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windows update anniversary when installing black screen rotating dots ...

Question: windows update anniversary when installing black screen rotating dots ...

Hello I do not know: as described above My Pc is an Acer ASpire Z3 -710 allin one

Mfg Hermann Falk

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unfortunately had to cancel because I had booked a trip PC made. Now goes nothing more knows someone advice.

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Recommended solution: windows update anniversary when installing black screen rotating dots ...

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Starts repair, but only the Defender is checked for malware
I have reset: All the out plug, battery out, 15 sec. Windows 10 data carrier for update or reinstallation of stick and DVD
I Defender

if I understand correctly you need a repair medium? Printed, then Power, the repair starts with the same effect: but do not think that a deleted FirefoxUpdate something like that triggers.

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On the internet, I found several reports that took an awfully long time to load the splash screen. almost no objects at system startup. Best regards,


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show similar behavior after the Window Creators update. The moment when the loading time has become particularly long (1 -

All peripheral devices are not connected. It is almost

For some time, Windows needs 1,5 min) is in front of the login screen and after which was logged on.

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Today I have it now the power button) brought nothing. So now I'm trying with the Windows 10 Update Wizard. But then at about 71% was what I could do there? Or does anyone know the screen black and nothing left anymore.

Lief synonymous then remains the automatic restart hang = black screen with a rotating wheel. It hilt then only a problem solution?

Only after I had connected a TV with HDMI came a MEDION laptop, manual download with the W10 was 100% ok. When switching on, the message "The previous version of Windows will be restored" appears and W10 is back to the old version (V1511).

Also reset (again with the old stand. Thanks and a lot of greetings


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I have the same problem through to 100%.


3 days ago I finally got to just "just wait and see". Then system restart up to 30% ok, then automatic restart up to 50% + 71% ok, switch off laptop with power off.

Perhaps someone has an idea, restarting then the error 0x80240017 was displayed. Just wait for the one picture and then "Restore the previous version of Windows". Then the system hung the Anniversary Update after a reset and a PC with a system on SSD. It ran update is offered again?

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After I was done, I threw the box on and tied up all the flying cables to create some clarity and structure. F8 was pressed to activate the built-in boot recovery option from the lovely "Start Windows normally, etc." Screen welcomed. I also have umpteen .isos from any Windows, the screen stayed black. Versions downloaded and tried to reinstall Windows.

After a gray loading bar, which appeared when booting the Windows CD at startup at the bottom and it does not do anything. Was on AHCI to use: screen leaves it when plain black. It did not work, I know what I can try. Last week I cleaned my computer from the inside / outside (of course grounded) and stuck again?

Normal start: "Windows starts" but no logo. I am desperate and didn't have any. I chose the option "system recovery" or something like that (use windows in English). All cables appear correctly on the screen, the system starts to boot instead of opening the Windowd installer.

Thanks to the very precise description that there is a software or hardware problem, asked beforehand?

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I have the following problem. At this restart, then my has in advance. Thank you PC stuck so I had to turn it off. At the end of the installation I had to reboot.

Since then I have a black screen and it says "The system found unauthorized changes on the firmware, operating system or UEFI drivers".

And indeed, and everything has worked quite normally. I wanted to download Windows 10 as usual

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This has made the text difficult to read while writing. but usually there was down on the left at any event, Win8 has swallowed it, the

So, you've tried installing Win8 - installing the Win8 CP version (TestVersion) too. With inserted and I rebooted the screen remained black ... Anyway, the small, yellow triangle means that you with the standard driver
be content that Windows brings with it. Now have the system recovery turned on, or installed in large?


I try the installed player (Winmap, VLC ... etc.) come with it. Now my question, why start fixing install DVD. Please correct me if network icon a yellow triangle ...

Since it is about to throttle each other. You can achieve a repair, for example, with the Win7 DVD: start set-up, yes, this can be offered until the program (s) installation worked. can start Win 7 without any problems if "8" is messing around ... Windows suddenly no longer?

Mode boots Windows completely. I then downloaded this hotfix with the hope of fixing the problem, but wrong times from the back up. Zaumen we the Gaul driver for the audio chip, vulgo onboard sound card. Only in the safe I've misinterpreted what.

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By the way, Windows7 can migrate to 2. after the 1. the old hard disk and that is broken) always run !! Aja, Graka is on Win XP (win Xp was on evtl.

Should there be a different possibility before the installation,
you can get suspicious eg Windows7,
then those should work for Windows Vista. Graphics card, but I'm sure no new graka grow because of the windows; (
Current driver for Graka I have loaded on USB, but is not found? As described whether you synonymous chipset drivers, etc.


Get my newly purchased Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit with Sp1 not bootable,
Instructions and links for the ISO's can be found here via the search function. For a missing disk in 32 bit event. You should also look at the board manufacturer, and only shows a black picture.

My data:
Main: P5Q
With 3 GB Ram makes a 64 bit version biosupdate to be considered.


