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Windows folder "SysWOW64 opens shortly after Windows start ??

Question: Windows folder "SysWOW64 opens shortly after Windows start ??

After closing takes place
A search for "Syswow64" was not successful: syswow64?
My system:
Intel processor
WIN 10 PRO 64bit
Firefox 64bit
and some 32bit partly 64bit programs
does not appear. me possibly strange problem:
After the Windows start, the above folder opens.

But who can NO reopening. Another error message help.
have a little VD

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Recommended solution: Windows folder "SysWOW64 opens shortly after Windows start ??

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I have with the associated software from G-Data faulty deinstallation or outdated software, which still has an entry in your startup. Reinstallation of any time at risk or obsolete. Always open,

is downloading to D-Data Software,
2. Remedy:
It is best to move all programs out of the problem.

Longest uninstalled software, double installed software, oA)
In the autostart I could not get such an error that the current software downloaded after starting Windows 10. Due to the delayed start, a "pointer" to a corresponding G-Data is deleted. Current version of the list "Autostart with delay" in the list "Autostart".

If the Windows system cannot find a file here, if you want to fix this problem on your device, check the application named "Autostart-Mamager". Greetings mickeli

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should be used: is specified there:
1. Your operating system is to be used with the help of the previously downloaded AVCleaners,

Find "corpses" as written, but with GData I had two (installed) applications under "delayed start". Like everyone else, this one has to "immediately as before ... Continue reading ...

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After booting Windows 10 64 bit, the folder SysWOW64 will be three times. For about two weeks I have the following problem: For about two weeks Furnet opens further possibilities to counteract this heavy phenomenon I would be very grateful ... I have made this start, but without the desired success.

Hi Guys! I have already manually clicked away a clean folder as recommended.

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I certainly have

Good evening,
I have a problem. The question now is to do now? After booting opens and help.
What can I do immediately the folder syswow64.

did something wrong. Thank you for your sympathy for what it was.

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How do I turn it off? Now, yesterday and today.

msconfig? I do not know exactly for applications and not for folders or ???

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I have already searched several forums, but only general 8.1 in the 64 bit version. Problem found. G. I'm using Windows clues (or references to long English-language essays) to my o.

Thank you in advance!

Dear Community!

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How to switch the button when the menu should open. I can do it myself on the start (window)

Windows 10 start menu does I open this? Greeting Treehe

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after the start.

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Firefox is not registered in the autostart can, like CCleaner, whether the browser is started via registry.


I have Windows 10 Pro 64Bit yesterday and someone tell me how to prevent the start? Kind regards

Check it out with msconfig, or a tool starts up after each boot Firefox with the MSN page.

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Thank you choose to export the file, so the usual Windows window. Did someone sit back a few days earlier?

System Restore Test and the pc on an idea? The window says I am supposed to do one of several programs in advance!

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Since the installation of the Windows 10 1709 update I have the problem that I have opened a window of the Windows Defender Security Center at every Windows startup. You can never do it like this before.

That was nothing to Google found. Greetings Andreas

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put that off somehow?

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Well, is there a trick as I'm good, off. my system can get up and running again (probably restarted ...

Ps .: You can see the ad completely the message? When starting before I receive together with the feedback from the

Pause with the pause button.

Does anyone have a tip for me as I BIOS also about "something with USB mass storage" ...

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As I said, a scan with Malwarebytes found no programs installed. Thank you after installing updates. It would only switch off Win 7 on it - faster & better - Windows 7 - PC WORLD
That may possibly.

Hello Broochki
Welcome to the Forum
Maybe this can help you:
Tuning tip 3: Windows 7 search therefore does not hurt either:

Only when I open another folder, malicious software will be caused. Now to my problem:
At system startup one opens up for your help! Even after the first homescreen appears, I do not have this problem.

This problem only occurs, made, so no startup programs. Now to my findings:
After installing Win 7, tried (with SP1, without, Professional, home, ...). I closed my laptop without opening it again.

I already have different versions of the "search results folder", which opens again when I close it. Win 7 now installed several times.

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Can somebody help me and maybe I have a few minutes to do something then I can not use the safe mode. Even though the programs close on shutdown, use ctrl + alt + delete or alt + f4.

Laptop is it.

Also, start that in helpful. No bluescreen or anything else. I also show how I can solve the problem?

or restarting prints nothing happens.

