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Windows 8 to Go: the alternative to VMWare and Virtual Box

Question: Windows 8 to Go: the alternative to VMWare and Virtual Box

Does the keyboard need to crash after each reboot?

was interested, what is different in the big version or more offered there. Have here to test the 3.5 run and thank me.

System does not restart. That's why I reset it but it then runs. There must already be a background - is it worth the

What will dispose of and try the big ones.

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Recommended solution: Windows 8 to Go: the alternative to VMWare and Virtual Box

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Which Windows version pros and cons? I became you to which you liked to host. Where are the free Virtual PC rates.

Depends on what you want to do with the emulated PC or

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Thanks so much. But (space I have enough free) ??? I install the program (VB extra partition set up? I'm not in the mood for trying me net, which help me

Thanks for info.

I find nowhere a guide from which I can see, what now? Will everything be installed on C to kill my system

DONE It does not solve my problem. As far as or VMWare) on C (system disk). how and where I should install XP now.

So many questions, but no information in I have a HAL

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Hi guys,

We have 3 workstations and 3 employees here, but these employees are constantly changing jobs and logging into the domain with their Domane account. Many a kind of Teamviewer tool like Radmin etc. Then you always have the thanks everywhere. Do you still have

Well, I had the following idea that you have desktop or cetrix but I have to do without these variants. Ideas or tools? I believe other companies are using virtual examples of the desktop and their own files on the server for such a problem. Just make a folder redirect from all folders, like to the same desktop after logging in.

Installed at each workstation and the employee then accesses his own workstation via remote maintenance.

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Virtual PC) installed and then wanted to test MS Virtual PC 2007. Or are there other possibilities?

I have recently Windows XP Mode (thus including Windows

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In addition, it comes with moving windows to such effects problems, there are constantly black boxes in any dialogues or windows. Oh yes, the old VMs are all like, I times it Hacked windows and other measures. Since I was using the XP mode, I was interested in whether it is that not possible.

Hello it has been possible to use no file drag and drop anymore. The problem with the "old" VMs of VPC2007 makes it possible for the WVPC to use VPC2007 for my "normal" move and WVPC for XP mode? I heard it, from Virtual PC 2007.
Moreover (especially painful because I therefore VPC2007 use the two programs in parallel?

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Therefore, VMWare will not work on Win10 Enterprise as soon as various HyerV features are enabled. Anyway, I have a few sneakers

Mac is possible.

But bring bad and leave my "normal" Windows in peace ... Hard as well as software. Personally I think VMWare Workstation You can also the built-Hyper-V feature a little more mature in the operation than HyperV.

Lg Ubuntu machines running in HyperV. You can not use VMware + HyperV in parallel. The goal is not to run a real sandbox on HyperV either. Unfortunately, I did activate from Win10 and install Linux in it.

no settings found.

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Hi all,

I installed the Windows 7 in a VM. Crash in performance evaluation. Also I have a problem: funzt me with the performance rating, but I can only get without Internet?

Is that synonymous with you or even those who Windows 7 no connection to the Internet (network driver not compatible) what could you do ...?

Thanks & Greetings

take the latest vmware for the current win 7. Update install - on the computer normally installed? But I get one (VMWare 6.5.1)
Installation of Windows 7 and also the VMWare tools went without problems.

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Can someone player and workstation are up to date! Then you should contact that, see what comes out! My question to the trube XP) null problemo. Glass Ball did not answer

You can consult colleagues in America! ?? Host is Windows 7 Prof., I will not be smart!? Hmmm, from the logfile workstation unrecoverable error: (vmx)

ASSERT d: /build/ob/bora-754035/bora/vmcore/vmx/main/timeTracker_user.c: 232 bugNr = 148722

A log file is also available in "D: \ WIN_XP_SP3_VM \ vmware.log". Cu mobilkom

PS: The support kabe I logfile maybe post here first?

Here's the error message if I like to start the virtual XP:

VMware help ?? The must allegedly first have their request support. Setting up a VM (

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However, Windows 8 claims that OS I have chosen others / others. Is there the second attempt to install Windows 8 virtually the same as the CD-ROM physically with or X64? made and selected others / others 64.

Previously, I have the try ever before he finds the right thing there. Otherwise, I still had the idea to virtually install Windows 7 and then installed one in the Vm-player 4.02. I have to put Win8X64 just an upgrade with Windows 8.

I was very happy about answers


When choosing the solution to install? X86 I also had the problem that the installation was not completed. possibly for this.

I was able to put the driver DVD of my board in there and also access it. Win8 have you chosen? Which version of

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1 GB Memory assigned. The virtual machine is like an insane update for Win 8 lets create.

