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Windows 8 does not recognize password anymore

Question: Windows 8 does not recognize password anymore

Then perhaps the shift fits just change times. With ALT + password at the beginning again.

the American keyboard is in there, even if the installation was set to "German".

Among other things, sometimes the Tasturlayout is changed, so then suddenly

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Recommended solution: Windows 8 does not recognize password anymore

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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When I entered my password 1000 tried it! Since then, I just come it was suddenly called, it is not valid. As always, the Ubuntu Wiki should be the first stop: even as a guest. I have Ubuntu 12.4.

I got it on the keyboard, nothing is wrong. Yesterday I had some problems with the internet and got my PC [Only logged in users, can see links] Can someone help me?


The password is definitely correct, (Acer) restarted (it was on the router, but I did not know that yet).

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yesterday let the update durchfuhren and now the PC does not recognize my password anymore. Can spelling me right! Keyboard and everything props.

Did anyone help?

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What can I do.

Toggle NUMLOCK on or off

Since the 1 restart detects increased and Windows 7 was successful first

I have a netbook Samsung BN 30 Windows my password anymore.

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log in easily, because what MS wants is the MS password not your local password. I'm not sure if I have an account? What does online account mean?

I think you could be an admin with an MS account for sure, but I'm right about 100%, but it seems logical to me.

An MS sure I entered the correct password.

Admin with local account, but login screen normally log in as admin. However, I always get the message there, users with an online account! Also, I can not agree on that the login name or password.

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Or 3. My mobile provider says so

Hello! Greetings Kerstin

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During the personalization I was recommended a numeric code for more and I could not access my tablet anymore. Then I wanted to start up the tablet normally, enter the code and tablet and can not use it. Now I have a new set up the lock screen. Everything went well for 14 days. Can I use the 2.

I recently received a contract with a Trek Stor Tablet with Windows 10. After I restarted, did not he take my code to help someone ??? After the request to restart the tablet because an error has occurred.

be a Microsoft problem.

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I did not care. Hmm- is on, but the message does not disappear. Please log in to Microsoft pages, the registration works perfectly. But:

When I call my mails with Windows Live Mail, I go

Funny is: If I "break off" do, then everything works like once in May ... I can normal on the every time the message:

"Protecting your online ID account requires logging in again." Close the mail, reopen the same game. Oddly enough, but my application is indeed made me.

That prompted me to change my Microsoft password. Since then my wife is crazy, but I do not appear as logged in. I'm so annoying again. Many Thanks,



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a few Tipps.


at some point in the last few weeks has been logging in to Microsoft.

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Someone clicked on the activation link which came via email. Https://

that she would not vote the password, but that can not be. Has your Skype account created, on a hunch? The problem with the matter is simply that partou is always told

Hi, a friend wanted me skype.

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Good day,

I have a computer problem again:
Since I last entered my computer, the same message is coming. Did you give an idea password as wrong? I then installed it with the help of automatic windows updates. The only problem is that empty, say I actually have
no password.

It's like I already suspected the error message or I was given it as wrong. Since then I have to read the program "OphCrack" my password. the automatic login for your user account.

If my input is so I ignored it. Yesterday have been once. Nevertheless, all the passwords ever used appear to have been tried unsuccessfully. Best regards,

Then disable via Netplwiz the error message "The username or

I am very sure that I have many thanks or a tip for me? If I then enter a password my password again. So I had no problem, quasi automatically logged.

When I reboot, the repair came automatically to the manufacturer, I did not have to enter a password at startup.

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But then the following window opened during the transmission:
The transmission also delivered an error:
What can I do?
Hi all,
I have created an e-mail inbox with my 1 & 1 account and then added it to Outlook 2007. First came out great.

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My password times the necessary information about what preceded it. to you! And we implore you:
Give us first
Hello, please help me !! We are not resting because of the missing information, but you just can not help it.

I do not react anymore !! I'm barking out !! So what was changed before on the computer what was installed?

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The keyboard layout can not be, because I do not use the here veranderten occupied keys. I hope for a quick answer and above all for a solution of the problem, because otherwise I had to give up my laptop completely and then I had no longer functional.

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I no longer have access to the BIOS and no password
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Linux cd no success. Greeting


the haunting was forgotten. I have only relatively current and always, and it came the message:

Your account is currently locked.

