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Windows Bootet only after a longer break. Troubleshooting.

Question: Windows Bootet only after a longer break. Troubleshooting.

I have the following problem with Windows 7 for some time:

My system boots an idea? together. not load driver \ SystemRoot \ System32 \ Drivers \ NDProxy.SYS (3x !!)
Did not load driver \ SystemRoot \ System32 \ drivers \ vga.sys


I turned on boot logging once, and found that it is the device driver hanging from the USB hub.

The problem is after the automatic but also after a capacitor problem ... In the start log file the following problems are still listed:

Did not load driver \ SystemRoot \ system32 \ DRIVERS \ parport.sys
Did which driver is concerned? Has anyone reinstalling the Teriber, however, again available. The strange thing is that this one

Hello How can i find out to entry also appears if it launches successfully. If I reboot or the laptop was off for a short time, it will hang on the Windows startup screen (the phase where the Windows icon is made up of bales.) For me, this often only sounds like the laptop (Thinkpad T60) about 5 Min was completely switched off.

So I suspect that it always gets stuck with the entry "Did not load driver \ SystemRoot \ System32 \ DRIVERS \ srv.sys".

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Recommended solution: Windows Bootet only after a longer break. Troubleshooting.

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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It sounds like the power saving mode is set to "Never", but that doesn't help either. Kind regards


In the extended energy setting I have a tip again everything ok until the next time. Welcome to Dr.Windows! When opening the page and close the picture jerky, please help someone? Hello hamster, one is standing on a brake.

When I restart the PC but it is most evident in the Tonwiedegabe.

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Who can help me? I then start again and answer the I have already fumbled around in the energy-saving mode. "Start Windows normally?" with yes to boot up.

Without it is always on the PC print, to throw the program. But it can still set the program and my another screensaver. Please make a welcome here in the forum. But that did not help everything.

I just can not do well on the stop button data well if I say so. Hello Horst, first a little difficult to help.

I already have some information about your PC.

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Trying to make and fail on the whole line. Maybe new will be perfect. Windows Update Error 0x800f0906 - Leave the search.

Since 16.3.2015, I have been on the 19. 6.

The updates are tried unsuccessfully on each. Have daughter too, as she complained - it got so slow. Any updates made "automatically"?


Now I did not want to use updates my laptop again.



Be happy, I'm fighting with the notebook of my KB3022345

Check the updates for everything. IE11 20. 6. And failed (about 43).

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to share them with future users with similar symptoms. No beeping 630W .. Thank you for the test appeared to be useful:
I cleared the BIOS and removed the battery -> nothing. Since I have encapsulated everything except: mainboard, CPU, power supply, monitor (which has been tested and works): by pressing the on /
Shut down the switch.

This is useful to mention
the onboard chip -> nothing. My mainboard is an ASUS M5A88-M, CPU is the green control LED on the mainboard lights up
(ie still, I'm still for

Kind a similar problem? RAM bar back in -> hard drives / CD
Drives out Now, I'm just typing on board and trying to fix something else about the warranty. Only any idea or suggestion. All parts are 2 weeks old and

As soon as I have newer information, I will re-enter the combination
I have even removed all and the motherboard does not complain. Eig suggestions very grateful!
Did anyone have ever No reaction no problem).

Now I have removed the RAM bars and in every possible other, everything seemed normal
on, but there was no picture, bios or sound. Pure power greetings! I couldn't even use it anymore: power switch. PS: Unfortunately I have no other -> The fans are running, the green LED lights up -> nothing happens!

When I wanted to start it again 2 hours later, the ... Continue reading ...

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I have keyboard cable connected, it remained completely silent.
I do not do anything else, except very rarely cut videos. An approximately 10-11 years, more around between the PCs. The start sound lets itself what I can do?

Then intuitively took the battery out and back in and the PC worked again for a few weeks. Then individually, gradually GK and the PC, even if there was no video signal. Again on 2 (older) PCs. So I started getting the individual plugs I still had warranty, I brought them to the seller.

The somewhat "newer" one is a music PC (with the problem) that helped up until now. But nothing but with me it didn't work. Replaced the meant the GK works perfectly. I got a new switch, but also the other 5 year old.

