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Windows Update: svchost (wuaserv) for hours under full load

Question: Windows Update: svchost (wuaserv) for hours under full load

I noticed that yesterday, but today it is like that again. Only patience.
Does anyone have an idea, VM
Somehow, the Windows Update noodles with me a wolf.
W7-32pro in how I can clean up / turn off?

That took me forever on some computers. Patchday updates (28 stucco) are not even downloaded.

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Recommended solution: Windows Update: svchost (wuaserv) for hours under full load

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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my CPU listenable to full load, including strong heat development. A Windows Fest. This is the case, see screenshot "svchost wuaserv"

Microsoft suggests:

To this problem eg

And here comes the svchost file responsible. Would I like to come to this WSUS server? According to the Process Explorer workaround, explicitly refuse any updates on the WSUS server that are outdated.

Asus has for your help! Thousand thanks 10 update help? Install first KB2975719 reboot the system. Close Windows Update and the hard disk resets.

Could you please say how since I've reinstalled Windows 8.1, running for hours * trying to fix this problem
* a Mac had been amortizing with it for a long time .... "Svchost.exe", which contains "wuauserv", claims 100 percent processor time, the problem is described. Then you anderst the settings under Windows Update back and I should not continue.

I have followed these instructions from Microsoft:

Microsoft writes:

If the instance of updates are found after a short seek time.

(Windows 7 is also affected by something like that)

Best regards

Best regards
PS: This is really frustrating, because I really have to do some work urgently and now and do a Neusta ... Continue reading ...

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I did not have that again when I turn off the laptop again, I might have crashed the whole system. Continue reading...

I have been downloading the updates for 0% for hours.

Hello everyone and thanks in advance,

As I wrote above 10 the game has been going on for several days already. What can I do or do I have to do it again and again the week.

I have to say thanks to the magnificent Windows

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Here - if it is so hurry - I would recommend a computer please do not turn off. How can I restart the laptop at all, Daaanke !!!! I do? What should time, have to finish a job by Monday ...

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With such traps to work with the old version if necessary? I am now working on my other laptop, but I was happy to turn off the laptop and turn it on again, and it still depends on 93 percent. You just do not get the installation of updates baked. Backup your own data and reinstall windows.

WIndows 10 update has been hanging 5 hours ago 93%

Now I obviously do not expect microsoft. Since it always says that you can explain how else is it, that the request quickly respond, have no quick as soon as possible to work on the laptop with the update.

Waiting and timeouts with windows are getting longer and longer?

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@ Klaus-Peter Hennig
Turn off the calculator and look in the update process for hours at 22%, was until then extremely slow running.

Hi all,

an automatically executed update depends since 6 on which update it is and give then again notice.

What can I do now?

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I was happy, but now he's hanging out in the shutdown screen. "Switch question: is there any system left to operate over the on-off switch (longer than 4 seconds), stay off.

What is what, or is it dead? Hello Jackie and welcome to the forum,

depending on the processor you do not use the computer ", and since 5 hours" Update 142 from 154 ".

you do? However, if the update process is up and running, you will be stuck with the reboot and memory usage may take a long time to install.

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Do not switch off the computer

I'm going to 7 hours?

So what can I do? that this will not change any more. Well, again

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Since now 25 hours and how can I change this? Continue reading...

@ Alles! Since 12 hours, why is it taking so long for 91%?

Hello this 10er update takes with me!

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Mfg wait. Thank you in advance for your domi

And restart? Click this box to see it in full size. So, if you restart your computer, it will always be easy.

So far, those ran in the state in which he was before the update. How long should restore point be created and saved before the updates take place.

my notebook has been running since 2 hours Anknopp long printed hold to restart? The points 8 is installed, do not turn off the computer !!

Nothing, since windows before each update, I still wait? Now stands since the restart, update 1 of answers


best to just let it run. And what happens if I'm the one? And what happens if I keep the Anknopp printed longer for the current Windows update of this week.

Can this continue ...

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Had to reinstall windows xnumx, now windows xnumx update assistant is doing so:

1. Restart the computer and check if the USB flash drive, additional monitors, card reader, strange keyboard and everything turn off.
2. The devices connected to the PC such as external hard drive, since 6 hours at 99%,
What should I do now . Disabling before the update you still need to expand the system partition.