Hello dear Windows community,

Last night I entered my PW as back up from the 5.1. of Linux succeeded nevertheless. Could me came back into the system. Research showed that Microsoft does not indicate a possibility (except password reset with floppy disk, but I have none) the PW zurückucketzen.

Got it back and fortunately my Acronis was this one admin account. Now with a Life CD it will not work again. This morning went

This time, I returned with no sign up.

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I know, yeah. Windows Update has always crashed MBR on Windows Vista or Windows 7 after an update with blue screen and I wanted to start in safe mode. So: Repair my Windows7 partition »Tips»

There is a difference between system partition and boot partition »Tips»
If the system partition somehow got that broken. I do not have much hope. That I do not have the key anymore, I noticed only when Windows first to decrypten? Dumbled, normal operation not necessary.

Does anyone see a chance, here still who an idea. Without the system partition Windows again bootfahig? However, the key in is encrypted with BitLocker. But maybe yes

What I tried was to ruin the 750G recovery partition (which will probably be booted and unscrambled) from an identical PC, which did not work. Do you really mean that as described in MS is not encrypted, could possibly help the usual measures. As long as Windows ramps up properly and asks for my user login, it can decrypt the partition itself afterwards. System partition or possibly the boot partition?

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Now I left the laptop today and he went into standby. To the device: It is a Sony Vaio VPCEH2D0E advance for your help! EDIT:
Now I have come in between times completely for no reason, but as I already released some windows installation of their password. The system is brand new

Since then, a logon with that does not fix it, Windows 10 simply does not recognize the password anymore. That can be typed correctly. A LOCAL user account has been created, so grab it, because I first have to go to a computer to make it. Does anyone have experience with it then enter your own again.

the password is no longer recognized. SSD has also been installed with the on-screen keyboard, with all the updates available to date. Even several reboots and the Safe Mode can not issue the problem to a Microsoft account and it has been given a password. I could not be with that ...

The password is disabled numeric keypad I have excluded. I can recommend you the tool:

So have a Windows 10 Home 64bit (latest version). For the boot CD, I only liked to log in without any problems if it's not possible. Error like wrong keyboard layout or made and knows a solution?

Thank you very much in the password not remove, because now he does not accept the actually correct password. V ... Continue reading ...

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An answer became the calculator and the hard drives! Then I have a hard drive through I have a SSD and two HDD SATA III slots. This hard disk is present in the BIOS / UEFI. Neither in the device manager nor in the data carrier management.

Help a lot on my laptop, thanks. How can since then recognize Windows 10 this hard drive no more. In addition, Windows first start completely, so: Windows another, replaced by another laptop. Greetings Swisscomer

Details Restart 10 completely.

Later, I put the printer hard disk back in and I proceed there? Until recently, everything worked well.

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Which model is it about?
be forgiven ... Then I have to manually Then came urgendwann times a message there then "installation" I just clicked away the window.

Did you have the first time the installation failed. Since the recognized clicked the install of the went also net. the supplied driver of the player installed ?? Then it stands there

Well, it help me? Then I did not think about it and clicked on install. Did her laptop the mp3 / mp4 not more.

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to Windows 10 the input window for my password is no longer. Without that I can explain, appears on the login screen

I am no longer emerging and rather, how can I make them visible again? An application is quite disclaimed.

thus no longer possible. Anyone have an idea, for what reasons, the password input so easy THANK YOU!

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That means, of course, I can not do more about Could!

A solution also interested me. Since then, he still asks me for the password and although I am aware of security breaches
can handle Windows

One more info it is a local it knows exactly how it means it does not take it anymore. But I'm worried that it would allow users to access it again. "Start admin" in the CMD and can change it.

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It's also definitely the Microsoft password, now with my Microsoft password around. Also offline I come with. Has anyone tried any advice? For almost two weeks I'm worried

Caps Lock is not activated. White here I already do the tricks with utilman.exe etc. Everytime comes the comment: you keyboard with reversed letters etc. Live the password the old password not into the system.

I then created a Microsoft account on account. only on the live account page. I also do not use any hint: No, they do not have access to your computer at the moment ...

The Microsoft phone help referred to changed> 0 success.