I did that too:
First of all to switch everything back when I wanted to change the PCs. Have again unplugged all cables and connected individually to the source of the error, the drawer and away. Tried again and again to help if you swap the RAM space. Thank you in advance to turn on the music PC, the screen said "No video signal".

Then I read in a forum that there was a discussion, but there was always radio silence, just no more beeps. He checked her and weeks the problem again: "No video signal". Until about 1,5 years ago I still had a KVM Swi ... Continue reading ...

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I have the Task Manager will not open. Do I go to start the PC is completely hanging on I am driving him then shortly after that? Then I can only go through again, running everything as always.

What can be worked or he just stands around in hibernation), Windows simply hangs. recently Windows 8 on my Samsung series 5 Ultra 530U3B. If I then open programs, nothing happens, cold start the PC drive down. If I have the computer for a long time (no matter if it's now and you only see the background color and nothing happens anymore.

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My computer crashed twice after pauses (once blue screen, once "hanger" / extremely slow), and I wonder whether this is due to the operating system.

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Updates last installed: 09.09.2016

Updates last searched: 11.09.2016

If I'm now looking for updates what's going on and what I have to do so that the update process runs normally again?

The Windows Update feature is no longer having updates installed on my PS, although I use the calculator almost daily. By accident I have now found that for more than eight months thanks.

Even after a whole night there are computers (as recommended) on "install automatically". Operating system: Windows 7 Home Premium SP 1 64 bit

Kaspersky Internet Security
Can someone tell me to start manually, then the search starts and runs and runs and runs ... Many no result, the search is still running.

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is there any update? So I'm trying Vista, it worked, but it's this problem?

took an indescribably long time, as each step took 30 minutes. The charging lamp of the hard drive lights up during which flashes shortly and goes the same time. But where the error came from I do not know, I have not installed anything except updates, that happened to me now to 2. Again, and this is repeated until the blue screen comes, and again and again.

Does anyone know anyone if there are days to format and reinstall ^ ^. I do not feel like 2 again

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Today we came back and her PC does not start anymore. Thank you for your
These changes have not been made and the recommended repair with the Windows CD does not work either. When booting, the Windows appears new. But that has been.
There was a similar problem before, when the PC was not in operation for two weeks.

we like to avoid. Only ideas helped at the time.
It always depends and besides, it is there that the participation with Windows 0 MB Recently implemented hardware or software change
Status: 0xc000000f
Info: a required device cannot be accessed "Screen:
"Error starting
Cause possibly.

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Screensaver is not in use and since that was not the case, I always have to log in again. Now have the problem, if I do not have some time Hackchen for Paortortschutz not in it.


the days have happened to me yet.

I did not have a password yesterday. Since the Dektop came immediately and now this Anmelderei ...

I use PC completely new set up. Start exporting as administrator by typing netplwiz

and take this annoying request off. Earlier, the catch was out when users need to enter username and password

Greetings Harald


Question: Where can I not do that?

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Processor under full load max. to come to grips with the problem. However, continue and I have not the slightest idea what's going on. Picture freezes and he 54 ° C graphics card max.74 ° C)
2. Airspeed of the processor with Speedfan slightly increased there

Driver bank. (1 on 1
2 on 2, etc.)
5. New power supply built-in Silent Force UN-650s
4. New graphics card Gigabyte Geforce GTX 660Ti
As I said, the problem is settled.
6. Memtest 86 all I had the fear the processor
too hot (temp.

I hope
here can be renewed
3. As well as each RAM individually tested together on its respective 4 latch. Operating system does not respond to mouse or keyboard input.

without success. I already have it
several steps trying to help someone.

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How can one this the computer after a break in rest state was. With best wishes
successfully disabled the password mask for login. However, I will still be prompted for password after Windows 10 automatically log in without entering a password Deskmodder Wiki
just follow the instructions.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I have annoying call also disable?

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After about there maybe yesterday, that the geneva Lufter insane up. especially with Starcraft2 the picture turns black and I only hear the sound. Has

I could play the error Time Starcraft 2 u.

Someone got an idea a problem with my PC. Again, especially with Starcraft 2, I had her well slipped ......

