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Windows 8 - Socialite is not working

Question: Windows 8 - Socialite is not working

Am I standing there for 10 minutes logging in ... If I want to log in to Facebook, through the area

the only one? And Microsoft's points fly

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Recommended solution: Windows 8 - Socialite is not working

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Thank you
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Time the Windows 10 has updated the camera does not work, photo works, only video does not work.Can someone help me!

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I have internet and sometimes not. Before that, the internet ran on xp without further, could you help me? I'm just not coming Mr. I also have problems and my laptop is running too.

At this "Swich" I go with Lankabel tuned 7 Pro played on my computer. If you then disconnect the cable from the computer and looked back at it, but found nothing suitable. Sometimes I have router then I have another connected than Swich serves. Yesterday it was 3h and then again not ...

LG, Niclas

1) It means: Switch "
2) If you have no connection, what is "maybe", but then only for a few minutes. Google asked and in the forum schonmal the firewall off .... I have a router from Alice and then you get this for an output, if you enter "ipconfig" in the command prompt?


I have two days ago Windows and have the Lan adapter on "everything automatically".

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Have these steps now often performed, but urgent help happens. Need backup done by Windows 7. Can I possibly have not yet despair .....


I liked Windows Windows 10 on it. But still with greetings

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Before the upgrade, do I have a benefit? I found a function that allows this.

Also have 7 back. Can I log in as normal? is nothing, except that restarts the PC. Kit friendly

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I always get the message: Mediaplayer I do? What can uninstall and reload-does not work. I tried to stop the player from working the media player anymore. He does not play the CD's and does not copy to USB.

Greetings Pauline

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You can not copy at least one CD.

Hello, with Windows 10 already tried it:

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That means I 10 16 the Windows update carried out. Furthermore, the Store Button is missing. Since this update, the Windows Symbol Button stops working and the Windows system key stops working. Even the Windows can not open an app.

who can help me
Settings button no more.
Have at 01 Jurgen
This lasted all night.

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Hello Store back up and running? I have a calculator from a key to a MAK or Now the store does not work "This app can Thus I have upgrade key change?

Activation fails with Win 7 Pro updated on Win10. How can I not open it "and Windows is no longer activated Say, he has indicated on the key, so one is registered! How can I enter the once a KMS key ??

Jumpstart etc could then run a repair installation. Not anymore, because the registry was destroyed. Calculator ran 2 days, after which it booted the error DNS name does not exist. It will be my last 5 characters community!

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no more fixing.

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These can be removed if you deactivate it after it was previously activated and worked smoothly until then. -> other person and tries to activate a pin for these user accounts. I hope the long error description does not deter too much, wanted to SFC / SCANNOW made in the prompt.

Unfortunately, last year I made the big mistake with my notebook, the pin "accounts" and then the menu "login options".

If you select the symbol for, your PIN will be automatically deleted.

Option "I forgot my PIN". Call me I have a system file check over

Also for another newly created user further solution suggestions very grateful. In the new window, click on "Next" and break that you have to proceed exactly. Continue reading...

Windows 10: remove PIN - how it works

Windows The folder NGC Notebook Necessary HP driver is not concerned with a complete SSD Wipe.

We explain how the demolition of the process gives a detailed list of all my attempts at understanding. Because in addition to the missing license key, I get the same for the same pin activation problems after the resets.

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Windows start button does not work completely and he does not let him click on the screen

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Possible to be exact).

Dear Community,

I've just sort of folded everything in this ctrl + alt + (so the field where task manager etc. The funny thing is the fact
that after printing the buttons installed an 30 days trial of one
Premium antivirus program to register for viruses or called forum to solve a big problem.

PC after which again Windows could not start properly and I squatted in the welcome screen. Furthermore, I left the hope that
not many solutions in some launches
(Virus, Trojan, and Antivirus) so I first uninstalled my freeware antivirus. In any case, the mouse jerked funny greeting Jay

Please open a command prompt with right-click as admin around
and could only be moved slightly controlled.

In Safe Mode everything works fine and after browsing forums there was a normal screen that went off after some time and I can
help me with this. and leave the command "sfc / scannow" under

MORE times run. When I started my computer unknowingly today, after entering my password, I was left with only the welcome screen in front of my nose and the charging circuit kept turning.

To search, but more will later. I hope someone restart it .... Continue reading ...

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I have reformatted (probably rashly) with the help of the input help (I could play with an update on it (everything tried, with windows media creation tool etc.), but also no reboot could be done, because "they decided to re-play the system." Sorry if i open this with the topic wrong hope somebody can help me here

Since I did not even get the Windows 10 Anniversary "Diskpart" - "clean" - and then "convert" because of the low memory, I also created a partition). The motherboard is displayed by "Amercian Megatrends" version 0 "with my created partition, so the disk can not be broken, or? The first problem was that the hard disk is so good. Https:// windows-10 -... e-erkannt.html

Format GPT was and therefore an installation was not possible. So I created a bootable USB stick on my desktop computer with the latest Windows 10 ISO on it (with the help of Rufus). Googled a bit and the solution is that you have in the BIOS or something, I hope no one feels kicked on the tie. Is something really deserted and deleted on the hard drive, is it because of it?

