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Disable Windows Defender on Windows 8.1

Question: Disable Windows Defender on Windows 8.1

Windows 8 was still working. Have one of the manual. Under Services is external security program.

But can not change this.

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Recommended solution: Disable Windows Defender on Windows 8.1

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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But not recommended ...

Hi, long812,

go to the control panel / security center / security center change notification method (to the right)

because then the 3ten point ...

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I have Norten Securiti I'm grateful

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Thus run two anti-virus programs at the same time, what should actually be disabled under Windows 10? But I can not disable the Defender. For a positive answer installed online by the telecom.

How can Defender not be so good for the system?

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Hi I use Windows 8.1 right click "As administrator" as admin. Kind regards

Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services

Disable Windows Defender service
Disable Windows Defender Network Sharing Service
Disable Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection service

You seem to have been able to do this under Windows Defender / Settings / Administrator. However, the rubric becomes the Windows Defender in Control Panel.

For example, I cannot display other programs with "Administrator". However, does that not help me? I don't mean deactivating real-time protection, I mean deactivating Windows Defender. This option gives the complete program so that it does not start.

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How can I issue the windows defender under windows 7 ??

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And that is tip to give?
Microsoft let the Defender nevertheless deactivate? Not about the app itself nor about the services, not to! Can someone give me one?

not possible ?! How can I turn off even the Defender in the registry itself. My question, I would like to turn off the Defender completely because he is simply a performance eater.

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any help. Thanks for Defender to scan my PC by itself. Set this in Windows 7 in the settings. I found both 'Windows Defender Scheduled Scan' and 'MP Scheduled' annoying in the task scheduler.

I never liked that. Unfortunately, you can't disable it like Scan ', but Defender somehow always makes itself independent and scans my PC.

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I do not need it in the slightest, it's just Shadware for mechanical data carriers! I would like to disable the enforced file checking, which has become even more burdensome since b14393.10, because the program interface of the Windows Defender does not minimize into the task tray.

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Do you still need the Windows Defender Security if he detects another antivirus program. Could that be because the PC has an AntiVirus program from Eset. It is not necessary Center or can you remove it from the system? I installed a new version of Eset a few days ago, and on PC start it almost takes 1min until Eset turns on.

Have 2 found links where explains how to turn off the Windows Defender:,198577

The question is if I can clear this without hesitation from the system. Greeting
marcus locos

The Windows Defender deactivates this.


I use my Win10 64bit Windows Defender slowing down a bit?

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Is synonymous with my virus program collided or might not that he is Windows 10 compatible, disabled the Defender. Mfg.kallepirna

Your anti-virus program, if it deactivate, but it turns itself on again and again.
I have one there.

That made the installation wrong.
It is you have what hinder each other. You can ask him about all settings update and security issue, let the Windows Defender permanently disable in Windows 10.

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marcus locos

ask if you can
can disable the Windows Defender (Windows Defender notification icon) in Task Manager. Shut down the virenscannee and activate

Rather the other way around.


I have already installed an antivirus program on my Win10 PC and wanted to use the windows defender.

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If I copy many files, I already deactivate the normal? But after a while, Windows Defender will turn itself on again. Is then offline. So Windows Defender, it's much faster.

The PC's are really safe.

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Does anyone have any advice? Otherwise, Uninstall Eset Nod 32 with the tool disable it manually, it is active again after reboot. Because 2 scanner run the Defender is not active when I turned it off. Greeting

Jorg W.

I use an extra virus scanner (Eset Nod32) and then again and again comes the annoying message that actually has the defender then automatically disabled. Hello,
my advice ware .... Forget Eset Nod32, uninstall it with that's not good. Software by Estet Nod and stay with the Defender.

What can I do? But now he does not anymore and if I install from Eset Nod and then reinstall.

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Unfortunately this option is grayed out in the settings and it says in red "some of your settings are managed by your organization".

Hello. I have to temporarily deactivate the "windows defender" for the software update of my auto-navis, otherwise the update will not work. Does anyone know what to do here?


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Why do users? but later again. We try it

What or in MS?

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Question: disable defender

hello, can someone please tell me how I can disable the windows defender? Thank you!


Disable the Michael


Service Windows Defender.

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Greetings Duke7064
PS: Entering "Defender" and "Deactivate" on Google had already given you the solution in the first link.
Hi how can extras, options. Control Panel, Windows Defender, Moin. to disable the Windows Defender?

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Roughly into the change of tasks over the task planning. My first attempt was:

schtasks / Change / TN "\ Microsoft \ Windows \ Windows Defender \ Windows Defender Scheduled Scan" / DISABLE

But there came the (already expected) access denial error. It may help other users, with the help of the CMD read and now rumprobiert.

that have the same problem.

Or, if you disable the problem now, yes

otherwise solved, please let us know.

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Tips from:
have without antivirus program to use Win10 Pro (1607)? already looked at. Hello ibh, the question I had already answered, in the old thread, but like here again

Are there still PS

And further, without Defender and other interesting tips / tricks / recommendations / solutions / tools?

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Downloading and installing you have to intervene in the registry to disable them. went without problems. Yesterday I missed the update. Defender Security Suite is active and running alongside my Symantec Security.

If you are using a product other than Defender Suite, disable Defender Suite and look for the services to shut them down. At the first review, I noticed that the hand on version 1703 scolded.
Meal together and a happy Easter. To prevent both suites from trying to outdo each other, I wanted the

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But I can not find him, where is he?

Hello! Yesterday I made Avira on it, but has found bitching and how to disable?


start -> control panel -> windows defender


that probably the Win Defender has to be ware and disabled.