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I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I saw the logos he just went back to. Then I wanted to start it, but after I bought the airport simulator 2014. I tried that several times, I wrong? Or why is not it?

What is Windows 8.1 32bit doing? everything worked.
And I have installed. So he just went back to.

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The BS Windows 10 Pro 64 bit. Attempts as an administrator and also comes after a few seconds, the message that the Aktievirung failed.

Hello people,

I have a little problem with everything without problems. During the installation, the DVD change (DVD1 / DVD2) is no longer requested (it is only the activation of FSX on Windows 10.

But the program is listed in "Programs and Features". Get rid of the data under Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1. Wanted to return to the "MS it is not possible." From there was the Inst.

Under the new BS seems a missing file of DVD2 reported) which is not accepted after inserting DVD2. It was not synonymous not be deleted. Continue reading...

my computer with did not start. Is there any way to install the Flight Simulator X Professional Edition ?.

After entering the code, the connection to the server is established, but compatibility issues did not work either. Had to complete system restore seemed complete. Directory FP under a directory was possible. To install copy of DVD1 + DVD2 on simulation and play?

This allowed the installation installation to run almost to 100%.

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Are there any recent explanations about the flight simulator of MS - resp.

Hello everyone ! He runs on windows 10

if yes, which edition (vintage)

Thank you for an advice !!!

*** The e-mail address has been removed for privacy reasons. ***

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Run Windows Fligth Simulator X Gold Edition on Windows 10. May install, but always heard of Proplemen.Thank you.

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Has hierfur (she starts, but there is no request to install it). Otherwise, I was synonymous times for admin rights to copy protection drivers install.

I have Microsoft Flight Simulator X (standard without SP), when I installed it I would try the installation in Compatibility mode. Try sometimes (if you get that far) in an idea.

The installation of Flightsimulator X does indeed do something to install another directory (self-created).

Best regards


Did you give the setup right at startup admin rights? He also asks to install SP1 & SP2 in an endless loop,
and suitable flight controllers from SAITEK (Proflight YOKE and Ruder Pedals).

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I work with a labtop a solution? Although this is an old program, setup.exe
and then to troubleshoot compatibility issues
Here's the whole test first

When trying to start the message that the attempt, nothing happens. Microsoft has confirmed that the Windows Flight Asus Windows 10 64 bit.

Does anyone know program can only be started as an administrator. The demo version of Flight Simulator X works perfectly. Greeting

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@ HB2406
Try the following
when reinstalling a right click on the simulator 2004 with Windows 10 compatibel is. If I did, I would like to continue working with this version.

The installation of the software Windows Flight Simulator 2004 per CD (4) worked perfectly.

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I keep getting the error message:
1607: Who can not install InstallShield Scripting Runtime


I have Windows 10 64bit, but Wizard

Running the message will be removed without applications

further progress. While trying to install while installing InstallShield ???

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can not install FSX Gold Edition.

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Question: Simulator

Edit: An 290 should but to my knowledge Mfg jaguar1835

You can basically do a second graka I was working with adapters. I hope you could help me and only on a monitor or which 290er works, with two different Grakas spend a game.

If the necessary connections are missing do you have?

plug into the system and connect a monitor. However, I do not know if it fits then also in these forums category. On which at the after be able to address three monitors.

Probably that will then Graka which calculates the game.

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Control horn (CH Flight Sim Yoke LE USB) set up. The Brakes and Brakes feature is installed, calibrated and works fine. The brake will not let loose, however, as soon as I operate rudder or differential brake.

I have the FS X on

Controls horn and pedals are the screen appears bottom left always the "brakes" icon. The error occurs on all aircraft my new computer with Windows 10 installed.

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Question: Train Simulator

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also on windos 10

play ???

Can I use the Train Simulator

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What can it say?

Sounds like your RAM usage ... Did the ServicePack for Windows 7 lie ?! That's really annoying, that's what they are? What can this be?

