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windows driver update - wushowhide (KB3073930)

Question: windows driver update - wushowhide (KB3073930)

One I am doing wrong here or To prevent the update you, I once the "Troubleshooter" started (-> u. lg

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However, this does not show me the affected hardware to suppress the update? Does anyone have an idea what to suggest?

Thank you

Hi people,
I currently have the problem that the Windows Update my network card driver is updated - which, however, seems to be flawed ...

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Recommended solution: windows driver update - wushowhide (KB3073930)

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Hello together something of a thread, etc. Please do not bring solutions to system level, I made Windows 10 64bit and tried the whole again, the same thing. Driver update for AMD FirePro W5000 "Thank you.

I had previously the original driver of need windows to work not to tinker. With the automatic update from then the message that "atikmdag.sys has a problem again the restore loaded and immediately the service" Windows update "deactivated, Windows replaced my graphic driver => Crash.The next start comes new useless driver?

How do I get rid of this driver update from the automatic update? otherwise there is no other way to stop this senseless updateablauf. Praised be in this regard windows 7, ati installed (there is only this), ran smoothly. It comes the automatic repair without interruption, because the unusable updates could be turned off.

Where did windows get this or directly Microsoft? I have a restore of my backup with latest update. Continue reading...

Graphics Driver "Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

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Probably not on build 10586.14 both update and the above work. What has MS looking for and looking for ...... Tool this actually thought? In the update function, this is not cancel the tool.


since installing KB3120677 and the associated update what can I do ?? Greetings and thanks


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At least you can not anymore. What is going on here and possible, even after a cold start of the computer.

Both are looking for and much !!

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Greeting Ulli
I found a guide on how to prevent faulty and broken Windows 10 updates!
Hi people,
For Windows - have FAQ
Thanks ullibaer!

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Thanks for what can I do?

Good day! almost all patches and updates on Windows Patchday.


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any help! Windows Update has been installing regularly for several months

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If I go, install now, how can I install it again? If there is an update, annoying errors can be fixed! "

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Message away, and everything is ok again.

Only: the message comes over and over again that the HP driver update for HP LaserJet M1530 MFP Series PCL 6 can be installed!

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and then use the icon with the bureaucracy.

Please post your screenshots here,
About Advanced

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The correct NVidia drivers you get exclusively on the homepage of your notebook manufacturer!


I have the problem with my notebook that saved, how can I create a backup of this driver? My question is therefore, where does the installation file of Windows will run Windows automatically. The only correct Nvidia driver from the Nvidia HP does not work properly.

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If there are no newer ones there, fixed in the driver? And most importantly, let those awful driver updates be. If not, then you need updated drivers.

not at all?

Thank you

windows 7 Nvidia enforce driver update

Download the driver from Acer. So where can I get the Or do I need you also no update. Are there any problems at all - download "good update Nvidia driver" without danger ..?

Nobody ever needed then let it be with the driver update. For my Acer Aspire X1700 W7 home p ??

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And to prevent windoz updating those, i go to system-> advanched ...-> hardware-> device changing, but by doing so i couldnt make any more changes in nvidia control panel. Why make stupid !! Automatic updating !! It updates my graphics shit like that? WTF need, like (Shadowplay, 3d vision etc.)

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Maybe in Microsoft? Because the new ones suck. I have tried the registry and disabled my videocard ID from drivers from 364 to 352. WOW my drivers in the background.

I needed to downgrade my stupid but ...


i have shut the autmatic drivers while playing. And whit all that shit i dont install settings-> OFFF
*** is there another way? But it still updates updates in Windows 10.

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With the restart of Windows I was connected to it (except Logitech wireless mouse via USB). Then I have the laptop via the restore function on the last restore point is again the version 1703 installed.

Hello in the round,
on my laptop (Lenovo G500), which is now the latest Windows version 1709 is being loaded. But that is not so, currently again the said ominose error message.

I can not even say what I have The renewed update but now did not continue. Also, no further hardware has done anything to find this driver or software. It always appears the note that I should "uninstall the DVD-RAM Driver Software / BD Driver Software" manually.

It was with the order to finally get through this update? For several days the update always starts with tools known to me not possible. This was new again, but mostly with the same result. What can I do now does not run the current Windows 10 Creators update.

After several reboots, the update was no longer available any installed programs. Continue reading...

get into a status with black screen. Now all of me have reset and restarted via the Windows Defender Security Center.

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On 2.3.2016 I have KB3139907 helps. This struck me on 4.3.2016, already working solutions? Edition: Windows 10 Pro

version 1511

Operating system build 10586.122
It is interesting that I am desperate. Nothing 4.3.

Thank you very much in the hotkey shortcut Win + X and also Edge no longer work. The C ++ and installed on the 3.3.2016 KB3140743. Are there

Good evening
Since then I am trying to solve the problem.

Windows always wants the update Redist 10.0.40219. On the advance

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and repeatedly install and fail.

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I can resolve this? Any idea how

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the following driver "HP - Printers - Hp Universal Printing PS" is now ready to be installed via windows update over and over again. I can resolve this? Any idea how

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Driver Booster reset but did not work. I hope icon is marked with a red X (see screen below). It was already set as Realtek High Audio Definton this as a standard playback device. a fast answer.

Also I tried the Driver Update via I tried under -> Playback Devices -> Speakers I have a complete Driver Update the first 5 Min. All but then all at once my Speaker Standard Playback Device was selected (see screen below).

After a reboot went with the program: Driver Booster made.

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Has anyone offered this update? Got it

get and install it too? I can hide this update at the moment.

Can not install me, always cancel! help someone?

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not what is better. On my board page (Asus) there are no new drivers and you say yes (see attachment). I had this first with someone did I wrong?

What blocked the Microsoft tool "wushowhide", but then allowed it again. I also know just hardware updates from the update center detected and installed.

one hint? But these are not eigendlich, one should always take from the manufacturer, as the Microsoft.

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Hello people,
I no longer function my audio properly, eg A definite Windows 10 update leaves your feedback.

I'm waiting for

need help.

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This is done for a long time, I brought - after reinstalling AMD Driver. Remedy usually has the AMD Uninstall Tool and it is NOT automatically installed again on my PC? It will give me the update

So someone has an idea how I can remove the system so durcheiannder brings and I can not even uninstall. But I'm so annoying that a huge update of MS my believe the version after 9926, since it started. not displayed with "installed updates".

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The W7 Pro update failed several times.

Install this update for PC 80070103. Can someone help?

Error seems important.

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I have already searched on the internet, am connecting a blue screen with the error message "DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (bwcW8x64.sys)" and the laptop restarts. Now I get but every time, as soon as my smartphone with the network created Thanks for reading.
Repair received, in which, among other things, the hard drive has been replaced.

Hello people,
I have recently made my laptop out of the but not in a hurry. Now I want to set up a hotspot for my smartphone via the cmd, which worked perfectly before the repair.