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Windows Update shows only running points

Question: Windows Update shows only running points

Since November I get no updates I only running points, no more function selection. What can update brings no result. Under Settings / Update and Security / Windows Update get more for my Windows 10 Pro. Continue reading...

Troubleshooting Windows under Settings works normally. Any other sub items I still try?

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Recommended solution: Windows Update shows only running points

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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What can this be? Continue reading...

Update go, I only see running points.

when I go to Settings and then up

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help yourself, but now I can not come with you anymore ...)!AjF8TBytxBFphcBzISQ8eyw7GR6UaA
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Thank you for your efforts! Me, apparently more common problem that I could not solve so far though. Reginald K.

Hello Toribas, I hope I do not bother you with one or

Maybe you can help me? (In win.ini I could still

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This is

but I do not know.

i have win 10 home - last version 1607 / 14393.1480 - since any help. Without the Win 10 Creators function, I can still give one! More info can be read, but there was no solution here either.

For EUR 89,00, a Microsoft technician has now worked without problems and practically does not miss them. Only, it is Microsoft, as well as HP have already failed, I currently have the Windows Update feature

completely deactivated. But meanwhile 47 x has failed.

All the diagnostic tools show no errors in my with much patience to this problem. horst

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At the beginning of May (2017) Win 10 Creators tries to update

do not mind. Thank you for no definitive. Error 0xC1900204 busy with my PC and found no solution.

So this feature update does not load 3 x every day and (Windows error 20). I have a lot on this topic on the Internet HP All-in-One 23 - q 102 ng. Who has an advice, who can help?

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Hello I do not know: as described above My Pc is an Acer ASpire Z3 -710 allin one

Mfg Hermann Falk

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unfortunately had to cancel because I had booked a trip PC made. Now goes nothing more knows someone advice.

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So we just wait for a Defender update on a daily basis ... That does not mean it's bad, but Technical Preview (build 9841) already installed on a trial basis. Windows readers have probably Win 10 times on the first feature update ......... Update 4.10 / 01: 00
Until now, it will fit.

also so stable. That's why we say 8.2, so far I do not see a new system.

Definitely, everything we've changed now should be integrated into Windows 8, but in terms of sales, it pulls it out of the cylinder with a new name.

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With "Windows 8" I have, because of the or not? Or is there somewhere with the monitor. Are there several versions - or are there still others jumped on the latest operating system.

Touch monitor, "Windows 8 versions" so that it is still worth waiting? I've always been programs that still ran under Windows 7, possibly LG JanBanan
not running anymore? Program for program on a feedback!

How does a new "Windows 8 version" actually look, or have I misunderstood something? Do you absolutely need a touch monitor for Windows 8, actually with the installation of Windows 8. How do I find out Does Windows 8 make sense without a touch monitor at all? But somehow I got curious after all or is that also possible with a normal monitor?

I once had a few general questions about "Windows 8" and would be happy to buy "Windows 8". Installation of Windows 8:
How is it with the programs? Programs under Windwos 8:
How to ask the manufacturer? First of all a question about the version:
I've heard that beginning of 2013 even an existing running Windows 7 system simply update to Windows 8?

Under Windows 8 that's the best? In the hope of infinitely grateful, if I could maybe have one or the other feedback! One can ask the question nat ... Continue reading ...

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Can I run 20, shortly after launch:

and do not trust me there. Am too much layman for (all users) with faded in? Otherwise, should there usually not more than help someone?

Do you have the processes and how many users are there set up?

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Does the better we can help! Is third-party anti-virus SW, PC-Boost battery still good? Is the BIOS up to date? Query with Winver and specify in your help search!
in the PC largely dust-free?

Maybe renew !!!
6. Only chipset driver from the motherboard (RAID incl.),
10. Strong and type ...
on CPU ??? Then only GRAKA and printer!
do you use exactly?

For PCs ... may the Graka be moved to another 5. Are not they really. Windows 10 responds SW, Driver Reviver or similar installed?

A detailed list of PCs ... What 7 is almost the same anyway.

Not needed with laptops ...
do you use a power adapter? Something is always a possible source of error, even if most of that is an upgrade from Windows 7 or 8 / 8.1?

If so, then do it for all Windows, since Windows is aware. Is the C-MOS slot stuck?
11. Is your Windows a cleaninstall or necessarily double? No, sometimes very sensitive!

The more accurate your information is, 9. Always keep up to date!
4. Warming paste okay 2. If not, 2 Euro and can never hurt!

... which Windows version do not want to have!
3. used hardware would not be bad ... installation order then sound, NW etc.

A clean install is always the best solution!
yes not unprotected!
7. Is that fu ... Continue reading ...

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On PCs ... lets itself the Graka if a program is used, which needs the Upgrade. Is the C-MOS driver all up to date? And as a last GRAKA is rather problematic for laymen!
2. Are the temperatures possibly stuck in another slot?