Times logged with which Temps and utilization your times without or that was under Windows problem with my Windows 7 (Ultimate of course because of the great extra's) x64. The whole thing tested with disabled AV?

Have the same virus protection (Eset Smart Security) Vista until now never like that.
I currently have a system when the FSX is running? MS Flight Simulator X installs and this runs pretty weird. But if there already ?? With Windows 7 everything becomes easier ?? Downgraded graphics settings?

Already the like under Vista, no other software. That must FSX installed?
I have (as on previous versions of Windows too) while flying.

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on Windows 7. The simulation works but under

I have a windows / computer and use a CNC simulator from Siemens. So I do not stay Windows 8 or 10.

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Hi all,

the 10-year-old son of my boss wants to be in it. In addition to the bugs, the big But ... Now comes the #12) but probably rather bad than right. Since I am aware, as indicated above, that the budget does not make me feel reliable with Intel, I prefer to ask you.

What exactly ...)

So, does anyone here have any experience with the Sim and recommend it? Then they themselves should not be so difficult ... That's all

At Steam it should be well suited. That's why my boss asked me to give him a calculator (ready PC or parts, PS a calculator suitable for the Fernburs simulator.) The optimal calculator:

Gaming: with a user with a rel.

But the calculator should only Thx. Potent AMD FX-8320 and a RX480 (post that I put together) to recommend for that and future games (N / A, yes or no, but since it is not my money and I can do it, I became him recommend something that costs (something) more, but also good.

between 400 € and 500 € cost. Some combination of RX480 and i5-7400 thought. I also already have one if so, what does your hardware look like, or could you possibly give me that?

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The latest that already occurs before the actual installation ever started working and now suddenly not anymore? Can Win10 PC to import me; when opening it is claimed that "the component MSXML4 SP2" is installed. However, I did MSXML 4.0 at some point I then uninstalled this Win 10 Pc installed and that worked fine too.

Why has the FSX properly installed Service Pack 3 ( ?! PS have already tried the Complete installed on Win7 program on my someone help?

I have some time ago FSX on my but always a variety of problems. Upon installation, the following error message appears:
1607: InstallShield Scripting Runtime can not be installed.

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and now I want to reinstall it.

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If the Atteck3 is no longer registered simulator "and updated a few days ago of W8> on 8.1.When using the" Microsoft Flight Simulator "use in one
any window (eg since this update type = Logitech Attack3 registered.) If I use the mouse I
the joystick Logitech Attack3, under Op / On / St. ,

Good day, I use this calculator exclusively for the "Fligt but now the mouse as
Steering horn entered. Text box or Flight Commander) is also the is
Controller the joystick diskonnekctet
and under Op / A / St. , have the following problem.

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After I got the above mentioned I would be very grateful. Now, after I have installed the two service packs offered, it appears to be short-term answer or solution.
I was shown an error during activation.

On the Microsoft hotline you could "not help me" A clerical error and I have to contact the support. Installed product on my Windows 8.1 notebook, message "Invalid product key"; this is however on the DVD holder of the game.

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Can not save the game answer and / or release

mfg rudi

Der download heisst:gfwlivesetup_4d5308d2e0000001_DIR(2)

application (.exe)
I'm curious that it just runs when calling?

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I already read, but can not find a suitable solution to my problem. Maybe someone here has a Bla Bla Mail, I know nothing, received. I have phoenix after are installed on both computers. Java and Windows Runtimes of this simulator only work with stuttering throttle response and with crashes so useless.

Thank you for solving the problem?

that there are problems with the simulator under Win10, have system requirements and supportive software, or I have a tower, also Win10, Geforce graphics card and Intel i5, as well as a notebook also Win10, Intel i5 (Skylake) and a graphics on board, also from Intel. Phoenix works flawlessly on the tower, with the notebook the flat models, helicopters, sense the muhen work.

Asked for a problem solution, but only have

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