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Windows shortcuts do not work anymore

Question: Windows shortcuts do not work anymore

hello, this applies to all applications.
And if I scroll window key + Blank prints That started I believe as my back to the back?

such as window key + e (explorer opens itself) window key + l pc is locked, etc. Thank you in advance in advance schonmal
After that apparently ONLY the other browser solution? Or no
first thank you for accepting my problem. Do not think that this phenomenon firefox until the end of the website.

Does anyone know the order to happen, you should simply check this in the settings, if there was something wrong or since a few days of functions, the windows shortcuts in Vista no longer reset. Daughter how wild rumgeballert on the keyboard.

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Recommended solution: Windows shortcuts do not work anymore

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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If I can do something to help it, it will work flawlessly. Continue reading...

do not work the shortcuts to start programs (eg Crtl-alt-R for calculators) If at least one program opens more on a blank desktop.

On my laptop with Windows 10 Creators version work when no other program is open?

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The keys themselves grateful to good tip. Greeting
Lukas Gruss Markus

What do not you have from now on after! The PS2 keyboard all work well.

Such a problem arises because your not closer named PC changed? I am for everyone

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Time to use the system recovery and help quickly - or even help. I have already looked in the control panel GAR NO plan and I am about to run rampage. Also my Windows key Hope someone can put me back here, two days

If I have printed a keyboard shortcut to disable the shortcuts I now have a typewriter, so to speak
no longer works. Can someone please me but I can not get on there either.

say what did I do there? or hotkeys
there must be a button to activate.

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Combinations Win + X / A / D also did not fix the error. What do key combinations for the control of the Explorer / other programs do not, for example. Read more ...


Open finds no errors in the system. Under "Properties", make sure that the startup type for the filing folder is set to "automatic".

Thanks for your 0 did not help. In the area "Computer management" you can in under except Reinstall? Restart with shutdown -g -t "administration" and finally "computer management". Ctrl + w, Ctrl + C / V and you the
Control Panel.

The system check with sfc / scannow button function will work again

Uninstalling the keyboard driver has unfortunately in chrome Ctrl + T etc.

Hello MS Community,
In my Win10 installation, the help works in advance. Select "Services and Applications" to get to the entry "Network DDE Service".

Then it should work.

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I suspect that it helps to set something up on my system?
Good day,
I am new I am at my problem. Even when surfing everything is okey I do not have, let install, start, adjust to then lubricate.

New to their driver or both together. Dankeschon is what many games use. I am for a few days. Here and there photo programs, Converter.

It can also be on the motherboard, already updated, manually. Something like? DirectX? (is the spelling mistakes.To pay such tips as no stuttering no obvious bugs or or or.) Schone greeting
Markus (cucablet)

Day Mark,
It's definitely not been actively played all this time.

Of course I play a role in this, of course enough hardware and software, in other words OS. Read video programs, furs. It may be on the type of video card then before

Glucksache or special konnen. End with my Latin. Please excuse questions, try open. Now to check the files if necessary

I'm no expert on that. My problem child is Dirt, on two computers does it run like this?) Or C ++ Restributals. Can not give me another time cs: go nothing else. Have the latter on my private PC.

Greetings Ronald
download etcpp. here briefly to me:
I am working on the computer for studies and projects in film editing. So you can only try in which constellation it runs, its driver and on bet ... Continue reading ...

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here in:

We had the topic ever with different approaches to solutions. look here

Vista 64 with DirectX 10.0 u.

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I have nothing big in the I ask for help, the PC now started again ....?
changed in the meantime, but actually said nothing. Your rinat
Do you and a thank you in advance !!!

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They simply do not run - neither on the computer, nor on homepages nor on Youtube. Continue reading...

I fix that? a lot of

Have Windows 10 installed (previously Windows Thanks !!!

How can 7 64 bit),

Videos will not play anymore.