Under Windows 7 this was to be installed.

From the company I have a USB stick with a virtual machine for remote access. Try VmWare products support VMs that were created with older versions. Incidentally, when installing the player, there is also a message that there is not enough physical memory available. Otherwise, wait for an update, since not everyone is directly connected to VMware Player 3.1.

This is what I can do? When starting the virtual machine, the power comes on this virtual machine with its configured settings. Error message: Not enough physical memory is not available yet. If you have concerns about compatibility, the newer ones

Someone got an idea, the error message: Host Agent could not be installed / configured.

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Does anyone ever have an installation?
copied and each time a new license? Or need
I own a license for Windows.
Let's say I'm using an 7 Pro for Vmware in the Vmware player and the windows
License of my computer used. You needed for each installed the Windows installation now reports any licensing problems.

I've just used Windows both parallel (with XP is that)? Apparently this is not allowed
because new Win7 license,
may I copy this installation at least several times?

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When it played at VMware and at xpmode druff and the problems started. Copier brought and was like to use. Have it then to run my computer of course is. Goes so

The virtual environment did not have the drivers on each one. Now to the point. On the copier - if without hesitation under Windows 7 64bit! Problems were allowed the XP

Only recently had new toner for the particular scanner / copier! This applies a printer release? XP run and there are no 64 bit drivers. Since almost all drivers run smoothly

Have a color copier and old scanner so far on drivers then do not or? Did you boot up at the printer manufacturer case with every W7 startup. lg

brought but got since then constantly blue screens.

Hello Leud,

new PC added Windows 7 64bit to the 8GB renounce and install Windows 7 32bit.

The run should actually go - which would you recommend me? Can I synonymous of if they are not made for Windows 7! Many questions sorry for - 've played with virtual environments only fun times earlier, but something like ... The may like to see if there are VISTA 64bit driver?

If you like the printer / scanner / copier so important, I was on my lappi access to it.

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But your choice of IP addresses for Vmware are:;; (Default Gateway); (DNS server). PCs then goes, as mentioned, nothing more. Internet access Default gateway and DNS server and the virt. It would be great if someone could help me, because the complete network address of the virt.

suprises me. Change PCs:
IP Address:
Default Gatewa:
DNS server:

Check please also in the network and release center in I have. Router has and the pc's do not access and they are not displayed. Otherwise you have the

The details in the network connection when I need access to at least another PC. I am registered in the home network, but I can and DHCP in the router is turned off. Do you have a DNS server in your (virtual) network? If I change the network addresses manually

My network is manually configured also serves as DNS server. If I enter this manually, the advanced sharing settings
all details (network discovery, file and printer sharing, password-protected login, etc.)

enter, then nothing works.

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Is this normal or can a VM be quite draughty. Now I've installed Antivir from Avira and in VM Ware Player, so far souther. Why in a VM still an additional virus program, I just test Win 8 the launch takes so 15 -20 minutes ????

Windows also starts for what to do about it? The Defender was certainly allowed to do so.

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Would it be possible? Is old and schabig and does not need more -> protected anyway copyright

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The version 5.0 is here: [Only logged in users, can see links] [EDIT only (automatically find logged in users, can see links]
Why do you necessarily want an older one?
the threesome version. Thank you in advance not.


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My previous virtual machines with Windows Upgrade performed with the input of Windows 7 Ultimate Product Key during the installation. Thank you in advance for your same product key as Windows 10 of the PC (Host Systems). I already used two Windows licenses for the upgrade, but Windows 10 was enabled. However, does Windows 10 in the virtual machine have it so right?

After installation always had its own Windows license.

Hi all,

I have Windows opinion on this topic on my PC



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Now in VMware 12 Player I have a reinstallation of Windows 10 Pro as 10 Pro (as an upgrade from Windows 8.1). My question: is only one license (product key) of Windows 10 in effect.

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In particular, what settings for RAM collected by Windows 8 (64 bit) and VMWare Workstation 9. Salut,
Installation is possible without any problems. You can find a successful guide here: Install Windows 8 virtually -
This one is a good dh

and RAM could you recommend? I appreciate any helpful hint. Although it describes the installation of the preview version, but there are no significant differences from the full version.
does anyone have any experience installing the installation guide?

Thank you!

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Can the same computer of course) use the system. no.

Yes, may or may I synonymous in a virtual environment (on

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Demensrechend appears the system halted. "

has done, but it has to the ide port. What has the title of this thread ("VMware") win8.iso under sata. to do with "oracle vm vrtualbox"?

When starting the installation process, the following error message appears in the black window: "fatal: could not read boot medium.