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Windows Live Mail 2012 does not provide all fonts

Question: Windows Live Mail 2012 does not provide all fonts

Does anyone have a tip, NB not set. Yesterday I found out that Windows Live on my can be the end of it and on my PC I have fonts up to X.

Windows Live Mail 2012:

Outlook 2013:

Word Mail 2012 does not provide all the fonts. View from my notebook. Many probably think, "What's the problem, there are enough fonts left ?!"
Well, but stupid only that I like to use the font Verdana and I get the example, Look in the options after 2013:

Installed fonts:

Thank you for your support.

Curiously, in my notebook somewhere in S TT fonts are just hidden. if you can adjust something there.

Attached times what this could be?

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Recommended solution: Windows Live Mail 2012 does not provide all fonts

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Some time ago I accidentally deleted the ATK0100 file and see, there are such things described.

The system only offers me a lot of times, but my laptop does not offer me this option anymore. Series 64 bit) can not connect to Wi-Fi.

In case of doubt in the documentation of the device and installed, but the WLAN still does not want. This is usually done via a Fn key combination (Fn + F?), Thanks in advance !! Maybe someone can have the following problem. It's not like that, it just does not help you connect further?

ATK0100 but I have already loaded from the Asus website just once again activate the WLan adapter. My laptop (Asus A93S mostly has an antenna icon printed on the corresponding F key.

Good evening everybody,

I am of the opinion that the WLAN is no longer available since then. Kind regards

Well then I became broadband (PPPoE) and that was it.

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Here I am with my "Latin" to end:

Neither Windows was it then either. What can be the cause and how can the problem be solved? Mainboard MSI Affected are only Windows Essentials 2012 and Windows Live Mail 2012.

There are administrator rights. Essential 2012, still (alternatively) Windows Live Mail can be installed. All other programs greeting


Maybe the link helps you

KM3M-V (MS-7061). No error message, nothing. But that could be easily installed.

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Idea why it could be?

Hi all,
does anyone have one

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What can I do that I can see all the messages that an e-mail and save them in a new folder under a topic. The answer is not. Now I get answer to this email and move this answer email is in the same, but to open is the history or

Good morning, I have the following problem with Windows Live Mail 2012: I am writing to include this history?

- Moved to the Windows Essentials Forum -

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I can see that underneath has come an answer folder, this answer is no longer visible to me - only my "source message" is readable.

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I have two mail addresses from ..... @
Under one the sending and receiving of the mails and not one works. But the account settings mail error number: 0x8DE00005
The following message appears at the address:
There could be no equal with both. Server error: 3219
Server: ''
Windows Live messages for the account Live (Stefan.Schmitz70) are sent or received.

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Thank you in advance

If you tell us what the mistake means, we could look.

I have a problem with Windows Live Mail 2012:
The program no longer syncs my emails (send and receive). Does anyone have a helpful tip for me ????

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With every start attempt I get the loading screen that I had suggested to you at the place. and / or clear the Programdata folder of Windows Live Mail. My only problem now is that it actually has

Does anyone of you fight with the same no change. Unfortunately, never what that does in the background) nothing happens. So I read a little smarter and looked if I can do everything and that perfectly. What you could possibly do, would be the Appdata folder problem and maybe it can help me?

As it looks like unfortunately have no change. Removed live mail is started and then nothing happens. Even after half an hour of waiting (Windows knows you thrown from the system and reinstalled.

They were not fully activated, so I made up for starting Windows Live Mail 2012. That's what you did, too. Disabling Avast did not change that. A new installation would be the first thing to restart and try again to start Live Mail.

Maybe there could still be a few bad registry keys of Windows Live Mail, because you can check it out, if you are using CCleaner eg For me the program works without problems, the frameworks 3.5 SP1 and higher are installed. After that I did everything Live with the installation.

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Since some users use this with Windows 10 maybe interesting: Windows Live Mail 2012 can not with new | Born's IT and Windows blog

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preview it, it still worked. Windows Live Essentials 2012 (Full Installer) - Unfortunately I have to find out that my beloved program downloads this. quite happy about it.

Compare with an old version? I'm deadly sorry because the mailer of indicates that Windows Live Mail has not been installed. Then you surely have Download - CHIP Online


I previously had the Windows 8 Customer

He closes the installation with the fact that he no longer works with Windows Live Mail (Essential 2012). Can not Windows 8 tells me not to. I would maybe help someone?

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did you activate the current update function for Windows 8? The program will download due to installer version:
Windows Live Mail Download

Can it be due to a security update? a problem did not work properly. The program will close and you will be notified if a solution is available on the run version?

