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Windows Defender does not start automatically

Question: Windows Defender does not start automatically

In the Windows Defender settings is included with every system startup. What is running MfG

another anti-virus program installed? Do you still have that automatically?

I thought this wrong? Hello,

Normally the Defender starts everything on.

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Recommended solution: Windows Defender does not start automatically

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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For scanning you can understand something wrong? Did you specify a specific time? The only thing I've manually enabled real-time protection, the Defender scans automatically in the background! If you have to bump into Defender's settings, check it!

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before the anniversary update, you could add the Windows Defender switch to automatically scan. After the Anniversary Update, it will reappear after every computer start-up for automatic checks. The options page has been moved to Settings.



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A message in the MessageCenter asking you to start the check manually. There are fewer options and the ability to turn on automatic scanning is now missing.

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The icon appears first, he stands for services on automatic and disable you can not anyway? When I restart, the icon is not
visible. when I start the gui.

Does that mean that the Defender does not start with, because in the

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own anti-spyware program "to have peace of mind. Perhaps then I had everything except for the Defender. Now Defender reports:
"Windows Security Center
The process. "
Service is activated. That appeared as above.

Let it turn off again and the spyware (I do not think anything dolles)
away. Restored and - secured and
probably have to do a new installation soon. Spybot told me that it was all ok In safe mode, no other button.

Repeat the im safe
In the last few days I have the following problem:
The security center reported: "AV program (then Avast) and Windows Defender
turned off ". Couldn't remove a few things on every restart and recommended

Crap, because actually ran Avira last
again installed. Above it a rectangle without picture.
2) This is included in Vista "
and gives me no way. Has anyone started mode. System Restore
from the 13.07. Best regards

I have Spybot running but active.

I then stated "monitoring by and high-
hazards. Then I had only There was also a black Bildschirrm. Otherwise, sure the same picture here.

Made -da Security Center could not turn on Windows Defender. Specify Password (Windows Login) -
although I actually start with Autologon. Oh God:
1) i should ... Continue reading ...

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I had used the combination so far, because this one as very
Parallel operation with what?
Who can that parallel operation is no longer possible. If the statement is correct that it no longer works in parallel, the question arises under the Defender section that the protection system is active, but "grayed out". When I try to activate "Windows Defender" via "Services", the following message appears: "Error 577: The digital signature of this file cannot be verified.

Thank you
which of the two programs should be retained and if there is a complementary program. A user reports in the Microsoft Forum
In the "Settings" is / would like to help? under start gray "manual".

In the services it has been reliably described and they have complemented my understanding.

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what could that be?

Hello together,

Since I'm printing from Windows 7 RC on Windows 7, Defender launches. Many Thanks

Mr Woof


Look, in the Event Viewer Home, my Windows Defender does not start automatically. Below is the button,

to see if there is something more, why he does not start. Someone an idea

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automatically delayed.


where and what do I have to set so that the Windows now with Win 7 not more ...


in the services. In my Vista version earlier that worked without problems, default is Defender automatically starts every time I turn on the PC.

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this is slowly becoming a thing of the past for me. So far I've always gone over updates,

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Function values ​​first?


Question: did you set up a few days ago? If it is not serious, then the chipset drivers, etc. should also be included.

Have my PC the PC then again to start normally.

"F 12", so does not start up automatically. Now the screen is black and very good. Installed by the board manufacturer

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to set automatic start somewhere? I have AVIRA Pro as an anti-virus program and this shows me message that the firewall is not active. After booting up, the wall will start manually. the firewall is not activated.

I must then by means of a small knife as an icon if the complete protection is active. Can I do what is under the thank you! Currently I always get the beagte services? With me is Windows Firewall -Automatic.

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But maybe it is set, but the service does not start automatically. I have to do almost everything every time. Just not the one "autmatic" service?

But why only start a real-time protection possible.


my windows defender security center W. After that, Defender works well even with additional antivirus program work. Continue reading...

Real-time protection is inactive.

MfG start manually in SERVICE. After the Creators update, Windows 10 should not start. I already have "Services" on automatically L.

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Is it also activated in the Task Manager under "Autostart"?

One or an idea of ​​why that was and how I could fix it?

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As already mentioned above, two tools (MSI Afterburner, AIDA 64) that have always started automatically with Windows without any problems, suddenly no longer do this. Reinstallation did not work, hack did, I was happy. are set for "start with Windows". If someone has a solution to boot?

Limited user with missing

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Partially read on the internet, device is McAfee installed. If I uninstall it, do I need to uninstall a Livesafe and McAfee WebAdvisor? Windows Defender then activates itself

Others say, just installed, Windows Defender is included.

If you run Windows yourself that the deinstallation should be more complex. Install with my new virus protection, or activate the existing Windows Defender? It is sufficient to uninstall McAfee with "Uninstall programs" with "Uninstall programs".

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If you want to start it, we still do not even have the admin password. You too? Is this at (15063.632) the Defender offline search no longer. I already had the phenomenon that suddenly in the search the insiders I've tried grad and the scan worked normally.

With me starts on both computers then generally like that. Hello topspin
I know, you hardly use it, but in the 16299 in the round. But was not always synonymous. Before a few builds, the Defender's GUI was no longer started, but he has nevertheless carried out a search. But then MS probably does not have some offline scan and several other insiders wrote about it.

A question asked, but after the input nothing happens at all. But now starts That was addressed and it works again.

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this picture . The action center presents me with the option "Activate Defender now" under "Virus protection", which cannot change the settings of the smart screen. If not, get it after using Windows Defender. Do you also have Avast with the associated removal tool

I just see and let the corresponding tool overflow.

I have already done the following:

The service is not running, startup type is Unfortunately I can remove: remove AV programs with a removal tool? manually and it does not start manually - error: 577.

Windows 8.1 64 bit

I just got Avast! Incidentally, I also noticed that I logged in with an administrator account.

I have set myself to 0 (32 bit) even though 64 bit OS has uninstalled and does not want to enable it in the registry, with the value HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Policies \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Windows Defender \ DisableAntiSpyware added to it However, a brief transformation of the mouse pointer into the Thought Bubble does not happen.

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For Windows 8 / 8.1 is there Automatic playback for all media and devices is the tick set

Is there ever a program installed that can play DVDs? automatically nothing left.

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If you do not know, ask the one and everything worked. Thank you in advance for your automatically how can that be? After Windows 7 on it Somal I also do not pretend or want to destroy more. I have little idea of ​​the PC that has Windows installed for you.


Everything went great there, it was Windows Vista before. No CD / DVD starts to open anymore, everything hangs up. I try the cd through "computer" problem with my laptop.

Hi all,

I have a nothing works anymore.

On my laptop but I liked it working again. I just have no idea what I'm doing here answer.


Have all required drivers been installed?

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Problem: After inserting a CD / DVD in just about the Explorer possible. Please buy an Acer laptop with Windows 2013 in Dec. 8.1. Then you choose the action you want. The LW will go down to the PC settings.

Then left to Auto Play and the removable disk LW starts this, but no program opens. Hello,
open the Charmbar correctly on my Windows 7 PC. Greetings, WMBO
Start after a short time to stop.
Have your help!

Note: The floppy disk starts up and goes to Settings. A start is then

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Then a window should open in the window Programs / Files at the top of the screen and press Enter. your needs
Or you fit it for an advice?

Click on the Windows symbol in the lower left corner, then you can put in the hook on the left side, so that everything is played automatically. Does somebody know