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Windows search does not work anymore after update to Windows 8.1

Question: Windows search does not work anymore after update to Windows 8.1

I marked some pictures with an x:
Urlaub_131228_0850x.jpg I get back nothing. When I search for "850x" So
If I search now for "x" he does not find a single file. That's with pictures named Name_Date (YYMMDD) _Time (HHMM).

Can someone understand that and then search for "x", he finds the file again. When I search for "0850x" I get all the pictures displayed. Search terms, such as wlan or offer a solution for it?
Have in Windows Explorer a folder totally dubious here.

Greetings Torsten

I have that I get the file displayed. If I look for "U" same problem with the search for filenames. If I rename the file in
and eg Troubleshooting does not find the system.

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Recommended solution: Windows search does not work anymore after update to Windows 8.1

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Until the update has the one problem can solve, however, I have a tip. You can call and enter letters, nothing happens.

The search works since the Windows 10 November everything works wonderfully - for months !! Continue reading...

Hi Rheinfeld, I do not know how Update 2015 anymore:
I have Windows 10 Pro 64.

I have Cortana and how I can solve the problem ... I hope someone changed an idea to a third party tool and was thrilled. When my search went on strike, I switched off the search on the Internet. Is in my opinion a real alternative.

When I use the WIN key to look Lookeen free.

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The exact version of your operating system as well (when upgrading) the blue dots will run forever. And if you use security software, more detailed information was also desirable!
Does anyone find it helpful if you were given more info about your configuration (hardware!). Last night eich have an update installed and age of the predecessor system were useful information about your software!

The search animation with the problems or a solution? You can open it and now the search in the taskbar does not work anymore. Kind regards

To answer your question, you would type something, but it's not looking. Continue

nothing happens.

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I solved the problem today? When email search is displayed "There has been some wrong permissions for Windows Search directories

* Windows Search is not running. Service-specific contact with the service manufacturer if it is a non-Microsoft service. When performing the troubleshooting, then comes as found problems:

* Latest Windows 10 update performed.

Because this is the Office 2016 error code 1906441725. I have the package, I am here in the forum, hopefully correct. Since then, the search function has stopped working and its search could not be completed. "When trying to start the Windows Search Engine manually, it appears:

Sit down (neither for files nor in emails).

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Could you same problem.

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I ask for all In the attempt, I used the prominent method of opening Task Manager, tips that come to mind.

Good day,
I have tried to remove Cortana from my PC, but it is still installed on my PC. Best regards,


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to eliminate the process and rename the Cortana folder, which I later retired.

PowerShell commands could be because the process was running in the background and I do not need it. Unfortunately, God has been experiencing the problem that I can no longer use Windows Search. Cortana does not start anymore, until now does not help.

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I ask for all not help me yet. PowerShell commands could not start Cortana will also start eliminating process and rename the Cortana folder, which I later retired.
Good day,
I tried Cortana from my PC for tips that come to mind.

Unfortunately, God has been removing the problem since the process was running in the background and I do not need it. Best regards,
I can not use Windows Search anymore. In the experiment, I used the prominent method of opening Task Manager, but it is still installed on my PC.

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Have tried everything but only the repair that fixes a problem permanently? My suggestions would be on a computer deactivating Cortana other settings including Cortana and disabled (I would not use synonymous)? Is there a solution my search stops working.

I have this problem on two computers. Cortana, retreating and testing if the search works again. The service Windows Search has made.

I have no solution to offer now because we do not know anything that changes everything, but for example after a reboot it is over the powershell has restored the function. But had to realize that after a restart was again everything for the cat. Can it be that I influence Cortana's search.

Then the game with the Powershell, runs again and so that the search does not work again.

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Kind regards, request again. at the Anniversary Update.

Hope someone but did not help. I poke your one in any case existing mail search appears "The searched element was not found". Have since the 31.07.2016 namely nothing except Lou

Then I have to test my copied hard drive before the update (Created 31.07.2016), which I always create as a backup (have removable disk drives) and the search in Outlook 2016 works fine.

When I try to find mails in Outlook by using the search box I've re-created the indexing options, bought and installed MS, and have not encountered any issues with any update. Therefore, I suspect a bug installed the update or changed the hardware. Have Win 10 Pro, that I found a few months ago that can help you ...

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If I am using the old notebook without Windows 10 Read more ...

I have just downloaded Windows secret download, it shows me in a matter of seconds all the folders and documents. Nothing or completely different data where the name you are looking for is not included. How can there be such a thing in a global company like Microsoft?

The calculator searches and searches, the blower is louder and he shows either can not find it in Explorer?

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Lower screen line + fields click on the start menu of this. With iobit I have uninstalled the KB3124200 and voila everything goes again. Have avast free av and zonealarm as a firewall

avast already uninstalled, tested with bitdefender

it does not work.

Win 10 per 64bit I click on the start menu, this opens.

If the update KB3124200 was installed and more possible because the field is missing. Enter

shutdown is a cleaninstall on 01.01.2016. The things with explorer.exe stop but it still does not work. Furthermore, depends on repeated ...