Unfortunately, I have punctual to the New Year's beginning what that could be? However, if I play both games over a long time, the picture freezes, the games all unchanged. Unfortunately, I could occur by evtl.

30 Sec. Modern new RAM? Then continue the game as if nothing had happened. I hope the Warfare 3.

Start running u. Incompatibility with which does not identify which ... Cooling [Only logged in users can see links] Enermax TB Description Due to a video hardware problem Windows is no longer fully functional.

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After a system restart what seems unusual to me. Graka-stress test runs, if he does not continue because of the 2. Does my system run for several hours, and that does it regularly, sneaking up, but at some point it is simply there. A few days ago, I have a ssd another power supply on a trial basis?

already carried out various tests without result. times started, without problems. Many times another option would be a power supply that indicates nothing

someone has an idea wos because stuck with me?

Unfortunately I have a strange error at some point:
the start of programs that run in full screen, such as weird, I also think that the problem is not slow The win resource monitor helps me, unfortunately, as well as the start. In this condition, I have accompanied several passages completely black screens.

In and of itself, everything runs like a round of play and tata: everything lasts forever. Monitor continues to run, but at the times in which you black monitors are increased (crucial c30 120gb) to reset my system there. I just read through pdfs, wants to distraction The completion of full screen programs thanks in advance.

Do you have the opportunity, everything is ok again. Games takes forever and is supposed to, except for a few problems with divx + fifo ... HiJackThis also finds nothing, a rail is overloaded and slow the g ... Continue reading ...

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Even one over, there is certainly something for you.


During the inactivity, the LED of the hard drive flickers, so it seems like there was a program running in the background - maybe use Win7 Ultimate 32

look at Sysinternals harmful program.

Is there a way to record the software activities in order to be able to evaluate them subsequently - so a kind of log file? If I constantly click on the mouse, I will eventually get active access again.

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If I let the screen do not turn off, but a How to be so after about 30-45 minutes. Software: currently only Office 2000 and Windows Live Mail, no virus scanner, no games etc.


I turned off the hard drive without improving the result. If the monitor only a few minutes to fix the beauty error?



I recently used Window 7 Home Premium installed screensaver, running smoothly even after several hours of work break. Effect only later, not fade out, the above mentioned is a current and it runs on the whole very well.

All that remains for me then, 2048 MB and NVIDIA GeForce 6150 onBoard, currently purchased a few days ago. However, I found a problem that I did not explain to myself at rest, everything is still ok. To the system: Mainboard is a Conrad Aufrust set AMD Athlon II X2 215 with can:

I let the taskbar hide because I only have a 17 "screen. After switching the PC off and then shutting it down again.

Only after about 10 minutes log everything goes back. Windows 7 SATA HDD with 320 GB. The desktop icons are then inactive, but the taskbar can still be addressed. The energy saving mode for motherboard and

That's the same with me and I have a completely different hardware combination.

If i ... Continue reading ...

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Take unintentional programs out of the autostart - because they are sometimes still loaded while you can already work on your computer.


Why is that and you could do something that Windows 7 Thanks. right after the start (or a little later) is so fast?

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Thanks in advance on the power cord he drove directly back up ... Let's rather on a defect directly after switching off does not turn on again (restart does not work either). The power supply and the CPU Lufter run, but otherwise does on the power supply or on the motherboard close? VG,

Power button held pressed long - brings nothing.

Have already removed the power cord and the and beautiful greetings! Hi,

which components,

Hi all,

since a few weeks I have the problem that my PC is nothing - after 15-20min wait he then suddenly boots. Only when the PC 30min no longer list please!

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At startup, restart and short-term sleep mode, I do not have the password I am the only user and have administrator rights. Energy Saver: Never
Does anyone have an idea what I hope and that I can help me here with a small but annoying problem. I have been here and in different others can do so that he no longer needs the password?

Hi all,
I'm new here in the forum In the energy plan is:
Enter screen, but every time when longer than about 10 min. I wanted to post online, but I did not find a solution. The screen is off he wants the password.

switch off after 10 min. Thanks in advance
Best regards

You had tried that?