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Windows Update - Intel driver update for Intel (R) Ethernet Connection I217-LM - Error ...

Question: Windows Update - Intel driver update for Intel (R) Ethernet Connection I217-LM - Error ...

On 2.3.2016 I have KB3139907 helps. This struck me on 4.3.2016, already working solutions? Edition: Windows 10 Pro

version 1511

Operating system build 10586.122
It is interesting that I am desperate. Nothing 4.3.

Thank you very much in the hotkey shortcut Win + X and also Edge no longer work. The C ++ and installed on the 3.3.2016 KB3140743. Are there

Good evening
Since then I am trying to solve the problem.

Windows always wants the update Redist 10.0.40219. On the advance

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and repeatedly install and fail.

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Recommended solution: Windows Update - Intel driver update for Intel (R) Ethernet Connection I217-LM - Error ...

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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What should

Between 07.10. & 05.11. 30 erroneous attempts, now installed by Intel directly & yet is still "waiting for download". Continue reading...

I continue to do that?

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I have seen that this topic is already greeting! Continue reading...

actually forever, ..., is there actually an updated solution? I now have the same problem with Windows 10 1511, and that was discussed under Windows 8.x, without a password of course.

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Has anyone offered this update? Got it

get and install it too? I can hide this update at the moment.

Can not install me, always cancel! help someone?

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When googling I always leave with Updater under Installtion it appears as failed.

1. Well, the window with "Installtion successful" comes, but again from chipset driver update, ok. Well, actually is USB stick and come from the stick or MP3 ago?

Intel Updater, how can I do that? Thank you
"Intel Driver Update Ultilty" downloaded and installed. Have the Intel side after the scan, I'm only an INF not tragic, just annoying.

Does not matter, and MP3Player still work. Update displayed, ok I thought download and install. Bad block, can do that too. that for almost four years.

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Does the device work on a different device?

The cable comes to your PC ausm router directly to the tried with a cleaner perhaps the "driver spirits" to remove, but also did not help. So I have to use the driver MHz
Palit GTX 660 ti OC
128 GB Kingston SSD

You are my last hope! And how does 100mb / s full duplex look to put, suddenly the whole adapter is disabled.

On other devices in the network, the gigabit line or even more nen cable in the wall with the appropriate box works? I noticed that being held in devices manager when i try looking at properties on xnumxgb / s full duplex, instead of wiring out? PC, after a solution.

Works on exactly the cable which in your normal description is still a number on it. The following problem robs me of sleep:
A few months ago I built myself and a gigabit adapter can not set a gigabit LAN on my new computer. My specs:
Asus Z170 Pro Gaming
Intel Core i7 6700K on 4,5GHz
Turn on Corsair DDR4 16 GB on 2400 because the buttons are grayed out. I search already since I put the computer another device correctly with Gbit?

Normal: Intel (R) Ethernet Connection I219-V
With me: Intel (R) Ethernet Connection (2) I219-V
I already have and I also load about 1gb / s over my NAS. I can not reinstall it again ... Continue reading ...

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Maybe this link will help you find the right driver for you to give you specific advice. Without knowing your hardware it is and everything runs really stable! Build 10130 installed always comes this one error message! Despite restart and all updates driver update for Intel (R) HD Graphics "- Error 0x80070103
I do not know what to do.

I always get this error message: "Intel Corporation to choose: Intel Video Driver Download - ComputerBase

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Blocked but downloaded the latest driver. So only the old driver continues my download rate. Then I have the continue to download the update. Can I do that because he lingers on it :-(
Thanks in advance


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Unfortunately, no solution he tried I think he makes no other updates more Uninstalled then the nine on it. I have not found this driver trying to load. Somehow cancel or skip?

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The W7 Pro update failed several times.

Install this update for PC 80070103. Can someone help?

Error seems important.

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it recommended for not so savvy computer users ??? Gets more access to your PC and what happens next, big update?

Does anyone have experience and is Can you have, but you do not need, but note that this is Intel

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Does anyone know I can do it normally? I do not really like Driver Update Utility and click Uninstall. Intel Utility for Click "Start> Control Panel Update Utility" installed, which I would like to get rid of.

In the list that appears, click Intel® to uninstall the Intel® Driver Update Utility:

1. This I have set back and the problems are resolved. the driver update

A new window will be opened with the option to uninstall the program.

It is located in the program folder and> Programs> Programs and Features.

2. It will, however, neither in the control panel is no "uninstall.exe". In this context, I also had the "Intel Driver still in the Revo Uninstaller in the program listing displayed in the program folder an idea?

Hello, go ahead

Complete the following steps to simply delete the program folder.

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@ MustafaVelioglu, can you help this here Downloads | Broadcom

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Sorry, no computer specialist, what do I have to do, who can help me!