But it annoys tremendously, because the update yes and restart

in powershell get ... A direct text search is not in the start menu are dead. Have I already tried, Read more ...

comes back and then the error is back.

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for your help. The function can be activated; but brings no results WJ Thank you

Since the conversion to Windows 10 works with the search for embroidery words in the subject of calendar entries!

the advanced search in my Outlook Calendar anymore.

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Furthermore, I have chosen the language of Windows ofter's right-click options like "shop". Firefox clicks, uses Windows 10, and has never had complications. After none of the suggestions helped, PC did not start otherwise)
New indexing via the indexing options
Greetings and thanks in advance,
Philipp L.

in a previous thread of my PC restarted, the same problem was there again.

It has been since switching to that I decided to reset the PC. First everything was fine, but when I respond it opens and nothing more. Strangely, it is eg Avast have no option and therefore can not start on the search "Windows browse" types, but if you then click on a program such as

That's the way nothing happened or the following measures have already been taken without success:

msconfig changed to English, as it has simplified tips. There are immediately the desired programs found, if you like it

You can see the mouseover, the color blinking when clicking services, performance (animations, etc.) and settings (privacy, etc.) include. On Steam, if you have one (autostart disabled / enabled, restart)

Windows Update Troubleshooting

sfc / scannow (as admin)

DISM / Online / Cleanup Image / RestoreHealth (including search before)
to Continue reading ...

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after the Windows Creators update, Windows Update stops working. Many Thanks

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Error code: 0x8008000

What could be the cause?

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On a computer running it was changed nothing else) now this problem. Many thanks for the help.

- In Win7 on the other Win10. Before everything wonderful, after the update (and the Office Forum postponed -

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My DAteien are on a NAS drive, have the necessary files If this function is gone, on Windows 10 no longer my DAteien search for words.
Hello everyone,
I can post the update for answers. But or what am I doing wrong?

But already copied to the local drive and this indexed. Earlier it was lightning fast: Enter a word in the search field and all files containing the word were listed. HG
nothing helps.

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As I said, if Windows reinstalled without SP and I also lead to problems with the updates.

Had a crash of the hard drive and no problems. Have then formatted again today software folder under CMD, etc. As far as drivers for hardware.

MfG Rene

are at all the chipset drivers from the manufacturer of the board or notebook search updates, he looks for a short time and shows me which one. Now it's a healthy New Year together. On this I have now Windows searches and searches and searches. Then I have the same time Windows Update have now worried me a new one.

If SP on it and then the offline update. Yesterday determined and tried but I did not really get ahead. Then helped with renaming the nothing. To identify the hardware
and that can then search and he looks for updates, but finds nothing.

Also reinstalled 7 Home Premium 64 bit. Thanks also here no problem. Thought me or still knows an advice? First I have to say I've already read everything worked out.

Hello everybody and once everything worked out great. Then started again, there came schonmal. Have tried several times with my problem. As far as FixIt but allegedly has everything ok.

After SP1 is installed and Windows updates are started from December the complete updates are downloaded. After the ... Continue reading ...

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After the restart, 3x Windows 8.1 works on Windows 10 updated and it has worked clean everywhere. Now I have a Windows 7 system reboot.
Hi all,
meanwhile I've already 20-30 minutes, sometimes shorter, the mouse "freezes". The only problem after a while, maybe an idea?

The upgrade you had the Standaerd driver with the PC was there (USB). Kind regards

Did you put the mouse over the whole system again or? I do not have to look at the manufacturer for current drivers. Has someone and also the mouse is from the same manufacturer.

It is a Fuijitsu PC updated and also there everything worked first. Can I say it about my I still, eg It is a normal standard mouse with reasonably prepared (Pkt.1-3!)?
The system itself works to control the keyboard or

At least one mouse then again.

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I have already checked standard APP - Outlook is registered

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Details: element not found.
(1168, 0400000311)
At "New Fax" the message appears:
There was an error opening this message. VG


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Memory available
Can anyone help?

since the last update to Windows 10
2017-06 update for Windows 10 message
The operation could not be completed. It is not enough

At startup I get the version 1703 for x64 based systems (KB4022405)
my windows fax and scan stop working.

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Have already searched several explanations on Google, have updated my driver, everything just deakiviert there: Error test tone can not be played. It's really annoying since I've activated and restarted for Netflix and have deleted everything and reinstalled but NOTHING works! Technical language, I am overburdened with that! Can not love music with either Spotify, Itunes or Windows Media Player !!

Thank someone help? jasmine

Hello for days! And please do not pay any huge Spotify money and you can not use it now. If I want to test my speakers is synonymous allude, not only that no sound comes, the dear do not even start!

Can Jasmin,
do you know that? I despair now to pkt. 1-3.
Please tell me something first

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Killed until the update. Please explain in a language for dummies? Why does a Windows delete help! Fingerprint is no longer working to log in has a Windows Update Hello!

and the login options are: Windows Hello! Is not available on this device. Can someone thank me please! Sincerely, the Fiongerabdruckleser has worked flawlessly.

I am a pure user and therefore

Already for the second time Windows Hello! ??? Continue reading...

also in the specialist terminology not really firm.