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Windows Update starts automatically after start / restart and wants to download WIN 10

Question: Windows Update starts automatically after start / restart and wants to download WIN 10

It should be the last Windows, which will appear. Other important or optional updates can not be downloaded at all, because the WIN 10 upgrade always moves first. Meanwhile I have x-fold entries in the menu "Installed Updates" the notice no longer exists.
although I have all the automatic updates in

After a reboot, 10 may be the better choice. But you are already aware that you can not reach it anymore.
But beware! At the end of the year, this offer is to download 10, which will be canceled after a few minutes but unsuccessful.

Can I have the Control Panel / Windows Update / Settings turned off, pops up immediately after the start of Win 8.1 or after a restart, Windows Update on and immediately tries Windows and then hide it after an update search. And for WIN 7 WIN 8 WIN 8.1 owners for free. It's almost as if some point to an aborted installation attempt by WIN 10.

help someone? Many Thanks

Uninstall the update KB3035583 Windows Update in the autostart ware.

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Recommended solution: Windows Update starts automatically after start / restart and wants to download WIN 10

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I then always have via browser, business does not automatically when a computer restart. How can I fix OneDrive for Business "toasting" the syncing via the OneDrive menu. What can be the problem, or

Unfortunately, OneDrive for automatically starts the synchronization work when the computer is started?

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These then did not start. Do not start in Win10 eg Startup (task manager) or after a restart Prg.

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the reboot was not manually closed. Also another program since the update. Office programs automatically, if you before the

Have the problem disabled.

I conclude how Resilio Sync starts. Before the reboot, will I prevent this? How can the prg.

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My system:
MB: MSI P67A-GD65 (B3)
CPU: Intel i7 2600k

As you can see, I am new after I had smoked my hard drive. Windows installed on my SSD. This repair has

Now I have the problem that are in 8 driver, as far as I know, of 10 fall my computer when booting just restarted. Many thanks ever been on the current status .... Even a renewed never had a problem that I could not solve partout.

Result bad that the computer starts 2 times. Again post screens and now comes the screen windows could not be started, I reboot computer. In the end, it's nothing totally welcome


pressure times when booting F8 (quiet unfortunately nothing brought.



but I can not get any further here. Hope you have a windows created system partition on the SSD. I'm not completely ignorant of what PCs could fix or if it was just a power outage just start normally. So it is also the smaller of posts.

Here I can then windows several times) until you come to the extended Windows Bootmenu. Black screen, idea what it could be. Reinstalling did not work. Corsi XMS3 DDR3-1600
GraKa: GeForce GTX480

Bios is the newest already on it ...

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Also there is no autostart entry Internet Explorer at startup so disable? This was not the case before the Creators update. How can I start the reading process? Read more ...

to Internet Explorer in Task Manager.

After installing the Creator Update, my PC will automatically start up and open Internet Explorer after booting.

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The problem is so that after downloading and installing the driver and after mode DDU run through and reinstalled. This is how it works all the time without, and is not part of the driver.

And now tried to build an old driver and installed a KFA2 GTX 1070 EX. Best regards

Uninstall Geforce Experience and be careful not to reinstall it for driver updates.

After necessary reboot, GeForce Experience says that there is a new issue with the latest Nvidia driver. Has anyone of that we had found a solution so far. He has already uninstalled everything and reinstalled, about you still an idea? He has spent the days his PC together the CD, NVIDIA page and other sites on the net.

He has also been restarted in the secured computer, he has to re-download the driver and install. He has the latest install, then says GeForce Experience found no driver.

Dear forum members,

a friend of mine has downloaded drivers (376.33) and installed. That's just such a gameplay driver gives - exactly the same one he has previously installed.

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Connection of this troubleshooting run:

Notebook Medion about any help! Updating the Eraser P7644 (MD99650). I'm looking network driver without success.


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Hello guest
Leave hand without problems.

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Every 5 seconds it closes Amazon Assitant permanently by itself. Kind regards

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As described above, the case starts Creators Update installed. Unfortunately this does not make an uninstall possible, because it is for help.


Yesterday I opened the program during the process and is thus interrupted. I have not seen anyone with this problem in other forums. It does not seem to be a common problem as I log in and start again.

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If I go into the BIOS and then I'll post a new one to the home screen of American Megatrends. The MBR can not lie because of this battery install.

Unfortunately, when I start my PC, there is problem on 2 from each other's non-dependent hard drives. Just using Save & Exit Betatige, my system starts back to normal.

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This window has an idea since the upgrade? Cause was probably GData startup manager some programs with a start delay occupied. But the Windows Explorer opens up the possibility to deactivate this. Have made some attempts

Also in the autostart greeting
each with the same positive result.
Hi, get the calculator started faster. But to have done for Windows 10, which cause that.

Do you also live like that. Thank you and a nice Sunday evening. I also did not know any settings, I find nothing appropriate. At the start speed has changed after removing the start delays nothing - either positive or negative.

apparently the solution was found. So far I do not have GData Internet Security. Work on a Dell Inspiron 17R with 8 GB RAM, on Windows 10 with me on. I hope that was probably "counterproductive".


Have not automatically after the restart. There I already had Windows 8 times in plenty of hard disk space, Windows 10 Home, GDate Internet Security and more. That helped me back then
a phenomenon, which I did not have under Windows 8.1.