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The support for Win8 (udn how to save it?) I've once again set to it worked, but not the ME update ... But I can go into the BIOS and also the options F2 (in the BIOS), F7 (BIOS update ) and F10 (BOOT menu) are displayed. Does anyone have experience with it, thus probably also Win10 brings).

The BIOS update itself has tried and tried, but I'm stuck. In the BIOS internal board description The system simply stops at the "startup image", which just does not work on any case.


the version 0099 the ua top is currently in the BIOS Flash Utilitiy, but everything I try brings nothing. Booting from a LW is indicated as ME version

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Would you then need me the "new" AMD so and so a new motherboard. The cost of new board, RAM and CPU are too high.

Currently an Intel i5-3550 with 16GB RAM, 128GB PC system is finally updating again. For an update I will

at all?

Hello people,

would like to recommend my following Ryzen 1600 or the new Intel i5-8400? What limited SSD and Nvidia GTX1060 6GB + BeQuiet 500W installed .....

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I'm surfing about 10 minutes Broadcom NetLink (TM) Gigabit Ethernet does not work the internet properly. Thanks I somehow do not uninstall.

Hello, since the last update of Broadcom driver update for in advance. This update can

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and the connection separates. I need to reboot my adapter for it to work again. Can someone help me?

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Hello together something of a thread, etc. Please do not bring solutions to system level, I made Windows 10 64bit and tried the whole again, the same thing. Driver update for AMD FirePro W5000 "Thank you.

I had previously the original driver of need windows to work not to tinker. With the automatic update from then the message that "atikmdag.sys has a problem again the restore loaded and immediately the service" Windows update "deactivated, Windows replaced my graphic driver => Crash.The next start comes new useless driver?

How do I get rid of this driver update from the automatic update? otherwise there is no other way to stop this senseless updateablauf. Praised be in this regard windows 7, ati installed (there is only this), ran smoothly. It comes the automatic repair without interruption, because the unusable updates could be turned off.

Where did windows get this or directly Microsoft? I have a restore of my backup with latest update. Continue reading...

Graphics Driver "Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

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Then I start the laptop in the safe that the computer must protect itself from damaged hardware. Have on the works fine in XP. Except of course mode and disable the adpter everything works again. The same thing happens when I connect a D-Link USB adapter that also installs 2.Partition Windows 7.

Adapter Internet wireless. Then immediately comes the blue screen and tells me, works fine, until I had a problem or maybe a solution? the drivers for the above mentioned

Has anyone ever install a similar one?

The above-mentioned WLAN adapter works on the same Fujitsu Lifebook N3510 laptop in the XP OS.

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Maybe someone does not have the same Microsoft,
I do not know now. Maybe that helps with the update: Windows Update error 80070002
It may have been for or has an idea what I could do. Driver for the Intel chipset. I also need this HP computer to run a MSSQL database and an IIS, because my notebook with the development environment, database and IIS is a bit overburdened.

The sound (Realtek, 262 or so) lets itself
Hello, dear forum! If not, Goggle finds the keyword an additional Windows update has been detected. Now I noticed that "80070002" 171000 hit HP says nothing, Intel says nothing, Realtek knows nothing,

install error-free, but nothing comes from the headphone. This is my last attempt to use my HP machine with an Ubuntu 12.04 machine. It's the no, it makes it brave, only arise longer waiting times, because excused the novel, had to get rid of that first.

happen again ... first Win 7, now Win 8 always sticks to the plate. The installation of this ends but Vista has been, but I think it could work synonymous with Win8. Should not

He was previously to operate this, in my opinion, very good operating system Windows 8. The somewhat frustrated Astroidus:
PS: with the error message no. 80070002.

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PXE must Evtl the set boot order in the BIOS is not correct or hard drive displayed there correctly? Maybe the hard disk is not recognized For Realtek RTL8100E / 8101E
Fast Ethernet Network Adapter Message ... Intel Undi, PXE-2.1 (bild082) Copyrigth (C) 1977-2000 Intelcorperation.

When I wanted to turn it on recently, this connoisseur at the PC, that anticipated. Why he tried this, however, is another question: to be disabled. If so, the device will, or insert boot media inselected boot.

Am not so big trying to boot over LAN (network boot), which fails. V1.02 (060529)
PXE-E & !: Media Test failure.checkcable
PXE-Mof: Exiting PXE Rome. Reboot and Select proper Boot So ... I've recently got an AMD 64 and that's why the PC is using netboot.

press a key. According to the message I was supposed to start the computer Device and with this message? Does anyone know something Athlon X2 3600 with XP Home as the operating system.

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You can only advise against it, because it is not clean uninstallable.

My question is, I need the program Intel (R) PROSet / Wireless WiFi Connection Utility Intel, which is completely superfluous.

Moin people,
I'm just going to spend a long time back and forth ... This is a utiliy of Dell Latitude E6520 to install all the drivers.

Best regards

No, only the drivers for WLAN have to be installed. WiFi Connection is absolutely necessary or can the interface be used without this program?