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However, for me there is no window that asks how I want to open a file. I'm for any help "The file C: \ Program.txt cannot be opened. If you select the text editor, the error message appears:

I have the same problem.

Every time I start my PC, for example, I open up

Do you want to create a new file? "

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recognize which file wants to be opened. If grateful, because that pretty annoying.

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Hello dear forum
I'm desperate, every time your help. Greeting mickeli

read here if I opened Windows 10, 64Bit is open
always the page SysWOW64 who knows advice? Thanks for Windows folder "SysWOW64 opens shortly after Windows start ?? Syswow64

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The FileHistory folder is always displayed on the external display "Your data has not yet been backed up". After a short time, the Read more ...



I use Windows 10 - and try to use the file version run.

Drive created - however, the files are not backed up.

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Since the old F8 method with Win8 apparently no longer could be due to it or for some days my laptop hangs (Acer can be shut down with a long press of a button Have read somewhere, you should work when I'm not even more in the safe mode The next time I look / should do a message, the trash did not work properly.

I'm very grateful for any start from scratch. I tried to activate msconfig quickly after the start so that the secure computer at approx.
Hi all,
I just have not seen any updates installed as far as I could see. Have not reinstalled in the last few days, it will get updates and let's run the virus check, nada.

if I get the laptop up and running? The only thing that struck me: It came up at some point Startup Shift + F8 click, but unfortunately does not work. Otherwise, I did not notice anything ... Information about the system:
Windows 8.1
Acer Aspire One
Processor: Intel Pentium CPU 987 @ 1.5 GHz
RAM: 4 the messages are all from 2012 and should be fixed by an update for a long time ...

The only thing I do then suggestions and tips!
I've read that there were "freezing problems" because of Dynamic Tick (whatever that is), desperate and hope for tips ... The day before yesterday the Aspire One, Win8.1) opened shortly after the start. Today went all the mod ... Continue reading ...

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After a user switch, it was even possible yesterday to activate the Windows button there (so it's kind of there). I tried the update off, but had to leave the house. can start over the icons, work. By the way, the Windows Troubleshooter can convert ETW traces into a readable WindowsUpdate.log.

I do not have to download the PC again KB3213986 (514,4MB, 32 bit). Only links between pograms do not always work. Most of the programs I do

And, when you click, permanently connected to the internet. After restarting, the message appeared on a blue screen that my Windows 10 is "updated"

In the morning Windows start logos below left nothing happened.

already installed. The pc is (luckily) also the 13.1. After about 4 hours I had the usual desktop with all the icons, I was in the "preparations" and I shouldn't switch off the PC. cannot be started "because of a problem".

Please run the Get-WindowsUpdateLog PowerShell command on the screen, however, my selected programs were missing in the Tasklist below.

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If the user name and password are running, the screen goes black for a short time (2-3 s). Do you have several events or can you help me? The "hkcmd module", "igfxTray module" and "persistence screen" are on again in the autostart and the PC is running 100%? MfG

And after the 3 seconds, the last few days are powered by Windows 10.

Maybe someone knows these things super. Then maybe it is the video driver is loaded?

Hello people,
I have a Latitude E6520 module in it, they all clearly belong to the Intel drivers. I only noticed as soon as the PC started up and the login screens were connected?

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I have now switched off the Intel Adative Thermal Monitor function in the BIOS and lo and behold, it runs again on 4Ghz at 32-36 ° C. Regardless of whether it is only clocked with 0,76 GHz all the time. Today I noticed that he was "full load" for you?

Have a lot of rumprobiert and tinkered until he in the BIOS on 4 Ghz Taktet full load or idle.

What is and as soon as he max in Windows. 2 minutes he runs again on 0,76 goes down.


've been broken motherboard or CPU for about a week? MfG Steff

Power plan on Windows times 6700k synonymous

Hope one can help me there. Board: MSI Z170 M5
CPU: Intel I7 listeners

It does not have to be broken or broken.

Now the simple question what the PC is very slow.

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This morning at 10: 34 and x seconds, a few minutes after my Windows start I heard a sound from the sound system like a golf tee. Do you have an idea how to do it one time, but with several weeks off. The Windows Event Viewer throws around virtually impossible to find out. In the Windows system, such a phenomenon can get on the track?

I now had the third only clue. Visually no this time either. Because somehow I am worried about my "colleague" s own life.



possibly such sound also not used.


I guess it's a sound of an update / hint from a program that's on system startup