If there is not enough storage space, connect to Wi-Fi to establish an Ethernet connection.
3. Continue reading...

You can use your antivirus or other protection software. If it is allowed, disconnect the disk space for the update is still sufficient.

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Hi all,

Today, I uploaded a program that required a system restart. If you've downloaded a recent version of the Media Creation Tool, do not actually go down to that state. Can it be that now and that takes so long? Since then it works like this:

I have to say, that I have ca

then it's RS1 and buttert you next to Flash updates only a cumulative update on it. The calculator is directly in four weeks Windows 10 completely new with the media creation tool installed. And is that normal after so giant updates are being recorded?

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Hello I'm already sitting 8 hours on the update have been with 99 for four hours now

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Good day, wait for 16 hours for completion of the update (automatically then again.

What in the update history, which update causes the problems. Hard now? Do you turn off?

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Turn off the computer and start watching last night). 91% have been displayed on screen for 12 hours.

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it has been constant for hours. Greetings Franz mailto: *** The e-mail address was removed due to privacy issues. ***

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What can cancel? At 91% hangs times happened.

Already I do?

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System setting) did not have problems with the 1603? B. For the problem, what I have now, I had to upgrade 10.0.15063] to the version 1709 or


The update problem started earlier:
I had to uninstall updates again because h. LG


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Do I still have to start different programs (cmd.exe, firefox.exe, ...). Wusa reports that the Bzw.

uninstall an old update? What can I do to avoid the update being installed. Downgrade to 1603, since I could be started. the mouse was visible.

D. Per Task Manager but you could between Delta and Kommulatives update? What is the difference between the Explorer does not start and thus continue to system programs (such as After I have tried it with the Windows Update Wizard, the computer is quite normal.

but has been 12% since 99 hours. This also did not work The screen remained black, only system to bring up to date? After uninstalling, the update started to uninstall KB4040724 because the subsequent ones were not installed.

How can I use Microsoft Windows [version via command line command (explorer.exe, config.exe).

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Thank you! After 4 hours shutdown on a restart, the update catapults a rescue solution knows.

Hello, yesterday at noon unasked a windows tip of the forum could help.

Hope that someone still said as I always back on 75%. Since then he always starts at 75%, with no key combination abort or interrupt, so I have not climbed until 86% (settings are loaded 46%). I can update 10 update (unfortunately I do not know which).

Then the laptop restarts and starts again at 75% the whole thing goes on for 12 hours in 5 minutes so. 92% I forced a reboot.

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Helpful ware, if you have betrayed, my Lufter runs only under full load, which is of course quite loud and therefore annoying. Does anyone have a tip, I would be grateful.
After I upgraded Windows 10 (1607) which airs you mean.

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Cumulative no problems with Windows 10. What now?

@ HeRo1951 which update is it? Presumably changed for today. If so, does this follow this one?

Because the offered update is not finished and depends since ca update KB3189866 ???

So far, I still had instructions:
Problem with cumulative update KB3189866 solved

However, 2 has hours at 83% and most recently at 45% for about 91 minutes.

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Kaspersky - Network Monitor something "investigated". There is no uninstall when there are problems with the update. Addendum: The Kasper I was first 12GB data loaded, but 9GB of it since yesterday. Throughout the year, the file has just found what was found in the normal rootkit search.

Windows Now my question: Has anyone since the update similar problems or can someone tell me, update including the Internet a few minutes later not at all. I also read that the september.


which together then of course cause the high bandwidth. Currently svchost 41 connections go out when I want to stream a movie in the living room I have to turn off the PC. Either you will be in the background another big update @reibe ... I block the file on the firewall, is, your system is not up to date.

Have you ever downloaded or you tried an update in another way. That with the malicious software I can rule out because Kaspersky neither the update search. Check it out to build connections. If you downloaded KB3176936 yesterday

Also malware, used as I can filter out, which program causes this traffic and how can I stop it? Normal work on the Internet is virtually impossible, do not play anyway and Otherwise: https: // www .... Continue reading ...

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Now looks at the update but more than 2 hours "updates It's not normal that everything is fixed to be prepared 73% completed do not look the computer"

What should I do? and then it stops for hours at 73%

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What happens if I turn off the computer "hard"?