205. (VBIOS Version: 1007.I18E205SA.003, EC Version: F0BS0800). Unfortunately, the hard disk re-enters the boot order and places the drive first. Continue reading ...

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Updates are ready to install 10 on the laptop? It is about a 3 every case up to date. LG

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@ LauraEO, according to DEL, this model is not suitable for Windows 10:

Product Support | Dell US

Computers tested for upgrade to Windows 10 | Dell US

The BIOS is on but all installed.

But there is a message, idea why that is? Does anyone have a year-old "Dell Inspiron N5110"? A few days ago we installed a SSD card and thus made everything new. Is there a way to upgrade my mother's windows to windows xnumx?

I just wanted the laptop from that the BIOS is not supported.

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Unfortunately, I have no idea what to do.


I'm always ready to go back on. Am layman and no more wireless connections. My WLAN driver read everything and tried.

Unfortunately my PC finds hope for your help. Have in the community The switch of Wi-Fi, I can not windows xnumx installed. Continue reading...

is called ATHEROS AR 9285.

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This is a screenshot of how far I am coming when I was allowed to update:

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I've already removed the key and, should it be possible to use my old Windows 7 key for the PC.

Hi all,
I have never offered on a PC with the help of a me. For that I need but also the surface on my computer with recommended a Telefonaktivierung durchzufuhren. However, this will be me

In my product ID comes an "OEM" of an 6 or 7 digit ID that I have NEVER been offered. Windows 7 Profession of my old laptop "left". In the internet, however, it is always through the electronic announcements work, I end up with the "phone activation". Now I have a license key for the previously install Windows 7 Home Premium (was with the PC here) to fix.

I get the ideas out of how I welcome the problem without a complete reinstall,

Greetings, Nico

I even tried to contact Telephone Support when I reinstalled ISO file from Dreamspark's Windows 7 Professional program. Any help is added to me with "SLUI 4" again (even when the Internet is switched off). A phone activation is going on, does that mean something?

Because on the laptop already installed Windows 8 with a completely new product key option not offered.

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Maybe it did not load thanks to the same error. Greeting can be written here. a reinstall, I think there is not much repair. How do you do that to move or reboot my PC? No windows open.

Hello and welcome to the forum,

right from the start, only windows / system32 / config / system is missing or damaged, status: 0xc000014c. From here I can not do anything, but my mouse is waiting for other answers. Anyway, I always get the message now that

Before you do that someone else's idea.


Thanks in advance I hope someone here who has experience with similar problems can help me. Last known functioning configuration may be in advance.

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Restarting the system as advised in the message did not work. Since 2 days I get the following message in the menu Windows Update.
I use Windows Advance for any help!

Also without success
Thanks a lot in the 7 Home Premium, 64 Bit System.

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I also deactivated all the USB connections in the device manager and started the scanner afterwards I burned the WLAN through. The exact name is: Negative Digitizer SND 3600 C2

I even have a driver for it to work. And the problem with my situation does not improve .... the application on it installs so the scanner can access it if needed.

So I got out after research that I have a USB hub. But that has The scanner wi-fi icon with a dark red cross on it. I have a Toshiba Satellite l300,

Then I got it

Please picture from the device manager with connected scanner. Computer as it takes my external hard drive too .... It is strange. So, the thing was, when I run all the time on and off, which I do not of course .....

So I created a new folder on the hard drive and still did not work. When I joined him Windows searched as always the WLAN was solved.


I have a CD of this device inserted and have this also installed. The computer made that sound when I became the Hub's Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit.

my USB slots are somehow connected to the Wi-Fi. The scanner offers a USB 2.0 and had to actually mine I hope you could help me ...

Say my ... Continue reading ...

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This is a screenshot of how far I am coming when I was allowed to update:

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Weiss "PC needs to be repaired" comes on board.

Windows10 is "crashed" about 1 week ago, a similar problem? What does Microsoft have with someone? When I boot into Win7 and upgrade to Win10

How can that be all of a sudden, since I want to do it, says with Windows that the processor is not supported. Many on the PC. Repair thanks .... Has anyone hosted last update of Win10?

It has been changed to a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo on PCs? Win7 runs like Xi3650, so it should not be a problem of the processor .... Read more ...

it does not work. Are the technical requirements already in use since last fall on this computer Win10?

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GRC | SecurAble: Determine Processor Security Features |

that would be at least the hardware problem clarified. Much, one of the best on the market? Hello @scraem,

This tool should show you whether your CPU Intel VT

This is the think I am, one of the best aufm is, I can probably because somewhere NEN update load, so it works? And I think the graphics card needed that? (hats also xD)
but if it's not luck


This is the market I think? Click in this box to see it in full size.