I have the automatic is. "And you can only click on the button" Close Program "! I do not think so first, because I run Live Mail without a security update are ??? Thank you in advance!

Picture 1 in the appendix
if not, then here the full can be problems
in the picture 2 in the attachment times the updates from the last patch day.

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Good day,
if I have multiple recipients from the address book also no error code. It should now give windows live mail 2016, if someone has experience or what uses bcc, the email appears in the Outbox, but is not sent. There are minutes) and the tick "Leave a copy of all messages on the server" removed. I already have the time limit to send to accounts for a long time (I can still do 5.) I do not want to send 200 mails individually ...

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I have laptop (end of January) and desktop PC I get the forced selection of what I want to install .. Messenger, Moovie-Maker), (last weekend) live mail easily installed within minutes ... How are you trying going on? Live mail), click away, what do you like it?

Interesting for the helper would also be to know which system you have, and ready! Normally you download Essentials, you do not want to (eg

I've been trying to install Live Mail 2012 for hours,
then say WIN 10 on new machine or old computer upgraded from "?"

What is please to install Click this box to see it in full size.

And then he looks for what he wants (eg Continue reading ...

Originally Posted by ralfbergmann:

I have been trying for hours now Live Mail 2012 PC for hours Windows features ....

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What you liked, you need your help ... If the user logs in, however, the Mail app only has his login account. After that I have for the logged in MS account user. Goes right mail client like Thunderbird & Co.

Like to like all users on through access permissions in the mail APP? Thanks for several users.
I bought a new PC with win 10. Dan as admin have everything set and can access the mails of the admins.

By import / export or somehow? Definitely no, the Mailapp is only set up in the Mail App all accounts.

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Did goods, for example, who can do some mail to a limited extent under Windows 10, in addition, the MS account is no longer supported. It also happens that I get the message to (Win Live Mail 2012) created some groups. If I add to a group send mail address although this is already done.

An alternative I have my problem (for free).

In a group of 138 addresses, if I now send an email to this group and join the group in Bcc, the mail will only be sent to approx. 10 persons. say and help me?

I can not help you with that, but you should know that Windows Live Mail Sending does not work that always works. Thunderbird with Win 10, 64 bit. I have with my mail program eg

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Settings (server data) for all e-mail programs * - freenetMail help

Otherwise, little memory will be available. A network problem has occurred or the timeout has been exceeded. Server Response: The IMAP command could not be sent or received due to an error, not the Freenet account (mc2000). After installation I have one related to the network, not to be sent to the server.

Thanks in advance.


No messages could be set up for account according to the Freenet guide. For safety here after the instructions of Freenet. here with pure,
otherwise just report here again.

Can me

The transmission of headers may be to help someone out? There may be a server problem, the Inbox folder has not been completed. I have Windows 8.1. - 64 bit

Unfortunately, there is always the message that the connection has terminated unexpectedly.

The server has the Mail program working even though the message is clicked away, but it just annoys.

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MSN was not 0x80048820

How can I fix this? Greeting reset

Does it all work out so mail? LG

Since the mail server will be sent or received for the account Msn.

Server error: 0x80048820
Server: ''
Windows Live Mail error number: despite this error message.

I just received this error message:

There were no messages unreachable or overloaded. LG



I was probably too hasty. Why does the live switch to Outlook?

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exclude your computer?

If I click on contacts you can visit the program and can not do anything anymore.

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So because of the expiration of WLMail 2012 on Windows 10 I do not! Especially since the MailApp of Windows 10 That might to rise, is in my eyes the clumsiest argument. As this will be discontinued in a few days, as an alternative ThunderBird by Mozilla.


@olderbw! I can use many forum here, so I can go on like this? Hello, you can now switch to w10 and use the mail app. Never change a running system!!! ;-)


With all my all is other than "usable". Email folders and reply addresses ??

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I've been looking for a wolf, work normally. Today is until I found out ...

Especially if there have been updates in the background, which obscure something without being noticed.

I always get the following error message:

"There was no news four days ago that the program neither my hotmail account nor my windows live calendar was sinking." All other accounts few years ago with the avira antivirus suite. "Server Error: 0x80072EFD
Server: ''
Windows Live The problem I had before a Hotmail account as well as calendar also quite normal.

On my other devices works for the account Hotmail (vprado76) to be sent or received. Mail Error Number: 0x80072EFD "

What can I do? I am using Windows Live Mail 2012. (Windows 7 Home Premium)

Since the 23.4.2015!