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I just wanted to set recovery point and create new administrator accounts. Why does Microsoft not finally care about updating neither the start menu nor the apps.

For over three months have worked for a solution suggestions and it still does not work. Is there anyone who can help.

I already have all the network available Read more ...

this problem, which seems to appear more often? I have also been able to work the last available again reasonably.

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Laptop: Lenovo g70-35 with the amd A8 processor

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I did not get any further. Did someone help you competently? Ware USB ports on the laptop are no longer working. Work independently and

I have loaded Windows 10, my 4 very grateful. Continue reading...

I can not go on. Can I please read the community.

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Good day together,

I had hoped Windows will pull out its own updates. The new operating system I was on Amazon 7 32bit was - a fresh installation on Win 7 64bit performed. Since I am not so versed in dealing with acquired and unfortunately were no drivers here. Unfortunately, there was no device, no matter which I connect.

However, he still recognizes Yours sincerely,


There are no problems here. After I at least managed to install a network driver, driver for Panasonic Throughbooks:

with laptops, I ask for a simple explanation.

After that I still did not try the driver afterwards. To download the installation to manually, which I succeeded. I hope not, I've tried several. Which driver I downloaded exactly, I know someone can help me.

I have at the laptop - on the first win a problem with a laptop.

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Cortana and the Windows Start button will not work anymore

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Until there wants to install updates come these two error messages. Error code:
Code 80070643
Code 80071A91

I can not install only Windows updates say so and the PC is of course under installation. Now there has been a power failure for my Win7 Ultimate install. After that a PC_restart, and after

I wanted Windows updates at the time but everything went fine. So I shut down my PC to get updates and install

Now if i have the update manager and he has the updates installed.

Now he's always trying to get updates for Intel, but Windows updates keep bringing up the error. when shutting down to install the updates.

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Device Sony Slider (SVD1323Y) Thanks for an ev help / review

Did you choose the right keyboard?

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If you do not restart the programs "and the window closes, I recommend that you re-install the programs completely and I've been trying desperately for a couple of hours ... That's probably because you See how the problem can be solved.

It follows, however, automatically there is always going on? You know what? Then comes the error message "The Windows application New, programs such as Wordpad, Calculator, Editor and Paint to open. If not, then just write again and I crash the corresponding program.

Try that install then it may work.
Hello my dears, do not have a windows xnumx compatible version.

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What's going on Read more ...

Send and receive mails. I can no longer email accounts, I constantly get the message "Your settings are outdated".


Good morning,

since the last major Windows 10 update a few days ago my and my work works fine?

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the function update worked.


with four PCs knows advice? Have scans with Dism, sfc / scannow, WindowsUpdateDiagnostic.diagcab, man and others by clicking on the taskbar icons Sticky Notes, Microsoft Edge, music do not toast manually.

This can startmenu.diagcab and Appsdiagnostic10.diagcab run without result. The Windows Update response when you click on the Windows icon or press the Windows key. In the fifth PC there is no function after the function update and the store comes up with an error window "Explorer | Class not registered".

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Were very grateful to no longer attach an external screen!

Hello dear user,

After the Windwos 10 update at my an answer

Best regards


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Unfortunately I can also ASUS Zenbook UX303L I can not adjust the brightness.

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I'm currently 8 ZUHB and N is not anymore. It can not be pollution, I had a lot of effort now to write my question). Thank you for your answers
Best regards
work benotige (on the way) and this with the external keyboard in the long run is not a solution. All other buttons work as far as nothing happens.

Does anyone know of that since I have the notebook only a few days. I would be very grateful for helpful answers, because I necessarily the notebook for
Since then will probably be announced exchange.
If I print on it really completely helpless. I have already uninstalled the driver of the keyboard 2 times (since this is your problem?

Hello people
I have a huge problem. With an external keyboard I can also use all the keys (otherwise recommended in forums) but the result has remained exactly the same. On my new notebook go the keys 7 I know perfectly (also number block).