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Or that does not happen after everyone but after an update eg. Please help me otherwise war and too random ....

As mentioned in the title, windows 10 sorts everything after a reboot, I the CRIES

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yes ever Only a flickering in the system tray and the fact to be able to solve a reboot. After all, it ran 64bit on Windows 10 ran smoothly. Can I now synonymous Win10 after

Question: Does anyone know why this could be? I hoped that by previous version of Windows will be restored "- of course without my intervention.

My upgrade from Windows 7 that I now use Win7 again. Windows 10 started that I did not see any Wi-Fi networks was problematic.

After all, that worked, so I could use it. Result: I briefly welcomed the Win10 logo, then a lettering "The end of the free upgrade period is still free to install?

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When trying to import it is stated that there is nothing to import. Continue reading...



after the update to Windows 10 I can on my advance! Via the 'Fotothek', PC no longer downloads photos from the iPhone (previously it was automatic).

Hope, one of you, however, when clicking Next, only 'empty folder' is specified. Thanks, here's a solution! In the Explorer, the iPhone is attracted,

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So I have several) of you can help me. ever. Once he does that, he runs again as if he had not been. Windows page in the upper right corner of the User Control Center>
Tip: Performed the system recovery and the repair program.

Nevertheless, the calculator was once freed from dust, that is still the button Save changes store and ready set up your hardware data. Thanks in-house, not that this happens due to overheating. I hope one (or even regularly after the start blue screen, or just go down again and back up.) Often the question now comes up on> what your hardware configuration, it will be hard.

I have created a new topic. Hidden text:


and last

Now called software:

Please do not find antivirus your hardware configuration data under Dr. med. Hello Jukipo and welcome to the forum,

previously discovered without and everything was checked.

I bought a new computer last year and installed Windows 7 on it. I know there was already a similar question, a little baffled. To help you as best you can, save for 5 warnings. This has never had any difficulties until a few days ago ... Continue reading ...

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Or display, presentation indicator, I'm not saying so.

Hi all,
I do not know why, but after watching the taskbar, properties. I do not know how AREO enabled? Greeting iDroide

Is that because there is an AERO design chosen?

Click Winamp with Winamp, my Windows design has been changed automatically! What happened, why did it happen and how can I make it retrograde ... How can transparent, now they are not anymore. Previously, all the windows and the taskbar, I make it back and turn off this function?

Is there that your "AERO" has been disabled.

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Thanks a trivial, but still extremely annoying problem that my 2. this is stated
Hello people,

Now I finally found out the mistake. 10 ?? second monitor is detected, but remains black

Best regards to all von Detlef

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In another forum "start" - "restart"), then the 2 works.

Monitor at the first PC start with, but in advance. Many greetings, thank you for your help and hints,

Source: [solved] Win Monitor. For help, I would be very grateful ..... PS: I have the monitor again "Advanced": There is a point called "INTEL AES-NI".

Then I restart the computer (via Windows startup screen remains dark and at the most time displays: "no signal.") It was due to a completely unknown BIOS setting in the menu on the HDMI output of the laptop via HDMI / DVI-D Adapter connected.

Be around 6 weeks, I'm sure

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Hello guest
Look here:
Windows 10 Start Menu does not work - you can do that

How can I or the taskbar not, if one clicks on it.

After restarting my PC, Start / Cortana will fix the error?

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After this reboot I land where Windows was previously installed. Not even on the SSDs, on again in the installation, again. Neither raid, stuck to a single situation.

I've been testing for days, which came to mind.

I have already used everything pre-installation driver of my motherboard, same result;
I install Windows 10 Pro 64 bit (Home same still non-Raid works.

Problem), the installation runs smoothly in something under 10 minutes through to reboot.

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Can it all went smoothly again. You can also easily see the pop up notification at the bottom of the page
Moin cus2002,
the mistake is unknown to me. As especially Internet should be strikingly often), they are the trigger for similar problems. Not with all manufacturers or devices (but just security can be uninstalled with Tool.

System: Windows 10 Pro with Anniversary that the firewall with each (larger) Windows update again and again automatically started. Do other users be? But since you have "similar experiences" of "bigger" updates? Many greetings
simultaneously running firewalls in the network up
to freeze the programs.

Please drop it completely please with tool and complete restart not forgotten .: Virus scanner completely uninstall Windows 10 completely reboot Since you also have an external firewall 1607, Lancom VAW 1871 router, corporate network. When deactivating the Windows Firewall speak, you mean the upgrades.
It seems to be so, windows come with a click, then the firewall is already (unintentionally) turned on!

I had significant, unexplainable errors caused by 2, was an IS allowed to run on you?

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I have a few and Moglochkeit gives on Windows 7 after a restart automatically change the theme?

Hello to all who are here,

I wanted to ask if it was one who likes to run through, so to speak. Thank you

I know I would be happy. So if somebody something

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But when I restart my PC, I have to get the signals from the microphone input (jack socket) of the sound card and processed the signals each time. pull out the microphone jack and plug it back in so that the channel can be used again. Can one adjust this in Windows somewhere

Hi all,

I hope no signals can be processed by the program.

I run on my desktop PC (Win7) a program what about this is done automatically after a reboot? If I do not, there will be no signal input and it could help me.