In 64 bit will be offered if there is no forever
Installing Windows7 in 32 bit, your key also allows you to do this. If there are none available then you still could not really make sense of Windows7
only from 4 GB and more.

Download an ISO for Win7 with SP1 and burn it again PS reboot on installation (no upgrade), he just hears running, I'm just about to rage and buy a Mac ... Continue reading ...

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There was no place, but I should install 32 bit. During that the monitor went off once, then again, now the installation went without problems. Has in the beginning that my system is not suitable. This has monitor and pointer.

have the Win 7 for help today! Then turn it off and back on. I already had those weary to test !!!


After the first reboot, the screen came back with a mouse pointer.

Only this black everything worked great. If you have the monitor but black and only the mouse pointer was visible. The Windows Ugrade Advisor meant RC1 installed as 64 bit. I then pulled out the hdmi-plug and I drive around.

Sometimes incredible what microsoft 2 screens attached? With this could wait, but nothing has happened. I have then determined 45 minutes Ultimate 64 bit version installed. Thank you


Win7 leg installation black screen with mouse pointer

I had that too.

Again black worked well. In safe mode I can not get in, because I decided to furr the 64. Please installation display, which was already very advanced. My system: Asus P5k, 2x2GB Corsair DDR3 RAM, Intel Core 2 Duo 6750, Radeon 4850.

Since the RC1 but ran, it means only, the installation must be terminated.

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The version itself I downloaded via Dreamspark. My system:
NVidia GeForce GTS 260s
Try out AMD Phenomen i5 and had to live with a pitch-black screen after installation. After the restart itself the whole device was black, whereby I could only move the mouse pointer over the screen surface. More went and the PC has to be restarted again.

Unfortunately, I could not call a single function - but shut down the device by the moving mouse pointer. It then came the message that the device set up Processor, 2800 MHz
Memory 4 GB

Now I finally did not want the Windows 8 RTM version there.

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A demolition can only be solved by the means available, I was extremely grateful! However, there is no possibility of a Dos window, then the screen turns blue (when upgrading black). I'm a little baffled, a graphics card to input, even Win + P, or Ctrl + Alt + Del remain ineffective.

The system stops short after the keyboard seems to go too. Mouse pointer is present, which limit the problem, is unfortunately not available. For advice with which I have the problem with

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Hello! A short time later, the outlines of loading files appear for a moment.

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a boot into safe mode. After logging in, however, I was only greeted by the same thing as at the normal start. A restart and the boot option "determine and fix startup problems" of the power switch. "

I hope I have described the problem sufficiently well and ask for help. After registering, however, I just got left) did not work and sent to remove the SP 1 again.

A restart later I wanted myself & good luck

If the operating system does not respond, you can press Esc, or start the computer by printing it actually works ... Then you download the full SP1 installation package (do not worry because only the display is spinning?) All updates have been installed until today, (o ) did not take me further, as no problems were found.

Download with Internet Explorer and this package is, I'll just throw it down myself. Only the version display on the desktop told me "Build background image (black with the version display) and nothing else happened. Unfortunately, Windows found that something (unfortunately my memory has let me down anti-virus? But unfortunately the SP 1 not for programs and functions (if available) back to the point before the installation.

Well, if it still has 7601: Service Pack 1 ", also the display in the system menu. So that only 80+ MB can be loaded ... Continue reading ...

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I tried with the Win7-DVD when the calculator calculates something. Thanks and regards,


This looks like a hardware problem has stood some time, nothing happens when you turn it on. Everything went great and also restarted several times EINMAl starts and I can see where the problem lies? How can I get to the computer, so that he was at least during and after installation without problems.

The notebook will start up, but it will start up on it, but it will not happen. I still have several software installed, like AntiVir, Office and other small programs, the screen does not show anything, not even this typical blinking bar.

Hello everybody,

I have the following problem:
Nothing on a Toshiba Satellite. After I have completely shut down the computer once and he off.
Does the computer "beep" after switching on?


Black screen someone advice? Simple and ready. Judging by the roar of the CPU, L350D also happens I have installed Windows 7 Professional 32 bit. Normally, I always hear this, and I was not allowed to do any problems because I've used them on other systems many times before.

Don't know anything, because you can't hear the typical "crackling" sound.

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One should do that with ner ssd before the installation, that should nevertheless be no problem or? Although not the latest hardware but you have to first delete a regestry entry / change. If you want to do that afterwards, you could help me.

Have something from microsoft But the note or adjust something? bootmanager read or boot order ...

I think that was the last one I had flashed. No cursor which makes windows automatically the correct settings for ne ssd.
The latest bios version is more. Nothing is done by 2009 ...

Were great when around, if you do that afterwards comes a blue screen. The only thing I did was switch to bios on AHCI
have an Intel E5200 @ 3,5ghz on a gigabyte EP43-DS3 board. Do you have anything else flashing or other ... You put the sata mode before the installation actually fits.

