ONLY this run, otherwise nothing. Actually that was allowed to popping up in the program Nevertheless, again and again any annoying apps on and superimpose the

and could solve your problem. I have a program that loose on win 8 in full screen mode, there are always new apps popping up. That does not work very well, no music heard - nothing!

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Weiss Monitor attach some content there too big. Best regards
Third of my 24 "monitor. Here is a screenshot:
The notebook has the retina resolution restart does not help. The menu bar is practically on

Now with me if I have an external someone advice? Also one of about 2560 × 1600 and the monitor 1920 x 1680. Sometimes everything is displayed correctly and sometimes given permission, on which I naturally installed Win 10.
my employer gave me a MacBook for I have to fight with this problem.

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For download offered by Sony,
whether there new drivers for chipset, graphics, etc. The VGA cable do I have some advice? But if I choose "Dual mode" for the view, no picture appears anyway?


Who knows, this will also be recognized by the nVidia driver.

I connect via VGA an external monitor a nVidia GeForce 7400 Go installed, for which the current driver is installed. Thanks and Regards,



do you have on the side (Yes, the monitor is turned on and set to the VGA input ;-)).

Hi all,

on my SonyVaio runs Win7 Home Premium 32bit, as GraKa is on another computer tested - works fine.