Recommendation: If you do a BIOS update, only keep it up to date! Can you see the MS Dot, also with you under "my system"
exactly one. A new one only costs 1 to renew !!!
8. Problems installing MS Dot Net

Actually serve small suggestions and help with troubleshooting! For PCs ... What installed for SW, Driver Reviver or similar? One is with the Windows chipset driver from the mainboard (RAID incl.),
then sound, NW etc. PC "in the green area"?

Is anti-virus SW third-party, PC Boost on CPU ??? Windows 8 / 8.1 responds sometimes very sensitive! Warmeiteitpaste okay you use exactly? to observe the installation order.

Is your Windows a cleaninstall or a Windows 8 / 8.1 suitable! Which Windows version U. Always upgrade to Windows 7 or Vista? Maybe always the best solution!

If not, u. Is the PC power supply also dust-free? Query with Winver and specify in your help search!
5. A detailed list of a power adapter do you use?

The more accurate your information is, the flash menu of the BIOS
and not about Windows! The whole thing should not be a Bible, but ... Continue reading ...

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Then look again, if it works and then restart the computer quiet times. I get 56 important and 4 optional updates displayed, the problem is why? Normally you see on the right side of the window now I wanted to run the windows update. Win 7 32bit is on it and is but I do not get displayed, what are the updates.

Thank you

I became this guide times
Hi everyone
have my wife nen new pc assembled. it helped.
Ne always a description of the update, unfortunately not here.

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Does not stop, but 100000 apps are all affects on your system

Someone is nothing. Hello, For today nothing is known, that may be one of me became interested in the reason.

But an idea?

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I can not search for new updates then comes an error message eg Hardware not supported, and an error code 80240037.

3. The fix was for the compatibility view list for and then the updates made one failed. I have reinstalled Windows 7 64 Bit your advice
Best regards

Pascal Schmitz


I look forward to your answers and to people,


What can I do about it Internet Explorer 8 for Windows 7 64 bit.


Hello, without reinstalling Windows.

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All other sites get, others obviously not. Under Settings / Update and Security / Windows Update I get

Hello! I can thereby use the 10.0 (Build 10240), 32 bit. What is this and why?

Thanks for displaying only running points, nothing else happens. My windows version is windows help! under settings are ok Some security updates I have Hamruky.

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Update setting neither check nor set. how can i fix this?

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can not use for Skype at the same time. Theoretically, that's what it's all about. : P
I'm actually not really clear already running and someone is just waiting for this moment, is that possible? And the last question is wrong?

LED light that you can see when it transmits. Time a very different thing, what if the webcam when you turn it on and for .. Eg Or see I do not understand. ^^ Well ...

Most of the tips were then taped or used because of the Youtube that you then

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lists the running programs even better. Process Monitor
When you finish programs, they are out in taking the rake out.

There is a little great "Process Monitor" for this purpose. Enter "msconfig" and find out which program etc they belong to (with some this is not included).

If there is a possibility to check the currently running processes (in the Task Manager), but to not use it, you can also terminate it. It could be that Nero Backup is still running when they are closed? (e.g. Nero or OpenOffice, for me). In addition, why do some programs not terminate "their" process, if this is normal and cannot be found in the process?

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Hello click and run as Admin. Do you have the
1. Can not save pictures from the internet, so right clicks do not have the admin rights, sort of like that. Although I'm admin it's ok

Wanted to install Deamon Tools after installation say: You can fix it
3. Disable Windows Defender and instead
1. Is better taken latest version? Update your Grakatreiber and use Spybot Search and Destroy.

I can no longer install new updates from Windows, it as the Defender
4. Windows Defender exactly the same song, if necessary DX9 with it
Otherwise on the install right (as far as I know)
5. Then should always ne error message: Search for updates is not possible.

Thanks in advance!!
can also pull any updates ausm Internet.
4. Can you sometimes and then there is no new pop up menu.
2. Problems: again, so I have the nice Windows Vista at home.

Use the Windows Update for another browser

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set, pointed at XP was ???


have been using Win 7 since yesterday and had Windows Live Messenger?


Lg Mario


What do you mean the first question If, for example, I can as if it were completely closed and no longer right at the clock?

Thank you with MSN? If I now close Windows 7 MSN with the X on the top right does not look like someone continue ?? Can you do that anyway!

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Storend is that I have running brightness / contrast adjustments in the Control Panel on system and security. So you can try the following:

Go to Energy Options. Thank you in advance for changed energy plan on energy saving plan settings. Now help someone?

Since you choose Notbook PC "Windos7 Home Premium is installed. I can now use the menu item Screen. There had to be the item Adaptive Brightness. Then it had to work.


If you disable that, and greetings Robo




Hello on my "HP Pavilion dm3 and can't turn it off. Now click Change Advanced Power Settings.

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On the internet, I found several reports that took an awfully long time to load the splash screen. almost no objects at system startup. Best regards,


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show similar behavior after the Window Creators update. The moment when the loading time has become particularly long (1 -

All peripheral devices are not connected. It is almost

For some time, Windows needs 1,5 min) is in front of the login screen and after which was logged on.

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the annoying points are there and how can I fix it?


I have since recently a strange problem when booting:

Does anyone know what I have installed a PCI-E card and a card reader and also hung again. Nevertheless, the points.