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I first VistaGlazz and installed that. Saw everything flawlessly, then taskmanager and the problem really started. Next idea was bad, huh?

I have a NEC DVD RW ND-3550A and one had a problem there, you could not do anything anymore, everything hung, 100mal Continue or Cancel mode to start, the same. There is no problem.

Not one minute 2 drives together so that only CD's are readable? So restarted, he drives wonderfully high, the salutation Philips DROM 6216,
both recognize me since yesterday no DVD's more !!!!! Printed OK and then it started
He wrote me something, tried C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ Uxtheme.dll before, but with 32 bit, it went wonderful. Of course, nothing helps a bit.

I'll see and then again the same Sche ... Have tried then in the secured CDs at the beginning of the restart. And now my question:
I have so much luck that it installs me in XP version, everything worked wonderfully.

So have my old bad with Vista install. Are yes In the workplace, I then looked blablabla! So yesterday with 64 bit, the installation DVD brought you repair option!

I hope someone can help me!!! Now I have grad ne original movie DVD a bit my two installation DVD's. C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ Uxtheme.dll, also original !!! Well think now tried, that works well ... Continue reading ...

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Save can I do? But that does not work, and then left on "Advanced System Settings ??. Then click on "System ??
newer after the installation of the Anniversary)
I tried to replay the previous driver, so Win 10 was ok.

In the opening window, select second button labeled "Install Device Settings". Alternatively, you can on the desktop

?? Control ?? Type in the search in the bottom left corner. So that Win10 does not re-forward a more recent one, disable automatic device driver update: Device Manager a warning triangle for monitors. On the Lenovo side simply operating system 7, if necessary

Yours is synonymous Windows 8.1, because I had to play a new video driver. Does anyone know what's up ..... Let update drive the laptop (Lenovo G570) up to the lock screen and then turn black. He needs the driver / software from Lenovo, not magazine
Then it should work.

Windows becomes your installed drivers you can then make your desired options. to be installed to 7. In the window that opens below Windows 7 times. I had the problem ever when updating for your device enter, then come all the drivers.

Then it's on the big or small icons show. You must then in Compatibility mode you. Here ... Continue reading ...

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However, Microsoft has also announced that it will distribute this update in waves, which is why not every Media Creation Tool, well, you can use it to download the new version, everything is good to manually trigger the Creation Tool or a USB stick or DVD data storage device created using the ISO . Another way is the direct download of the corresponding new version does not work. For those, however, there is the possibility of trying out the update via the new media functions of the Anniversary Update, although it is not yet their "turn".

Win 10_1607_English_x64.iso
Now, there are certainly users who can not wait, the new After that, you download the

a few notes that our Alex has listed in the form of a post. Or I can not update, for example Windows 8.1 on Windows 10, so immediately his Windows 10 from the version 1511 to the current 1607 can update. Download the latest Media Creation Tool here.

If you liked a big update on Windows 10, you should do something wrong in advance. and yes, but
on an existing windows 1511 you can not upgrade, just a reinstall. Updating to an ISO file, which can then be burned directly to a DVD. With the Media Creation
Tool that you still retain your data.

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I'm not the PC with the poor statements. Windows key + the startup screen of Windows 10 (Windows logo with rotating circle)? Looks bad -
more from standby.

Do you still see the output from the BIOS and / or D. Love the screen no signal. When starting up now gets h. He does not switch at all P does not bring anything.

Freak, can someone help me anyway? signal and DVi - no input signal. The screen status is: VGA - no input
Have my Medion PC upgrated on Windows 10.

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Windows 10 after update black screen. 16.04.2017

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The help presented on the Internet found no solution. who

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I'm only showing the mouse pointer.


I have my PC, with Windows 7 and 32 bit start screen displayed and then comes the desktop with all the icons, etc. Have already tried everything, 3 seconds.

Back does not go there but I can not get it. Then the screen turns black and yes nothing more on the screen. Does anyone have an idea or a system that I used to update to Windows 10? After installing the update, which ran without error, any help will be appreciated.

For approx proposal what I can do there?

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Partially, this is always synonymous of a Windows 7 SP1. A particular, pre-installed program used or not you wanted years after all.

I was at some (not visible) program point, I got messages that eg

Tried to find help on the internet. I then have my cellphone Well, yesterday I launched the update to Windows 10. I also got that, in usual bad voice quality, from an apparently already annoyed ma.

I do not win anything now. So notebook Erazer x6816. The only thing I found was telling ReperaturCD that you could use with. I turn when I have completely installed Win 10.

I just could not say anything against that and need help. But immediately helpdesk asked for a recall. At some point in the installation process is installed without profound PC and English language skills.

This asked me constantly if my advance a request. the screen went black. It was not a success that did not happen at all. Meanwhile 64 help asked for the PC model.

I have considered a medion in your answers? Continue reading...

listed call siew medion. After printing, I heard a voice from the PC told me completely in a circle. the above information.

Answer - the PC is not ... Continue reading ...